Seattle’s Decision to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour the Latest Example of the Democrats’ ‘War on the Young’

we need jobs too

The progressives who populate the Seattle City Council made dubious economic history on Monday by voting to increase the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The pay hike – which will be phased in over the next several years – is meant “to address the national trend of rising income inequality and a city that has become increasingly unaffordable for many of its residents,” the Seattle Times reports.

Good luck with that.

The $15-an-hour minimum wage law may feel good, but it’s actually going to cause economic hardship for a large segment of the population: teenagers and twenty-somethings who are trying to gain an economic foothold in the world.

While the new law allows employers to pay a lower “training wage” to teens and disabled workers – paging the ACLU – it will undoubtedly lead to an overall decrease in hiring of teenagers and other beginning workers.

That’s an easy prediction to make because Seattle’s teen employment rate has decreased rapidly over the last decade. According to a recent report from the liberal Brookings Institution, teens 16 to 19 in the Seattle area saw their employment rate fall from 45.8 percent in 2000 to 25 percent in 2012.

Apparently it never occurred to the economic geniuses who are running the Seattle City Council that raising the cost of labor will lead to less demand for laborers, those creating more unemployed “yutes” in the Emerald City.

The council’s refusal to face economic reality is partly attributable to the fact that the council member who led the $15-a-hour charge – Kshama Sawant – is an avowed socialist.

Seattle’s left-wing Mayor Ed Murray has also been pushing the pay hike.

According to the Seattle Times, Murray “praised the vote as a bold step to address what he called more than three decades of economic policy that resulted in a dismantling of the middle class.”

“Today we have taken action that will serve as a model for the rest of the nation to follow,” Murray said.

The sad thing is that Murray’s probably right: Progressives in other cities and states will draw inspiration from Seattle’s “victory” and will spread this dumb and dangerous economic idea throughout the nation.

Media workers love to report on the Republicans’ so-called “war on women.” If these same media workers had any intellectual integrity, they’d start reporting that the Democrats’ job-killing policies – Obamacare taxes, minimum wage laws, increased environmental regulations – constitute that party’s “war on the young.”

Ideally, young Americans would figure this out on their own, but many of them are incapable of connecting the dots, thanks to all the socialistic propaganda they’ve been given in their government-run public schools.


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