After Iranian Police Raid Party- Gay Men Jump From Windows

In Iran, marriage is not the biggest human rights concern for gays…
Death and flogging top the list.

Farshad and Farham (

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, male homosexual acts, or lavat, are punishable by death.

The Iranian Regime arrested 17 gay men at a party in Isfahan this month.
The men were beaten and thrown in prison.
JWTNetwork, Amnesty International and reported:


Iranian authorities arrested 87 people, including 80 suspected gay men, Thursday night at a party in Isfahan, beating most of them and detaining them in dire conditions over the weekend, the Toronto-based Iranian Queer Organization reported Monday.

Police raided the birthday party of a man the rights group identified only as Farhad, beating the male guests with batons and arresting the host’s parents as well, the rights group said after talking with witnesses by phone.

The women were released soon after; witnesses said; the men remain in custody without bail or visitors.

In the Islamic republic of Iran, male homosexual acts, or lavat, are punishable by death. Rights workers said they feared the detainees could be tortured.

“I went to buy a gift for Farhad and so I arrived late for the party,” a man identified as Peyman told the Iranian Queer Organization by phone.

“As soon as I turned in to their street, I saw police cars parked everywhere; all my friends were arrested while seven or eight policeman beat them with batons.

Two had jumped from the second-floor window and were in a bad condition. Farhad’s family were also arrested. Everyone was transported into a big car and taken into custody. All their cell phones are off and we have no information about the situation inside the jail.”

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