AWFUL. WaPo Writer Wesley Lowery COMPLETELY Whitewashes #MikeBrown’s Filthy Rap Lyrics

Washington Post writer Wesley Lowery published a sympathetic piece today on robber Michael Brown and his good friend Dorian Johnson.

Lowery was in St. Louis for several days during the Ferguson riot and made headlines when he was picked up by police at the local McDonald’s after he was told to leave the premises several times by the officer.

crips michael brown 2
Michael Brown flashing gang signs before his death. The family released this photo to reporters after his death.

Today Lowery wrote a flowery piece about Dorian and Michael, their friendship and their love for rap music.

It was music that bonded Brown and Johnson. Both fantasized about careers.

Johnson has musical notes tattooed on his neck, and Brown was almost never without his headphones — Drake and Kendrick Lamar playing in a near-constant stream.

In that way, they were like many young men who used the music — the bravado about women and cars and fast money — as a means to escape their own realities. The odds of making it in the rap game are long, but some work harder than others for the chance.

Brown appeared to be one of those guys who was putting in the time, even if the skills didn’t quite match his aspirations…

…“A lot of my students claim to be rappers. Mike actually wrote songs,” said Douglas Carr, who was Brown’s English teacher during the 2013 summer-school session. “He had a plan. It was his music, and then it was technical school. A lot of kids who think they’re rappers don’t have a Plan B, but Mike really seemed to.”

In July, Asia Jackson, 18 and another aspiring musician, walked into the Ferguson McDonald’s and spotted a friend. Next to him sat Brown.

After introducing himself and realizing they both rapped, Jackson challenged Brown to freestyle, to come up with lyrics on the spot. Brown obliged.

“He really thought through his words while he rhymed,” Jackson said, adding that the two agreed they would have to get together soon for a recording session in Brown’s basement studio.

Brown built that makeshift studio himself at his grandmother’s, and it was there, Johnson said, that Brown would spend hours working on lyrics.

“Ain’t got a care for tomorrow ’cause we too high in the game,” Brown raps in one song he recorded.

In later tracks, God and Christianity are prominent. His uncle said Brown, at the urging of his stepmother, had been recently baptized. In one song, he calls his stepmother, Calvina Brown, his best friend. The last track he posted online was another local rapper’s song that featured a Brown verse: “Devil get up off my back. I knock you off your feet,” Brown said. “Another man down in my city. Why people so petty?”

Really, Wesley?
*** Here is the truth about Michael Brown’s filthy rap lyrics

Big Mike Brown recorded several raps before his death.
The Riverfront Times posted the collection.
You can listen for yourself—-

Lyrics from Jennings StationsRoads Free$tyle Big Mike Luh Vee K

…My favorite part is when that body hits the ground.
I soak em up like I’m ringing out a sponge

Every time I call you bitch. There b cum.
And when she cum I b cumin all over her tongue
I beat that pussy up and then be on the run (Come on bitch!)
I roll flat blunts that look just like my thumb

…My niggas from the area we don’t play…
Masturbating off my voice on my laptop.
Mother f*ckers would have never far I made it in the rap game…

Lyrics from Lights Out Big’Mike K-Loc Luh A

Lights out. Lights out.
I knock your ass out.
Lights out.
Lights out…

It’s lights out bitch.
I do the hit and I’m gonnna make it hurt.
…And count my money while my bitch suck me like a Slurpee.

Even the far left The Riverfront Times could not sugar-coat the filth in Brown’s recordings. The RFT reported:

While Brown has been described as a “gentle giant” and “a big teddy bear,” his tracks are filled with the usual guns-and-money bluster one might expect from a trap-rap artist.

Of course, Wesley Lowery COMPLETELY glossed over Michael Brown’s nasty and violent lyrics.
He’s obviously not interested in reporting the truth.

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