DEMOCRATIC PARTY KNEW ABOUT FILNER – While He Was Groping Women in Public in 2011 – They Looked the Other Way

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The Democratic Party knew former Rep. Bob Filner was GROPING WOMEN IN PUBLIC back in 2011…
And They Did Nothing!
The mayoral race was more important than the abuse of dozens of women.
The Atlantic reported:

The Democratic Party of San Diego needs better lawyers. Or rather, it should have used the lawyers it has.

In 2011, at least three women warned the head of the San Diego County Democratic Party of stories in the community about then-Rep. Bob Filner making inappropriate advances toward professional women with whom he’d come in contact through his political position.

Former California State Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, San Diego County Democratic Central Committee member Martha Sullivan, and Escondido City Council member Olga Diaz all brought uncomfortable incidents to the attention of Jess Durfee, who was until the end of 2012 Democratic Party chairman for San Diego, the eighth-largest city in America.

What happened next illustrates the enormous challenge the situation presented to local Democrats, who were looking to Filner as their best shot at retaking the mayor’s seat in the heavily Republican community for the first time since 1992. It also reveals the party’s short-sighted and ultimately self-destructive failure to do due diligence on the accusations, which were presented to the party secondhand and yet failed to trigger any kind of substantive investigation, or even an intra-party conversation with a lawyer.

San Diego Democrats are now devastated that they put the party’s local revival in Filner’s hands, tainting it for who knows how long. National Republicans are gleeful at a chance to try to turn the tables on the Democrats’ “War on Women” talking point, roping Filner together with deeply unpopular New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner and others to try to create a national narrative about Democratic political hypocrisy on women.

As Filner fights a recall effort and rumors swirl that he’s working on negotiated exit from office as part of his response to a sexual harassment lawsuit from his former communications director — along with accusations of inappropriate behavior from 13 other women — Republicans and Democrats alike are asking themselves how his behavior could have gone unchecked for so long.

Read the the whole sordid story here.

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