Deceptive Left-Wing Teachers Union Emerged as a Big Spender in Alabama’s GOP Primary


There are two indisputable facts about American progressives: They are fewer in number than conservatives, but they play the political game better than any other group.

Perhaps that’s because the Saul Alinsky-loving Left doesn’t let scruples and truth-telling get in the way of its political mission.

A prime example of this comes from Alabama, where the left-wing state teachers union has an unbelievable amount of political clout in a deep “red” state. The union accomplishes this feat by helping elect as many squishy Republican lawmakers as it can.

Mike Antonucci of says the Alabama Education Association (AEA) was doing just that in the days and weeks leading up to the GOP primary, which was held Tuesday.

Antonucci reports that as of early May, the AEA’s political action committee (PAC) had “already spent more than $2.1 million on the primaries, far exceeding any other group.”

The union used most of its PAC money to help bankroll the campaigns of Republicans who were sympathetic to the AEA’s cause – and who were challenging incumbents who were not. Antonucci calls it the union’s effort to “buy” the GOP.

“AEA is so set on ousting the sitting GOP legislators, it is spending money on mailers accusing the incumbent Republicans of voting to ‘bring Obamacare to Alabama,” Antonucci writes.

According to, the union gave money – directly or indirectly – to 12 Republican candidates. It’s likely that many of the union-backed Republicans were pro-gun and anti-abortion, two positions that left-wing unionists typically find anathema.

Note: Three of the 12 AEA-backed Republicans won their primary race Tuesday night. While that’s not a great batting average, it can only increase the union’s influence over the legislative process.

AEA leaders turn a blind eye to their differences with friendly Republican candidates because they know electing a full-blown progressive in Alabama simply isn’t possible. They also know that infiltrating the GOP is the best way to protect agenda item numero uno: protecting their government school monopoly.

It’s hard to argue against their strategy. Over the years, the AEA has managed to keep charter schools out of the Yellowhammer State. It’s one of just eight non-charter states. A 2012 analysis of the AEA’s political strength found that the union has been very effective in “warding off education reform proposals with which it disagrees.”

In short, the unionists – that is to say, the progressives – have not only managed to survive in a very hostile state, but to thrive.

America’s left-wing leaders are a lot of things – duplicitous and destructive are at the top of that list – but they’re also very smart.


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