Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Group Hurls Racially Motivated Attack Against Andrew Breitbart

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left hate group linked to a shooting at the conservative Family Research Council headquarters, attacked Andrew Breitbart late last week, insinuating that he was a racist who ‘rubbed elbows with white nationalists’.

Old Photos Surface Showing Breitbart, O’Keefe Hobnobbing with White Nationalists

Photographs published this week by an anti-racist website show the late Andrew Breitbart, a leading figurehead among mainstream conservatives, and his onetime protégé James O’Keefe – whose undercover videos are credited with causing the demise of the community organizing group ACORN – rubbing elbows with young white nationalists at two different right-wing conferences.

Side note: James didn’t cause the demise of ACORN. Systemic corruption in ACORN combined with predictable media fraud did that. James and Breitbart simply and  brilliantly shined a light for all to see.

All of this is ancient history though, so why did the SPLC attack a dead man out of the clear blue? It’s because they’re carrying water for progressive race baiters and known rapists (of innocent people’s reputations) Max Blumenthal and obscure blogger Daryle Jenkins.

Daryle Jenkins told Hatewatch he was inspired to publish the old photos this week because he had finally gotten around to watching Hating Breitbartand decided that he needed to update his older entry on O’Keefe to refute the film’s claims.

There’s a scene in the film where Breitbart very publicly calls Max Blumenthal out for his attempted rape of O’keefe’s and Breitbart’s reputations. The humiliation was so complete that Blumenthal was forced to issue a correction that would’ve more honestly been called a retraction:

[Subsequent to publication, freelance photographer Isis told Salon she saw O’Keefe helping with the event and believed he staffed the literature table, but her only photograph of O’Keefe was cropped so that the literature table isn’t evident. “He was helping Marcus Epstein in the execution of the event,” the photographer recalls. “O’Keefe was involved the same way you would be involved if you went to a party and you put out the cups and stocked the cooler.”]

So basically because James O’Keefe helped someone set up a table at a debate on race issues, the Southern Poverty Law Center is insinuating O’Keefe is a racist organizer.

No matter that the black man invited to represent one side of the debate, Kevin Martin backed up James’s account of the event. Martin is even quoted in Hating Breitbart praising O’Keefe, stating that ‘…he came up to me after the event and said ‘I agree with everything you had to say!’ So much for that theory of James being a racist. If he is one, he a piss poor one.

Sadly the SPLC didn’t care that the black man who participated in the event contradicted the false accusations against O’Keefe. Instead, they raped the reputations of James O’keefe and Andrew Breitbart.


Breitbart understood that the institutional left uses media and non-profits as weapons to destroy people. More importantly, he stood up to bullies and rapists (of reputations) like Max Bluementhal and Daryle Jenkins, frequently with the the simple yet confounding tactic of demanding they substantiate their charge.

To this day, reputation rapist Max Blumenthal and reputation rapist Daryle Jenkins have provided no proof of anything other than their unhealthy obsession with race plantation politics.

In the words of the late great Andrew Breitbart Daryle Jenkins, Max Blumenthal, the SPLC and the rest of the institutional left should “Stop raping people!”



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