TOP UM RACE ACTIVIST and Student Body Prez Made Several Visits to White House – Met With Obama

In September Missouri Students Association president Payton Head posted a report about a racial slur directed at him. Head alleged he was walking around campus when the passenger of a pickup repeatedly shouted the “N-word” at him. There were no witnesses.

Yesterday Payton Head warned students the KKK was on campus. He later retracted the claim.
The Blaze reported:

University of Missouri Student Body President Payton Head issued a chilling warning of a “confirmed” Ku Klux Klan presence on campus Tuesday — only to admit it was not true hours later.

He quickly sparked panic with a Facebook post claiming he was actively working with “the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard” on the so-called threat.

Now this…
Race activist Payton Head – who complains about white privilege and racial slights but was voted student body president – is linked to Barack Obama.
What a shock.
payton head obama
Dan Riehl reported on Breitbart — Per Payton Head’s Facebook page, the two met in July, 2011 when Head visited the White House.

There’s more…
Head met several times at the White House.

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  • ember

    Chip off the ole Obama block.

  • Brett Favre

    Just one of his brown shirts

  • NoLibZone

    Connect the dots…. they all go back to Obama.

  • papertiger0

    It’s kind of like pictures of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam. Part of the job man.

  • roccolore

    Blacks fake the hate and nothing happens.

  • wtd

    It’s the only kind of work his ‘education’ qualifies him for. Why hire anyone with a track record and utter lack of credibility/integrity of someone like Payton Head?

  • showmerancher

    Just another Obama race-baiter… yada, yada, yada, big deal. Yeah we’ve got it…
    There is KKK on the campus… cops are bad… the sky is falling…
    if you’re white you are a racist… heard it time and again and … who cares?
    These folks have zero credibility on any issue.

    You got a degree from Mizzou? Great! The greasy spoon down the street needs a pot and trash can washer.

  • captaingrumpy

    The white guys on campus are there for schooling. The Black guys are there for what they can get from the Government. As far as the stirer belonging to the Obama team , who woulda thought.?

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Something happens. They’re guaranteed lucrative careers working for Soros’ Shadow Party campaign to destroy western civilization.

    There is only one Soros, and Obama is his profit.

  • keystonepipe

    I’m Shocked I tell ya….Shocked…..How can this be ? Such an unfortunate coincidence .!!

  • Aggie95

    So this student lied once why not twice

  • keystonepipe

    Obama gives lying lessons at the WH

  • US.Patriot1776

    Deep down …something everyone knew all along …but afraid to say …

    The Radical Racist Background of Obama & We’re Not Talking About Barack

    Michelle Obama and her links with socialists, communists and other high ranking radicals that wish nothing more than to destroy the United States as it is, and create a brand new United States! This may sound
    absurd and demeaning, but it is true. Some of the words spoken by Michelle Obama and her husband Barack Obama have come directly from a radical book titled Rules for Radicals by Saul D. Alinsky.

    Obama Princeton Thesis

  • JoaquinSpandex™

    To fill an affirmative action slot, of course.

  • Patty

    Should read: Race Activist Obama.
    Obama the eternal divider in Chief.

    This whole matter at Mizzou was concocted by this administration. It is like a tree and various entities mass outward and go forward like Obama has hoped for and will continue to divide others until they fall into the fold.

    But the masses aren’t fallen for this and sooner or later the tree is going to fall.

  • frozeninbemidji

    They go to the White House to pick up their orders.

  • Aggie95

    Well it works out then as it seems the race baiting student has met with obama

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Gee, imagine that.. racist hatemongers meeting with the racist hatemonger in the White House.

  • yennikcm

    You can bet, Jabba the Jarrett was leading the strategy session……

  • JimmaObama

    Probably created by the Ego Negro himself…………..

  • Lime Lite

    He’s one of Obama’s Brown Shirt’s.

  • Lime Lite

    More like, managed by Obama’s handlers.

  • SineWaveII

    The kkk thing makes me wonder about the effect of tech addiction and social media. Could it be that these people are so far gone they are now allowing online reality to replace real reality? IOW that they went into a panic even though they themselves didn’t see any kkk members but believed it must be so because they were reading it on social media?
    It reminds of that scene from the movie Wargames. Where the professor is trying to convince the generals in the war room that all they are looking at is a simulation.

  • will jones

    payton head, student body pres admitted today that his claim that the K K K was on campus was a lie. I’m tired of saying liars like this could be obama’s son, I now say obama could be this guy’s father.

  • SineWaveII

    Probably since it’s already known that he claimed to be working with the police and even the Nat Guard but they say he was doing no such thing. The only explanation is that he was lying.
    His connection with obama is no surprise, because once again this whole thing just stinks of obama.

  • SineWaveII

    It’s going to be great in 2017 when we actually have a real president again (unless it’s hillary).

  • Goose

    the dots go back to Alinsky, go back to Lenin, to Marx, to Robespierre, Caesar, Pharaoh, Lucifer…
    is Restoration possible? – if We escape this abyss, it’ll Only! be because God willed it.

  • SineWaveII

    I think you meant prophet, but profit works as well.

  • SineWaveII

    I wonder how obama got paid for his services – was it payton head?

  • Well Done

    If you’re a rabble-rousing, uncaring liar, gay, and black, you’re Obama’s kinda folks. America, what have you done?

  • Goose

    can’t judge any moment in time by future standards, only by what is known at the time
    and tough decisions must be weighed on the scale that determines, ‘bad’ and ‘worse’.

  • Well Done

    wow, that is all kinds of senseless. you’re an idiot. Obama voter?

  • Patty

    Black Leftist On Twitter: #Mizzou Students “Need To Stop Protesting And Start Killing” UPDATE: Woman Has Conviction For Assault In WA State…×289.jpeg
    How does that grab you Obama. Those are DEATH threats and no one in Washington is saying a thing. They live in their Ivory Towers living it up and don’t realize how this is affecting the Whites but the divider and Chief knows and he is loving it.


    Obama gave racism a new life.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    So let me guess … it’s time for Payton Head to resign, right?

  • jerseyj

    I bet it was love at first sight.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    … only to get disbarred from the Illinois Bar after becoming a lawyer. Barack had her disbarment hearing records sealed too.

  • CleanSideUp

    They are cousins, on obama’s daddy’s side.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Well they both blew Barack right after this photo was taken. Barack has that affect on guys … just ask Reggie Love.

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    He knows about privilege, alright.

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    I have far more respect for that pot washer than for the community agitators

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    Obambi built this

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    Sounding like a muzzie.
    Insha Allah

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    A hoax is a terrbile thing to mind

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    Both barack and moo had their law licenses revoked

  • anAmericanMom

    Seriously this type of individual is not a future leader these are people with serious personal and most likely mental health issues.

    Found this link to his long rant.

    He has personal issues. When you include everything under the sun that a person or even a weed in a nice lawn may be experiencing you are looking to justify your PERSONAL messed up self image and existence.

    No, everyone does not HAVE to like *you or anyone else. Get over yourself the world is not a love fest for anyone. Life is tough. Grow up or better yet seek help. If you cannot be at peace with who you are don’t expect others to.

  • DarkQuark

    This story reminds me of the utter pain I felt when my best friend told me he likes Bernie Sanders and thinks that if you are white you are automatically racist. That was a bad day.

  • Goose


  • Clivus Multrum

    Nobody could figure out what the hell Barry was talking about back in 2008 when he was jabbering on about a “Civilian Army”.
    Well here it is.
    And to quote that old ad for the United Negro College Fund:
    “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

  • LudicrousSextus

    Ya’ really gotta’ wonder how many of these imbeciles yelling ‘Damn White Privilege!’ would even be on college campuses if not for the 300+ bonus Affirmative Action SAT points they get for being *black*.

  • saturn

    Obama has a 100% score in getting things wrong! Both foreign and domestic policies. He is a screwup!

  • J. Neville Groff

    If 0bama had a son…he would be just as ugly and racist as this guy.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    That’s a flat out lie. You have never taken SAT or ACT.

  • glenn47

    And BO falls for yet another scam in 5 4 3 2 1…..

  • John Baker

    Dese be Barrys folk.

  • John Baker

    NFS increases.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    As a black man it is nice to see young black students getting involved in activism, with that being said the issue can’t be manufactured this is a manufactured issue. I wish these students would take on issues in East St Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit or any other major Urban city with crime. Whites are not the issue, cops are not the issue.
    The issue is personal responsibility once college is over and life moves on you grow up and start to see the only thing that matters as a man is taking care of your wife and children.
    The scary thing about all of this is once again free speech is being attacked and political correctness is killing our country slowly.

  • Russell Steadman

    Payton Head met with Obama: this qualifies him to be on the O’Reilly Factor and given credibility with the fox ”fair and balanced” crowd that Juan and Geraldo pander to.

  • Bobby Hammons

    This just proves that
    the inmates are now in charge of the asylum. This is the result when libs teach
    that America is unfair. Diversity of thought is not allowed on campus, only
    liberal thought is allowed. This is not gonna end well.

  • itsy_bitsy

    Who needs more enemies! Our worst sits in the people’s house, in the Oval Office!

  • 10th Crusader

    Right after that hard-hitting Rachel Maddow interviews him. Should be fun.

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    Insha Allah means God willing in arabic

  • Hussein’s rabble rousing?? Say it ain’t so!

  • Patty

    Now at Vanderbilt: Conservative Professor Targeted by Offended Students

    Female, black, conservative, Christian, and outspoken — a toxic soup for progressives.

    The safe spaces of students at Vanderbilt University in Nashville,
    Tennessee are being threatened by a black conservative professor of law
    who is outspoken about her Christian and conservative beliefs. And
    before they crush under the pressure of a different worldview from their
    own, students are hoping to exterminate the threat before they are
    scarred for life.

    The suspension of Professor of Law and Political Science Carol Swain is being called on through a
    petition that, as of this writing, is only 40 signatures away from its
    stated goal. These students are calling for an investigation by the
    university to look into allegations of “unprofessional intimidation on
    social media, discriminatory practices in the classroom, and unclear
    representation as a Public Figure with invocations of the Vanderbilt
    name on her Facebook page.”

    The petition continues:

  • Bobcat

    Well Gunz, you must be very lonely. I tip my hat to your bravery.

  • Bobcat

    Resign so he can join the 0 administration???

  • Mama Bear

    When, in American history, have we been able to trace so many negative acts back to the President himself? How many people who started agitations in the 60’s were invited to the White House before hand???

  • tommy mc donnell

    those people from the 1960s now work in the white house.

  • tommy mc donnell

    these people Obama’s red guards. we are at the start of his cultural revolution.

  • gastorgrab

    Look up the definition of ‘Racketeering’.

  • psadie

    I don’t see this being reported anywhere. The hate continues and it starts in the WH. How sad for our country and the first black President. I cannot wait till Obama is out and gone for good.

  • Mystic

    So all you have to do is be non-white and lie, make a fake clock, or be a deserter’s parents and Obama then knows you deserve a trip to the White House. Kate Steinle’s parents, not so much.

  • oldaarpy

    You must have had caring parents……they should be applauded…and you also!

  • owl

    Dots……go back and look at the first practice runs. Black teens running through stores grabbing. What ya gonna do to the ‘children’? This has always been run by the WH. You see any of our own Elected Voices doing one thing to stop it? Obama could only go so far before the last election. He is now officially turned loose.

    What in the *** is it about being called a supposed dirty name that makes grown men and women quake and hide under their desks? I am sick and tired of them allowing hate and racism to be directed towards whites, police and anyone else (college presidents, police chiefs) these elite nasty racists decide to power grab. STAND UP you wimps. Not all blacks or whites are racists but I am seeing more today than I have seen in the last 50 years. Most of the racism is coming from people with more pigment in their skin. It is a crying shame when a WH agitates racism. No, it is one of those hate crimes they always like to talk about. This is sick and we hear ZERO from the wimps. Election coming…..always …..

    Does anyone remember the difference between right and wrong?

  • injunjoe

    I think Peyton’s middle name is Gives

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Did anyone doubt Obama’s involvement?

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Funny how Obama fans the flames but he never mentions the death threats from the people he whips into a frenzy.

  • 2lambs4USA

    Obama, proudly bringing racial tension to America since 2009.

  • NoObama

    Whitey needs to back off.

  • Revelation

    the two met in July, 2011 when Head visited the White House
    and that was when everything was plotted and planned. 7 years of this devil Obama is just way too much for this country.

  • farout

    It’s Valerie don’t let her commie a## get away with this crap… She is evil and full communist from her parents….

  • farout

    valerie to be specific…..

  • Grandma Cankles

    If there is a problem in this country, look no further than the racist, muslim, three dollar pimp in the White House.

  • yennikcm

    hmmm ….just more….college “organizing”…..Barry “is” behind the dipshittery…

  • yennikcm

    Jabba the Jarrett..?…

  • darrell_b8

    All being orchestrated by the ‘Community Organizer-n-Chief’; they are running out of time; what’s next??

  • nara

    GOD we need Charter Schools and get rid of NEA, teachers union public schools.

    The real scary movie to be made is to show the dumbed down educated dope smoking young, that have no clue of American history.

    If they made a movie about the public educated students right now showing how they can’t even answer a basic question of math or history, the movie would be banned by the Liberal politicians as discrimination.

    The solution is go to trade school first get some real world experience.

    The communists have finally figured out how to destroy America from within by Liberal professor teachings courtesy of the taxpayer being hung by the rope he manufactured.

    OBAMA Liberal educated are the walking dread!

  • nara

    She kinda looks like a doper, scuzzy hairdo and getting taxpayers salary to boot.

  • nara

    Good case for Charter Schools.

  • Ricardo Gonzales

    The imaginary claims of these delusional students serve many purposes, not the least of which is excuse-making for an inability to compete in the academic arena. So many of these people do not belong at university. There isn’t any shame in that, but there is gross dishonesty in insisting that they do.

    17 hours ago Like (5) Link To Comment

    Steve Skubinna
    I call BS on the slur-on-the-door story. We’ve seen this before, and every time it turns out to be a hoax.

    For the SJWs, it’s always 1965 in Selma, and since the racists won’t play by their script, the SJWs have to do both parts. Sure there’s still racism today, but nobody is burning crosses on lawns and scrawling slurs on buildings. Except for the proggies, to prove how bad things are. They’re always looking for the Reichstag Fire.

    22 hours ago Like (9) Link To Comment

    Yes, AP’s comment is pretty silly.

    For fun, just Google “NBA Plantation Owner” for hits in the millions where everyone from Louis Farrakhan to Oprah Winfrey call NBA owners plantation owners.
    This is a sport where a high school educated gentleman referred to as King James makes $44 million a year to bounce a rubber ball in a gym.

    22 hours ago Like (6) Link To Comment
    View More Top Rated
    All Comments (37)Sort: Newest Oldest Top Rated
    Dysfunctional codependency is not something to be coddled or encouraged in any way. These people need psychiatric help. Whites are leaving campus because of black gangs targeting whites. Only thing to do is expel these bullies and trouble makers and get restraining orders.

    2 hours ago Like (0) Link To Comment

    Weren’t a lot of the 60s student Marxist rioters from affluent backgrounds too?

    In fact, almost all of the Marxist-Leninist agitators from Marx and Lenin themselves were from the very bourgeoisie they hated. Well no, not really hated. Self-flagellating narcissism masquerading as hate (especially for their intellectual descendants). The dumb masses are too dumb to conduct the revolution themselves (ie: do what’s good for them) so we’ll have to force it upon them and “reeeducate” them.

    4 hours ago Like (0) Link To Comment

    “He is working toward a masters degree in educational leadership and policy”. That’s great. This aggrieved person will probably be in charge of a school/school system at some point. No social indoctrination there. No sir. Just educating the kids.

    5 hours ago Like (1) Link To Comment

    He seems to feel that he, and other blacks, are incapable of handling racial slurs and have to depend on whites for justice. How terribly inadequate he must feel — for that matter, how terribly inadequate he must be.

    12 hours ago Like (1) Link To Comment

    We all know nobody wrote the N word on his door. White kids have been idolizing and imitating the ignorant black man so long now that they don’t have their own identity anymore. All you have to do is look at the Rap industry and the revenue it generates to see that. These kids are being taught “The End Justifies The Means” mind games from their masters and are out in the world using it like a kid with a new toy. The same thing goes for the circle jerk frustration tactic they play in the attempt to get logical thinking people to give up on the issues at hand. This makes them feel cunning and intellectually superior. A really cool card trick they learned and are out there playing it everywhere. Pathetic.

    5 hours ago Like (0) Link To Comment

    Uncle Dan
    How did his father get to be VP of the railroad? The answer may explain why he is such a spoiled brat.

    13 hours ago Like (1) Link To Comment

    Black Privilege? Using your skin color to demand employment above and beyond your capabilities or over other people who are just as capable but deficient in skill color?

    12 hours ago Like (0) Link To Comment

    Acting White Privileged?

    13 hours ago Like (0) Link To Comment

    Indiana Mike
    The Poopstika is just another obvious fraud in a long line of racial frauds. If Blacks didn’t say the N word and draw swastika’s, they would have faded into history decades ago.

    14 hours ago Like (2) Link To Comment

    Indiana Mike
    Can you imagine the gall of this pampered, privileged, stinkin’ rich, obnoxious black punk?

    15 hours ago Like (2) Link To Comment

    Well, if this is not Black Privilege I do not know what is!

    16 hours ago Like (3) Link To Comment

    What this little twerp is actually protesting is having a black skin, which must mean he’s not as proud of it as he claims. That means he hasn’t accepted the fact that skin color, like hair type and eye color, are just accidents of birth, nothing to be proud of or ashamed of especially, just a fact of life. I’m beginning to see a whole lot of this black insistence on “blackness” is just overcompensation. Nobody can fix that but black people.

  • NoLibZone

    The most radical and many are criminals like Bill Ayers and Robert Creamer are advisers to obama. We see haters of law enforcement being invited to the White House. It is so disgustingly clear that obama has the agenda to take down America.

  • NoLibZone

    So where in the hell is the liberal media on these things? The past of obama has been ignored by the liberal media. Was he enrolled as a “foreign student” to get into college?
    What about his college transcripts? There are multiple reports obama was a no show at Harvard.

    Will this same pathetic media just happen to find all of the dirt after obama leaves office?

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Our community organizer in action and doing his best to destroy the USA!

    Be a DEMOCRAT and enjoy Corruption!~

  • mail.comSam Spade

    We must clean out the GOVERNMENT!

    It exists to expand itself!

    Soon it will be voting for its own pocketbook just like CONGRESS!

  • yennikcm

    vewy intewestink…

  • yennikcm

    slum lord fame…like Rezko

  • tham

    As Trump says, we don’t have four more years of this stuff in us.

  • tham

    I’m trying to take things as they come. I truly don’t want to imagine what the Regime has in store for America before it goes.

  • Pa Bell

    While at the WH, I’d say that they got their pockets stuffed with cash from the Soros people along with instructions for libtards on how to agitate effectively on campus.

  • BurmaShave2

    Jim Hoft,

    Can you provide a legible version of the list of Head’s White House visits?

  • JacksonPearson

    Or a race-baiting president….:

  • JacksonPearson


  • JacksonPearson


  • JacksonPearson

    Shamefully, Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with some of the most radical SOBs in our lifetime.

  • person

    watch for the homosexual Obama to not step down…..ever…..that’s his real plan……

  • person

    Valerie Jarrett & her homosexual sidekick aren’t going anywhere…..the joke is on us….there will be no election next year….just wait

  • Mike in Illinois

    Democrats. The dots all go back to democrats.
    Democrats are now fine with “blame Obama” because when he leaves office, they will happily say “it wasn’t us, it was just Obama”.
    Don’t take that bait.

    Make Democrats, of which obama is one, OWN it, all of it.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I understand ya Goose, but PUF has a point here. It is one our Founders understood – especially in how such a thing can be used by the Godless as a hammer and sickle.

    It is exactly why they chose the word “Creator” instead. Doing so removed the ability to play the “religion”card the way the race card is played.

    It is not that you are being compared to the muzzies there, you obviously come a very different place, but the point is to show ya that choosing words and reasons carefully is required. The smallest unintended choice can result in providing the enemy with ammunition.

    Do not abandon your faith and live solid in the year of our Lord! Just avoid the pitfalls……as our Founders did.

  • tham

    And here it is, black man appointed interim head of U of M system. What a predictable joke and with this all being a hoax driven by communists and utterly brain dead and brainwashed children. Just 10 seconds of the embedded video made me puke. Campus doesn’t “feel safe” is a total lie. However, it probably is not going to be safe going forward for anybody.

  • Mike in Illinois

    There it is too my brother – word choices.
    Democrats built this. Make them all own it, because they all built it.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Sure do, that is why privileges and immunities are called “inalienable rights”.

    If it is not in keeping with observing, respecting, protecting and defending rights, then it’s, umm, wrong.
    Pretty simple eh? Some folks many years ago wrote it all down even! I think they did so so we wouldn’t “forget”.

  • Mike in Illinois


  • Mike in Illinois

    The CIA is indeed quite powerful, huh? 😉
    As for what comes out about Obama, the most that can come out happens if Trump wins. Anyone else wins and they all agree to just “let by gones be by gones”.

  • OBAMA STOLE SS#042-68-4425

    Can one blame the fall of the Roman Republic on the rise of rampant homosexuality? No, no more than one can blame the fall on the lead in the goblets used in Roman orgies of the same period. Nor is it satisfactory to compare the fall of Rome
    to the decline of the West because similar welfare state economic systems
    prevailed in each period. Each of these is a symptom. The disease is mankind’s
    willingness to live by lies. —-Paul Bebedict

  • Mike in Illinois

    Look at her – Just like Osama Bin Laden himself, telling others to go out and do what she herself doesn’t have the guts to actually do. Birds of a feather.

    Here is something for this gal to consider. the last six months (within the context of the last 7years) have seen each month top the last in record gun buying. Does she really think it is her small subsection of the so called “black community” is doing that buying?

    I assure you little terrorist girl, we have heard you clearly. We are not “white supremacy”, we actually pledge Liberty and justice for all. Those of you who do not have one heck of a rude awakening coming – as we continue to destroy racism based tyrants, one by one.

    Might wanna rethink your actions, charlea. See, choices have consequences, whether you understand that or not.

  • Mizzou Mascot

    got his commie marching orders straight from the head commie

  • owl

    To make them own it would take some brave media to ask the WH why they met several times with a kid. Must be one of those special clock makers.

  • Dan13

    I caught some Rush this afternoon. He had an interesting take on this mess. He said that it is possible that Obama is trying to gin up some anger and outrage to get the blacks to the polls next year because the dems know that the blacks have no enthusiasm to go out of their way for The Wig.

  • Patricia

    He will continue until his last day…complete destruction of the white middle class

  • nara

    These dumb down illiterate college students demanding free tuition and a $15 hour wage are useless rich socialists brats.
    What about us that paid for our schooling, should we not get our money back too?

    On another website found an interesting analogy; put trades in place of hens and dogs & cats as college students:
    I would find it very hard to cull hens just because they stop being as productive. I know and understand why some people do that, but I feed 3 dogs and 2 cats that have never in their life contributed one bit
    towards their feed bill, unlike the chickens, so why would I cull the chickens just because they start being a little less productive? At least they contribute SOMETHING over their life time lol. Also, my chickens go out in the woods and forage for food, the dogs and cats, if they kill something, they never eat it, they just let it rot. At least the chickens legitimately feed their selves and actually eat what they find!!

  • Mike

    One of Barry’s Mizzous acting like all Mizzous act.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    As you try and be funny about my bravery, I serve this nation and no I am far from lonely. I understand what matters in this life. You can call me N all you want it has no affect on my life.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    No, doing the right thing should not be applauded I don’t believe in participation awards. Children should be expected to have success not just from the parents but for themselves there is nothing better than Friday because I don’t work again until Tuesday. I shop freely and have friends over almost every weekend during the seasons I love my life, I thank god for my life.

  • tengallonhat

    This had to be initiated by the DIC head! (Divider in Chief)

  • emag

    It has been too quiet for 0bama. A little community agitation was necessary.
    And the colleges were perfectly ripe for it, having listened to the lefty commie professors so long. Now some of them get a taste of their own medicine.
    0bama is behind all of it, you can bet on it.
    That’s what he is good at. And he can do it now from the top office.

  • emag

    The black, gay homecoming king Payton was invited to the White House several times already. He also inturned for Rahm Emanuel. It all makes sense now.
    Emanuel, the mayor of Chitcago, who now has the biggest murder rate in the States. But no one seems to worry about it, because he is close with 0 .

  • emag

    The worst White House EVAH!

  • emag

    Soros, the most evil je wish na zi, who turned in his own people, calling it only business.
    he is now destroying Europe. Hungary and UK will not let him into their country.
    When will people wake up.

  • Huffam

    The Post-Dispatch reported that a terroristic threat, according to MO law, is any speech that has “the purpose of frightening ten or more people or causing the evacuation, quarantine or closure of any portion of a building, inhabitable structure, place of assembly or facility of transportation.”

    Since classes were canceled, students were hiding in their dorms (as advised by the warning that contained false alarming statements), and people no doubt evacuated places of assembly, this “mistake” by the student president could fit that definition. Is he held to the same standard as the arrested Rolla student?

  • Huffam

    You can tell who’s organizing this “movement” by the morphing of the demands, which now fit the Democrat Party’s desires: expunging student loans, $15 an hour minimum wage, anything else that can buy them votes. Surely unionizing grad students and college athletes is in there somewhere, too.

  • nara

    Bunch of spine less wussy Liberal do-do’s.
    They never ran a lemonade stand either, they would know how much taxes they need to pay.

    They don’t realize the $15 wage actually costs the company more than $15 and when do you think a customer will want to pay $20 for a crappy burger, get a clue!

  • Mad Hatter

    When Clinton signed the Motor Voter Bill, He phrased a group called Human SERVE, which was headed by Cloward and Piven. Cloward and Piven was standing behind Clinton during the signing. Clinton is the one who started working with, and inviting the radicals to the White House. Obama has taken what Clinton did, and put it on steroids and Red Bull.

    At the 40:25 mark of the video, Francis Piven is phrased and introduced, she speaks of the accomplishments of getting Motor Voter passed.

    when voters registered in person at a DMV or a Social Services office, the government workers handling their cases were not permitted to challenge their applications

    when people registered by mail, they were not required to provide any form of identification

    the law made it difficult to purge “deadwood” voters (those who had died or moved away) from the rolls in a timely fashion.

  • nara

    It is funny how the Black culture votes Democrats when the Donkey party started the KKK an passed gun laws to keep the slaves from killing their Civil War slaves owners; that is for starters.
    The Republicans back then supported the release of slaves, go figure.
    Are they smarter than a 5th grader?

  • guest

    This is the same 1960s terrorist activity by anarchists all led by and mentored by the Obama and Ayers type of agitators, a repeat of history to bring our nation back to the same turmoil and pain we suffered during and after the Vietnam War. It is what these young anarchists do, This is what they’ve been doing for the last 50 years. These people hate America and all it stands for and they will do whatever they can get away with to destroy freedom in America and make it into an extension of the CPUSA and YDS. It will get ugly just as it did before in the 1960s and early 1970s, There will be riots, there will be property damage, and people will die.

  • Bobcat

    I make a good-natured comment and it is apparently taken as an insult? Hmmm. And call you N?!?! Enjoy your friends and continue to enjoy your life.

  • Huffam

    Click on the image in the post. It will go to another link. When you get there, click on the image again and it will show the image enlarged.

  • honestynow

    and likely George Soros

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    Sir, I was not saying “you” I was saying words have no power, that is supposedly what this all started over. The university has hired a black man as the new President, this was the wrong move sends a bad message now anyone can say anything and force a person to be removed from a job. This is not right.

  • DasKarl

    I’ll say it again – a map of the US tells the story of Chicago, Ferguson and now U-Missouri.
    Oh, and note the location along the Mississippi River, vital commercial waterway that it is.

    My, my…am I sensing a (much) bigger strategy here? I wonder how hard it is to halt ship traffic there?
    Not too hard, I’ll bet, with the losers we have at the wheel.

  • SaveOurNation

    Follow the money, and sometimes the lack thereof…..

  • SaveOurNation

    Obama is a hypocrite. He talks about gun violence but releases thousands of inmate felons from prison, many who will probably commit more crimes including murder using guns. He supports sanctuary cities where illegal aliens run wild, many using firearms to commit crimes (it is a felony for an illegal alien to possess a firearm).

    He releases illegal alien criminals (many used guns to commit murder and other crimes) from prisons instead of deporting them and many have committed additional murders and other crimes with illegally obtained guns.

    He never talks about Chicago, DC, Baltimore, LA, Houston, St Louis and other major cities which have the most stringent gun control laws in the nation but still have the highest homicide rates.

  • SaveOurNation

    This is what happens to a country when a community organizer is elected to office via voter fraud.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    It is funny how the white culture votes for republicans even when a large amount of them live on welfare and drive horrible cars, yet you only see republican stickers on crappy cars.
    Are they smarter than a 5th grader?
    I figured I would join in on your ignorant generalization of an emtire culture of people you know nothing about personally.

  • joe

    Two University of Missouri Presidents were forced to step down (resign) for doing NOTHING wrong. Why is here no call for this Student Body President to do the same (resign) thing. He is obviously GUILTY of provoking racial tensions on campus. He is the one that CLAIMS (although no witnesses) to have had the “N” word shouted at him from a passing pickup truck and now he has made FALSE accusations of there being an active chapter of the KKK on campus. It appears to me that if anyone is GUILTY of being a racist, it is this guy.

  • WatchingTheFall

    Educate us Poop Dog.

  • joe

    Only see Republican stickers on crappy cars? That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. I halfway agree with you tho. I also see a lot of Republican stickers on what would be considered crappy cars. But the way I see it is more like this because this is closer to my reality. Most Republicans or Conservatives actually believe in the old fashioned way of working and earning pay to pay their families bills and provide their families needs with that money they earn from hard work with long hours. I can personally attest to the fact that when the mortgage payment on the small house is paid and the utility bills are paid, then the groceries, gas for the car, constant money requirements for school related functions and activities, clothing and shoes etc., etc. there is often times too much month left over at the end of the money in order to afford to drive a new vehicle and be able to pull off the financial balancing act that these days too many hard working (two bread winner households) are faced with. It’s called PRIDE in providing for your family. A lot of times it means driving a POS vehicle and being shade tree mechanic on weekends to keep it running. Sometimes people have too much pride to allow their family be a financial burden upon their fellow taxpayer and will do WHATEVER it takes to tow their own rope. And usually that translates into the means of transportation being looked upon as just that, transportation, not some false status symbol.

  • Ron

    All these poor chillen want is free college education, release from their student loan debt, and a $15 per hour minimum wage! I mean it’s not like they are asking for the world! Boy, when Hillary is president, they’ll surely get it and more!

  • JC Snow

    Obama minions in the effort to start race riots…right before a presidential election, again

  • Mick Bolton

    Reds under the bed! KKK on Campus! Same sh1t, different day.

  • Jonathan Miller

    Tell you what. Let’s conduct an experiment into Social Justice. We will throw out educational books, magnet school vouchers and packets of cocaine and loaded pistols, and tally which of these disappears into poor neighborhoods….

  • Bleu66

    His last day maybe longer away than we think….

  • D J


  • WatchingTheFall

    Notice the stupid white kid standing in the middle of the picture as if he’s taking part in something “like really cool”? There’s absolutely no hope for this country as long as white kids are going to continue to idolize the ignorant black man.

  • WatchingTheFall

    ObaMao is real good with the women and children isn’t he?

  • cyberhackster

    The black dots…

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    He obviously sought advise from the Community Organizer/Agitator/President.

  • Michael Ejercito

    A liar, he is.

  • Yeah, Obama’s a Communist

    pt0, I’m flattered by your comment posted at The Reference Frame.
    I was not able to post this response there. It is marked “Pending”, so I am reposting here.

    I chose to follow you because of your ability to clearly and concisely cut through the AGW nonsense, and I continue to be both educated and impressed. Your voice is important and deserves my support. Alas, mere upvotes are the best I can offer.

    PS: I gather from another of your comments that you may be a fan of vodka. If so, I would like to recommend you try a Ukrainian brand named “Pristine”, if you can find it.
    It is easily the smoothest vodka I have yet tried.

    A tumbler of Pristine, along with a Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill, makes for a favorite mini-vacation.

    Be well, my friend.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    I can’t necessarily argue with you there, the only thing standing between having a brand new business, the car I really want is the IRS. I bring in well over six figures and I hate the IRS I hate that when I get my year end the government believes they are entitled to 28% off the top, capital gains needs to stop. I never see a return I break even every year. It’s my money, mortgage paid utilities all that. I should be able to purchase what I want when I want, the government should not dictate that for you or I.

  • Harleyman Mike

    First off, I like your “screen name”, being the owner of a 1911A1 myself. You drove the nail down tight, my friend! This statement says it all; “The issue is personal responsibility once college is over and life moves on you grow up and start to see the only thing that matters as a man is taking care of your wife and children.” The first five words mean EVERYTHING. You have my respect, sir.

  • two_gunz_45ACP

    Like it says on my truck window. 45ACP…Because shooting twice is just stupid. Amazon .com

  • Harleyman Mike

    Ha! my thoughts, exactly. If they don’t spin, you missed!