Pervert Dem Mayor Bob Filner to Resign

filner accuser
One of Filner’s victims. (Hating Breitbart)

The Democratic Party knew former Rep. Bob Filner was GROPING WOMEN IN PUBLIC back in 2011…
But Did Nothing!
The mayoral race was more important than the abuse of dozens of women.

Today Pervert Bob Filner agreed to resign as mayor of San Diego.
At least 12 women have accused him of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances.
NBC Local reported:

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to resign as part of a deal reached this week with city officials, NBC 7 News has learned.

Filner, spotted leaving City Hall with packing boxes Wednesday night, will formally vacate the office following a closed session of City Council Friday, according to several sources.

City officials announced just before 7 p.m. Wednesday a proposed solution had been reached in the scandal that has consumed the city of San Diego since it first broke July 10.

In the last six weeks, more than a dozen women have come forward with tales of alleged sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances.

Filner has admitted to disrespecting and at times intimidating women, saying that he needed help. He announced he would enter a treatment program for an undisclosed disorder or illness.

Under investigation for alleged “pay to play” schemes with developers, Filner disappeared from public view for three weeks and surfaced Monday in time for a mediation session with city officials.

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