FERGUSON ERUPTS… Again! – Protesters Taunt, Attack Police Officers (Video)

Ferguson, Missouri Erupts Again—
MAYHEM!!! Police attacked so quickly and aggressively as chief began to march with protestors!
ferguson riots again

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson came out and spoke with the protestors tonight. Then Jackson decided to march along with them. At some point police swarmed in as chaos broke out.

Protesters attacked police


The protesters are harassing police officers again…
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Police Chief Tom Jackson went out tonight to join the protesters. The protesters screamed, “You’re an a$$hole. We gonna fire your a$$.”

Ferguson protesters harass police officers…
“Are you Darren Wilson? Bitch, I’m Kevin Jackson.”
Via Daily Bantor:

Several protesters were arrested tonight in Ferguson.
arrest ferguson
Radical Umar Lee was arrested tonight in Ferguson along with several other protesters.

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