Vet Denied Jury Duty Because He Lawfully Arrived at the Courthouse with a Gun (Video)


Phil Bentz – a Washington veteran and former corrections officer – was called recently for jury duty and set out to fulfill his civic obligation.

Bentz provided his account exclusively to Progressives Today:

I showed up for jury duty and having been a former corrections officer I was well aware that every courthouse is required to have lock boxes available, and I just assumed Chelan County was in compliance with the law so I didn’t give it a second thought. I arrive and couldn’t find any lock boxes so I walked around the property a bit found several county employees to ask, including a couple Sheriff’s Deputies but still wasn’t able to find any lockboxes available to me. I then went up to the Superior Court area to ask the security officer about availability of lock boxes and he just pointed me to some pay lockers that don’t even remotely meet the requirements of the state law. I went back to the security officer and informed him of the state law requirements but wasn’t able to get anywhere. At this time I decided it was time to start recording my interactions for both my own legal protection and to have a record of what their stance was toward the law.


I once again left the security area to make contact with the Sheriff’s office to see if I could get any more information. After getting nowhere I returned to the Superior Court security point, but this time there was the original officer as well as 2 additional corrections officers. This is where my video begins.


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