Islamists Infiltrate-Disrupt IFAW University Events! …Caught on Tape!

More on the GW Rage Boy…
CAIR Supporter and Self-described “Jihadist” Is Kicked Out of GW’s IFAW event!

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Konservo at LGF found that the Cair Supporter and Islamist that we posted about earlier wrote about his experience today on his website.

First, here is the video of “Umar Lee” getting kicked out of George Washington last night. Pay special attention so you can compare it to how he describes his eviction:

To be honest with you, the staff of Incorrect U. got together after the event last night and talked about video we had of an Islamist getting kicked out of the building. We agreed that we would not be surprised if we heard more about this Islamist in the future.

Little did we know that he already had a reputation:

This is Umar Lee.
Umar the Islamist had his own version of how he was kicked out of the event. He posted it on his own website, Jihad of Umar:


The target of those who hate Islam is every single Muslim of every shade and their venom for MAS and CAIR is so strong because these are two effective organizations and if you will notice they do not even pay attention to some of the very fringe radical Muslim organizations because these organizations have already been rebuffed by the mainstream Muslim community. If it was their goal to tackle extremism they would attack them but that is not want a Horowitz wants; he wants to attack the organized Muslim community and to ensure that we have no voice in this society…

…After that I witnessed a group of Muslim students being filmed by the same pesky smart-a** reporter who had turned to someone with him and called a Muslim sister an “Islamo-fascist bitch”. (Editorial Comment: That is a bald-faced lie. No one on the Incorrect U. staff made any such comment… Just watch the video.) These Muslim students were debating with a woman on camera, who from my guess was Jewish given her accent and Allah knows best, and I saw that the students were not prepared to answer some of the questions but they were doing their best masha’Allah.

I decided to intervene and I answered the woman’s questions, and the questions the pesky cameraman yelled out, and I defended CAIR, MAS and the organized Muslim community in America in a peaceful and verbal way an attacked Horowitz and his crowd for what they are; but out of an entire crowd of people an overweight black security guard ran at me grabbed me from the back and told me I had to leave. When I asked him why I had to leave he was belligerent and on this night there was no leftist domination on campus or Muslim domination, but rather a security guard who intervened on behalf of the right-wing racist Muslim-haters, and so, as he was defending those who are the inheritors of the legacy of slavery, I told him “your masters will now say you are a good boy and they may let you come live in the Big House”.

Mick the Mick analyzes the series of falsehoods in Umar’s account.

Render adds this on Umar Lee:

That is indeed Umar Lee, former boxer turned terrorist supporter and general all around thug/enforcer for Islam.

His blog Jihad of Umar was selected by the Riverfront Times, the local St. Louis alternative weekly (equivalent to the Village Voice or City Paper in STL) as the blog of the week in St. Louis in 2005. He also posted at a popular liberal blog in St. Louis.

Umar Lee has links to indicted Islamists.

Umar and friends- via Canadian Ally.

This story is developing and is cross-posted at Incorrect U.

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