Democrats Offer No Witnesses at IRS Scandal Hearing …(No Liberal Groups Were Targeted)

The House Ways and Means Committee is holding hearings this morning on Capitol Hill on the IRS targeting scandal.

irs com witnesses
Six conservative groups are testifying before the committee this morning.

Today’s Witness List


Mr. John Eastman
Chairman, National Organization for Marriage

Ms. Diane Belsom
Laurens County Tea Party

Ms. Becky Gerritson
Wetumpka Tea Party

Ms. Karen Kenny
San Fernando Valley Patriots

Mr. Kevin Kookogey
Founder and President, Linchpins of Liberty

Ms. Sue Martinek
Coalition for Life of Iowa

Michelle Dimarob, Senior Advisor-Public Affairs and Coalition, who helped organize the witnesses for the hearing, said Democrats were offered to invite witnesses to the hearing today but declined. Dimarob said they were offered the same respect but declined the request.

The reason for this is obvious. Democrats don’t have any groups to spotlight because no liberal groups were targeted. Hundreds of conservative groups were harassed and targeted but, so far, no liberal group has come forward with a similar story of abuse.

Nearly 500 conservative groups were targeted by the IRS during their application process for tax exempt status. No liberal groups were targeted.
irs hearing jenny beth
Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots and Jim Hoft before the IRS Scandal hearing today.

FYI- The Tea Party Patriots is sponsoring my trip this week to the hearings in Washington DC.

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