Guess Which ‘Reverend’ Thinks Prayer Doesn’t Cut It Anymore…

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Most men of the cloth believe in the power of prayer. After all, isn’t that the point of faith?

Regardless, the “Rev.” Jesse Jackson took to the pulpit to excoriate Republicans and even implied he doesn’t put much stock in the power of prayer.

The Sun Times (“Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois”) reports:

“Praying will not get my relative out of jail. Praying will not get my student debt relieved. Praying will not get me a job,” Jackson said, leading the congregation at the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church, 754 E. 77th St., in a testimonial. “We are free, but not equal.”

But while Jackson called on African-Americans to continually strive for equal treatment, he directed special ire at members of the Republican Party who he said want to do away with government-sponsored social welfare programs. 

And he did so while Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner — who also spoke to the congregation Sunday — was in the church looking on. 

“Did you know that in the 11 Southern states that had slaves . . . those who were Jefferson Davis Democrats are now Reagan Republicans?” Jackson said, referring both to the long-dead president of the Confederacy, as well as a shift in party affiliation that occurred across parts of the South — backlash from Northern Democrats’ support of civil rights. 

“They fight to keep your wages low. They fight to cut food stamps,” Jackson said, earning several “amens” from the crowd. “Can you imagine Jesus fighting against food stamps? The guy with the fish and the bread fighting food stamps?”

Last time we checked, the “fish and the bread” story was a miracle. There’s nothing miraculous about food stamps that make people dependent on government handouts. Or has government replaced God in the “reverend’s” world?


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