Oops! Alec #ToxicLittleQueen Baldwin Is Back to Erasing His Angry Tweets Again


Alec Baldwin doesn’t like me very much. In the above tweet (which Alec later flushed down the memory hole) he refers to me as “Breitbart trash.”

Pardon Alec’s ignorance (I don’t work for Breitbart and never have) but he’s upset with me because I called him out on his “I’m not a rage-filled bigot” tour which launched on Christmas day.

Yes, Alec Baldwin has officially started his rehab tour to try and repair the damage he’s done to his precious reputation after his repeatedly documented rage fueled gay bashing rants.

First stop on the “forget my gay bashing” express…the gushing Daily Mail:

‘Merry Christmas from all of us!’ Hilaria Baldwin shares family Christmas pictures… and even the dogs are included 

They welcomed their first child together in August but Alec and Hilaria Baldwin haven’t forgotten their other babies…their dogs.

Oh isn’t that sweet! It seems like only yesterday Alec Baldwin was calling someone a c**ksucking f*g.

And it seems like only the day before yesterday that Alec was tweeting to someone that they’re a #ToxicLittleQueen!

And it seems like just the day before that when Alec Baldwin was lovingly calling his other daughter a thoughtless pig.

I reached out to Alec to let him know I’m on to him and he was NONE TOO PLEASED! He tweeted me back an angry little message about the inappropriateness of my observations on Christmas.

Then he flushed it down the memory hole!

Sadly for Alec, Twitter is forever. Here’s the full exchange: