SPLC Anti-Conservative Hate Group Now Accepting Articles By Violent Progressives

Yesterday we reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) allowed itself to be used as a staging ground for a racially motivated attack on Andrew Breitbart.

Today we discovered that the original source for the attack on Breitbart, obscure blogger Daryle Jenkins, is no stranger to trouble. It seems he’s in some trouble himself.

Turns out Daryle reportedly owes fifty thousand dollars as a result of a judgement against him in a lawsuit where it was alleged he made “threats of violence.”


The case was brought by a group called “American Renaissance” which Jenkins says is a racist organization. From their website:

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project Ordered to Pay $50,000 for Shutting Down 2010 American Renaissance Conference

Yeagley’s [plaintiff] attorneys sent Jenkins a series of requests for admissions as part of the pre-trial discovery process.

A request for admissions is basically a series of statements that the litigant is asked to either admit or deny under penalty of perjury. If a party does not respond to a request for admissions within the period of time set forth by the rules of civil procedure—which is often about 30 days but differs from state-to-state—the statements are deemed to be admitted.

Jenkins did not respond to Yeagley’s request for admissions. As such, Jenkins was deemed as a matter of law to have admitted the following averments:

  • The allegations in Yeagley’s complaint are true and correct.
  • Jenkins had actual knowledge that Yeagley was a scheduled contracted speaker at the American Renaissance conference.
  • Jenkins contacted the hotel establishments with threats of violence to cause them to cancel the conference.
  • That Yeagley suffered damages in the amount of $50,000.00 as a result of Jenkins’ tortious conduct.

With such damning admissions having been made by not responding to the request for admissions, Yeagley’s attorneys had the ammunition they needed to file a motion for summary judgment. A motion for summary judgment is basically a pre-trial motion in which a party asks the judge to skip the trial and rule in their favor because the evidence is undeniably clear.

Yeagley’s motion for summary judgment was filed on December 3, 2013, and Jenkins did not file a responsive brief to it. During the morning of January 3, 2014, a hearing on the motion occurred, and the judge granted it: Jenkins has been ordered by a court of law to pay Yeagley $50,000.00 for shutting down the 2010 American Renaissance conference.

I have no idea who American Renaissance is. I have no idea who Yeagley is. I only found them by researching Jenkins. If they are indeed white supremacists then I hope they fail at that but I’m certainly not going to take Daryle’s word for it. After all, if the above report is accurate, Daryle Jenkins was unable to publicly affirm as a matter of law that he did not make “threats of violence” and that greatly diminishes his standing as a credible citizen. he might as well have been Lois Lerner pleading the 5th in the IRS case. It just doesn’t look good.

I reached out to Daryle on Twitter to ask him to explain his side of the story  Thus far he has refused to confirm or deny the facts of the article. He claims he doesn’t have to because the source of the article is racist.

That answer is thick with the sweet stench of #Progressive hypocrisy. You see, the alleged racism of American Renaissance automatically discredits what they write about Daryle, but Daryle’s alleged violent threats shouldn’t effect his credibility in the slightest. In the hypocritical world according to Daryle, racism is a form of violence, but violence isn’t a form of violence.

Why would SPLC allow itself to be the staging ground of a racially motivated attack against Andrew Breitbart by a man who reportedly has a history of making violent threats? Is that their preferred source background?

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