Anthony Weiner Sports Large Italian Sausage at Campaign Stop

By Rachel Pulaski

Just when you thought NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner could not sink any lower, he mocked his immoral behavior during a campaign stop at a Bronx deli.  

Photo from NY Daily News

Photo from NY Daily News

NY Daily News reports:


Anthony Weiner showed off a big Italian sausage at an Arthur Ave. Deli Saturday, agreeing to pose with the ample-sized meat on a campaign stop in the Bronx.

When the Democratic mayoral hopeful walked into Mike’s Deli, owner David Greco said he whipped out the sausage right away.

“I’m not a fan, so I had to do something,” Greco told the Daily News. “But you know, he was a very good sport about it.”

Greco said Weiner’s sense of humor impressed him. “There were guys pushing salamis into his face. My people, they have no filters,” he said of his employees. “But he was cool about it.

Only one reporter showed up to Weiner’s campaign press conference in the Bronx yesterday.

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