Hillary Fans are Forgetting One Problem – She’ll Have to Run on the Obama Record


The media has been acting as though Hillary Clinton is some fresh face on the political scene, riding in to rescue our nation from its long list of foolish blunders in recent years.

The media doesn’t seem to understand – or care – that Clinton, if nominated, will face the same problems that John McCain faced in 2008: Having to run on the record of an extremely unpopular president.


In fact, McCain may have been slightly better off, because he was not a member of the Bush administration. Secretary Clinton cannot make such a claim about the Obama administration.

She was part of the mess, and many voters will hold her responsible, even for the mistakes and misdeeds that were not her fault.

That’s the way it works in partisan politics. Just ask Sen. McCain, who wanted to be president just as much as Hillary does.

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