Typical. Obama Runs Interference For Iran Even Though They Kill Americans With Impunity


Despite the fact that Iran has been killing Americans without meaningful consequence for decades, President Barack Obama is attempting to legitimize the “new” leadership in the theocratic dictatorship.

Iran’s Hassan Rouhani is reaching out to the West, claims Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has revealed Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s reformist new president had “reached out” to the US leader as the West looks to improve ties with the isolated Tehran regime.

This is suicide. There’s no amount of diplomacy that’s going to change the Mullah’s minds about killing every last infidel on the planet. Obama is either ignorant or he’s intentionally helping Iran stall until they can get their hands on the bomb. Either way it will all end badly.

Mr Obama said he believed the successful negotiations over Syria’s chemical weapons should demonstrate to Iran that diplomacy can work even when military intervention is threatened.

“What they should draw from this lesson is that there is the potential of resolving these issues diplomatically,” he said, adding that the pair had exchanged letters after the US leader reached out to the incoming leader.

That’s quaint, but what lesson should we draw from them?

How about this:


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