POLLSTER: Ted Cruz Supporters Are Just Lukewarm – TRUMP Supporters Are FIRED UP (VIDEO)

Pollster Lee Carter went on Cavuto with Trump-basher Meghan McCain.

McCain repeated her vow to never vote for Donald Trump. #NeverTrump
She’d rather support Hillary.

Lee Carter, a pollster with Maslansky & Partners, weighed in on the current field. Cruz supporters are not too thrilled with their Canadian candidate.

The truth of the matter is, the voters that I talk to, and I’m out there talking to voters all the time. I’m a researcher. And, as we’re talking to folks, when people are talking about Cruz, it’s a vote against someone. I talk to so few people who are really, really excited about Ted Cruz. There are very few people who are rabid Ted Cruz supporters. It’s like, umm, maybe, I kind a think I should because he represents what I think it should be… But people who support Donald Trump are rabid. They believe he’s going to make America great again.

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