Obama’s Peace Partners Attack Kabul Hotel the Day After Killing 3 US Troops

A Taliban suicide bomber on a motorbike rammed an Afghan-Nato patrol in the town of Khost on Wednesday, killing 21 people, including three US soldiers, officials said. (Dawn)

Today the Taliban, some armed with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns, attacked the Spozhmai hotel in Kabul’s popular Qargha Lake recreation area.

Now there are reports that the Taliban in Afghanistan is being supplied by the Pakistani security forces.
Christian Science Monitor reported:

A recent spate of attacks on US military bases in Afghanistan points to a resilient Taliban with a steady supply of arms. It is a supply stream flowing from Pakistan – one that US troops, try as they might, are proving unable to interrupt.

Equally troubling for the Pentagon, analysts warn that these attacks serve as growing evidence that Pakistani security services (ISI) is stepping up its support of insurgent groups to jockey for position ahead of the scheduled 2014 departure of US combat troops from the country.

On Wednesday, two attacks in eastern Afghanistan killed three US troops and at least 25 Afghans, prompting the US Embassy to condemn the Taliban’s “murderous campaign.”

These attacks come on the heels of one of the most troubling insurgent offensives in some time, according to analysts. It occurred earlier this month, when a suicide-bomber in a car filled with explosives was able to breach perimeter security at a large US base near the eastern Afghanistan city of Khost.

The bomber detonated the explosives near the base dining hall at Camp Salerno, allowing other enemy fighters to stream into the base on foot – and open fire. A spokesman for the Taliban boasted that the insurgents had “suicide vests, rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns, and hand grenades.” The attack injured dozens of troops.

The Taliban-linked Haqqani terror network in Pakistan have killed 500 US troops in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is stronger today than they were a year ago. Barack Obama has offered the Taliban peace talks and built them an office in Qatar.

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