Unhinged MSNBC Host ALEC BALDWIN Hurls Gay Slur at Photographer… Again (Updated)

It’s not the first time…
MSNBC host Alec Baldwin was caught on tape hurling gay slurs at a photographer.
baldwin fag

Baldwin called the paparazzi “a c*cksucking f*g.”
TMZ reported and has the video:

Alec Baldwin is a sore winner … chasing down and threatening a photographer outside his Manhattan apartment … just hours after a courtroom victory this morning in his stalker case … and the whole thing was captured on video.

The video shows Baldwin — who was with his wife and baby — taking off in angry pursuit after the pap (not ours) … yelling, cursing and calling him a “c**ksucking f*g.”

But watch what sets him off … the photog ventures VERY close to Baldwin’s family.

Alec has a bad habit of using language that’s considered offensive to gays.

It’s not the first time the MSNBC host hurled gay slurs.
The far left ’30 Rock’ star set free a profanity-laced tirade against Mail Online reporter George Stark earlier this year calling him a “little queen.”

Baldwin is a Capitol One spokesman.
They must be very proud.

UPDATE: Here’s an updated ad by Andrew Marcus:
cocksucking baldwin

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