NY Democrat Controller Candidate Scott Stringer Voted to Keep NAMBLA’s Tax Exempt Status

By: Rachel Pulaski

It looks as though Anthony Weiner isn’t the only clown running for office in New York City.

Scott Stringer

Scott Stringer

Democrat candidate Scott Stringer, currently the Borough President of Manhattan, is running against former Gov. Elliot Spitzer in the Democratic primary for city controller.  In 1996, a bill came up in the legislature to revoke Zymurgy’s (a well known front for NAMBLA) non-profit status, Stringer refused on “constitutional” grounds.


NY Daily News reported:

An organization called Zymurgy registered with the state as a not-for-profit corporation, to “foster, promote and advance greater knowledge and understanding of human sexuality.”

nly later did officials learn that Zymurgy was a front for the North American Man Boy Love Association, which promotes consensual sex between men and boys. And so in 1996, two years after Zymurgy incorporated, a bill revoking its tax-exempt status sailed through the Legislature.

But 19 Assembly members voted “no,” including Scott Stringer, who is now battling former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in the Democratic primary for city controller.

tringer spokeswoman Audrey Gelman said Monday that Stringer believes “NAMBLA and groups like it are abhorrent and disgusting” — but that he “voted to protect the Constitution.”

“He and 18 other progressive members of the state Legislature voted on constitutional grounds that the Legislature should not be freely and subjectively revoking the nonprofit status of groups, (believing) it would be a slippery slope that could lead to targeting of group based on their political views,” she said.

Martin Connor, a former Democratic state senator from Manhattan who is now Spitzer’s campaign lawyer, said he voted for the Zymurgy bill and Stringer should have, too.

“It’s one thing if you’ve got an organization that’s advocating communism; they’re advocating a political view,” he said.

“But NAMBLA? What if you had an organization advocating murder? Why would you give them a tax exemption? It’s beyond the pale.”

Now where would the Tea Parties be today if the progressives had the same sympathy for Patriots as they did for these pedophiles?  And did NAMBLA have an outrageous and intrusive questionnaire to fill out in order to obtain their non-profit status? Progressives: harass the Patriots leave the potential pedophiles and freaks at NAMBLA alone.

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