EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Here’s a List of Outrageous and Intrusive IRS Questions Sent to Ohio Tea Party Group

The Liberty Township Tea Party was one of several Tea Party groups in Ohio who were harassed by the IRS in the lead-up to the 2012 elections.
The group recently released the extensive list of the questions sent to them by the IRS.
Ohio patriot Carol Greenberg sent in this information.

As many of you know, the IRS issued an apology for targeting “tea party” and “patriot” groups. We within the Liberty Township Tea Party are painfully aware of these intrusive actions. Click this link and download a PDF to see the type of questions that were demanded of us to answer. We are working with local Senators and Representatives of Congress as well as seeking legal council to make sure this is brought to justice.

The Tea Party group was forced to fill out a seven page list of questions.
On page 2 the IRS demands printouts of the website pages and all activity on Facebook and Twitter:
tp q2 red

On page 3 the IRS demands information, compensation and resumes on ALL officers and board members.
tp q3 red


On page 4 the IRS demands information on relationship to Butler County Teen age Republicans.
tp q4

On page 6 they demand details regarding the group’s relationship with Ohio citizen Justin Bink-Thomas.
(Justin Bink-Thomas isn’t even a member of Liberty TP)
tp q6

The IRS was clearly harassing this conservative Tea Party group in the run-up to the 2012 elections.
It’s almost as if it was a planned attack?

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