VIDEO=> Kids Scream “I Want to Kill Him!” While Beating Trump Piñata to “Stop Hate”

A new food cart in Portland, Oregon, El Diablito, staged its grand opening celebration by featuring dancers and a Donald Trump pinata.

kids trump pinata

A banner on the stage read “El Diablito” which means “the little devil.”

Little kids and adults lined up to take turns battering the effigy, which they say they were destroying to “promote peace” and “fight hate.”

One little kid screams out “I want to kill him!” when he takes his turn beating the Trump piñata. The food cart owner claimed this wasn’t about politics.

trump head pinata

Of course, if it would have been an Obama piñata the media would have called this a “racist” act but since it’s a Republican it’s all good.

Via Michael Strickland:

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  • ridgerunner

    Same group that is pushing for a “Brokered Back” Convention. Trump has queered their deal. So sad.

  • BillyBob Bob

    Like ISIS, teaching their children hate and violence. This is why we keep our guns.

  • tbone51

    How much did La Raza pay for this exhibit of political hatred?

  • Boommach

    We are dealing with evil. The left worships hate, lies and death..

  • XX

    F the illegals.

  • TonyMonterey

    Watch how fast the Gimmedats suddenly rediscover the Constitution and separation of power when Trump or Cruz get Obama’s pen and phone.

  • Hillary For Prison

    Your tolerant left in action….

  • Cowardly Lion

    ‘Little kids and adults lined up to take turns battering the effigy,
    which they say they were destroying to “promote peace” and “fight hate.”’

    Trump should be writing down all these subhuman’s names on a list, getting deportation orders ready for when he takes office, so he can deport these violent, subhuman, vermin, non-American garbage and cleaning up our country of these welfare rats.

  • Smokey

    The tolerant left………sickening bastids they are….

  • Athena22

    Gee, and we have Latino business owners at our Trump/Republican meetings.
    If it were Obama they were bashing, Social Services would be on the doorstep.

  • saturn

    Trump is becoming more and more right.

  • MudFlapShoes

    it’s like a pack of wild loring wirbels.

  • Hillary For Prison

    A mexican style restaurant in Phoenix did the same thing with a Trump pinata during the first debate. They got so much negative press and exposure it cost them business. I know of one company that cancelled a Christmas party that as scheduled there.

  • TonyMonterey

    This is called intelligent debate in their circles. And all this does is convert more people over to Trump.

  • Sean Lenihan

    can you imagine if was someone else

  • jackandjill98983*

    I hope their business fails miserably.

  • Kedzie

    Can’t wait to see what happens when the beaners and blacks collide across the country.

  • pauld315

    Despicable and the Secret Service needs to investigate

  • bonnieblue2A

    Just the way Hamas trains little Palestinian children.

  • Ranger_Ric

    I can’t wait to watch these vermin self deport like rats off a sinking ship the day after Trump is elected in the largest landslide in American history!

    Your days are numbered illegals, we are coming for you!

    Trump 2016!

  • saturn

    In other words: the parents are teaching their small children hate.

  • MadelinesMinion

    “One little kid screams out “I want to kill him!” when he takes his turn beating the Trump piñata. The food cart owner claimed this wasn’t about politics.”


  • Drifter

    The left is built on hate.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Well, for him it was about making money off the political hate.

  • Old tired & poor.

    These little worms and their handlers, are too stupid to realize how much these displays help Trump.

    Just hilarious..

  • TonyMonterey

    I was in a store in the Capital of Sanctuary Cities, Salinas CA, when the media started their coordinated attack on Trumps “ban Muslims.”

    The Hispanics were giddy because they thought Trump had finally been taken out. They are seriously afraid of Trump because they know the party is over if he gets elected. And they are not going to leave peacefully.

  • knotjammin2

    Yep!! This kind of animal behavior makes me want them in my country. NOT!! These are animals that we are allowing in our country. What effect have they had on our culture. I’ll not live in a third world environment. Do you want these animals living in your neighborhood? How about next door to you?

  • iamsaved2

    Now why in the world would we not want unfettered border crossing of illegals and refugees when so many hate us so much? These lawbreakers protest because one of our candidates wants to enforce the law. Is that the kind of people this nation needs? Maybe the Democrats do for the votes but the rest of us don’t.
    Can anyone name one group of people other than Muslims who wanted to immigrate here any time during the history of this nation, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, who didn’t want to assimilate, but change our form of government to a theocracy or kill and maim this country’s citizens? Never! Until now. Islam is a cancer that will metastasize over time, a patient disease, willing to bide it’s time until they are in control. And, the worst part is, our illustrious loser of a leader is enabling them.

  • Laban83

    racist hate crime against caucasians – start the message — anti-causasian (white skin) hate crime…

  • Professor Farnsworth

    Spot on!!

  • knotjammin2

    I’m planning on them offering resistance. It’s one way to get rid of the frustration that has built up inside me , knowing my tax dollars were used to support big businesses labor force. Next we go for the big businesses then the politicians they paid off!!

  • MPE

    May the health department close him down after he sends someone to the doctor for food poisoning!!

  • drattastic

    Enjoy it now as*holes ,a tsunami is coming that will sweep illegals back to the crapholes that spawned them.

  • MPE

    Correct even! hehehe….

  • MPE

    Not to mention Secret Service too!

  • TheQuickening

    Look at the dictionary description of “terrorism.” Spot on for what the parents of these vermin are enticing their children to act out.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Little Palestinian children have a problem with Trump?

  • Catlady

    Be safe Trump.

  • SineWaveII

    Now let’s have one for hillary.

  • MPE

    With anyone not a mooslum!

  • Bklynnygirl

    Geez. The lefties teaching their kids to be like ISIS kids.
    They have so much in common.

  • tbone51

    This is the making of tomorrows assasins, terrorists, suicide bombers and jihadists. These people who are teaching these kids this lunacy are no better than Islamic extremists.

  • Catlady

    Remember when the rodeo clown was fired for wearing an Obama mask. Double standard.

  • SalMoanella

    The left’s ISIS training for “American” youth…

  • MPE

    And should be treated as such!

  • cgent47

    Who will build the WALL? The Trumpsta will. Who will rid this country of criminal illegals that sell meth and heroin? The Trumpsta will.
    Make AMERICA great again.
    Trumpsta 2016!
    Obama’s plan. Take our GUNS!!

  • government watchdog

    When Trump sends these clowns to their home countries, they will not have the freedom they are using here. Trump will get rid of these latinos. The USA will be a better country. It is neat to see the aggressive illegals. They better self deport while Obama loes about everything he says. Soon they will be in their homeland. Any amount of money to get rid of them will be a bargain.

  • MPE

    I’ll give him a hand! Anyone else care to help?

  • John Wayne

    Mexicans doing what they won’t dare do in their country. We feed them, educate them, heal them yet they spit in our face and insult us every chance they get.

  • John Wayne

    Tomorrows? Shiatt, they’re doing all that NOW!

  • SineWaveII

    ..can you imagine if it was a BBQ joint in Texas and it was obama?

  • John Wayne

    Worse……they’re Mexican Youths!

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Most Palestinians in the USA are Christians, I believe.

  • dmallett

    Now why would you “racist bigots” not want these people coming into America spreading their love around?

  • Hillary For Prison 2016

    Indoctrination begins at youth. Pathetic…

  • Veronica Gigante

    This is horrible! Teaching Children to kill?! These children so very young and vulnerable why aren’t they being taught to read and write and do math! Donald Trump a very honest decent American Dream man who will be the next President of the Unite States of America employs many of these nationalities through out the world in his manufacturing companies and these people are teaching their children to do this! What is wrong with this world today! I’ll tell you its those politicions we believed and trusted up in Washington D.C. who lied to get our vote and then put their selfish needs first before the American taxpayer who is paying their $1000, 000.00 pensions.

  • mr.nuggets

    “Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!  Liberalism has sadly become a knee-jerk ideology, with people barricaded in their comfortable little cells.” – camille paglia

    ..the salon. com folks proved paglia’s point by flipping out after she dared to point out the obvious

  • Sean Lenihan

    you read my mind f-ing hypocrites

  • John Wayne

    Mexicans are too stupid to learn reading, writing and math…..they commit crimes, it’s what they do best!

  • Cowardly Lion

    Someone explain to me the difference between these rats and the muslim rats.×395.jpg

  • ZZZzzzz

    Did you hear what this racist bigot woman said at the end of her ridiculous rant? “Si, si puede.” Yes you can, sound familiar?? And what do these racists have on the front of their food cart? “Not A Fusion, A Mexican Revolution.” Really? Get real. Nice touch with Mr. Trump giving the finger with both hands. Classy. These parents are brainwashing their little munchkins like ISIS does their little ones. Disgusting parents and restaurant. Don’t like it in America or the the fair-haired next President of the U.S. Donald J. Trump? Leave. What a bunch of losers.

  • John Wayne


    Average Muslim I.Q.-54
    Average Mexican I.Q.-52

  • Stephen Tobe

    The Left is so
    afraid of Trump and those that support him. “We the people,” are sick and tired
    of the establishment and the Marxists media propaganda. Time to take America
    back and expose the Commies for what they are.

  • knotjammin2

    I’m planning on it!!

  • rui zhou

    Liberalism , fascism and Islam are almost exactly the same all based on hate and lies.

  • Look787

    Oregon raising their children in the atmosphere of hate and violence. What kind of adult is that little kid going to become?

  • Virginia Mom

    The restaurant is located in Portland, Oregon and is called “El Diablito” It should not be difficult for the local FBI office to locate the owners and charge them with threatening a candidate for the U.S. presidency. This is a crime in this country.

  • John Wayne

    Since when are Mexicans worried about committing crimes in this country?

  • rui zhou

    Trunp means REAL Change that is why they hate him. Not fake Hope and Change with the same crooks looting the country.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Enjoy yourself Illegal invaders. Starting January 20, 2017, you will be going home, voluntarily or involuntarily.

  • juandos

    I wonder how many parasites use their EBT cards at the El Diablito swillville?

  • burningtree

    And who are the “haters?” It seems that the Left is the home of hate. This is really disturbing. When the left embraces the strategies of ISIS, what do they think will happen to Trump’s popularity? It only goes up. Coming soon: the biggest landslide victory in American history…for Trump. And BTW, for the record, I consider this video an example of child endangerment. These people should be prosecuted.

  • Virginia Mom

    The FBI will not be interested in their opinion on the matter. Donald Trump is entitled to Secret Service protection and threatening his life is a serious matter.

  • Rufus

    They remind me of the Palestinians.

  • Yu So Wong

    The La Raza rapper Pit Bull warned Trump to “watch out for El Chapo.” Our fine Obama citizens will of course always put one of their cartel heroes above some gringo who loves America.

  • Cowardly Lion

    That’s probably how places like “el biablito” stay in business, catering to the ebt crowd.

  • Rambler

    They are no different than th terrorist muslims who burn effigies of people…
    These people are insane and a exactly the type people don’t want living near them…

  • John Wayne

    The FBI has been politicized to the point that they won’t dare investigate this matter much less make an arrest…these coddled ungrateful immigrants have learned the power of the word “racism”, it’s their greatest weapon.

  • juandos

    Don’t forget said parents of Oregon are raising their brats in a society so permissive that pandering to pervs and smoking pot is considered the norm…

    So Oregon can look forward to a bumper crop of losers over the next decade…

  • rui zhou

    Maybe the Secret Service needs an anon phone call about this situation? I bet they would find all kinds of fraud, drug dealing and other activities going on.

  • will jones

    and these lying dems have the nerve to say the GOP is the party of hate? Give me a break. Sounds like the dems are resurrecting the K K K.

  • John Wayne

    Most Hispanics admire and worship violence, corruption and intolerance…..they lionize murdering savages over honest law abiding people.

  • Virginia Mom

    Well, the liberal courts have also paved the way for prosecutors to go after some of these people. Criticizing Obama in this way has lead to convictions. Most were later overturned by higher courts, but the lesson was taught.

  • gflo

    Post your review of this business and the people who run it on Yelp:

  • boucle

    Good, the monsters are on video so all can see how dangerous and hateful they are.They’d better hide in mexico and protect themselves from us because I’d beat their a$$es and never ever help them in any way. Trump definitely has my vote.

  • Jack Thompson

    Can you imagine the outrage from the Libs if people did this when Obama was running for president? But doing this to a white guy is perfectly acceptable.

  • pgroup

    It’s Portland, where leftist progressives & commies have their heaven on earth. How can anybody be surprised?

  • Tom

    And we want these people in OUR COUNTRY – NOT ! BYE BYE.
    trump 2016

  • sniffles09

    when the left does it, its all fun and games
    but if the right did it, it would be a hate crime and the aclu and naacp and rev al race baiter Sharpton
    would all be screaming

  • sniffles09

    every illegial with a job
    is an unemployed American
    hey, any libs care to review MEXICAN laws on illegials

  • Capt. Harlock

    So, Donmanuel Trumpstein and the Democrat’s “Two-Minute-Hate” on public display?

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Oh, look, 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom nominees!

  • John

    Yes, indoctrination and subtle brainwashing for the soon to be party cadre. Just like the Al Queda wackos who have children practice killing. Can no one see how evil this is? Can no one see that in the US one can have political disagreements without violence (or should!)? God help us all- Peace!

  • sidray

    Why do we need guns? Because if we don’t have them, liberals will kill us.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Safe bet: Soros/DNC dollars at work.

  • Capt. Harlock

    I’ve telling people for years that the eventual “Race War” will be Black on Brown.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Democrats being themselves once again. The biggest bigots in the world. If you don’t agree with and support their insanity you are an enemy of the state and should be treated as such. They have no room or ability to understand anything but their very narrow bigoted view of everything.

  • Dynamo

    B I N G O ! ! !

  • OK_Sam

    Hope some locals pay a little visit to this guy’s place. Maybe straighten his opinions out some.

  • Cowboy

    What if it were white children beating an Obama piñata? At the very least the FBI would be questioning the parents. The left in this country is twisted beyond belief.

  • burningtree

    Rage: the driving impulse of liberalism.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Can’t hear a thing anyone’s saying! POTUS’s silent wholehearted approval is positively deafening!

  • burningtree

    Loretta Lynch would have a hundred agents there in an hour. But the rules are different for the left.

  • knotjammin2

    (503) 781-0081 Give them call and let them know how you feel!!

  • Merica

    Liberal double speak at it’s finest. So much for being “progressive”. These people are becoming Nazi’s.

  • Rick Lenahan

    The take away in these articles of black matters and the mexican mafia (la rawza) is whity is evil and must be destroyed. The f*cked-up part is whity’s in washington is supporting and funding it with everyday working whity’s tax money.

  • oneblueduck

    These people are very bad parents.

  • Merica

    Wait a minute, this exact same thing happened with obama and people were arrested…

  • frigu

    That’s ok because we want to kill these little angels too before they grow up to be the people Trump has warned us about, you know like the one that killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco and that we read and hear about every day in the news.

  • Michael Lloyd

    Once again the cat seems to have a hold on Sweet Loretta’s tongue.

  • Kalifornia_Refugee

    Imagine the outrage that would have been generated if it had been Barry So-sweat-oh. Liberal-Progressives = Daesh / Hamas

  • Itshay Edhay

    Actually, these pieces of crap should be thanking every working American because I’m sure they’re collecting their EBT checks and welfare every month.

    Oh yeah, these “parents” should be sterilized so they can no longer reproduce, then sent straight back to Mexico.

  • Redford1

    My, what great citizens they’d make.

  • T.W.

    TRUMP or CRUZ 2016!

  • SAR2012

    … Getting *REAL* tired of this nonsense. We need to go *FAR* beyond closing the borders to this sort of vermin. No more amnesty, no more anchor babies, no more free passes, rescind the amnesty of any who have since failed to be productive residents. We are not the World Welfare Agency.

  • Michael Lloyd

    Sweet Loretta is wearing her dark shades and has her hearing aids turned off.

  • T.W.

    Get them OUT of America!

  • Sal Tracey

    ludicrous that this is allowed to happen
    I love the smirk on hipster dbag

  • Merica

    Liberals are slowly becoming facist.

  • doug1961

    Trump speaks truth and it drives the scum crazy!

  • juandos

    That’s probably how places like “el biablito” stay in business, catering to the ebt crowd“…

    That is exactly what I was thinking…

    Does anyone else find it more than a bit maddening that the government is extorting tax dollars from the productive in order to give these parasitic a-holes time to whine instead of getting a job?

  • mrrealworld

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud. The intolerant-left strikes again.

  • Rick Lenahan

    Wite People Suck – That’s my new bumper sticker

  • Soflodoug

    No parents, no morals, no class. Problem is these kids today could care less and it is getting worse. We all need to be more careful than ever as some have real psychos behind them. Its not so innocent anymore.

  • Michael Lloyd

    They’ll get their head lopped off by the Muslims.

  • James

    “carefully aim”


    The darker the skin the more crime to violence and crime the individual, this video proves my point once again.


    The darker the skin the more PRONE to violence and crime the individual, this video proves my point once again.

  • Cornbread_Noah

    cut off their cash, neuter them, put them in chain gangs and make them walk back to Donkeyville,


    Obama imports Latinos that rob us, rape our woman and murder our citizens..
    Obama imports Muslims that rape our woman, murder our citizens and blow up our infrastructure.
    Obama arms ISIS with military grade weapons far more dangerous than anything an American citizen can own.
    Obama turns around and pushes gun control that disarms Americans so that those he is importing will have an easier time in doing their work for the Democrat funded genocide.

  • Hit

    Only things missing are brown shirts.

  • David Johnson

    I love the little skinny armed liberal wimp holding the Trump head in effigy….always the tough guys when nobody is there to challenge them (unless the odds are 20:1 in their favor…like at union thug conventions). I would bet if Trump stood up to his face he would start crying and need a diaper change.

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    can you believe what our society has come to under this president? sicko leftists…

  • Jake Swenson

    To El Diahhrito and that feral brat:
    We feel just the same about you.

  • Arnold Ripkin

    A father taking time off from his meth lab to attend his kid’s party. Beautiful.


    This video reminds me of the ones you see where the muslim savages teach their children to HATE, KILL and BEHEAD. Such wonderful family values that we are importing into this country.


    Feel the same???NOOOO I do not even regard them as human.

  • Useful idiots raising useful idiots…

  • Steven Simonton

    i guess democrats have the mind of a child. Remember: Once a man, twice a child. We have a two term child that is creating crazy men.

  • The_Exile

    If that was Obama or any liberal, these people would be arrested and charged.

  • OldAarpy

    Wow…can you imagine the outrage if the pinata was Barry Soetoro? I love the hypocrisy of the left……it’s so evident!

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    I’ve never been a firearm owner but after seeing this I think some time after the new year I may take a CHL course and become an owner while i still can…

  • Jerry Brickley

    me too

  • So Cal Guest

    What happens when Americans start saying the same thing? The left us hate… Look no further than mainstream TV. If they cared this article would be discussed on the headline news.

  • chicodon

    The stupidity is amazing. Minorities believe everything Democrats tell them. They are bashing a pinata because Trump said Mexican girls are being raped while crossing the border. Amazing.

  • Appalachite

    This is like the children of Muslims being trained to murder Christians and Jews. Mexican Americans have really exposed an ugly side to their culture since Trump spoke the truth about our borders and illegal invaders. First Mexicans are dropping F-bombs at Trump, now they are being trained to murder him… Hey if ACLU member Loring Wirbel can call for the murders of Trump supporters on election day, why can’t leftist train children to murder Trump?

  • Chris King

    la raza = THE RACE.
    they are a pure supremacist group, nothing but.

  • ramoncramon

    Another rice and beans food cart. We dont need any more stinking rice and beans.

  • Jerry Brickley

    These are the “anchor babies” guaranteeing permanent residence for the rest of the illegal family. What can these tirds possibly contribute to make it worth keeping them here?

  • Jake Swenson

    I was referring to the “i want to kill him” part but I thought it would be better if I didn’t have to spell that out.

  • Appalachite

    How much did the tax payers pay for LA Raza?

  • ScottPM

    Yet more liberal fascists showing their true colors. If they can’t win on ideas, they promote the violent killing of their opponents. Of course, they can’t win on ideas, so that’s the only recourse for them.

  • viking116

    ISIS tactics? Palestinian child raising!

  • Jake Swenson

    >>while i still can..

    not saying you should wait, but the left isn’t going to win this one.

  • The_Exile

    These peole need to be charged with a hate crime, kid included.

  • katon51

    Will DOJ be investigating?

  • M T

    The meek and poor Palestinian Arabs have been teaching their kids that for decades — long before ISIS appeared.

  • Appalachite

    They already have ACLU members calling for leftist to shot Trump supporters. Loring Wirbel, Colorado ACLU.

  • MissV

    How do we know the owner of the cart didn’t buy the cart using our tax dollars after Obama infused all the refugees with cash? That would be the best explanation I can see. Suck up to look good for Billary.

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    you’ll get arrested

  • bo1921

    They’ll have to kill tens of millions of American citizens to get what they want, whatever that is.

  • lopagus1

    bean trash. send them back to mexico. let them straighten out their own 3rd world cesspool. that they fear him is reason enough to vote for him.

  • Appalachite

    Child abuse.

  • Morris Minor

    Abusing kids is SOP by the Left. They did it with the Gov Scout Walker recall. They did it with the Texas abortion bill in Austin. And Clinton did it with Monica.

  • Appalachite

    Funded by U.S. tax dollars, and the Republicans allow our tax dollars to go to LA Raza.

  • Appalachite

    They are the non-white minions of the white elite used against the white majority.


    That RICH LATINO HERITAGE on display again, this is one of the many faces of our ENEMIES.

  • SineWaveII

    Most likely

  • Rick Lenahan

    No Slo-Mo about it! They R facist

  • prusmc

    The problem is that this will not be widely circulated so that the independent working voter or potential voter will see this. Why can some organization make a non-political support attack video of this and other outrages? Then put them on TV or U tube or other sites. Include the ACLU shoot Trump supporters screen shot, Hilary lying about ducking sniper fire in Kosovo with a contrast of a little girl carrying a floral gift as her welcome. Then show her telling George S. that she told the families of the Libya dead that it was terrorists and contrast this with three families who say she told them it was a film that triggered the killings. Let the viewers/voters decide who to believe the PC people or their own lying eyes. This can be done with out endorsing anyone. Let the audience draw its own conclusion.

  • Don Wadd

    I dont give my business to ANY mexican business. AND I do my own lawn work.

  • trigon1962

    The irony is that ALL of these scum are illegals.

  • Libtards Lie

    Interesting how Pally’s and Progtards share the same ideology.


    Mexican, a failed person. Mexico, a failed country. Latino, a failed culture. Spanish, a series of animals grunts imitating human speech.

  • Brian Patronie

    Now if it will only rain about 6 more inches in Portland maybe all these illegals will float away…

  • Don Wadd


  • porkexpress

    This must be a Politically Correct thing. It is OK for illegals to do this but not the Legal American Citizens. I wonder what would happen to an American if they did this in other countries to their politicians, like Mexico.

  • lopagus1

    do you have the name of that greasepit?

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    kids today are being raised with no ethics or morality …

  • Instantgator

    Isis in training

  • When democrats hate…it’s just good clean fun!!!

  • Brian Patronie

    More proof that Obama has brought the third world to America.

  • Tom C

    A hipster douche “culturally appropriating” another culture’s cuisine for his own evil white gain.
    All your profits should go to the people you’re exploiting. This guy is a straight up racist!
    See how easy it is to turn things around on an A-hole like this?

  • The 300

    Because sociopaths always accuse others of what they themselves are doing.

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    our justice dept hijacked by her and the liberal lefties…

  • texas1

    Just like all the Muslims, teaching their kids to hate and kill. The only difference is that the Muslims are in the Middle East but these are so-call Americans, probably illegal teaching their kids to hate and kill anybody who disagrees with them. When Trump is elected he will send them all back and these companies that have created businesses catering to these illegal bastards will go out of business. I’m sure all these anti-Trump illegal bastards are all Catholics. So there is really no difference between the Muslim and the Catholics illegals. The Catholics are just following their Marxist Pope. What this country needs is a French style revolution including the Reign of Terror to rid itself of all these anti-Americans. Long Live the Revolution!

  • The 300

    They STARTED fascist.

  • jaz

    Troll – a failed attempt to masquerade as a human.

  • GibsonL5

    We have enough home-grown miscreants, why import more? Ah, yes,
    more Dumbocrat voters!!

  • duh_swami

    The kids know what the parents teach them…as the twig is bent so grows the killer…

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    There’s a whole generation today of people who have been taught from a very young age to hate people on the Right and everything they stand for. And those people, in turn, are now teaching their children the same kind of hatred. We see it everywhere nowadays. It’s can’t end well for people on the Right who, at some point, are going to have to die fighting the Left for what they believe in, or spend the rest of their lives as second class citizens being openly mocked, ridiculed, spat upon, (or worse) by a society full of Leftists who hate everything about them for reasons they can’t even recall.

  • JHX

    Progressives, radicalizing their children. Where have we seen this before?

  • LibertyLover

    Revealing exchange on Neil Cavuto’s show this morning. I’m paraphrasing:

    Cavuto: “Charles, with Trump bringing in many new voters for the Republican
    Party and holding such a large lead, why is Wall Street worried about a
    Trump nomination?”

    Charles Payne: “They can’t bribe him.”

    Charlie Gasparino basically concurred. Trump needs to get this for his campaign.

    No mention that Trump is not electable.

  • SeeTheLight

    This is just another example of Obama fundamentally changing America into a third world country… ¡Bienvenidos!

  • Tracksuit Al

    Looks like KOIN in Portland published an article on this yesterday and now it’s gone.

    Wonder if they were embarrassed for their cheery coverage of the hate event.

  • At least they did not bark WURRRR STARRRRR !!!

  • justin stark

    Sweet Child, we love you so. It is too bad, you have to go.

  • Diamond Channing

    Those who are living in these United States illegally — and living off taxpayers’ dollars — have much to lose with a President Trump administration. But, the Constitution is the law of the land, and there are laws on the books to protect our country from foreign invaders…especially those who want to kill us and our way of life. Vote for Donald Trump! Mrs. Bill Clinton in not qualified to be POTUS and has her own agenda. God bless America and all she stands for!

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    Wow…this is endearing, grooming children to hate and murder, but that’s okay because Trump is a right winger and doesn’t deserve to live, and liberals can get away with this crap…………….I’m sure if I video taped my kids beating a pinata of Hillary and ripping off her head the media would be hyperventilating with moral outrage and righteous indignation, and I would swiftly have CPS knocking at my door!

  • GD in VA

    And why isn’t social services investigating these parents? A kid screaming “I want to kill him” isn’t normal and seems like a sign of abuse.

  • Lockstein13

    PROSECUTE to the fullest extent of the law.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Leftie Democrats promote this reprehensible behavior. Let’s mow our own lawns, wash our cars and clean our own homes.
    The human trash will leave then.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    These people are the apex of liberalism. Hate, racism, violence, all acceptable as long as they’re the ones doing it.

  • Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen

    Muslims come here… and then HATE Trump.
    ISIS sneak in and then HATE Trump.
    Latinos sneak in and then HATE Trump.
    Marxists HATE Trump.
    Democrats HATE Trump.
    GOP ‘establishment’ HATES Trump.
    And all.. teaching their children to HATE.

    How’s ALL THAT HATE working out for you wretched DEMONS?

    Arm up you good American citizens… the time to defend liberty, the Constitution, and Christianity is near.

  • Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen

    Welcome welcome welcome… to the newest THIRD WORLD Banana Republic in the world!
    Welcome to the AmeriKa of Obama and the liberal brain dead demons.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    It is Portland, the land so leftarded even leftards make a show mocking it, Portlandia.

  • haypa2

    We don’t have to round them up, just end all benefits. No food stamps, section 9, US citizenship for public school admission, no in-state tutition and no medicaide. Most important no birth certificates unless one parent is a US citizen; make a woman who claims the dad is American get a DNA test and collar the guy for child support.

  • SWDC

    Need not matter for the draft will not discriminate for WWIII and each one of these practicing their skills will be front line infantry sooner rather than later.

    Give ’em a big hug Mothers and breed some more cannon fodder. The middle east requires many lives from the Americas.

  • Lucky

    Looks like a ISIS training camp for kids.

  • SWDC

    Islam has been posting videos of their young cutting heads long prior to the creation of IS IS as we saw with one of the Russian soldiers being beheaded by their youth.

    Recall too we have been told that IS IS is a force of 30,000 where the current administration made the claim 6,000 IS IS have been killed.

    Why are millions fleeing a force of 30,000 or 24,000. Speaks volumes about the millions now doesn’t it.

    I know I know “What difference at this point does it make.”

  • I_phantom

    Trump is a product and a measure of the nation’s anger and fear, pure and simple.

  • Patty

    I thought this picture was ISIS.

  • SWDC

    Why not round them up AND remove all benefits employing at the same time millions of USA citizens to remove 30 million illegals from the USA.

    Let’s win win rather than live compromised lives forever.

    Letting illegals stay is bad for anyone here who thinks these folks are ONLY living on benefits then one does not understand organized crime in the USA.

  • dixiesuzan

    This idea is very similar to Nazi Germany’s technique to teach the young uber menschen (Aryians = supermen) to hate Jews. Good method. It worked great. The sub-humans (Jews) were living a life not worth living and were racially contaminating the uber menschen (Aryians = supermen). So those followers of Trump (the unter menschen = sub-humans i.e. vermin) will receive racial justice and create living room for the uber menschen by removal to Liberal provided happy camp showers soon.

  • Sickofobola

    Good! Hope they close down!

  • SWDC

    Immigrants replaced slavery during the industrial revolution.

    USA does not need slaves nor even does the USA need one more immigrant.

  • TalkingDust

    Oh, look, Progressivhadis.

  • J_Biggs

    LikeHitler, Obama has his youth.

  • TalkingDust

    The future of our nation….lovely

  • Robert Muir

    agree 100%

  • Bo Honk

    Has Attorney General Lynch stuck to her promise and arrested them yet?

  • TalkingDust

    We’re angry too….our nation is being given away to people we’ve not invited in.

  • Robert Muir

    She is just another POS!

  • KatieElder

    Liberals kill anything they disagree with or find a nuisance. That is why with a gun in their hands, they are more likely to turn it on others in violence as opposed to self defense. This looks like a beheading in Saudi Arabia google if you want to see proof).

  • SWDC

    The kids all doing this will be drafted soon anyways. Cannon fodder for the middle east’s never ending wars.

    Now will the VA take care of their damaged and injured bodies afterwards or let them die as the VA is doing now to US Vets?

  • John Brittingham

    Return of the Dark Ages.

  • KatieElder

    Check out who is financing this. Catholic Charities is one example. They get $$ per “head” i.e., each refugee gains them tax dollars for their “charity”. They have budgeted YES BUDGETED for ? 100,000 refugees next year. They have settled areas of Maine with Somali muslims – so this has nothing to do with resettling persecuted Christians.

  • Bn2D

    Ah yes the tolerant left is at it again with vile acts of hate. TRUMP 2016!

  • Had Enough

    The tide is turning and the left, the fake RINOs and all their useful idiots are scared to death, They’re whistling past the graveyard, and they know it. Those of us on the Right ( and I mean the real right, not the pseudo-conservative garbage that is passed off as Conservatism by RINO scum) are rising up. For far too long, we’ve been the silent gentleman, took the “high road”, and sat back and watched this beautiful land of ours be besmirched and driven into the ground. It’s time to bare our teeth and sharpen our steel. Either our way of life, that of freedom and liberty, prevails, or this country as it was intended to be, perishes. We are at the edge of a waterfall, one that leads to an abyss of tyranny, of destitution, of being strangers in our own land, the land our forefathers built with nothing but their blood, sweat and grit …, we cannot just sit in the raft, close our eyes and hope it comes out right in the end. It won’t.

  • soldiervet

    These democrat “parents” need to be charged with child abuse and FREAKN DEPORTED!

    Just like Louis Farrakhan, this kook can spew all kinds of vile stuff,
    inciting violence and nothing is ever done.

    But have some Republican simply talk about immigration or the truth about Islam.

    All of a sudden they might find them selves in the cross hairs of Oblama’s race baiting,
    weaponized Loretta “eric holder 2.0” Lynch, DOJ!
    As she did say, she would do as much, just recently.

    The fact of the matter is, truth be told. These clowns who want to incite violence on whitey.

    Well, according to PEW Research white adult men, make up 1/3 of the US population.
    yet, 60% of all adult gun owners in America, is WHITE ADULT MEN.
    That’s not even including white adult women either..

    Yet you don;t see a bunch of white non-democrat folk talking about murdering folk.

  • john williams

    How ignorant this is, teaching children to hate, since they are planting the seeds of murder in thier hearts, then they too are murderers!!!!…… And thier teachings will surely kill them as those beig taught….!!!!!

  • Mad Hatter

    This is why I call people like those highlighted in the story, the American Taliban.

  • Had Enough

    The left has a long history of tyranny.

  • Mike Ward

    This whole kill-the-conservatives thing is on the verge of becoming a trend.

  • SWDC

    Think any one in Maine cares if USA children are blown to bits and or injured by refugees and illegals at the Boston Marathon and 911? Belsan School Massacre even?

    Once Maine’s children are killed and maimed may be if only the children are VIP children perhaps Maine will care but until their personal Pearl Habour expect not a word out of Yankees.

    911 was not enough carnage and did not hit enough USA citizens personally.

    Again each has to feel the pain in order to care about dead Americans.

    You know “What difference at this point does it make.” is the party line of those who have not been personally hurt by Islam.

    Ugly truth eh? Not just Maine either.

  • john williams

    PREPARE TO LOCK AND LOAD PEOPLE, GIVE NOT ONE INCH OF THIS LAND TO A NAZI LIKE IDEOLOGY!!!!!……….Bow to no God other than the true God Jehovah, he will protect you……:-):-):-):-)…….. Certainly not Mohammed!!!!

  • Mike Ward

    I wonder what would happen if someone tried that with an Obama pinata.

  • porcer34

    His loyal minions would be out in force shutting it down and labeling everything in sight racism.

    A muslim pinata? Lynch would be drawing up charges.

  • Libsareclowns

    Leftist scum. Americans are catching on to you.

    Trump 16

  • Sterny

    The left consists of truly vile and disgusting creatures. There is not one redeeming quality to be found in any of them.

  • Jeff Buehner

    Wait, what are they going to shoot them with? Leftists don’t have guns and anyway, righty has a nasty habit of shooting back. So, strange advice all around.

  • Appalachite

    The “Saint of Death” worshippers will easily convert to the death cult of submission.

  • jcam

    The self-righteous left is now acting like Hamas, teaching their children violence.

    “4,000 Dolls That Incite Palestinian Violence Seized: Israel”

  • SWDC

    Where do all those “conservatives” get guns in Chicago to kill each other then if if if lefties do not own guns legally or other wise ownership is still ownership.

    More lefties own guns in Washington DC than any conservatives as well.

    Entire list of lefties owning guns on the Most Wanted List for murder too at the FBI and once we had a list for DC but that was removed when all top ten became foreigners.

  • ramoncramon

    Pinatas kill.

  • Kiki

    Satan would shake his head with disbelief at this one.

    I hope it goes viral so Trump could get more votes.

  • Yaspar


  • jcam

    The partisan, liberal media would have freaked if this were done to Obama or Hillary. The liberal media that is ignoring this is the same media that freaked over a rodeo clown and an outhouse float ridiculing our dear leader. It is the same media that declared Palin was responsible for the Loughner shooting because of her mundane campaign target sign even though Loughner was a leftist, and there was no evidence he saw Palin’s mundane campaign sign. It is the same media that goes berserk whenever Trump trashes someone even though the person usually viciously trashes Trump first. Yet there are so many leftists who can’t detect the partisan bias which defines the mainstream media.

  • SWDC

    Murder rate in Chicago Il Have you not heard about the murder rates in Chicago by all those “conservative” owners of guns? LOL

  • Carol Wennerberg

    Where is the secret service? If I did that to an Obama or Clinton pinata and screamed i wanted to kill them… they would be at my house. That little Mexican should be identified and booked. – or deported

  • Sterny

    Add to that the fact that 99% of mass shootings are committed by crazed libs.

  • gotham1883

    She is just repeating what they are saying in the back rooms. She doesn’t appear smart enough to think of it herself.

  • marathag

    Trump is now the new Emmanuel Goldstein for the Left.

    Need someone for their daily Two Minute Hate

  • LouAnnWatson

    do it now, buy plenty of ammo and practice!!!

  • LouAnnWatson

    and many of them are fed and clothed with our taxpayer dollars

  • another_engineer

    “Family values don’t stop at the rio grande”

    ~ Jorge Bush

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Hate and violence is all that the left knows and understands.

  • LouAnnWatson

    because the system is totally corrupt

  • LouAnnWatson

    trump asked “who is doing the raping and the murdering? somebody is doing it…” it’s their older siblings, so he is right again.

  • LouAnnWatson

    yes they are…the gravy train will end and they’ll go back. if not, they’ll have their own little plot of land with a hole dug just for them

  • gotham1883

    Very sad. The Catholic Church keeps leaving more and more Americans. Between the homos and the Marxist liberation theologians that are infiltrating from the third world, the Church has lost large segments of the American society and is desperate for money and now is willing to make a contract with the devil to get more money.

  • LouAnnWatson

    you mean many on the left don’t own legal guns

  • LouAnnWatson


  • corax

    Screw PDX, it is an amazingly pompous hate filled city of hypocrites.

  • LouAnnWatson

    it’s the same thing as” how many people have die at a busy intersection before they put up a traffic signal ”
    lefties in cali are beginning to take notice that showing their “i love muslims” card isn’t going to help them.

  • gotham1883

    This is a win win for Trump and America. Trump 2016.

  • LouAnnWatson

    you’ll need to know spanish

  • lookup

    Look how good that Trump piñata looks, handsome, and in shape. Thanks for making him look so good and the small group of devils look so bad.
    Same stuff they did to Palin. We are ready for them this time.
    Dream Team:
    Trump/Palin 2016

  • gotham1883

    Time to get out the militia to guard Trump.

  • Mackerel1

    That’s ok. We know we have them on the run and this group needs to be worried. after he is elected there will be no more of that ” stupid Americans” stuff.

  • lookup

    Kinda looks like the video of the little arab kids practicing slitting throats on stuffed sheep.

  • Woosh

    At this point, Trump, stellar qualities and flaws included, is America. His enemies, right and left are America’s enemies. Vote for America!

  • gotham1883

    The left. Always killing people to stop hate. “I don’t hate you. I just want to kill you because I took offense to something I think you might have said.”

  • AntiStatist

    Promoting peace and fighting hate by coaching kids to make death threats. Definitely the work of the libtarded media. All staged – the pinata, script and the circus tent.

  • SWDC

    Not until very important people’s children are hurt and harmed is anything going to be done about ISlam and the Mystery POTUS rein of terror on the USA.

  • gotham1883

    Well said. America may be flawed, but we are not murderous crazies like these people. They all need to go.

  • gotham1883

    And that is what they have been calling us for the last 30 years.

  • Woosh

    Violence, lies, and hate work. That’s why the bad guys are violent, lie and are hateful. That’s why good guys lose.

  • David Swanson

    Wow, making videos like this you might expect a visit from the FBI or Secret Service as to threatening the life of a presidential candidate. This is no different than indoctrinating Muslim children into removing heads from Buddhists or Christians or Hindus or Jews. Absolutely appalling.

  • johnleehooker

    AH YES, diversity and tolerance in lib land…and it’s going
    to get WORSE as these little cretins will eventually vote.

  • Webb

    Were the Obama girls there screaming, or were they with Lena Dunham?

  • Horrible Parenting

    The ignoramus woman in the video says it’s for love and for the children – which of course is defined by teaching them to hate and tell people they want to kill them.
    I wasn’t voting for Trump before, but now he will get it because this type of response says he’s on the right track. Thanks ignorant scum in the video…. Trump will win and if you are illegal, you’ll get to take your torn up little piñata with you back across the border WALL.

  • sheepeater777

    these people are sick.

    where’s our a.g. loretta let’s lynch whitey?

    oh yeah she’s busy investigating white police officers who shoot poor innocent blacks who were brandishing knives, guns, punching cops in the face etc.

  • LaRaza la racists. Is AG Lynch going to prosecute?

  • Woosh

    The goals of evil are evil. The violent and hateful means used to achieve those goals are not evil. They are practical and wisely employed by anyone who wants to win.

  • Woosh

    These people are winning.

  • Jerry_Rigger

    Unfortunately, many kids raised the same way are now military age and infesting the purged military. Some of us still think the military won’t fire on citizens, but many conservative people are leaving the “transformed” military. The tranny army will gleefully fire on us. Of course such people underestimate us at their peril.

  • AntiStatist

    Promote peace and stop hate: build the wall and put these violent idiots on the other side of it.

  • tgcrawford

    Inciting fascist hate… just like the Taliban. Great job parents.

  • JuvenileCourtLifer

    Savages! Exactly why we need a fence. A mine field wouldn’t hurt. Liberals have destroyed this country. And it may be too late.

  • JuvenileCourtLifer

    Why wait??

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    The Department of Justice is already contemplating hate crime charges against anyone posting negative comments about the coached behavior of the children in the video.

  • Amazing G

    President Trump will toss those violent little anchor babies right out of the country.

  • ctwatcher

    Little brats with no manners.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Liberals, the American jihadist.

  • matty

    What if it was an Obama pinata being clubbed by a bunch of half crazed caucasians? It would be a media feeding frenzy for weeks!!

  • Anonymous Guy

    Remind you of islum?

  • Anonymous Guy

    How about a vacation getaway? Spend a week with the weapon of your choice and patrol the border? Or man an outpost.
    Problem solved.

  • geo

    Obama…the greatest gun salesman in the world. I’d like to see his stock portfolio.

  • Love the Liberal Mindset…”This isn’t about Politics”…no, of course not
    These are Terrorist Threats that are subject to criminal prosecution, except in Liberal Caliphates

  • Crutch

    Federal March 2011, GAO-11-187 Report On Criminal Alien Statistics (p.21)

    Arrest Offenses based on Federal Reimbursements to States for “Illegal
    Aliens” Incarcerated in State & Local prisons and jails (SCAAP)
    program. Does not include Federal prison.

    Drugs – 504,043
    Obstruction of Justice – 252,899
    Assault – 213,047
    Larceny Theft – 125,322
    Fraud, Forgery & Counterfeiting – 120,810
    Burglary – 115,045
    Weapons Violations – 94,492
    Motor Vehicle Theft – 81,710
    Sex Offenses – 69,929
    Disorderly Conduct – 52,384
    Stolen Property – 49,126

    Property Damage – 42,609

    Robbery – 42,609

    Homicide – 25,064* (36% of murders are unsolved as a national average & up
    to 50% unsolved in minority communities, victims could be much higher to

    Kidnapping – 14,788

    Arson – 2,005

    Other – 151,138

    At least 25,000 killed. Possibly double this number since this is six year
    old data and so many murders go unsolved. And, hundreds of thousands of victims
    for other crimes. And, these are only the illegal criminal aliens who got
    caught. Also, per the DOJ, up to 50% of violent victimizations go unreported.
    Seems like a high price for cheap labor. Compliments of GOP and Democratic
    Party elites.

  • jack burns

    Amusing to kick back and watch the left tip its hand. The one in the dufus Azteca garb is a hoot. This flies in Portland, and Eugene, but won’t play well in the rest of Oregon. Make the video go viral before they take it down, a trend lately.

  • average Joe

    come on cut these kids some slack, they are just frustrated that their local school just discontinued their drivers education and sexual education programs due to the unexpected death of the donkey

  • Steven Palmer

    It’s white male so it is perfectly legal and good to bash and kill, what a great country the USA is with liberals running amuk!

  • axia777

    Get out of our country felon illegal immigrants. By showing this side of themselves they are proving us right more and more every day. These savages are acting like a bunch of Islamonazis from ISIS.

    And that food cart owner is a lying fat b*stard. It’s totally over political reasons.

  • cusfo

    Because the kid wants to kill a republican! To them that is normal.

  • Arch Stanton

    No further proof needed that the Left are terrorists.

  • rosetta_stoned

    It’s can’t end well for people on the Right

    Incorrect. It won’t end well for the left. They will lose and they will lose big.

  • RightStuff44

    Certainly, not all the crazies are locked up. One of them runs a food cart called El Diablito.

  • HardAssets

    The deportations can’t begin soon enough!

  • TED from Boston

    Typical unhinged liberal “parents.”

    I use term “Parents” parenthetically because most liberals give birth, may be decent mom or dad, but lousy parents in terms of actually teaching their kids about life’s lessons, making good decisions, showing accountability, etc.

    Liberal really don’t train their kids for the reality of life,

  • Rod M

    Find the truck and burn it. Problem solved.

  • Steven Palmer

    very good!@

  • GrizzMann

    With Democrat ” ethics “.

  • SWDC

    23.4% of the US Army were immigrants during the US Civil War where Abe Lincoln also found it difficult to get USA citizens to kill USA citizens so in marched the immigrants.

  • cusfo

    Do it now. And join the NRA.


    If I were to make an illegal alien piñata, I would fill it with food stamps.

  • Leonidas

    Where’s AG Lynch now? Such blatant hypocrisy and the MSM is crickets. Of course…POTUS was successful in causIng complete divide so no comments from the left or the right in power to stifle and heal this. They’ve all gone mad, and the reasonable ones remain powerless. Even with a vote, it matters not. Too bad for us.

  • GrizzMann

    They are just Obama’s Dreamers on display.

  • Steven Palmer

    They only came here for a better life ! and turn our home into the $ghole they left…

  • GrizzMann

    It is not anti-Islam. In fact killing is in Islam.

  • firedup49

    If they made one of Obama then what????
    Arrested deported jailed

  • SWDC

    Recall the Royals during the American Revolution were predominately Catholics and only when German (Hessian) troops were actually stationed in their own homes did the Royalists get angry cause the Crown was no longer treating them as British citizens but just like the other colonists and then and only then did the Royalists go along with the American Revolution.

    Some are trained at birth to be obedient never to thwart authority.

  • jack burns

    ‘Portland’, a Nez Perce Indian word meaning ‘stretched ear-lobed barista’.

  • SWDC

    Think an effigy of the current administration’s POTUS beaten and beheaded would receive such applause or do you think the children would be labeled as racists and xenophobes and bigots?

  • unkyjack

    Looks like Obama’s attempt at UNIFICATION.

  • Indy Jones

    The Great Racist Divider and Thief’s Sheeple.

  • edidaho

    OK, I am not a Trump supporter, my man is Ted Cruz. However, zTrump does have Secret Service protector and if this was any other candidate (Democrat ) and this was going on you can bet the house they would have been paid a visit.

  • Vetfromhell

    Little squatdrop scumbags.

  • tmorro

    How far up your a** does your head have to be for you to think this is a good idea? This is what we are dealing with when discussing the Left. This is why we are so divided as a (former) nation. How could one even pretend to have a rational conversation with someone like this dude?

  • doree10

    Isis children?

  • Virdun

    If you had your dog tearing at something like this – enraging it – you’d be arrested. This… this is fine. Subhumans – yet they’ll be out front calling anybody that supports Trump a racist/sexist thug, evidence be damned. Meanwhile – we have video evidence here… but you can’t trust your lying eyes.

  • 1azuce

    Great avatar. Mom jeans prezzy, lol.

  • psadie

    Stupid fools. They are threatening a Presidential candidate. SS what are you going to do?

  • socilasatelite

    The Obama pinata what a great idea

  • And we think ISIS is a threat?

  • FinbarOS

    Obama IS a pinata, only it’s not full of candy.

  • chicodon

    Just to think that only 50 years ago we had none of these problems. Our immigrants came mostly from Western Europe and even they had to prove that they would be a benefit to our society.

    But then came 1965 and Democrats changed the law to favor immigration from the 3rd World. Look at us now, we are being overrun by people from everywhere BUT Western Europe. But they do vote Democrat. That’s all that counts, right?

    Ask yourself, could we ever unite again as a nation to win a world war? I mean a military draft and everything. Would Hollywood become patriotic again? Someone wanted us divided and they’ve succeeded beyond their dreams. We’re probably sitting ducks.

  • derby

    I guess this is the LOVA Hillary was referring to . hahahaha mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

  • Mike Herman

    Raising a new batch of Nazi’s.

  • Flavius

    Leftists are a scourge on modern society. They can’t do anything constructive. The only thing they can ever hope to achieve, is the destruction of anything they touch.
    They relentlessly attack a great institution like Boy Scouts of America, but celebrate this kind of hatefulness.
    The only thing worse than a religious zealot is a rotten, stinking, leftist.

  • J P Souza

    Looks like they got the Obama Muslim Training manual to use while Obama’s allies in La raza print theirs!

    Time to buy another gun and more ammo

  • fidel007

    I am very offended by piñata’s they should be band. They encourage violence and wife beatings.

  • J P Souza

    They obviously need a raise in their illegals welfare payments

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Isn’t this screaming, howling, snarling, spittin’, clawing, threatening reaction to Trump exactly what he warned against? And this is just the kids!

  • tickyul

    Country is totally done for, the system is broken and that is just the way the Oligarchs want it. Tail waggin the dog…..Illegals, communists and violent Yutes make this once great nation look totally pathetic.

  • Robert Ta

    Mexican trash!

  • Haveaspine

    Parents of this kid will be sorry when this kid grows up.

  • Catastrophus Rex

    These Mexiricans deserve to be deported NOW!

  • I. P. Freely

    Don’t forget to tell the kids to chant while beating the Pinata: “Allahu Akbar!”

  • fastaire

    Remember the rodeo clown who wore the Obama mask? He was tarred and feathered in the liberal media.

    Some excerpts below are from The Washington Post written in a piece dated August 15, 2013 and titled

    Obama rodeo clown incident illustrates continued racial divide

    “The rodeo incident and the clown at the center of it have become the latest illustration of racial divisions that continue to surface nearly five years into Obama’s presidency.” In addition they wrote:

    “There is a long history of mocking politicians at rodeos, and clowns have donned masks of other presidents as part of their acts. But James Staab, a political science professor at the University of Central Missouri, said last week’s incident “goes beyond the pale — they’re talking about physical injury and racial stereotypes.”

    This incident will not see the light of day in the Washington Post or any other left wing publication. Would Professor James Staab say this pinata incident went beyond the pale? I think not. Yet the MSM and publications like the Washington Post will continue to try to sell the nonsense that they have no liberal bias. The population is waking up to this type of hypocritical garbage.

  • tibet

    Because they’re the wrong ethnic group for that kind of enforcement.

  • N.D.

    Eviscerating a likeness of Trump in order to “promote peace” and “fight hate”…

    Certi-&$^%ing-fiable, delusional, sociopaths. Right is wrong and up is down.

    And this is why I’ll be buying a gun with the permits and licenses. Some of us have to live in reality.

  • I pray that you are right, but I fear you are wrong.

  • Camera3

    Hey kids … go back to your third world dump of a country … don’t bring your trash bag culture to the US …

  • Mexico has 22 states with pedastry and pedio PRO laws. They are barbarian and have taken over the west coast and are in involved 100% with ISIS because they hate us Irish scot.

  • NotThatStupidYet

    I am reasonably sure the Secret Service would show up and start harassing people if that was done to an effigy of the POTUS,

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    Didn’t Loretta Lynch just lecture us about dangerous rhetoric and was going to prosecute it wherever she found it? Guess that’s only for white people.

  • bropous

    I want to see them ALL killed, especially the little bastige who screams “I want to kill him!”
    I am so sick of my nation overrun by these vermin.

  • NotThatStupidYet

    Yes, because they hate guns, and wouldn’t own one. Fools,

  • Vetfromhell

    For real.

  • bropous

    And has Child Protective Services visited the scumbag who used his foul-mouthed kids in that vile anti-Trump video a couple of months back?

  • NotThatStupidYet

    I am sure there are some in the military that would, but when polls show 85% of the military does not trust Hillary, than we still have a chance.

  • Marvin Hamlisch

    Puke vomit dirtball people. Stay away you diseased greesballs. Maybe our govt. will force these useful idiots into our country, but we need to shun them. Don’t give them hand outs. Don’t take tax advantages to hire them. If you do you are selling out your country and your children’s future.

  • dlink

    There is always some hipster white dude in the middle of all this crap. Like the hipster white guy holding Donald Trumps pinata head.

  • tibet

    They’ll argue with you that because whites are the dominant culture, (despite there being no single culture among whites in America) and has the power (whatever THAT means), it’s impossible for anyone to commit an act of racism against them. I kid you not.

  • NotThatStupidYet

    They are not fleeing, they are invading. Why are 85% military aged males?

  • TheAntiProgressive

    Obamas’ Dreamers. Next jihadists.

  • tibet

    I don’t know about you, but DRUDGE brought me here, so this is getting spread out. And it’s because of this that the PTB want to shut DRUDGE down.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Looks like the little Palestinian girl who was taught by her

    That’s Hate Speech !
    That’s Child Neglect
    That’s Child Abuse among other crimes !

  • Snailmailtrucker

    and Obama is Fixated on taking Law Abiding American’s Gun Rights away from them with asswholes like this on our streets !

  • Snailmailtrucker

    You have no idea how perverted Portland, Salem, Eugene, Corvalis, and Medford Oregon are !
    believe me…I live near Eugene !

  • Snailmailtrucker

    The sooner the better…Welcome to the Sane side of life !

  • 1HughJassole

    When you’re done start packin’

  • tibet

    No joke.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    That’s not why…but it is a part !
    They hate Civilization !

  • TheConservativeMajority

    The candidate they fear the most is who they attack most fiercely.
    Trump must be the answer to defeating the liberal menace.

  • Bob B

    It’s impossible to raise your kid(s) with ethics or morals, when the parents have none themselves. With the bozo ‘parents’ in the background taking pictures of their spawn screaming “I want to kill him”, etc… the future of our country looks pretty dim right about now. Since Mr Trump is getting Secret Service protection that agency should pay those idiot ‘parents’ and their spawn a visit.

  • HillaryofArabia

    I actually was a very liberal Hillaruy voter, but then I saw how the policy of letting the entire radicalized third world in without a way to background check them might backfire. Also, how would you like to have a gang of these young illegals attacking with baseball bats and illegal guns when Hillary and Obama have left us defenseless? I am now a staunch Trump supporter once reality set in.

  • ICLemmings

    Just like the Palestinians teach their children to hate Jews, now we have these Mexican Progs doing the same thing. Then when they get shot in a drive by, Mom and Dad will be boo hooing, because they lost some of there pay check from welfare. My wonderful little Nino, he was on his way to church to pick up some free food for his Grandmother.. /
    IF the right did this the FBI, IRS, DEA, OSHA, Justice Dept. every media outlet know in the world today would be there with a camera. You name the agency they would be ringing their bell. Look what happened when completely legitimate groups filed for tax status last election, the hearings and investigations are still going on and the administration is still hiding anything and everything.

  • peanut1000

    Homeland security would be knocking down their door.

  • evoval

    Fuc*ing Latrinos!

  • Brian Patronie

    Portland like most cities on the left coast is pretty much Mexified…

  • galocke

    Liberals are always the most vocal and vehement when facing the opponents they fear the most. Little wonder their most popular target right now is Trump.

  • Johnny Thorne

    Mexicans and Muslims teach their children to hate at an early age. Americans don’t stand a chance being politically correct.

  • Brian Patronie

    Welcome aboard!

  • Bob B

    First, the locals should shut that restaurant down!

  • Spychiatrist

    TRUMP 2016!

  • bob b

    The food cart is aptly called El Diablito – little devils!

  • djw663

    But Trumps the hater? And they wonder why Conservatives are preparing.

  • Alex de Bellencombre

    Leftists promoting hatred and violence against an American political symbol to “fight hatred” and “promote peace”.

    Deport them all.

  • Fire Hoses

    If Immigration was doing their job, these chilDern and their parents could be rounded up and sent back, they’re sitting ducks.

  • LeisureForeigner

    When the Hillaryjugand arrive, it will look exactly like this.
    Let us all go to you tube and watch:
    Dee Dee Ramone:I’m making monsters for my friends. (live) auf sat1.

  • Ho Jo

    and the dems want to kill unborn children, that is normal to them

  • 94c2500

    It isn’t surprising that a business that caters primarily to illegal aliens would pander to that demographic. What is disappointing is to see so many citizens willing to destroy the country with such enthusiast zeal.

  • Keep it up guys! Show the Americans why the amnesty to hateful illegals is a bad idea! Kids learn to hate at early stage in the sanctuary cities!

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    They look like Muslim terrorists what with training their children to conduct beatings, hangings, and decapitations.

  • Wanting and waiting for US to

    This is teaching your kids tolerance. Teaching hate and beheading Caucasians on full size pinatas and screaming like maniacs will do the job for liberals anyday. And, hey, PCs, what would you say or do if the “victim” was any color other than white? You would be waa-wahing up and down every street. You and your idiot children are all “mentally deficient “. Go, Trump! You’re waking up the sleeping giant!

  • Wanting and waiting for US to

    Remember in 1980, Democrat Jimmy Carter closed the US to all Iranians and sent the Iranian students home. Let’s go the route again!

  • Norinos

    Islamic indoctrination and liberal indoctrination. Two sides of the same coin.

  • Bengazi

    These are poster children for keeping them out of the USA. Why do we want this rabble in our country? If this is the way they are being raised raised, we don’t want their parents either.

  • Alan Martin

    I agree. Look at the photos above. Is any more proof needed that we should rid our country of foreigners? What they apparently don’t realize is that we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Liberal socialist Democrats in government are the problem. They require the votes of needy foreigners to keep their jobs in Washington, D.C.

  • Wanting and waiting for US to

    And remember folks, the middle class is no longer the majority. Where are the tax dollars going to come from to send all these idiots their checks each month? Wake up, dopes, you’re harassing the golden goose.

  • Dennis Mirante

    These assholes will lead to the further deterioration of the country.

  • First Lastname

    I think they meant to say this event was to “promote hate and fight peace.”

  • Guppy2

    Holding up a severed head wearing all black.
    Where have I seen this before ?
    Oh yeah, in a ISIS video.

  • First Lastname

    None of us are violent, but when we support Trump, we get called “racist white trash,” as if that isn’t a racist comment.

  • suzsez

    Time for Mr. Trump’s lawyers to sue this food cart vendor. Time for Mr. Trump’s Secret Service detail and the FBI to pay this guy a visit, for death threats and inciting violence against a presidential candidate.

  • munchausen

    The only class of people who can be attacked anywhere, anytime, for any reason-
    White, Christian, men.

  • Albondigas

    What kind of bathroom facilities do these nightsoil farmers utilize before making a white boy’s taco?

  • Brought to you by La Raza.

  • EbolaJenkins

    Liberals think that just bacoz we ‘colonized’ this land 300 years ago, it is only fair to allow Syrians and half-Spaniards to colonize us TODAY…

  • Always the stupid person in any TV commercial.

  • jrg dds

    Imagine it’s 2007, imagine an effigy of Barack Obama hanging from a cord as kids beat it with sticks yelling

    “I Want to Kill Him!”. Now, imagine the reaction of Black leaders and the MFM…

  • Mark

    They’d do what all hypocritical leftist maggots do….they’ll scream raaaaccciiiisssmmm!!! But they have no problem when it’s done to someone they don’t like while claiming: “equality” “diversity” blah blah. What they really mean is” You WILL agree with me or you will be destroyed!”

  • jrg dds


  • Cynara2

    It is not a real pinata. There is no candy in it. That makes it worse because the kids are not doing this for any reward, just for violence.

  • Luger Drmc

    Democrats are turning into ISIS clones, teaching hate and violence to their children. How unfortunate that when civil war comes, they will have to be killed, just like the terrorists they emulate.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    No, leftism isn’t an illness or anything…

  • KauaiGoneGin

    How is this any different than the Muslim savages teaching their children to want to kill Jews? It isn’t, but now that reason and law have been replaced by insanity and chaos this is what the USA has to look forward to. I’m sick of the whining law breakers, lying and biased media and criminal politicians! Our founding fathers led the revolution for having suffered less injuries under King George than we have suffered under Obama. Insurmountable debt, foreign invasion, disregard for law, economic stagnation, crime rising, riots in the streets and failure to protect private property. Complete failure to provide for the defense of the nation AND to faithfully execute the laws of the land. They have completely and knowingly violated their sworn oaths of office.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Keep your eeeeeye on the pocket waaaatch. That never haaaaapened. It was aaaaall a figment of your imaginaaaation. You are getting sleeeeeepy…..

  • Mark Talmont

    I wonder if that neighborhood goes Norteno or Sureno? The little proto-gangster is wearing red, probably the former. They should have invited the MS-13, that would have been some fun (they go with the “blues” and have a tendency to shoot at the other color, like the young man murdered in SF for wearing a 49ers cap).

    Isn’t “diversity” wonderful?

  • BraveNewWhirled

    That boy in the red jacket? The one claiming he wants “to kill (Trump)” Yeah, that one: Notice the dyed hair. That’s the product of parental idiocy; as is his violent disposition. Like (almost?) all Regressives, he has no foundational principles or knowledge for his hate. He heard somebody say something and lashes out with anger and violence. Very instructional.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    “The Little Devil”. Portland is such a lost city.

  • Joyce

    You just get your shutty little baby mamas and your asses back across the border and go back to where you came from. We are tired of you illegals demanding any rights in OUR country; you are criminals and in our country illegally.

  • PinkoCommie

    White trash, unreal.We have a big problem in this country. GET READY TO FIGHT

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Men are made to look the fool in every show, commercials included. Women are the smart, savvy saviors, while Dad tries to find the remote.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    You saw the video of the Muslim schoolboy, pretending to cut the head off a stuffed animal, as someone splashed red liquid near the “decapitation”. Sickos.

  • John Parker

    The latinos have always had a history of extremely violent behavior. Look at the murder rates in their sh!t hole nations.

    Check out the rates of violence against women too. The feminists are gonna “love” the latinos when they finally figure that out.

  • patb3579

    Bible speaks of cursed children……

  • jmquillian

    Funny that the left always accuses conservatives of violent behavior.

  • John Parker

    It’s like the “group hate” scene out of Orwells 1984.

  • Ace Steele

    and… when you break open the pinata, all the welfare dollars you suck up fall out…. you little ingrateful sh*tbags.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Repentance is the answer to defeating the Liberal menace.

  • Homeward Bound

    It’s Portland OR….enough said.

  • Troy

    Might I suggest this to the proud parents hosting this hate rally?

  • Wayne Ville

    Someone needs to check to see if that food cart owner is paying his fair share of taxes. I smell an entitled RAT.

  • EbolaJenkins

    Typical 3rd-World behavior… And treasonous liberal-proggies want to mass-colonize our land with them…

  • EbolaJenkins

    We should find a way to get Dem0nrat-offspring to adhere to the Gun Control Laws their own hypocrite voter-base sponsored…. starting with Baltimore and Chicago…

  • MindMelder

    Your food taste like livestock meal.

  • Kra Kar

    PP was working on eliminating all the L!Btards one-night stand pregnancies.

  • EbolaJenkins

    It wasn’t until that liberal pot-activist went in their and started pointing guns at them like a hypocrite, that our extermination-pipeline was interrupted… Funny how the media doesn’t dwell too much on the background and beliefs of that suspect. Sure he wanted to “save the babies” like most libs want to ‘save the whales’… but other than that- 99% of the guy was liberal/proggie.

  • HarryObrian

    I will gladly donate my time to help build those walls on both the southern and northern borders.

  • Brock

    And they wonder why Trump’s numbers keep rising… Americans have had enough of the left’s degeneracy and thuggishness. Look at the screencap of the skullcapped puke holding the head up like he’s starring in an ISIS snuff film. No we don’t need more people like this derelict in our country, wall up the border and be done with it.

  • HarryObrian

    I wonder how many actual unionized pubic teachers agree with this? I imagine quite a few.

  • Dan Austin

    Liberals try to make people think that they, unlike Muslim extremists, are open and tolerant. But the truth is that both groups are very similar in their levels of hatred, intolerance, and lies.

    I’m saying this while predicting that the liberals will most likely succeed. The first incompetent, unprincipled, lying, easily provable multiple felon woman will in all likelihood be our next president, and they will celebrate having such a lowlife running our country.

  • Dan Austin

    But none of that will happen.

  • Dian_Cecht

    Lots of videos and public statements in the news in just the last few days of numerous individuals and groups now publicly calling for Trump’s assassination and death…why aren’t we seeing any LEGAL action and responses to this?

  • saintpeeter

    Of course the left would find this acceptable from their loyal flock. It’s the firm privilege of low expectations.

  • VRWCTroll

    Time to purchase more ammunition! You listening NSA?

  • Fire Hoses

    watch out for low-flying movie quotes, brainiac.

  • magilla gorilla

    hate crime alert, hate crime alert, please jail until the brats until they are re educated away from the hate teaching parents, soylent green for the parents…
    those people are the actual retail terrorists, just like the palastinians that take pictures of their kids holding machine guns and wearing the terrorist face scarves and screaming i want to kill jews, stab them etc….

    is it a veggan food shop?

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Liberal mentality: If you aren’t as loving, caring, tolerant, compassionate and open minded as I think you should be I hate you and will KILL you.
    Libralism: The philosphy of grasping, hateful, snivelling, clueless brats.
    Where is Obama’s Department Of “Just Us” on this hate speech?
    The Obama Presiduncey: Bringing the American ghetto to the world and the third world to America. Every Obamaphile is an anti-American imbecile. GO TRUMP! STUFF HILLARY!

  • magilla gorilla

    put in a call to child welfare in portland and use the video as evidence… might get some person that has double standards but maybe not. should be proof enough

  • waltc4

    What wholesome parents these kids have…;) The stupidity that passes for liberal entertainment these days is astounding! Yep, let’s keep the parents at home–south of the border so they can hate & kill all they like.

  • alliekat9090

    Nice values to instill in your kids. Dont like somebody? KILL THEM!

  • StevetheHun

    Little kids and adults lined up to take turns battering the effigy,
    which they say they were destroying to “promote peace” and “fight hate.”

    The whole point of the article is that the people who are “fighting hate” are some of the most hate filled people out there… and they’re so oblivious to their hate, they don’t even recognize it in themselves and feel not just justified in hating others, but that their doing their patriotic duty.

    Then they’re irrational belief is affirmed when sane (okay, and some not so sane) folks hold them in complete disdain.

  • Torcer

    VIDEO=> Kids Scream “I Want to Kill Him!” While Beating Trump Piñata to “Stop Hate”

    Someone left the irony on…

  • TheMaskedUnit

    They really, really hate Trump … but not enough to live without white racist oppression. Living without white people — that is intolerable.

  • mackadoo

    The fact that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have any support at all is definitive testimony to how far we have fallen as a nation.

  • Bill Charlton

    As much as I object to:

    > Obama’s character and actions,

    > Extremist atheists who persecuted & murdered close to 100 million Christians this past century, or,

    > Radical Muslims who continue to persecute & murder non-Muslims,

    I would never condone this type of violent “murder by effigy” to my worst enemies, as it only makes one the same as those whose behavior you’re “supposedly” opposing.

    Do you leftists not see the hypocrisy of this?

    (No I’m not a Trump supporter OR a Republican).

  • Dr_Chambers

    Little terrorist in training. Aka democrats and leftists, the tolerant ones!

  • Appalachite

    I want to agree, but lefty plans on using government goons and foreign troops, plus there has been some leftist shooting people. I’m reminded every time I drive past Chic-Fil-A.

  • [email protected]+y

    Behold the true nature of the Left.

  • [email protected]+y

    Remember the big stink they raised when that rodeo clown wore an 0bama mask?

  • Ultracon

    All you scum that don’t want to assimilate and be legal citizens and get the eff out of my country! And take all your little wormy, “natural born”, urchins with you. We don’t need and don’t want you scum.

  • crismahn

    There is no intolerance and hatred like Liberal-Progressive intolerance and hatred. Nothing even come close.

  • John Coats

    Some adults brainwashed some kids. Same-old-same-old. Standard level of evil seen just about everywhere to varying degrees.

  • gmm777

    Democrats teaching moment

  • Captain Snarkey

    They got the hair all wrong.

  • MrEsco

    Thanks Obama…..

  • Carl Anon

    Meanwhile, the rodeo clown who wore the Obama mask lost his job and attracted all kinds of undesirable media attention. He was only carrying on the rodeo clown tradition – I don’t even know what to call this… It’s disgusting that this sort of behavior is being encouraged around children. Teaching children to hate only serves to teach children to hate. Political indoctrination at it’s best (worst?).

  • Red_State_Eddie

    So unhinged baby liberals and their parents go on a rampage, and it’s all good because its against a Republican? And you wonder why conservatives cling to their guns and religion?

  • tomroberts

    It doesn’t matter how much we cut C02 emissions if each year another billion Mexican sows give birth. And then after ten years, 10 billion are giving birth and after another ten years, 100 billion are giving birth annually. The vile Bumper Sticker Demochit trash that have brought this hell upon us can enjoy the coming sea of Mexicans!

  • tomroberts

    200 years ago, these kids ancestors would have been throwing any white man they saw into a cannibal cooking pot. And HOW is the white man to blame for this??

  • Cee53147

    Why is not the Secret Service not shutting this down?

    Our charities here are asking for ethnic dolls. Fat chance!

  • Kra Kar

    That’s like asking the BLM to send a couple of their finest to babysit your house while you go out shopping.

  • Kra Kar

    After Trump wins, ALL of these cockroaches will be banging sticks and scratching for corn from the southern side of the border.

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    It really does look bleak

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon!!!

  • Woosh

    Join in their fun or you’re a racist.

  • Norinos

    liberlism and Islam. Two peas in a pod. Both indoctrinating the youth for their own purpose.

  • WorkingClassGuy

    Keep your diversity south of the border, senorita.

    Wouldnt it be great if that stick “jumped the border” and flew into one of their eyes, impaling them? Yeah, I think so.

  • konc2

    Breath in the rich aroma of diversity, isn’t it wonderful to have such pleasant creatures that only have the ability to eat, chit and breed, brought in illegally to live among us.

  • Veritasycandor

    Don’t you worry little boy, there will be plenty of killing in your lifetime. It’s all coming. Be patient. Hahahaha. Estupido.

  • tonycoza

    these parents are animals, and are teaching their children the same. What will these kids do if they disagree w/ a classmate on the playground? This is also why all of these individuals who are “fleeing the violence” in their home countries are often bringing that same behavior w/ them. These parents are; showing themselves to be no better than the gangs they claim to be fleeing.

  • pfbonney

    There’s not a lot of differentiation between American progressives and Islamists:

    “Customs workers in Haifa thwarted an attempt to smuggle 4,000 anti-Israel stuffed dolls to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank Tuesday, according to the Jerusalem Post’s sister paper Maariv.

    “The dolls, which were dressed in the Palestinian colors of red, green, black, and white, and in face-covering keffiyehs which had the slogans “Jerusalem is ours,” and “Jerusalem, here we come” inscribed on them, were found in a container which was labeled by the importer as having had contained articles of clothing, rugs, and plastic products.

    “The dolls, which originated in the United Arab Emirates and were en route to the Palestinian Authority, were meant to be used as tools of incitement for Palestinian youth.

    “With rocks in their hands, the dolls encouraged the long-time phenomenon of assailing Jews with rock-throwing.” from “Toy Story, Intifada Style: 4,000 anti-Israel dolls seized at customs”

    Both are teaching kids that it is okay, even desirable, to hate and physically attack people whom you don’t like.

    The left is absolute trash.

  • Cease Fire

    No…no more tequila. I don’t need their votes that bad.

  • Sigi

    Because the administration is lawless and ties the hands of those who would act on behalf the law and true justice.

  • David Harrison



  • Sigi

    I’ll bet a lot of these folks live in SE / Portland and Gresham, between 122nd and 192nd from Burnside to Powell.

  • Sigi

    Chapter and verse please.

  • Sigi

    MS 13 is all over SE PDX and Gresham.

  • Sigi

    Well then, Trump should be safe.

  • Mike Herman

    The politics of hate. No wonder the left defends Muslim terrorists.

  • patb3579

    Exodus 20:5 for starters

  • gfm2012

    Obviously, in a sane society, all these mongrels would be rounded up and summarily deported. But this is where unbridled liberal fascism has taken us. People, we are losing this country to these vermin, and this next election may very well be the last chance to put a stake through the heart of the America-hating left… REPEAL OBAMACARE. SEAL THE BORDERS. DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT. BUILD THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE. ABOLISH THE EPA AND THE IRS. RESIGN FROM THE UN. TEAR UP OBAMA’S ILLEGAL CLIMATE CHANGE DEAL. MAKE OPEN-CARRY A FEDERAL LAW. NULLIFY EVERY SINGLE EXECUTIVE ORDER SIGNED BY THE FRAUDULENT INTERLOPER. OUTLAW THE COMMUNIST PARTY. TURN TEHRAN INTO A SEA OF MOLTEN GLASS. That’s for starters.

  • The_Dadster

    They can only win if we roll over and submit, just as they have unknowingly submitted to th whims of their statist slavemasters in the Democrat Party. All they have is emotional rhetoric.

    The vast majority of leftists live in and around big cities. They are helpless sheep who are not self sufficient in any way. In the event we have another economic meltdown, they will try another workers Putsch in the form of the Occupy Movement or some similar mob under another name.

    In the event things get out of control, it would not be hard to cut the cities off from food, water, power and natural resources. Last time I checked, all of those things come from the rural areas, whcih are bastions of conservatism, who are mostly self sufficient by nature.

    Things will quickly fall apart in the urban areas and many of the sheep will devour each other trying to survive. Those who are left can be left to burn in the cities, which will be set afire after a proper amount of time. Good riddance to the big cities, which are nothing but Obama cesspools.

    if you are trapped in a city if things ever get out of hand and can’t escape to a place where NORMAL people live, rejoice and be ye glad, for you are in a target rich environment.

  • BigBendBite

    Have fun while you can, you will soon be deported.

  • Susan

    Creating such evil, vile, ignorant children who “feel” and are as dumb as stumps. Portland has so many brain-dead, doped up people—it is really sad—but intentional by the sodomite Marxists in the White House–such vile, evil people who promote hate 24/7 and irrational behavior (drugged minds).

  • Fifty Ville

    What would be said about a bunch of white kids beating up an effigy of Obama?

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Build that WALL! NOW! And SHUT DOWN ALL IMMIGRATION as we did for 41 years from 1924 to 1965!

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Same here! And I’m 67 years old!

  • gfm2012

    Yes! Of course! Brilliant comment.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Oooow! Ladi da!

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Somebody should watch those little freaks for the rest of their lives! THEY ARE TERRORISTS OF THE FUTURE!

  • NorthlanderLJ

    I’m tempted to TRY IT! don’t tempt me

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Trump has secret service protection now, you know. Those punks are in BIG TROUBLE!

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Yes I do!

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Future TERRORIST. Should I have a problem with that? LOL.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    No thank you dear.

  • bropous

    Can we all get a page going and raise some cash to hire some kid to beat the living Hades out of little Senorito “I Want To Kill Him” punk on a daily basis? I mean beat him to a PULP???
    But I guess the best revenge is having little el wet-o back-o and his family crying tears of true fear of deportation the day Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the united States.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Hurry up before he puts you on a no fly list.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Right. The craziest people in this country live near the nation’s highest building.

  • ed kubiak

    I think I see a child abuse lawsuit here. If the left loves to play that card when things aren’t the way they like.

  • ssgtnelson

    Ending ‘hate’ with violence…the Liberal way.

  • Final Boss

    Who cares what the Landscaper Demographic thinks. Theres no stopping the Trump Train!

  • tibet

    That’s it. I brought up white student unions and how the reaction to them are discriminatory and racist. And those are some of the arguments I got against them.

  • peggy6824

    As an American citizen of Latino/Hispanic descent whose first language is Spanish and a Trump/Cruz supporter I would like to know where I can get an “anchor baby” pinata that I can beat the he!! out of.

    Also, as a minority I absolutely know with 100% certainty that this is not about not being a welcoming nation, hatred, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, discrimination, being nativists, anti-Immigrant, or Anti-Hispanic and like Ted Cruz, I too find such accusations offensive! This is about the economic survival of our nation/citizenry. Thus we are absolutely anti-parasite/moocher/leech/sponger/bloodsucker/freeloader, etc.,

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Nothing promotes peace by having your children scream, “I want to Kill him!”, while destroying a effigy of your opponent. The Israelis can testify to that….

  • justagramma

    And these ppl are a good thing for our country?

  • M C


  • robbie555

    These punk kids and their parent have no shame in coming here illegally and not becoming citizens legally, like others have. This is proof these immigrants are teaching their children to kill Americans. Those who know these people should turn them in for hate crimes.

  • robbie555

    This child should be taken from their parents for child abuse.


    teaching hate is never the answer.

  • John

    No but when the butchers start like they have and it becomes a common occurrence many of those fools will open their eyes, but alas too late for many who will kneel to the enemy Liberals.. Who are responsible over all for the state of the country since JFK and the idiot Johnson… The WELFARE state like ARGENTINA AND THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO SEE THE F DOWN FALL COMING!!! Buy your guns now and be ready is all i can say. Save your brass you may have to learn to re load your own..

  • Mack Trucks

    Anchors away

  • roddy6667
  • embalmed hillary

    Is this any surprise? Look at what they have done to their own country. When you teach your children to think and act like this you end up with stupid, easily manipulated, moronic, socialists who don’t understand that top down govt control equals a massive population of poor, stupid people, like themselves.

  • Scytale

    That’s funny, I want to kill these little terrorists.

  • Scytale

    I’m Canadian and I support both borders around America!

  • Disco Obama

    Leftist cuntfaces all over the world are calling for the murder of Trump and his supporters YET NOT ONE of them is arrested. Shocking I telling you! Utterly shocking!

  • Aftersun

    I see no differences between Islamic terrorists and liberals here.

  • Worry

    That is a rather creepy bunch.

  • romanmoronie

    Hurricane Sandy is the template. The animals were only without power for a short time and look what happened.


    There is no need for a wall on the Northern border.


    Barely anything? You must be confusing Sandy with Katrina.


    Big cities are crucial to any civilization. No civilization accomplished anything by staying 100% agrarian, but by all means continue with your delusions of grandeur in your fly-over state.

  • laker12

    Looks like these kids are in training to become members of ISIS, I hope Trump deports them all back to their home countries when he becomes President.

  • Worse than the kids is the fool holding the head. He is an adult and should know better.

    Main stream media . . . . . crickets.


    Not all Mexicans are illegals, and not all illegals are Mexican.


    How sheltered from reality are you?


    There isn’t going to be a race war.


    You’re planning for nothing.


    Confirmed for never actually meeting a latino in person.


    Why are you generalizing an entire group of people when odds are you live in a majority white neighborhood?

  • PaoloRM

    These ignorant invaders are proving Trump’s point for him. LOCK THEM OUT.

  • Children of the corn. Nice to see hem pure as snow children learning & tolerance & love.

  • John Smith

    This is exactly why they need to be sent back from where they came….teaching hatred isn’t cute it’s just teaching them un-American ways of life. Maybe this is OK in Mexico and the mid-east but not for good Americans.
    What if we started dragging dummies of famous Mexicans through the Barrio??

  • Invasion of the body snatchers. An alien attack has begun. Seemingly normal people turn into raving murderous liberals overnight.

  • John Smith

    DON”T DO IT!!!

  • Bill Charlton

    Kudos! for remembering your political science literature (and specifically, the best of the best, “1984”!)

  • haode

    criminals teach their whelps to despise law and order.

  • lore

    No decent, intelligent human being would ever teach children to hate.

    I like how everyone “hates” Trump, shows he is doing something right.

  • Adelie Manchot

    Trudeau will be importing millions of these lovely people for you. I’m sure you will be welcoming them with open arms.

  • Adelie Manchot

    No…they are good little Obamajugend and according to these racists we are the terrorists and must be killed.

  • Adelie Manchot

    The socialist services see this as healthy behavior out of the Obamajugend.

  • gene

    I can’t get past the similarity of the Trump pinata and a dummy of a black man hanging from a noose.

  • Adelie Manchot

    Cities can’t survive without food, water and electricity-none of which a city grows. We see how “civilized” the blue cities are now, just wait until one of your jihadists allies blows up a crucial junction in the power grid and dumps the blue states into darkness. I’ll pop some popcorn and enjoy the “civilised” show.


    I’m not saying cities are more civilized, I’m saying that cities play a crucial role in society. Urban regions and agrarian regions need each other.

  • Curly

    It won’t be long now, Paco.

  • crowbar

    I can’t wait to see these little illegals back in that crap hole of a country south of our southern “border”

  • Amberteka

    Meanwhile, NOT being reported, In Melbourne, Florida, this
    week, an overstay visa student, Illegally in the USA, from the United Arab
    Emirate ( one of our BEST pals, which
    funds jihad) The lad had guns and
    ammunition in his hotel room. He also had a storage locker loaded with guns and
    ammunition. Melbourne is a major cruise
    port. ( Cape Canaveral) It is 50 miles
    from The House of the Mouse. SeaWorld. Universal. He had paid cash for his
    hotel bills……over $11,000. NO reporting in major outlets. NO reporting on Cable
    News. Not on Fox. Not even on Drudge.
    BUT this crap……..everywhere. WE are Suicidal.

  • KingAir100

    That’s nothing. I live next door to Eugene Willis and that isn’t any fun at all.

  • DCaliento

    Sorry, couldn’t understand her broken English. Must be a new illegal. Aren’t they special.

  • jd560

    Where were the PC folks to capture this proud moment for them to savor ??

  • kff

    If laws were being enforced, this obviously un-American display by illegals would have abruptly ended with buses loading up and heading for the border. No free immigration lawers, courts or any other non-citizen perks on taxpayer money, just simple deportation. What a slap in the face to legal Americans.

  • jd560

    Is there any connection, or calculated plan, to bring in huge numbers of foreigners to our country from families taught to cultivate the idea of hating and entitlement? This has been promoted for several years now and will surely have a negative impact on the way our people deal with other people and the divisiveness of this country.

  • Tex Taylor

    Casts an eerily similar reflection to what I witness when I see Palestinian parents use their own children as political fodder for hate. Clearly, this is child abuse. But then, I find the Mexican culture utterly inferior to mine, so it’s no surprise.

  • Courdeleon02

    Liberal Democrats are haters and no different than the Taliban and ISIS creeps. The ,” Move on .org,” group is their primary leader.

  • Aunt Jacky

    These children should be removed from a home with parents who “promote” killng when they speak about “love”. What will mom & dad when this child harms or kills another they disagree with?? These are young children being taught hate because a parent disagrees with anothers beleifs.. Maybe they should teach these children not all think alike and it is better to “understand” differences instead of wanting to harm someone who just “disagrees”??? Maybe if daddy beat mommy because she “disagreed” with him that will be ok??? These parents should be ashamed of themselves for the “hate” and “anger” they pushed upon their children.. These are the kinds of adults who should not have children because they haven’t grown themselves.. The world is filled with many people and we should teach children that we all do not think alike. Just because we do not think alike parents should teach “understanding” instead of “killing”or “harming” another… What a bunch of horrible terrorist parents. Look at the guy at the end of video holding up the Trump head with pleasure after it was hanging just like that ISIS radical who cut the heads off of the innocent victims.. Very scarey

  • Geraldo!

    Dirty hippies.

  • WTH?

    Beating a pinata while screaming “I want to kill him” to “promote peace”. Yep, no irony there.


    Meanwhile, the tiny little man in the White House plays with his new climate change doll.

  • Seeker of Truth

    So let me get this straight.

    They are mad at Trump because of his message.

    You know what I do not see? Nobody mad at the people that caused Trump to make his message.

    Back when Carter was POTUS, Iranians were restricted from entering the US.
    And that was over some hostages and an embassy attack. This cause a gas crisis where people would line up for MILES at a gas pump just to be told that the pumps were empty.

    Today we have terrorism and more embassy attacks, and the ONLY consequences are placed on law abiding citizens.

    My how quickly we forget.

    Race aside, this is hate begetting hate. I like how the little tyke was shown that to change things he must participate in violence, and scream hateful things. Nice parents. (If you disagree with someone, hit them with a stick)

    Send EVERY SINGLE REFUGEE to Oregon. They want them, I say let them HAVE them. Cut Federal enforcement and homeland funding to Oregon and let them pay for there own body bags. Put a nice Pinata of Obama full of EBT cards and Obama phones for them, along with lifetime membership to the Clinton Foundation.

  • Seeker of Truth

    Almost sounds like a terrorist in training doesn’t it?

  • Bill Charlton

    Promoting peace & fighting hate
    Progressives claimed their purpose true
    They even had the kiddies there
    To show us all they knew

    To show us peace, they hung a man
    With whom they disagree
    Then joyously beat him with a stick
    (but did it peacefully)

    They taught the kids that fighting hate
    Means to want to kill
    The ones with whom you disagree
    ‘til their lifeless body’s still.

    Not once dared they to recognize
    The irony they’d left on
    That murder as a means to peace
    Reveals their way a con

    But just in case they see it not
    Let’s change the featured star
    Instead of Trump the laughingstock
    Insert our current czar

    Then watch the cries from CNN
    And the pundits one by one
    Tho’ strangely silent when ‘twas Trump
    Now comment by the ton!

    “How could this be?! Those racist Rights!”
    They’d seethingly rant & rage
    “They’ve hung an African-American
    And beat him on a stage!”

    So as it stands, their silent masks
    Speak volumes of their souls
    It’s only okay to hate, beat & kill
    The people they oppose.

  • Seeker of Truth
  • Dindo Nuttin

    The further society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it. George Orwell.
    I’m with Donald Trump.

  • carrabelle

    No the IRS. Two years back you deliberately and malicious failed to include $0.35 interest from your checking account. Your bill is $2000.45 ($0.35 you owe, $0.10 interest & $2000 fine), now be a good citizen in the future.

  • Whatevs

    But a rodeo clown wearing an obama mask had the left’s collective heads spinning. LOL

  • Miagogo

    Great parenting. We have the most divisive president in history, yet nobody is beating pinatas of him. Nobody’s kids are talking about killing him.

    This is the difference between conservatives and progressives. To find out which is unhinged, look at how their children act.

  • checkssc

    It’s not..WHACK.. about…WHACK… hate at all…WHACK. My kids are…WHACK… peaceful little critters. Keep it weird Portland. You’re going to be one of the next cities to fail.

  • JerryinTampa

    These miscreants don’t belong in OUR America

  • John

    Soon the wall on the northern border will be needed. Canada has gone over to the dark
    allowing in all those who follow the religion of hate.

  • txsrangers

    America used to have a lot of class until we imported a bunch of 3rd world degenerates who have no appreciation or understanding of what America stands for. I bug bomb my house when the roaches get too bad.

  • txsrangers

    Which ones are the children in the liberal group? I can’t tell.

  • Corpseman57

    Imagine if we tried to do this with a barry pinata.

  • Corpseman57

    Canada is letting in the peaceful ones from the Middle East. Once here those people will decide which country (Canada or the U.S.) will give them more benefits.

  • LBacchus

    And the promoter of this “Hate Donald Trump” event holds the severed head of Donald up in the air by the hair with a satisfied look of glee on his face. Just like a Islamic jihadist does after severing the head of his victim.

  • Rose Rights

    Illegals are sucking the life out of Americans, and they are only creating enemies of us. They are simple common criminals who are using our system to steal from us, and they know it is wrong. Their many schemes to rip off honest citizens, along with other crimes, must end: anchor babies, and all the freebies that come with them; Cuban social security benefits; stealing identities; environmental damage during their border crossings; job stealing, and lowering American wages; straining our heathcare system; chain migration and family reunification costs; and the crime rate soaring in cities where they have settled… not to mention trashing those cities which were once lovely American suburbs, but are now ugly third world cesspools. Just kick them out, and build a wall… and let them take their stupid pinatas with them.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Naturally– they’re all made to incite violence by the same demented leftists.

  • Don Wadd

    But most of them are!

  • bill_a_bob

    Articles like this are the best advertisement for trump. Someone should ask Hillary and Bernie if they condone this behavior from their fellow travelers.

  • TerryDoe

    They look like illegals and future murderers and thieves and rapist.

  • raptor45

    These people are the ones that Trump was talking about when he made his comments about the southern border jumpers. Looks like he is dead nuts right, too. I hope he wins the presidency and sends these 3rd world turds back to their barren homeland.

  • raptor45

    Same here and I’m 65 years old with prostate cancer.

  • raptor45

    Oh yeah, the peaceful ones. Don’t you mean the peaceful “one”….that old man that died from the cold?

  • silver fox

    their children should be taken from them for exposing them to violent inclinations. Permanently.traitor in the white house. liars in the media. cowards in congress

  • amyyo

    They would be getting a visit from the feds.


    Portland Oregon, really no surprise. Just Portland keeping itself weird and hypocritical.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Five or 6 years from now, may all of their first attempted victims be armed.

  • 4x4Murica

    And no investigation by the DOJ or FBI for hate crimes ? They look just like the ISIS Jr. recruits.

  • Lizintexas

    If any other family of a different nationality did this to an Obama piñata, CPS would be on them so fast the piñata would not have had tame to break, mush less behead.

  • Fred Moorman

    What kind of people would want their kids to participate in something like this.SCARY!

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Scrape this sh*t off of American soil.

  • John Campbell

    Odd how the one promoting this looks remarkably like a Jihadi John rendition. I fully suspect that ISIS hates Trump. Good! I’m not wanting to make friends with them.

  • amyyo

    El Diablito? Sounds like an appropriate name for the place. But I would avoid eating there. If they do stuff like this, imagine what they do to your food on a bad day.

  • 4x4Murica

    This is the base of the Democratic Party. I hope the MSM picks up on this. So everyone can see how low they are.

  • xoxozo

    Just like hitler did in 39…start with the children to indoctrinate them to his way of thinking….this is exactly what’s being done in colleges today and trickling down to the high school level now…

  • Dewreck

    Child abuse. Charge every adult in that group with child endangerment.

  • First Strike


  • Sorry, Im not PC.

    “Hate Crime” Arrest Them Now! Or Deport them Now!

  • Seeker of Truth

    So let me get this straight.

    They are mad at Trump because of his message.

    You know what I do not see? Nobody mad at the people that caused Trump to make his message.

    Back when Carter was POTUS, Iranians were restricted from entering the US.
    And that was over some hostages and an embassy attack. This cause a gas crisis where people would line up for MILES at a gas pump just to be told that the pumps were empty.

    Today we have terrorism and more embassy attacks, and the ONLY consequences are placed on law abiding citizens.

    My how quickly we forget.

    Race aside, this is hate begetting hate. I like how the little tyke was shown that to change things he must participate in violence, and scream hateful things. Nice parents. (If you disagree with someone, hit them with a stick)

    Send EVERY SINGLE REFUGEE to Oregon. They want them, I say let them HAVE them. Cut Federal enforcement and homeland funding to Oregon and let them pay for there own body bags. Put a nice Pinata of Obama full of EBT cards and Obama phones for them, along with lifetime membership to the Clinton Foundation.

  • DWagner12

    Don’t worry Loretta Lynch is on the case.

  • Major kangaroo

    Pretty far north for mexican territory .

  • democrat CockRoach

    I think we should make a supersize piñata of barry the USURPING IDIOT and put it on a world tour.

  • knotjammin2

    Your a punk ass little keyboard warrior. Still living with your mom!! Does she know your gay?

  • democrat CockRoach

    And meanwhile, barry the USURPING IDIOT did NOTHING for the illegals except LIE to them. They’re still all illegal. HA HA HA HA HA

    Hopefully they don’t fall off the top of HIS train and smash their dumb heads.

    I noticed barry DUMPED them and is working on his muslim home boys now which was his intent from the start. He just USED the Mexicans the SAME WAY he is using the blacks.

  • First Strike

    My bro lived in Eugene for a year. Was recruited to establish a specialty medical dept at a hospital there. Bro said Oregon is chock-full with drug addicts. Number one cause of ER admissions.

  • knotjammin2

    Sounds like your having a bad day. Did your mom catch you wearing her panties?

  • knotjammin2

    Noticed that there are long spans between groups of your postings. Are you on work release? What are you in for?

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    El Diablito, piñatas, pictures of little fat face dark hair kids swinging sticks and five foot tall nasty mexican mamas taking pictures in the background tells me that President Trump and his VP Cruz will have a good time running these illegal asses back to Mexico. If they need help with another “IKE inspired Project WetBack” I for one would be happy to volunteer my Time.

  • democrat CockRoach

    It’s fully embedded now at all levels of public education. They’ve been DRUGGING the boys up for 25 years now.

  • democrat CockRoach

    Sounds like barry’s records at Occidental College have FINALLY been released and guess what, he’s a USURPING FOREIGN EXCHANGE student on a Fulbright scholarship.

  • SWDC

    Boston Marathon was not unborn neither was San Bern. Calif nor was 911. .

    All once living USA citizens now dead in their own USA nation all just working, participating in marathons, and caring for the ill.

    Feel safe and secure in the USA with the Democrats and the RINOs in charge?

    Ever wonder why the POTUS children do not race in all these public marathons? Attend USA public Schools? Seven years and never one race at all?

    NOT good enough for POTUS children not good enough for the USA’s children well not for the smart ones at least. The dutiful and loyal “useful idiots” have no choices but to send theirs to where not good enough for the POTUS children.

  • Bob

    Some people are simply intolerant of those with a different view…..kill them.

  • Ganja River

    Muslims Are Racist

  • Word of Mouth

    The illegals know this. Teach it. Easily. Happily.

    Hate is fun.


  • MH27610

    Progressive class… nothing quite like it.

  • elda

    A Mexican man my 17 yr old daughter meets tells me he hates Trump because of what he said about Mexican men raping women. We had a long talk and he could not support his own view. Three weeks later this same man is arrested for raping my daughter and just pled guilty. By what I have learned of his culture a girl is of age at 12 years old so in his view she was not raped because in his culture she must submit and she is of age. Thank you multiculturalism

  • Oboy_must_go

    obamas’ dreamers.

  • Steve Canon

    What you are speaks louder than what you say you are.

  • larrytxn

    That’s the Obama Youth.corp.

  • Yu So Wong

    Obama’s best and brightest new citizens.

  • Mommy Dearest

    what a lovely way to teach children acts of humanity, or: what a bunch of hate mongers

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Just the leftist lunatics passing down a little bit of wisdom in the art of “dialogue” to their demon spawn…if you can’t beat ’em, kill ’em.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Just the Democrats’ Projekt Sonnenkinder, nothing to see here…

  • Carol Hadenough

    When will they learn? Trump ALWAYS knows what he’s talking about, and he doesn’t LIE. These Mexican kids (and their parents, too) always misrepresent what Trump ACTUALLY said when he announced he was running for President. I will, once again, post it so all can see for themselves: This video is from C-SPAN:

    Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, introduces him, then keep watching and listening.

  • D J

    And Progressives complain about the politics of hate, which they revel in.

  • stairgauge

    Good point

  • stairgauge

    Ah, I wouldn’t go that far

  • stairgauge

    Best post yet.

  • stairgauge

    Sadly we will.

  • Diogenes

    And our beloved AG Lynch responded with……..?

  • JS353535

    I hope they enjoy the freedom they currently have to beat a Trump piñata, because once he wins their little punkasses are being deported! They can beat all the piñata’s they want…. in Mexico.

  • Diogenes

    Hate and race baiting. It’s their M.O.

  • JS353535

    Thanks, so do I.

  • JS353535

    HAHHAA!! “Peaceful ones” You crack me up!

  • JS353535


  • OldOllie

    I would dearly love to make an exact reenactment of this video only with a bunch of white kids beating and beheading an effigy of Obama, just to expose the left’s hypocrisy.

    This video is all the proof anyone should need of why these little delinquents and their miscreant parents NEED to be rounded up and deported.

  • JS353535

    The only way to stop this immigration madness is if a ‘peaceful syrian refugee’ attempts to assassinate the POTUS. Then maybe we’ll change our ‘immigration’ policies.

  • JS353535

    You’re a blithering idiotbag.

  • JS353535

    Eugene has one of the highest concentration of religious cults in the country.

  • ithakavi

    More progturd tolerance in action. And you thought ‘Portlandia’ was fiction.

  • sonnyboy

    Great parents this kid has, eh? NOT!

  • Timothy Milhomme

    Get the traitors allowing these murdering morons into this country and sentence them to life in prison at hard labor and let them and all the jihadi scum they let in build it

  • cjkcjk

    Yes that’s a very revealing point and there are many who appear to be on our side who support that too.
    They reveal their true evil when they criticize people like you who speak the hard truth

  • Nicola M. Costello

    Notice how the Aztec lady in the beginning justified teaching kids to hate in the name of combating hate.

  • Diogenes

    Or even an Hispanic candidate.

  • Xcalifornian

    Liberal is just as violent religion as Islam…and they not only vilify and wish death upon their opponents they
    often rejoice in the misfortunes, including death, of family members of their opponents.

  • Renfrow

    Remember this?

    They did the same thing to Sarah Palin and Nicki Haley and the media yawned. But then a rodeo clown who dressed as Obama cause the media to have a collective hemorrhage despite the fact that same rodeo clown also dresses as GWB and others.

    Sarah Palin effigy with rope around neck hanging from house media ignored

    Nicky Haley pinata beaten by AFL-CIO union thugs at a company picnic

  • freedom

    Maybe one around oregon too?

  • freedom

    Guess they are in fear of losing their freedom, meaning FREE cell phones, FREE food, FREE housing.

  • Miles to Code

    I think Loretta Lynch is at Tommy’s camp for the deaf, dumb and blind.

  • ConstantReader

    Can you imagine if this were an Obama effigy? The DOJ would be investigating everyone involved, and MSM outlets would be screaming in outrage at such a violent, hateful act.

  • janger

    Ah! Cute little brainwashed heads full of mush! Your psycho parents must be so proud of your overtly violent ideology! Now…go outside and kick some kittens!

  • flyboy

    Hilarious. I know what I’m going to make now in retaliation: a pinata of that Univision Mexican troll Jorge Ramos (who Trump deliciously had thrown out of a press conference).

  • I don’t lie

    These people actually think Obama or Hillary will save them from ISIS. lol

  • flyboy

    Actually they don’t even think the threat from ISIS is real. And when the sht does hit the fan, the liberal Democrat idiots blame the NRA and Republicans.

  • bobdog19006

  • eyes_open46

    Speaks volumes about the liberals in this country. It really is a mental disorder.

  • Atty Tude

    Imagine, just imagine, if white conservative kids did this with a Hillary effigy. Or one of Bernie I-Never-Got-Over-The-60s Sanders. Or one of our Caliph-in-Chief.

    I am sick to death, fed to the back teeth, with liberal double standards.

  • new

    Ok, all hispanic socialist go to Cuba they will take care you! Leave North America alone! We are a republic and YOU will not change us!

  • No One

    These murderous morons just proved Trump to be 100% correct. Send them all back!

  • rightside100

    MSM would be hunting down those at celebration, demanding the new food cart lose his license for promoting hate, some adults would lose their jobs, DYFS would be investigating the parents and

  • Nora Dekovich

    What a disgrace! Where are their parents? they are not better that the ISIS.

  • Common Man

    Humm, I do believe this qualifies as “Liberal Hate Speech.”

  • When are we going to start loading these parasites onto busses and trains and send them back to the holes they crawled out of?

  • grassy knoll

    Absolute trash.

  • I_phantom

    “Teach your children well”….

  • Ironside

    This is exactly the kind of “diversity” the Democrats thrive on.

  • Albondigas

    No mention of what spilled out as a ‘prize’ when the pinata was whacked…Answer: EBT cards and A-200, NIX and RID.

  • Jack Knoll

    Promoting hate and violence. Where is Oregon State child services? Arrest the parents for promoting hate and violence.

  • ET

    Good little Nazis;
    Obedient little Stalinists;
    ISIS Terrorists in the making;
    Obama laughs and plays Golf.

  • Jack Knoll

    Under Obama, this country has become a 3rd World corrupt Dictatorship. This is obviously racist against Trump and whites. But no reaction by the gov’t. If it had been any black person or Muslim, the gov’t would be outraged and order an investigation and order arrest. Under Obama, racism against whites is OK, and corruption is the norm now. Obama and his administration hate whites and this is what is the underlying hate by Obama and his people. Hillary will be 4 more years of this anti-white racism and corruption.

  • flyboy

    Can someone explain why Mexicans are so infatuated with decapitations like ISIS terrorists are? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question about third world people.

  • ET

    The fact is that our government is doing nothing to protect us from Islamist Terrorists because it’s so busy searching for mythical White Supremacist Militias.

    The fact is that our government is doing nothing to protect us against the Little Neo-Nazis that Obama and the ACLU is encouraging to maim and murder whoever opposes them.

    The message to law abiding citizens who don’t already own a gun is:

    BUY A GUN.

    The message to law abiding citizens who already own a gun is:


  • PMC

    Little wetback savages. Little Palestinian terrorists in training.

  • brownbreadandale4

    Return to England immediately (or learn another “cutesy girly term” other than the overused and overtly pretentious “spawt ohn”).

  • EEDDGGY1776

    All little illegals should be used as real anchors by boaters.

  • Opiner

    Shocking to see, vital to expose, but unsurprising coming from Lefthadists and their 21st Century “red diaper babies” as a commenter on another story so well reminded of a great old communist-era expression that remains apropos.

    I’ve been increasingly concerned about the intensifying vulgarity not just from those on social media, but the so-called “professional” media as well. This, especially the predominate Radical Leftist echo-chamber that have clearly gone from merely soft-persuasion to typical propaganda to hard rhetoric and defamation and blatant
    race-slurs unabated and without the restraint of editorial standards or accountability.

    It’s been led by the Leftists and Leftist media exclusively against Trump, NOT just the GOP as an opposition normally due professional decorum and critique. It’s been a concerted, daily apoplectic-manic campaign of viciousness both against Trump AND those who fully support or merely express agreement with what he’s said or done. What I akin to “primal scream” sessions of slurs AND cultural racism.

    If the Leftist media doesn’t put a stop to their tactics inflaming this and indoctrinating children (as Muslims do in schools in the UK to a large extent under Sharia-Mafia Law) into their fervent cultist beliefs, whether it be “equality” or “climate change” etc., it could get people hurt now and in the future. And the campaign season hasn’t even started in earnest, so this will likely only get worse and more absurd.

  • desert lizzard

    f’n herstpanix…whats really goin’on? who really cares?

  • Team Player

    Cute little anchor babies.

  • dev

    Wow! So we want these ill-bred violent dreamy kids here? We need to help the legal citizens first. No time for vile idiots.We have been sabotaged by the hope and change of the last 7 years which is more like “dope and chains”. Time for America to get out of bondage.

  • Brian Duffy

    ISIS parenting and Latino parenting….both teaching children to kill without emotion. That’s great. Lets make a video game about killing American children and women Should sell well in the middle east and south of the border. “I’m Barack Obama, and, I approve of this message.”

  • dev

    Bless you.

  • dev

    Great question. Maybe they’re scared of not being pc.

  • Pete

    I would, because you are one.

  • CmeGo

    DNC rally…party over country. Hip! Hip!

  • Pete

    Obama’s going to put most of them in Oregon because no one else wants them. Except MoonBeam’s Cali.

  • LexAmici

    Should be getting a visit from the Secret Service, no, amigo? Sick, sick, sick!!!

  • potvin

    This is exactly why Trump needs to be elected!

  • potvin

    I’m a Canadian and I say F–k Trudeau! Trump 2016!!!

  • Elapoides

    If anyone would have done this while Obamasshole was running the 1st time for president, they would have immediately been arrested & detained by the secret service.

  • jbusm

    Yes we will. We have to site in our guns! They make good targets.

  • Elapoides

    When Donald Trump and/or Cruz are elected president, I hope they use the same very tactics used by the left against them, and against the P0S Establishment GOP RINOs!

  • Davole

    They’re liberally demonstrating Shrillary’s version of love toward her adversaries!

  • Feet2Fire

    Shameful. Teaching children violence, hatred and obscenity. And that jacka$$ “Diablita” has the nerve to invoke the VIRGIN MARY/Guadalupe?! Get out of our country! You are contributing NOTHING but problems.

  • Elapoides

    Don’t look now, but apparently a large number of liberals have “flagged” the post by “1private_eye?”

    The post is as follows: “paging LORETTA LYNCH, paging LORETTA LYNCH…….RACIST HATE IN OREGON”
    We’ll see how long my post survives? Amazing….

  • Elapoides

    No different that the Palestinians & Muslims teaching their children from very young ages to hate & kill Christians & Jews. Notice the liberal douesche holding the decapitated head? And all of you wonder why the liberals like Muslims so much, and why Muslims are 75% more likely to vote democrat?


    Not everyone spends their whole internet lives on conservative websites, believe it or not.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    After you. LOL.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Yeah. I forgot. America is a muslim nation now! Good grief!

  • Elapoides

    When Donald Trump is elected, we can all celebrate by DEPORTING every single ILLEGAL ALIEN, and call it “El get-the-f*ck-out-of-here-ILLEGAL ALIEN-Mexicans!”
    Get out! We do not owe you anything! You do not want to learn English, or assimilate, just take, take, and take! Return to the cesspool where you came from, and fix it yourself.
    I have to wonder why US Citizens do not realize that there is extreme racism in Mexico, and most of the ILLEGALS coming into the country are considered undesirables… Over a quarter of Mexico’s population is now in the US, how about that? Anyone paying attention?

  • SWDC

    Why was your post removed blaming the Germans?

  • SWDC

    An effigy of the POTUS hanging in a noose at the end of a rope was paraded down Constitution Ave in Washington DC in the once upon a time “anti-war” demonstrations where I attended to support the US Military.

    No one did anything about an effigy of the POTUS hanging from a noose at the end of a rope then. No press Nothing at all.

    Remember all those protesters and protests proclaiming they were “anti war” and not just anti POTUS and anti the USA?

    All disappeared once the new administration’s POTUS was anointed and yet the very wars they were protesting continue on if not on steroids today.

    What happened to all those Democrats I mean ” anti war activists ” exactly?

  • SWDC

    Their POTUS or the USA’s POTUS?

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Feel the Love!

  • Dangerous Liaisons

    Little Sambro – Racist, Racist. I bet those were the first two words your mama & daddy taught you before you could walk~!

    Shalom ya filthy schmuck – – – ,l, (^_^) ,l,, -~!

  • Dangerous Liaisons

    I am liberal and conservative like my friend here. I’m not Anti-American so I will not be supporting the likes of Hillary….

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Democrat got elected… somehow!

  • Wells

    Anyone that was involved with this should really examine themselves as a human being. To use a pinata that resembles a human being in to engage in beating and this week during and decapitating it is doing nothing positive or good it is only breeding more hatred teaching the younger generation to be evil and spiteful and hateful. Being involved in this type of situation in finding enjoyment in pretending to killing someone. You are completely at 1 with those that are trying to destroy this country you are no different than any other terrorist.

  • Wells

    Not all of oregon is like portland. I would say if you were involved in this in anyway you have major problems. Teaching children that this acceptable I feel very sorry for you the sin of your action will visit you in this lifetime you reap what you sow. May the God of our souls have mercy for your ignorance. If you’re involved in this in any way shape or form and found it funny or enjoyment from it I would begin to pray.

  • Fire Hoses

    Somebody got their liberal panties in a wad.

  • SWDC

    UNd revealing who is howling wit das volves

  • Adelie Manchot

    Not really. All you have to do is take a look at the aftermath of the fall of the western Roman Empire to see that. The people in the “agrarian” areas were the least affected by the fall. The cities suffered tremendously, especially Rome. It went from the most populous city in the world to a ruin with less than 1,000 people.

    The problem for you is that you need us in what you call with sneering arrogance “flyover country” much more than we need you.

  • MissV

    I’m sadly American, and I say lets trade places. You live with Americas stupidity and corruption. The boarders should actually be around our government,military, and corporate entities. It isn’t the people from other countries doing as much harm to this country as our politicians, military, corporations, and our corrupt cops that make us the most hated society in the world. Our country should be up on charges of selling weapon to mass murderers as well as terrorism. The USA military and US government are the biggest terrorist in the world and even created their own puppet court so they would not be charged by people who saw the deeds our government has done. I hang my head in shame over my corrupt government. How do I give up US citizenship and move to Canada? I work hard for a living, but I don’t like giving half of what I make to this corrupt government.

  • avrohombilgrei

    They need effigies because they can’t destroy the real thing!~

  • Scytale

    I don’t mind America that much. I think Eisenhower was a great president. The other are so – so really. I don’t like the lawyers. I’d have to admit, though, that the Iraq war was an awful mess.