Today We Remember The Holocaust… Never Again

By: Andrea Ryan

Today we make time to pause and remember the six million Jews who suffered untold cruelty and unimaginable horrors at the hands of those with unfettered and deeply evil power.  The Holocaust, which was the plan of the Nazi party for their “Final Solution” to exterminate the Jews, was rooted in one man’s hate-filled ideology.  Adolph Hitler, the Führer of Germany from 1934 to 1945, lead the mass slaughter of innocent human beings in his genocidal cleansing campaign to rid the world of our Jews.  One and a half million Jewish children were murdered, and approximately 2/3 of Europe’s Jews were exterminated.

Stand For Israel had this to say about this solemn day,


Today, we observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, remembering a horrific moment in history in order to ensure that it never happens again. …Stand with Jews around the world and say, “NEVER AGAIN!”

A summary of Jennifer Rosenberg’s list of Holocaust Facts we should remember…


  • Boycott of all Jewish businesses.
  • The Nuremberg Laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship and prohibited marriages and extramarital sex between Jews and Germans.
  • Jews were prohibited from public places, like parks, fired from civil service jobs, had to register their property, and Jewish doctors could only take care of Jewish patients.
  • Synagogues and Jewish businesses were destroyed.
  • Jews had to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing.


  • Nazis ordered all Jews to live in specific ghettos.
  • Nazis loaded up to 1,000 Jews per day in trains to Concentration camps.

Concentration and Extermination Camps

  • Hard physical labor, little food, and torture.
  • Nazi doctors conducted medical experiments on prisoners against their will.
  • Group exterminations in gas chambers.

But the images speak for themselves…

The starvation and torture.

The children.

The bodies murdered and dumped without dignity.

The liberation by our American soldiers.

The shoes left behind.

A wise friend once said, “You can tell the health of a nation by the way they treat their women and their Jews.”  May we never forget this awful moment in history and the tragic loss of six million innocent lives.

Update: Thank you, Redwine, for sharing your personal experience as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor…

As the daughter of a survivor of the Mauthausen labor camp, I was lucky to have my father. He lost nearly every member of his family. It took him nearly 27 years to gather the strength to tell me about his time in the camp and how he managed to survive.

The memories of those conversations always returned to me during the 2 minutes of siren and silence and throughout the day on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Day) over the many years I lived in Israel.

Now, I am reminded of my father’s experience every day with the frightening rise of anti-Semitism, often disguised as “anti-Zionism”, anti-Israelism, embraced by Leftists and Muslims and conjoined in growing violence and boldness – and its support worldwide. The real face of the regime has been revealed. My greatest fear is a second term of this tyrannical regime.

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