BREAKING: Syrians Arrested in Swiss Terror Plot – Were Transporting TOXIC GAS for Geneva Attack

Swiss authorities were on the lookout for five alleged Muslim terrorists thought to be planning an attack on Geneva this week.

The men were alleged to be “armed and dangerous.”
Geneva ISIS suspects Le Matin Twitter
Four terror suspects pictured flashing the ISIS sign were sought in Geneva, image via Le Matin/Twitter.

Two of the suspects were arrested on Friday.
The men were transporting explosives and TOXIC GAS for an alleged terrorist attack.

France 24 reported:

Swiss authorities said Saturday that two people of Syrian origin had been arrested on suspicion of transporting “explosives and toxic gases” as part of a probe into a terror threat.

The two suspects arrested Friday are accused of the “manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives and toxic gases”, the federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

They are also under suspicion of violating Swiss law prohibiting “groups like Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and similar organisations”, it added.

Several Swiss media reported Friday that two people had been arrested in the Geneva region and that traces of explosives were found in their car, as the western city remained on alert due to an increased jihadist threat.

Geneva’s public prosecutor has announced a news conference for later Saturday.

Geneva ISIS fifth suspect Le Matin Twitter
Fifth terror suspect sought in Geneva, image via Le Matin/Twitter.

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  • Cowardly Lion

    Remember the two guys from I think Afghanistan caught in Texas with two steel cylinders? What do you think they’ll ever tell us what was in those cylinders?

  • Cowardly Lion

    BREAKING: Five Middle Eastern Men Arrested at MEXICAN BORDER with STEEL CYLINDERS

  • ridgerunner

    Looks like Trump is too far left.

  • ridgerunner

    If they were transporting CO2, Obama is going to red alert.

  • Patty

    why are their faces (or eyes) covered up.

  • nodhimmi

    Because the Swiss are becoming dhimmis let the world see these vermin I say!

  • yennikcm

    Why are they wearing their brains on their faces? Odd

  • Rurik

    Wait a minute? Since when has Switzerland engaged in Colonialism or Imperialism, or ever assisting Israel with anything? So why would the Religion of Pieces want to do them any harm?

  • Pat Loudoun

    How is it our betters thought it was a good idea to invite their own destroyers into their homes?

  • ridgerunner

    Our greatest threat is not Climate Change. It is not terrorists. It is not Islam. It is our government.

  • Mad Hatter

    I was on YouTube watching a video on taking a ride through the Swiss Alps and across Switzerland. It might be the most beautiful country on earth. When I read this article I ask myself, why in the name of God would the people in positions of power ruin their gorgeous nation by letting in the filth called Islam.

  • Stink Finger Roulette

    They sure look Swiss to me. They must blend right in. The only thing missing is an Alp horn.

  • tham

    I’d like to know what the toxic gases were.

  • tham

    Yeah, pretty absurd. When I read x number of “Europeans” or “French” or “English” have joined ISIS, I laugh. Nope, they are muzzies living in those countries. No Frenchmen are joining ISIS.

  • tham

    Easy to forget that Trump pushed the birth certificate issue a long time ago.

  • tham

    So many stories make a quick appearance then disappear and are never followed up on. Can you imagine what certain LE agencies know?

  • Important Announcement

    On February 1st, 2017, President Trump, with the help of the FBI, will expose the Kenyan usurper and invalidate any and all laws and executive orders signed by the illegal alien Hussein. Count on it.

  • JY1

    allah must really hate those watches, chocolates, pocket knives, and cheese with holes in it.

  • ridgerunner

    When Trump prosecutes him will flee this country and the Pope will likely accept him with open arms. The beast and the false prophet.

  • Jimmy G

    Because they are breathing non-Muslims…

  • Cee53147

    We need to worry about international students and the toxic materials in our universities.

  • Unapologetic American

    “Toxic gasses”? Has anyone ever smelled a Muslim, they all reek. Maybe it’s all the goat meat and curry they eat or the bombs Obama’s letting them build in The White House basement, you know Malia and Sasha’s “science projects” supervised by Islamo-Marxist Valerie Jarrett and designed by Weatherman Bomber Bill Ayers. Sing along with me: “It’s a family affair. It’s a family affair”

  • Important Announcement

    The criminal Hussein will find sanctuary from extradition in the Vatican, much like Assange in Equador’s embassy and Snowden in Russia. He’ll have plenty of fun in the Vatican steam rooms with all those priests, I’m sure.

  • ember

    Why are their faces blocked out? Show those monsters.

  • Rurik

    I guess that might also explain clock boy.

  • Lawrence

    Obama owes the Swiss some props..maybe he’s pissed..

  • LouAnnWatson

    will sheriff arpaio be deputized as a federal agent so he can arrest him?

  • GreatCatSbee

    Shave the f*ckers

  • Mike in Illinois

    I wish Trump would have pushed the non Citizen father factor. But he sure gets props for being willing to stand up tall on the birth certificate and issue itself.

    It is my hope that Donald has taken care of Lakin, cuz if he hasn’t he sure should.

  • Blargette

    Those fingers. First used to dip for fudge and then present an offering to their fake diety.

  • Blargette


  • whynoborders

    Hillary started it when running against the organizer in chief.

  • tham

    Mike, check out Trump’s forum appearance today in Aiken, SC hosted by the SC Attorney General. It’s really super. Trump is lucid, focused and sharp. I understand why many are Cruz fans, but Trump can win and he’s much more than the windbag he’s portrayed to be.

  • tham

    that dude deserves a role in a Trump administration. He’s constantly risked his career and personal safety.

  • tham

    She must not have pushed it much because I honestly can’t remember her doing so and I do follow politics. No doubt she must have brought it up, but if it were a big campaign issue I don’t think I would have missed it. Anyway, when Trump resurrected the issue there were not many doing so. I recall numerous Drudge links to what Trump was doing. When was that? He wasn’t running for anything but maybe that’s when he was considering running against Romney for the nomination in 2012.

  • rruss2112

    I think back than he was trying more to be a king maker.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Muzzie in Chief is pissed. Count on it.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Exactly. If it was something like sarin….. Well, somebody needs to end the insanity in the White House at that point. I’m not choosy how. Is there such a thing as flash impeachment?

  • SanjS

    2008 Primary, Hillary pushed it, there are several searches you can run. It was public knowledge and even MSM covered it a couple months ago

  • Ophelia5338


  • Important Announcement

    I hope so.
    I want to see him dragged out in handcuffs and thrown into a police van on live TV.

  • saturn

    So the orphans and widows Obama talked about are the orphans and widows of Muslim terrorist victims.

  • ︻┳テ=一 Lying Left Useful Idiots

    No sympathy for the niaive liberals that will be killed.

  • kit7

    Gross as curry may be, it’s not Muslim, it’s Indian, and they’re no more fans of Islam than you.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    OK D-bags, do you want to show their faces?
    If not, we will just consider all of them are up for arrest, jail, deportation.

  • ohio granny

    I remember her doing that.

  • bobdog19006

    It may be appropriate to tell our own government, “If you see something, say something.”

    That wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it?

  • 0hiojoe

    In between drunken blackouts!

  • 0hiojoe

    obungle says……

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hey brother, I like both Trump and Cruz for a whole handful of reasons. I snap on them both for a handful as well. Truths are what they are and America is better off when we air them all honestly, no matter what they are.

    Let me put it to ya this way – in as simple a way as I can (considering I like to explain “too much” sometimes.

    Donald Trump shows absolutely No Fear in talking cogently and simply about the problems our nation faces. I think his desire to make America Great again is sky high. I think his understanding of how to get from here to there is lacking because he talks about symptoms and side effects of the “medicine”.

    Ted Cruz, while more shy than Trump on the bombast factor, knows much better what the actual diseases are and what inoculations and vaccinations are required.

    I think we Americans make a mistake in thinking we need one or the other. Media WANTS those two to go at it, to fight, to separate themselves with conflict. That should be a clue. Media and parties fear both of these men but they are scared sheet white still at those two joining together and the American people getting behind that unity.

    With a Cruz and Trump team we get the best of both worlds and a balance to counter what is lacking in both men. We get the who, the what, the where, and even the why….and if we elect those two as a team we get the how also. I have my beefs with them both, for sure, and I am honest about them. I am just as honest here as I have been before. That team rocks the longstanding American political class control to its CORE.

    If that isn’t what aim for in this election, what the heck is it that the people want? Just to claim they were among those who jumped on a bandwagon and picked right? Like they won this weeks football pool?

    I agree trump might have enough juice to win. I just don;t think folks are looking quite deep enough as to what it is they would be winning. THat is exactly what happened last time.

    Consider this. Eminent Domain. Kelo. The taking of property for the SOLE reason of raising tax revenue itself. Will Donald appoint Justices who decide cases like Kelo in the affirmative – when he suport Kelo decision itself? Put that beside his support for permission slips to exercise the right to keep and bear arms. See it yet? Donald is a big government permission slip president – sadly, much like Obama. True it is that Donald would allow that which Obama prohibits and prohibit that which Obama allows, but it isn’t about that. My caution toward Donald is the fundamental nature of the way he views government and the way in which he views RIGHTS.

    That matters. And to Donald, he views rights as something government is empowered to control at its discretion. That is dangerous my friend. I encourage you to dig into Donald on Kelo and the second amendment. You will find exactly what I just told you to be true. And it is disturbing to anyone looking beyond the general statements he makes.

    For Donald to be effective, he needs someone to add to the tools he has and show him truthfully where he has things wrong. Without that in place, a Donald Presidency would be an abject failure. Congress – especially one controlled by the GOPe, would eat him for lunch – he cannot just fire congress.

    To me, this election is one that will set in place the course of the next half century. It will decidedly commit us to a path of unavoidable civil war or it will avert it. Every nook and cranny has to be explored and discusses openly and honestly because the stakes are that high.

    When it all shakes out, Ted Cruz will be President. Not because I want him to be or even because he should be or any other angle. I come to that conclusion based on all the information I witness.

    I used to say Obama was toast. Folks thought I meant he would be losing. I was talking about now. Obama is toast – because he just lies. In the end, liars are always toast, they burn themselves. This is true even if they manage to win election.

    It is not that I think trump lies. I really do think Trump wants good for this country. I think he identifies real evils others refuse to dare say. I don’t think though that he understands the mechanics of why things are so terrible – and if you don;t know what id broken, you can tinker all day long but you will never fix it.

    Donald exposed this – undeniably – in his second amendment policy paper. He showed the poker tell. He played the “privilege not a right” card demonstrating that he either believes as progressives do that privilege means government allowed permission OR that he just doesn’t understand that rights = privileges and immunities.

    And he thinks he is going to solve the illegal immigration problem without dealing with the 14th amendment and the corruption of word’s definitions? See what I am getting at? Do you even understand what I am pointing to? Privileges are not permissions my friend, because if they are then we have zero rights….we are all then in effect SLAVES owned by the master called government. Privileges simply CANNOT be government permissions! That is because they aren’t.

    We have things we can do by right – privileges. (As in no permission slip required).
    We also have immunities – things government cannot do to us because we exercise those privileges. We have rights, that function in both the positive and negative sense – and these rights do not come from government. Donald either doesn’t understand this or doesn’t believe this. Trust me brother, I have done my digging. And not just about Trump.

    If you find yourself distrusting what I am writing here, do some digging yourself. I suggest starting with the text of the 14th itself. Feel free to supplant “rights” with privileges and immunities and read the test. Then, feel free to supplant “permissions” for privileges and immunities. When you do so, you will understand exactly what I am talking about here. One way fits and makes sense, while the other is complete and utter nonsense that doesn’t fit. The question then is simple – was the 14th crated to make sense or not? Easy decision.

    Now, with that in mind, after pondering how the 14th came to be and why it came to be, and figuring out that privileges ARE rights, that these are synonyms, what I have written makes great sense. It makes you look at Trump a whole different way. It doesn’t make him bad, it makes him largely uninformed about the HOW to fix the things he is hammering. The concerns I talk about will enter your mind to, if it is open to more than just supporting Trump to be supporting Trump.

    I know I have written a lot to you here, even as I tried to not do that very thing, but here is the deal. We really do face a very real terrorist war from Islam itself. Our own government really is setting us up as dhimmis who are being disarmed at an alarming rate, not of our guns but of our rights themselves. If we do not address it, now in this next term of the presidency – especially as it pertains to SCOTUS- then it really is game over. I mean done kind of over. The solution comes down to privilege and commerce – and the boundaries government has regarding what constitutional authorities exist and do not exist. Only by dealing with the corruption there can we Restore our Republic. And only by Restoring our Republic can we effectively eliminate “syrians with explosives and gas” as a threat to our Liberty.

  • witnesstothecarnage

    Nothing. It was a test.

    One of many.

  • patechinois

    Yes, it’s becoming a regular feature of the press to block out Mohammed followers, as if by being followers of Mohammed, they get the same treatment as Mo himself. Must respect them, after all.
    But if it was a white guy…..ha! His face would be plastered everywhere. Even a BLACK person’s face would be shown. It’s not racist, it’s ideological, and most in the media are totalitarians like Muslims….they afford them preferential treatment as fellow travelers in the authoritarian sphere.

  • gellero

    A Riot !!

  • Biff Buffington

    The J.V’s are learning the Varsity playbook.

  • realetybytes

    Are they Syrian “refugees?”
    #WakeUpAmerica @realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    The Swedes are just a bunch of Islamophobes right bobo?

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    I like him.