WaPo Crank Posts #MikeBrown Whitewash – Then Bashes Progressives Today & Gateway Pundit

Earlier today, The Gateway Pundit posted an article debunking a fluff piece about “Gentle Giant” Mike Brown’s aspirations as a young hip hop artist.

The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowrey completely whitewashed the vulgar and violent lyrical stylings of Brown leading GP to post the following:

AWFUL. WaPo Writer Wesley Lowery COMPLETELY Whitewashes #MikeBrown’s Filthy Rap Lyrics

they were like many young men who used the music — the bravado about women and cars and fast money — as a means to escape their own realities.

In later tracks, God and Christianity are prominent. His uncle said Brown, at the urging of his stepmother, had been recently baptized. In one song, he calls his stepmother, Calvina Brown, his best friend.

Really, Wesley?
*** Here is the truth about Michael Brown’s filthy rap lyrics

We thought it would be informative to tweet out some of #GentleGiant Mike Brown’s lyrics so people could have a more complete understanding of what Wesley means when he describes Gentle Mike’s lyrics as having “Bravado” – and that’s when Wesley got upset, attacking Gateway Pundit and Progressives Today.


Wesley responded:

We explained:

That’s when Wesley became upset and started tweeting insults and invective:

By lashing out at readers and critics this way, Wesley is effectively injecting himself into the narrative of his coverage. This isn’t the first time he’s done this. You might remember Wesley from when he made himself a part of the story in Ferguson when he refused to comply with police who were evacuating a McDonalds near the riot zone. Our interaction with Wesley continued:

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