Colorado Flood: Over 1,000 Unaccounted For, Families Use Social Media In Search

As the rain continues in Colorado, making epic flooding even more epic, family members are using social media to search for loved ones missing or unaccounted for.

Twitchy reports,

There are reportedly hundreds of people unaccounted for as a result of the #BoulderFlood. This has prompted those concerned about friends or family to use social media to aid in their searches. Here are some of the ways searches are being aided:

How do you report someone unaccounted for? Looking for a dear friend that may be a Jamestown evacuee. #BoulderFlood

Lisa Gerstner Boston (@LisaGerstner) September 15, 2013

@LisaGerstner Check out if they checked in Safe and Well #boulderflood

Robert Dunne (@Academy911) September 15, 2013

@unaccountedboulder “Boulder emergency officials asks that any unaccounted for residents be reported to 303-413-7730.” #boulderflood

Pawel Osiczko (@posiczko) September 15, 2013

Twitchy will keep you updated on the latest information about the #BoulderFlood.


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