Obama Says He Isn’t Interested In Photo Ops, Here are 20 Obama Photo Ops

President Obama has tried to dispel criticism of him not visiting the border while in Texas by claiming that he’s “not interested in photo ops.”

Below is a list of 20 times Obama was interested in a photo op. Comment this post with other Obama photo ops that we missed.

1. Obama hanging out with a man who wears sunglasses more than the secret service, Bob Dylan.

p.s. anyone remember that song Masters of War?



2. Obama Skeet Shooting, you know to appease those second amendment types.









3. Obama visiting a Wal Mart, just like you and me!OBAMA/


Read the rest below the fold.








4. Obama visiting the happiest place on earth. Too bad all those kids he helped kill overseas can’t be there to enjoy it. obama2012-disneyland1-wide

5. Obama shooting pool with the Governor of Colorado. Unfortunately Joe Biden ripping a gigantic bong was just out of frame.










6. Visiting a slave port in Africa. 0627-Obama-US-Senegal-visit_full_600

7. Obama shirtless at the beach (There are a creepy number of these to be honest).










8. Obama ordering food at Chipotle (In all fairness, this is a photo op he may have regretted).


9. Still at Chipotle, he’s so down to Earth… You know, when he’s not having to order for himself like a peasant.









10. Hangin’ out with George Clooney (The President loves photos with celebrities).










11. With Jay-Z and Beyonce.Beyonce-Jay-Z-Obama-Fundraiser-10

12. With more celebrities.

Christmas In Washington 2011

13. And even more celebrities! That youth vote isn’t easy to get you know.


14. Seriously, this whole list could be made up entirely of the President and celebrities.









15. Just one more photo with a celebrity. Boy the President’s cool. Sure makes you forget about all those campaign promises he broke.


16. Who says he’s out of touch? Just look at him at that Chili restaurant, he’s practically your neighbor he’s so normal.

President-elect Obama  picks up his food order at a restaurant in Washington

17. Look! He and the Vice President even pay with their own money, maybe.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden

18. Obama sitting where Rosa Parks once sat.



19. Remember the beer summit? I’m sure this wasn’t just some cheesy photo op to maintain his image early into his office, real change was made there.










20. It’s a cheap shot, I know. But when one of the most photographed men of all time says he isn’t interested in photo ops, all bets are off.









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