A Visit With Jim Hoft Today

Today, I went to see Jim at the hospital.  As most of you already know, he has been there for almost four weeks and has undergone numerous, serious procedures since he arrived in August.  Two weeks ago, Jim had open heart surgery.  Right before that the doctors removed all of the hardware from his infected knee replacement.  Last weekend, they removed fluid from the area around his heart.  All of this has been quite overwhelming, to say the least.  But, fortunately, the procedures are all behind him, now, and it’s straighter sailing from here on.  Jim looked great today and he was back to his fun and sharp self.  I brought my laptop with me and read many of the wonderful comments from the Gateway Pundit readers and we talked about the amazing guest writers who are coming to the site every day to continue to help Jim.  He is deeply touched and he kept telling me to thank you all.  Jim and I were planning to put a post up together on Gateway Pundit, but we got waylaid by the nurse when she stole Jim away to see another specialist.  I’ll try again later this week.  Thank you, again, for your outpouring of prayers and well wishes.

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