Report: Obama Administration Is Paying for Taliban Office in Qatar

Well, why not?
The rest of the Middle East has gone to the Islamists why not pay for the Taliban’s office in Doha, too.

A report today suggests that the Obama Administration is paying for the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar.
Iranian Fars News reported:

Iranian Envoy to Kabul Fada Hossein Maleki underlined the US and its allies’ continued failures in the region, and said they have lost their reputation among the regional states.

Maleki pointed to the complication of the security situation in the region and the failure of the US policies, and added that Washington and its allies have sustained heavy damages and lost their political prestige among regional countries.

He emphasized that covert talks between the US and Taliban and the opening of an office for the militant group in Doha, Qatar, with Washington’s financial and political support show a stalemate in the West’s strategy.


Analysts are skeptical of the prospects of meaningful peace negotiations with the Taliban.

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