VIDEO=> DC Residents Want to Rename “Washington” …It’s Racist

Washington DC residents want to rename the city.

4E121.35 WASHINGTON THE FARMER:  American lithograph, 1853.

American lithograph, 1853.

Because George Washington was a racist slave owner.

Life in Obama’s America – destroy it’s history, culture and economy, one tenet at a time.

Washington DC voted 90% for Barack Obama in 2012.

PJ Media reported:

District of Columbia residents and tourists weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag, some saying the nation should go as far as renaming Washington, D.C.

CNN anchor Don Lemon recently floated the idea of re-thinking the Jefferson Memorial, dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, since he was a slave owner.

“There may come a day when we want to re-think Jefferson, I don’t know if we should do that, but when we get to that point, I’ll be happy to partake in that particular discussion,” Lemon said.

“It should come down,” one D.C. resident told PJ Media, referencing the Jefferson Memorial in Washington.

“If we do that, though, George Washington owned slaves. Should we rename Washington, D.C.?” he was asked.

“You have to draw the line at some point, I guess, maybe take a poll across the country and see what people think about it and if they want to rename the city, do it,” he said. “I would support changing the American flag as well. America is based on a lot of mass killings and slavery and the history is just – look at the Germans, they own up to the Holocaust, nobody is proud of their history. Americans, at least, you should not be proud of any mass killing. You should not be proud of anything wrong that’s been done in the past or any symbols that represent that and that’s all.”

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  • i love a great rack

    They say in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. But it doesnt ever stop all the blind ones from throwing wild blows anywhere and everywhere and cursing anything that might remind or make them think the one eyed man is close by.

  • Patty

    I cannot help but say, Obama is loving this. From Ferguson to D.C. the Snowball effect has just hit gold.

    Racism, hate for America, Communism at it best has taken over America. And it started with FERGUSON and Holder and Obama egging the people on and then History of this nation will be lost, forever.

    Well, it is official, transformation of America and it is alive and well, because NO one is stopping it.

  • clevonlittle

    Jefferson , Washington , and anyone who owned slaves……… those that control history , control the future . Did you think that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote to change the name of your nation’s capitol ? Well , guess what…………….it won’t stop until the name is changed .

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    Wonderful comment. Don’t you know Obama is like the head custodian, leaning on his mop and watching a lunch-hour food fight at the Helen Keller Institute. It’s fun for him; and beside, one of his minions will have to clean it up.

  • MicahStone

    I think “OBOZOgrad” is available.

  • haywire63

    AC DC.

  • Patty

    just listen to this brilliant young woman. I have posted before but it is worth those who haven’t hear this video that I post again: More about her on site above.

  • NotKennedy

    How about Tawandaville? The District of Sharptons? Primateville? HomeFool? The first mayor of D.C was a Washington, Walter Washington. It was a very different place, until then.

  • Patty

    and look at this hypocrisy. of course it is the left again.

    Feds Raid Home Of ‘Subway’ Spox Jared Fogle In Child Porn Investigation

    Taylor attempted suicide in jail in May and was put on life support, the Star reported.

    The Jared Foundation aims to eliminate childhood obesity.

    At the time of Taylor’s arrest, Fogle released a statement
    saying he was “shocked to learn of the disturbing allegations against
    Mr. Taylor. Effective immediately, the Jared Foundation is severing all
    ties with Mr. Taylor.”

    The Indianapolis Star reported that FBI agents and state police were outside Fogle’s home along with an evidence truck parked in the driveway.

    PHOTO (@scoopjefferson):
    FBI escorts Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle in his home during a child porn investigation

    — TheBlazeNOW (@TheBlazeNOW) July 7, 2015

    As you can see he has put on weight. but more important is the recent commercial that he made and he is thin. Now, the media and subway are liars. this may not mean much and the employee doing child porn of Jared’s foundation is horrible but the lies and the deceit is proof position that the media lies. If you pay for a commercial and you can pay the big bucks Media doesn’t care about the dishonesty

  • Hy Feiber

    How bout Crimington DC?

  • Pa Bell

    How about Lion Country Safari?

  • disqus_gmChrtUT8G

    I am proud of our countries white heritage and getting tired of racists blacks, liberals, gays always putting us down. White people are loosing civil rights and are being discriminated because of history. If you don’t like white heritage tough. You’re heritage isn’t any better.

  • Hy Feiber

    Crackington DC! LOL

  • will jones

    lets call it Redskins City.

  • Norman

    I agree. It should be called N word town.

  • JY1

    I think every conservative should support this effort to remove George Washington’s name from any and all associations with the title of the District of Columbia…

    But for reasons that would enrage and cause an instant back pedaling from the lefty black supremacists.

    George Washington was an honest and honorable man. He led out country through a war against the largest military power on the planet. It would take a microscope to find faults in the man.

    The city that bears his name is a cesspool by any and all measures.
    The federal government is rife with graft and corruption, run by lobbyists who buy and sell our elected officials like cattle. Those same elected officials are more concerned with fund raising than anything else, and the all important balance of that re-election fund when they decide to retire and take whatever is left home with them.

    The bureaucracy created to run the country consumes six out of every five dollars put into it, so we get to pay 20% for the nothing we receive.
    The rest of the city outside the federal government industrial complex is a slum of the lowest sort, full of drug dealers and prostitutes with “welfare recipient” as the majority occupation. The Mayors are a consistent line of corrupt former pimps, who act like former pimps.

    If George were alive today, and someone asked him if he would be honored by naming the District of Columbia after him, he would ask us why we hated him so much.

    And that would be the nail in the coffin in any effort to rename the city. Because once the lefty black supremacists figured out that the whites don’t think the city deserves the good name of Washington, they will, drop the whole thing.

  • Goose

    that young woman is the next generation’s Oprah Winfrey, or is it Condoleeza Rice?

    I still can’t get over when I discovered Madame C.J. Walker in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “America… imagine a world without her” (D’Souza, an Asian!) my first thought was how come I never heard of her before? She was only the first female African-descended millionaire 100 years ago,
    a time when millionaires had a lot of money.

    my second thought was, Madame C.J. Walker was Oprah Winfrey before Oprah Winfrey, so why isn’t Oprah Winfrey just like Madame C.J. Walker? but instead, Oprah is the polar opposite?
    It’s The Power of Leftism! the most dynamic religion of the last 100 years.

    I’m voting for her in 2040 (after we defeat chelsea in 2032)

  • Goose

    but change the name from “General Lee” to, ‘Uncle Joe’ or, ‘little nikki’, or maybe, ‘Pooty-Poot’, or…

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ok Folks, it is time for something Drastic to make a point.
    It is time for a one day silent protest. We need a National White People Don’t Go To Work Day.
    Just one day, no assembly, no pomp and circumstance, no politics, just a simple silent protest. Just what would happen if for just ONE DAY, every white person just STAY HOME.
    Ok, fair enough, every person of any other color who agrees that this FOOLISHNESS is OUT OF HAND should stay home too.
    But seriously, it would be like Christmas day in 1975. Streets empty, no stores open etc. It would be a HUGE message sent, except for one tiny detail. I fear not even THIS idiocy is enough to get people to act in unison for even ONE day.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Washington was against party politics. Against career politicians. It makes sense that politicians would gin up their democratic forces to destroy his namesake. They FEAR it.

  • Mike in Illinois

    AH but they do care about dishonesty! It is HONESTY they detest and decline to allow even augmented prices to attain access.
    Maybe ol Jared knew he was a short timer and decided to say screw the diet, being busted is close at hand anyway, might as well eat it up good before I head to jail for the rest of my life.
    Who gets hurt more now? Trump by Macys or Subway by Jared?

  • They can move, somewhere like Johannesburg or Lagos. Wherever.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Put the ‘Black Power’ fist on the roof and rename it the ‘Reverend Sharpton’.

  • jupliertieq04

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  • MC Slammer

    I’d agree, but “Giant Reaking Black Infested Sh*thole” is already supposed to be the new name of NYC.

  • Vinchenz

    They should name it Rainbow City. Change the Flag to an aborted Fetus. That’s all America represents to these low-fo’s.

  • bumm

    Much of what brought about the death of America is a majority of the electorate’s total ignorance of American history, the workings of it’s government, and the constitution. Too late for regrets or tears. Nothing left to do but pick one’s way through the wreckage.

  • RuthTDunton

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  • nomicki46

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  • ronnie

    after you let the few minorties dictate to you what they want. then what? people have really jumped on the band wagon. i guess if you byrp in front of the wrong person it will be classified as racist. anything can be carried to far and i totally believe america has passed that point.

  • disqus_cBkQwOnJNc

    that is very good darrell . where is the hole?

  • JM

    Maybe the Great Piramids of North Africa should be leveled just as the Jefferson Memorial. They’re were build by slaves. Maybe the Egyptians get a pass because they were equal opportunity slave owners.
    Stupid people crying because they want another “entitlement”.