Confirmed: House Democrats Lied – IRS DID NOT Give Liberal Groups Same Scrutiny as Conservative Organizations

The House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing today on the IRS targeting scandal.
jenny beth joanne
From left, Jenny Beth Martin, cofounder of the Tea Party Patriots, Jo Anne Livingston, and Darcy Crisp, all of Atlanta, applaud after House Ways and Means Committee member Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill. said the IRS was discriminating. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP

The IRS targeted hundreds of conservative groups since 2010. 500 conservative and Christian groups were illegally targeted by the Obama IRS starting in 2010.   For twenty-seven months the Obama IRS refused to approve any Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status while at the same time the Obama IRS approved dozens of progressive applications.

Today at the Ways and Means Committee hearing Democrats insisted that liberal groups were also being targeted by the IRS. Emerge America, Progress Texas, and Clean Elections Texas were the three groups mentioned by Democrats today at the hearing as examples of liberal groups being targeted by the IRS.


Democrats did not offer any “abused” witnesses at the hearing on Tuesday.

There’s a reason for this.
As usual, Democrats were not being honest about the scrutiny these liberal groups received from the IRS.
Raw Story reported:

An IRS letter (PDF) published by Progress Texas online Thursday showed the liberal group was given 22 days to respond to a list of 21 questions. Some of the questions included up to nine sub-questions.

The questions resembled the list of 35 questions (PDF) sent to the Liberty Township Tea Party, which has complained of IRS harassment.

Though the line of questioning was generally the same, there were some key differences between the lists of questions.

The Liberty Township Tea Party was asked to provide copies of all its activity on Facebook and Twitter, while the Progress Texas was not. The Liberty Township Tea Party was asked for more specific information about the employment background of its officials, including copies of resumes, while Progress Texas was asked for more general information. The tea party group was also asked whether any of its officials had served on the board of another organization or planned to run for office.

So again, Democrats weren’t being honest today. Liberal groups did not receive the same treatment and abuse from the IRS as conservative organizations.

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