Why is Paul Ryan silent in wake of Luis Gutierrez’s ‘rape’ and ‘death’ amnesty claims?

Guest Post by Breitbart News writer Matthew Boyle

First, guys, want to say I’m wishing Jim Hoft the best and I’m trying to help him out the best I can by writing this guest post for Gateway Pundit.

Anyway, since I put up a story over at Breitbart about how Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the House Democrats’ leading proponent of amnesty, argued that women would be raped and people would die until amnesty became law, I’ve been trying to get an answer from House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on whether he agrees with Gutierrez’s extreme comments.

This has nothing to do with whether or not somebody supports doing an amnesty, or their position on immigration legislation.  This has to do solely with whether it’s acceptable for members of the U.S. Congress to so blatantly use extreme rhetoric—he argued women will be raped and people will die until an amnesty passes—to push their policies.  Ryan is supposed to be a responsible conservative, and much of the time, he is.  We know where the former GOP vice presidential candidate stands on immigration: he wants to grant an amnesty to illegal aliens, and he wants to do it before the border is secured.  That’s a different argument for a different fight.

Gutierrez is actually arguing that women will be raped if the Senate Gang of Eight bill (or something like it) doesn’t pass tomorrow, and that if such a bill passes, rapes won’t happen.  The lack of logic, and the pure misleading, hateful and truly despicable rhetoric lacks no bounds.

Why does Ryan matter in this story?  It’s not like he said it, right?  No, Ryan didn’t say it and he is not personally responsible for Gutierrez’s remarks, don’t get my point here wrong.  But Ryan has thrown himself into bed with Gutierrez politically on immigration.  The two have worked closely together, almost acting as running mates on the campaign for amnesty. In fact, in that same video where Gutierrez made these extreme factually challenged remarks, he praised Ryan over and over, and over again.

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