BREAKING: Pentagon Tells Military Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed at Centers – “CLOSE THE BLINDS” for Protection (VIDEO)

Pentagon Refuses to Arm Military Recruiters – Tells Them to “Close the Blinds”

Army chief of staff Gen. Ray Odierno said on Friday he has no plans to arm recruiters or add security patrols to military recruitment centers in the wake of the Islamist terror attacks on unarmed, unguarded military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday. Odierno basically said he doesn’t trust his troops to handle their weapons properly.

Also on Friday, the Marine Corps ordered recruiters to not wear their uniforms at work for ‘force protection.’

Today the Pentagon added this–
Military recruiters are being told to “close the blinds” for added safety.

Gretchen Carlson reported:

We have just confirmed here at FOX from the Pentagon, that the head of the US Northern Command has now issued a directive to authorize recruiters not to be able to carry weapons at the centers but he wants them to implement new security measures like “closing the blinds at the office.”

Via The Real Story:

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  • Jefferson Goodberry

    if only those dumbasses at Pearl Harbor would have just closed their damn blinds on Dec. 07, 1941 then the Japanese wouldn’t have been able to do anything! uh, doi!

  • mumzieistired

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  • Mike in Illinois

    This is the Chicago Way for all to see. Here in Illinois, the State Police actually used to post on its website that women should tell attempted rapist they had a STD in order to avoid a rape. Those same state police told people to stick their fingers down their throats to force vomit on attackers. They also told people to put keys between your fingers as a LAST LINE of defense.
    Pure Idiocy.

  • wow. This is horrible, but I hope that Trump continues to use this to destroy the establishment and left. A nurse was apparently killed in Boston by illegals, who shot a gun through the floor of their apartment, and it went into her head and killed her instantly. These stories are angering Americans and we need a leader who will lead us in battle against these traitors. I

  • Mike in Illinois

    It is just the Chicago way – Gins are BAD ok?! Guns can NEVER EVER be any part of any solution…..for if they admit a gun is a solution to ANY situation, they lose their premise that gun equals crime. Thank DEMOCRATS for this.

  • KeenVociferator

    Are they bullet proof blinds?

  • Nate

    Sums up the Administration’s tactic for dealing with everything: run away and hide behind some cellulose and plastic while chanting “stop! We’re one of you!”

  • “Penned” In

    7 State Governors said they WILL have weapons…

  • Dillinger’s Rat

    Any American service member knows full well that Hussein Obama went through great pains to replace real military leaders with his apparatchiks and Yes-Men sycophants.

  • maybetoday777

    told you before and I will tell you again. First, they must bind the strong man so his house can be plundered. The strong man has been bound! Congrats Satan, your victory as always is short-lived!

  • StormsWolf

    This is hope & change for ya..emasculate our military..train them to fight in drag & high heels.

  • dave0987

    Luckily they are the new “James Bond bullet-proof blinds” that also absorb any fired shots fired in the room, regardless of direction. Right? No? Oh nevermind. Guess we stumped Rod again.

  • bindare

    Any man not trustworthy with a gun should not be in the military. I am a civilian with a liscence to carry. I usually don’t but when I feel I am going to high risk areas, I do. Can General Oldierno explain why recruiters can’t do what I can do?

  • Mazzif Fizzam

    Trade tower offices should of done the same…

  • johnfarmingdale

    Rose-color glasses. Closing the blinds and being blind to the true, is like telling a Ostrich with his head in the sand, he is safe and there is nothing to worry about.

  • Ruckweiler

    This leadership is unfit for their positions. When Odierno goes out with his armed security detail will he draw the blinds in his vehicle, instead? These officers are a disgrace to their subordinates and the country.
    ex-SSG Infantry

  • bindare

    What good are blinds if a couple of terrorist step through the open door and shoot everybody inside, one be one? Oldierno is an idiot or a traitor. Can you think of other options?

  • frozeninbemidji

    The stupid, lazy, and entitled have elected the morally and monetarily corrupt, criminally insane to run this country.

    There are no excuses, the next attack is on their heads. Not that they’ll care in any way.

  • tommy mc donnell

    how did so many people get into the upper echelons of our military that have no regard for the safety of their subordinates? as an officer the safety of your men should be your number one concern.

  • jwyatt03

    How about no guns at the white house either. Just close the blinds.

  • jenny2

    Our military should get hazard pay for suffering such stupidity. So they should not wear their uniforms and close the blinds. Time for the Militia to protect them. So, what is John McCain going to do about this?

  • Joe W.

    So now our military recruiters have to hide behind curtains, doff their uniforms and comport themselves as cowards???

    Who in hell would want to enlist in a military like that??

    If I were a recruiter, I would resign my commission and tell the brass to stick it.

  • Andrew Nelson

    Ignore the idiot ‘general’ and his CIC traitor boss. You have a right to defend yourselves. F these PC coward progressives.

  • Book’m

    So now our military is being ordered to behave like 12 year olds home alone for the first time. Close the blinds, don’t answer the door for strangers, and don’t wear any identifying clothing. Unbelievable.

  • cajunwarthog

    Seems like “hazardous duty pay” is required for ALL PEOPLE in uniform.

  • terrence

    Who in hell would want to enlist in a military like that?? – That is precisely the point; Dear Leader, imam Oloser does not want America to have a viable army, or navy or air force.

  • nadadhimmi

    Well, Gretchen Carlson most likely thinks the Marines DESERVED what they got from this maniacal moslem murderer. She thinks Pam Geller deserves to die for organizing the cartoon contest, doesn’t she?

  • ChillyinAlaska


  • Brock

    If only the people in the Twin Towers had just closed the blinds. /

  • StormsWolf

    Can’t argue with criminally insane logic!

  • EPatrickMosman

    Are Military Academy graduates being neutered before or after the graduation ceremony? No wonder our leaderless lawyered up military can’t win a war against the JV team.

  • Darrell Standing

    … and Zero will come over and make them more festive!!!

  • Darrell Standing
  • Goober_Pyle

    So, no weapons allowed at the Pentagon either.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Almost amusing. Almost. Here’s a thought – staff recruiting centers with the transgenders currently ‘in vogue’ with the military (and society). At least that way potential attackers might be too disgusted to enter the premises. Certainly no more ludicrous advice than ‘close the blinds’.

    Face it America – we’ve devolved into a nation run by imbeciles…

  • will jones

    Perhaps we can get private citizens to stand guard, free of charge.

  • KY Headhunter

    I’m trying to remember. Do the people who work at the Pentagon have any security? These people who work at these recruiting centers should have the same security.

  • Nelle

    It may be that large numbers of armed citizens will have to show up and guard our recruiting stations,like the man in VA., while the rest get after their “representatives” in “government” to make the simple, needed change here. If we can’t pull it together and show our brave young volunteers who defend us that we have their backs, then we can’t expect them to care very much what happens to us, either.

  • xiphos

    Sheesh ……… didn’t know my sister worked at the Pentagon.

  • Thegoldman

    Where was planned parenthood when these people were born ? ? ?

  • paw516

    Then get Ash Carter to spend a week in an unarmed recruiting office.

  • paul52

    And NONE of the governors are Democrats. Hmmm!

  • paul52

    An office in Dearbornistan, MI!

  • Chip Thome

    zippy the fuslim is still pushing victim only zones for the military while Trump is saying ARM THEM! You know Trump couldn’t buy media coverage like this. Even if he wanted to, no one would be stupid enough to give it to him. Don’t tell that to zippy the fuslim though, he thinks no one is putting 2 and 2 together.

  • guesto3
  • Walknot

    When real life becomes a Monty Python skit.

  • Guest

    Blinds gun shots

  • Guest

    On September 19, 2001, a story ran in the Hyde Park Herald containing then-State-Senator Barack Obama’s response to the 9/11 tragedy. In this piece (quoted in this article from the New Yorker, under the heading “The Speech”), Obama expresses empathy for the murderers! Not anger, not disdain, not a word of sympathy for the victims. His concern was for the murderers

    From Obama’s article:

    We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of such madness. The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with, the humanity and suffering of others. Such a failure of empathy, such numbness to the pain of a child or the desperation of a parent, is not innate; nor, history tells us, is it unique to a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity. It may find expression in a particular brand of violence, and may be channeled by particular demagogues or fanatics. Most often, though, it grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.

    So are we to feel sorry for these people, Mr. President? It’s not like it was a mystery that there were terrorists out there in the world like this back in 2001. We knew they weren’t poor & uneducated, as Obama seems to believe here. Ponder the fact that it is just this kind of leftist “thinking” that is driving the Marxist/fascist policies emanating from the White House today.

  • ohio

    0bama has fired America’s battle experienced military leadership and replaces them with homos, lesbians, community organizers and college professors. How Odierno got to be chief of staff.

  • AmazingGrace

    Exactly my first thought- they have stood watch for us all these years, it’s time citizens have their back. This is what happens when you elect someone willing to pay to cover up their records and the couple he comes up with are fraudulent.

  • See, this is why we had 9/11. No blinds at the Towers or at the Pentagon. Or in that field in Pennsylvania, for that matter…

  • This administration would last about 3 minutes…

  • I’d carry anyway. And when I killed an attempted terrorist mook I’d sue the shenanigans out of DOJ over the whole deal.

  • Pull the covers up over your head while the shooter screams “Allahu Akbar!”

  • Guest

    In a way, they did. Remember, new radar detection was dismissed, when the squadrons were spotted on radar. That was reported.

    That said, lining up the destroyers was not like the situation would have been alleviated. We could have had planes in the air and guns at the ready.

    We STILL need guns at the ready-ever since Bill Clinton disarmed men and women on military bases in 1993.

  • That’s a news story waiting to happen right there.

  • Guest

    Shanksville has been admitted to be the world’s largest open-air mosque. They admitted it and LAUGHED.

  • Or the White Caucasian House.

  • JReaS

    If there is another attack, Army chief of staff Gen. Ray Odierno should be court marshaled for dereliction of duty.

  • They’re culled at captain. Anything over that rank requires a presidential signature. You don’t think a conservative, right-thinking officer would make it past that hurdle, do you? And once you miss major twice (two years each review, four years total), you’re out. The entire officer cadre above O3 is liberal, panty-wetting, pillow-biting EEOC diversity b!tches.

  • texanfree

    Just as they told the people in people in Chicago and Detroit to just stay in their homes and off their porches while the gangs raged. These people are laughing in our faces.

  • Guest

    Only the US is to be disarmed-right down to nuclear:

    “Mr Obama repeated in Berlin an offer already made in private to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin: to reduce both sides’ deployed strategic nuclear weapons beyond cuts agreed in the 2010 New START Treaty. America could live with an arsenal reduced by up to a third, Mr Obama suggested. That would leave each country with just over 1,000 such weapons, if Mr Putin reciprocated.

    Mr Obama talked of rejecting “the nuclear weaponisation that North Korea and Iran may be seeking”: a cautious form of words that avoided early confrontation with Iran’s president-elect, the avowed moderate Hassan Rohani. Mr Obama vowed to seek support for American ratification of the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (a long shot) and called for a global treaty banning the production of nuclear bomb-making materials (a hopeless task).

    Obstacles loom. On the day of Mr Obama’s Berlin speech, Mr Putin grumbled about American anti-missile shields and about new high-precision non-nuclear weapons that he said approached the strike capability of strategic nuclear arms. In essence, Mr Putin thinks American talk of nuclear disarmament is “a plot to take over the world with conventional weapons”, says George Perkovich of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think-tank.

    Senate Republicans attack Mr Obama from the opposite direction. Bob Corker of Tennessee says that trimming America’s arsenal without modernising existing weapons could amount to “unilateral disarmament”, adding that he has been promised by the secretary of state, John Kerry, that further nuclear reductions would involve treaty talks with Russia, thus requiring Senate consent.”

    Hmmmmmm Corker.

  • Clete Torres

    Gotta love those bullet-absorbing anti-terrorism venetian blinds.

  • Guest

    Military Deaths under President Obama’s Command


    By Peter Andrew

    Note the date.
    Special Operations forces have taken major hits under obama, too.

  • NJK

    He needs to be promptly dismissed in 2017. He’s a traitor. Court Martial

  • ftg

    what the hell, close the blinds so no one can see you get murdered is my interpretation. I say lock n load then throw those terr orists in the trash bin. No need to call LEO the trash is taken out. maybe we should start crapping on the crapran burn it then piss on the ashes and post it. Maybe start protesting outside the mosques, Islamist temples calling them out as what they are, bring enough attention and anger to their door they might finally have something to fear. RETALIATION We no the gov is their support but WTP outgun and out number them make them see their fate.

  • ftg

    Yep lets do to the Whore House in Dictator Country what these terr orists do to us and tell the WH just close your blinds.

  • wtd

    For those who are not aware of the backstabbing defiance behind the Shanksville site “memorial”tribute to Islam: Alec Rawls/Error Theory’s “Crescent of Betrayal

  • democrat CockRoach

    You understand what’s going on don’t you?? Obama already made a law that if he can’t get enough soldiers in the states, he can call in the UN. He’s working on that now with the tool ash carter.

  • Guest


  • miriam

    Why not just have Disney World build Cinder Ella castles (starting in DC) and just assign wands to all (especially the DC staff).

  • xcapeil

    A good many folks working for this government have special wands.

  • some.guy from.texas

    Close the blinds like a 2 yr ld closes its eyes – if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

  • searcher0

    yeah, hiding their heads in the sand works well for ostriches.

  • AnneM040359

    That is now happen at a few recruting centers, those with gun permits and guns are doing just that.

  • CMB313

    Obama fired the good ones and replaced them with carefully selected azz kissers.

  • Larry E. Sibley

    I am surprised that Odierno could say anything because his mouth is full of Obama’s ass.

  • behind enemy lines

    All the generals were substituted by brown nose pension whores, who answer directly to the pen and phone on golf cart one. Isnt this obvious yet? Hasnt anyone noticed all the generals kicked out probably what maybe….300 by now. They are answerable to the muslim brotherhood in high places, read for yourself.

  • NJK

    I urge all to post on this sorry excuse for a general’s Facebook page. These soldiers need our outrage to be heard.

  • barney59

    Freaking Idiots…

  • ozzy mo

    The WH has already closed it’s eyes!

  • cuz_i_said_so

    you people are funny. 🙂

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    “close the blinds?” Yep, definitely sounds like USMC Force Protection advice…

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    …trust me, many do, & have been for decades, if nothing else for everyday personal protection.

  • savage24

    Now you know why we have not won a war since WWII. The Pentagon is full of politicians instead military leaders with the will to win wars. Instead of sitting in Washington DC, maybe they should be in the forefront of the battlefield.

  • obathos

    Barry Hussein tells pentagon to tell recruiters DO NOT ARM YOURSELVES CLOSE THE BLINDS!

  • fredabc123

    So will they get rid of the guns at Obama’s kids’ school and install binds?

  • Our military are sitting ducks right now. And Oclown says not 1 fuccing word!

  • Patty

    And is that what you tell your family back home. Just Close the Blinds. And what about Obama and his family, they have 24 hour around the clock protection.

    Pentagon, you have either lost your mind or you just don’t give a d!!!

    Obama, VA scandal, Obama, incapable of calling Muslims Islamic Radicals. Obama, reducing our Military. Obama, is transforming not just America but our Military and that is a very dangerous thing, indeed.

  • Gas_Passer

    Fair enough…

  • Ubeturbipy

    Throw that bastard general into a nut house and throw away the key. It’s “leaders” like this who get the troops killed. He is not a leader but a dickless shithead wonder. They are throwing our military to the wolves.

  • Ubeturbipy

    I think this fine general and Oturd should pace up and don Pennsylvania avenue without their SS guarding them……..ah, make the announcement public noting the time, date and place. I seriously doubt they have anything to fear from anyone including ISIS

  • Patty

    And I bet Obama will change their uniforms into tutus. Obama, NO GOD, NO GUNS!

    He is the Ultimate mad man! And he is president. Wow!

  • Cahal the Mad™

    “close the blinds” because window blinds are bulletproof. This is totally insane, the left-wing trash have fully surrendered to islam. FO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • splink

    Close the Pentagon, arm recruiters. Problem solved.

  • Nirastra Bhava

    Does the Pentagon know window blinds don’t stop bullets?

  • Mama Bear

    The Pentagon wants MORE dead marines on American soil!

  • snipelee

    It’s worse than you mention. The shooter gets inside and the cops can’t see whats going on.

  • Getaclue

    Put this schmuck and the ones supporting this feked regime into the recruiting centers and see how they like being unarmed and shot at!!!!

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    Obama should lose his secret service protection.

  • From top on down. Poop “leadership”.

  • authemis

    any blue helmet is stupid enough to cross my path, there will be a red puddle left.

  • So apparently Mullah Omar now runs the pentagon?

  • Patty

    Obama Killed The Four Marines In Tennessee, GOP Does Nothing

    It is time to say plainly that what killed the four Marines at the
    Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee was not
    “violent extremism.” It was President Barack Obama’s policy of importing
    jihad by bringing thousands of Muslim immigrants into the United
    States, and the Capitol Hill Republicans’ criminal culpability for being
    so politically correct and feckless that they won’t even talk about the
    existential threat this policy offers to constitutional liberty, let
    alone stop it.

    The gunman who killed the four as yet unidentified Marines is
    24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. He was killed by local police.
    Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait, immigrated to the United States as a
    child and was given every benefit our society has to offer; a quality
    education, a comfortable middle class lifestyle and freedom to practice
    Islam and possibly join a known hotbed of Islamist radicals operating in

    (CBS Boston says one of the Marines killed was Gunnery Sgt. Thomas
    Sullivan, 40, a native of Springfield, Mass. The station cites the India
    Battery 3rd Battalion 12th Marines Facebook page as its source.)

    We urge you to contact your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to demand that America freeze immigration from Islamist terrorist hotspots until there is a security investigation and assimilation process in place that will guarantee we are not importing more jihadis and social vampires like Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez and the Tsarnaevs to America.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    You just can’t make this stuff up! It’s like a really really bad movie that you just can’t turn off! My God!

  • Patty

    Obama is getting Americans killed. And there is someone, somewhere who knows something big on Obama. I really cannot explain why I feel this way but Obama should have been impeached long ago.

    How can a President of this great nation get by with what he has been doing?
    I and many other Americans feel the same way. Obama has had free reign to do anything he so desires, I want to know, WHY?

  • Lindy Baumann

    agreed….years ago working in a restaurant, the local cops told us to never have our blinds closed for precisely that reason. the only reason i can see for this is they want to have our guys dead, replace them all with rainbow warriors (snark), and just roll over as we are completely taken over by muslims. frustrating to me to see all of this taking place, can’t find the brakes anywhere. 🙁

  • toad

    It’s too bad that ol’ boy has gone to the dark side.

  • Patty

    ‘SUDDEN JIHAD’, Brotherhood’s Tennessee Connection. Let’s Play Connect The Dots

    And if Obama has his way, many of the
    100,000 Muslim refugees expected to arrive this year will be dumped
    right in the heart of America’s Bible Belt, transported and supported on
    the backs of hardworking US taxpayers.

    Tennessee alone will get up to 10,000 Somali Muslims this year. As
    crime rates soar in every city in America that has a significant Somali
    Muslim population, home values drop like a stone. Hmmm…the ever jihadi-loving Somalis….and
    they are hardly alone in their efforts, be they from Somalia or other
    Islamic nations. The point being, Islam demands that they wage jihad!

    “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must
    understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in
    eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and
    “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the
    believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious
    over all other religions.”


    So, I am asking why Obama has been trying to hurt Americans? I want to know Why? I want to know why?

  • Patty

    and this, Obama is pure evil:

    For the masses he loves to control, Obama delivered radical change but deep despair instead of promised hope.

    Obama’s secret database forces ‘racist’ smear on innocent citizens

  • Wingman

    Absolutely correct TC. Couldn’t have said it any better. Those Officers are exactly like politicians more concerned about their careers than their troops.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    “Close the blinds” what a perfect metaphor for a government that has blinders on.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    Are these magical bullet-proof blinds?

  • toad

    Window blinds are concealment, not cover. Concealments are lies, like usual.

  • toad

    can’t see the truth

  • bworei

    Hey, recruiters, tell the Pentagon: MOLON LABE!

  • Charles Randall

    its all about the continued destruction and demoralization of the USA armed forces to be replaced by obamas politically controlled civilian forces ……………………

  • Charles Randall

    correct. then obama can put illegals in the military………………….

  • Charles Randall

    illinois…………………………can we give them to Putin?

  • Shotgun_Joe

    Our military does not have blinds on the front lines.
    Pentagon generals are gutless Obama chamber pot servants.

  • Shotgun_Joe

    Conceal carry or die.

  • joe

    Our Troops are Trained for War, It’s Time They are Trusted to Carry at Home!
    “How many more of our troops need to die because our politicians and upper echelon military leaders, who are well protected, refuse to allow those they train for war to go without the same level of protection? It’s time to allow our troops to carry. End the gun free zones on bases and recruitment centers. Now.”

  • Patty
  • ar05075

    ‘No Guns’ Allowed at Centers – “CLOSE THE BLINDS” for Protection’
    For gawd sakes you might kill a mooselimb…!!

  • Lobo

    So it is about running / hiding? Seriously- if that is the best some can think of- blinds? I wouldn’t let my kid Serve in the Military.

  • Lobo

    Then write a book and get paid about it to shame the cowards.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Carry concealed boys! When’s the last time you were frisked at the NOSC or the recruiting office. I carry mine every single drill weekend.

    I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • Lobo


  • PinkPigs

    A well deserved shredding of Obama!

    This video is going viral….one million hits and counting keep it going.

    Conservative anchor, 22, becomes viral star with passionate rant against Obama: Heated speech about President’s ‘half-baked’ ISIS policy is viewed nearly one million times… and counting

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • Mike in Illinois

    No! But you are welcome to give them Ill-annoy, which consists of The Chicago area.
    This really is a nice place to live, though it tends to be a bit ummmmm flat. Downstate isn’t too hot, yet not too cold. We have wildlife, hunting, fishing yet the critters are tolerable (aside from the feral humans that run in packs within urban settings. Lots of wide open spaces, from fields to timber and water to boat on. Illinois really is great, it is IllAnnoy that’s a problem.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Which is why at least my state has most everywhere gun freeeeeeeeee zones. Entire parking lots are posted here! It is absolutely ridiculous.

  • TheVelvetKitten

    what’s next? just lock the door?

  • PinkPigs

    Obama will tell them to convert….pee their pants……hide under a chair

  • lonestar

    Close the blinds? Even Putin fell off his chair in disbelief at that one.

  • lonestar

    George HW Bush disarmed them, not Bill Clinton. Bush signed the order in February, 1992.

  • lonestar

    Barry wants everyone to see how he is destroying the country.

  • Avspatti

    Insanity, insanity everywhere! Close the blinds, eh? Those would be the bulletproof blinds the Pentagon had installed in every recruiting station, right? Right? Good grief. What unbelievable COWARDS!

  • Patty

    and because of this action by Obama, our military are sitting ducks. Unbelievable Obama is still president.

  • Carolscales


  • anne

    For National Guard…not federal, right? Which states?

  • Dr.S

    So I’d like to remind you.. Closing the Blinds is about ALL they got to do- Really… It makes it hard to see where they are so YES do it! I’d like to see atleast 1 armed personell (maybe as secuirty) In the back room… if anything. THO We have policies (DOES BY PRESIDENT BUSH) to prevent guns on bases or facilities like this.

    So blame bush, not Obama.

  • Cherisesmith

    Feel Free Freedom ghegatewaypundi ……… Keep Reading

  • glenn47

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. Closing the blinds will stop all violence. No one would think anyone is in there working during office hours and God Forbide they would be in uniform. If they aren’t proud enough to wear a uniform, how do they expect to recruit anyone? Oh yeah, that is the point, sizing down the military.
    This fake Gen O has never served in the active theater, he has only been a paper pusher and now he is a lap dog appointed by BO. It all fits.

  • glenn47

    Not bad coming from the White House who says fences don’t work, but has one around it. Who wants everyone to give up their guns, only to be protected by those with guns.
    So take down the fence, fire the secret service men and just close the blinds. Simple.

  • Guest

    No. Clinton, 1993. Military are to be disarmed in COTUS

  • margaret.anderson9
  • roccolore

    Democrats will not support our military, but they arm the terror mosques after every jihadist attack.

  • Bitter Clinger

    So basically, the Obama regime doesn’t mind that military members are sitting ducks. Got it.

    I’m sure ISIS did too.

  • Joe Sixpack

    The obama millitary, purging common sense( and combat commanders) since 2009

  • toad

    Hide from the scary musselmen.

  • MC Slammer

    Why did the Clinton, and now the Obama Administrations not want US soldiers carrying firearms on base in the US? Simply, because they do not trust US soldiers. They fear that many of them might decide to carry out their oath to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and —domestic—. That’s why.

    It’s disgusting that the Bush Administration did not rescind this foolish and short- sighted order, but then again moderate Bush had a lot of faults, the biggest one being Karl Rove.

    Progtards will never trust the military…and they are wise not to do so.

  • MC Slammer

    No, they don’t mind. To a Progtard, anyone who joins the military is either a hopeless innercity victim or a White southern gun-nut who only wants to kill, kill, KILL.

    I wonder if anyone has generated a per-capita enlistment rate for red and blue counties.

  • “Penned” In

    Indiana, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana to arm Guardsmen in wake of Chattanooga shootings

  • OldSailor

    Unfortunately Ill-Annoy is what I’m most familiar with after 4 years on staff at Great Lakes. I’ll take your word for it about the rest of the state, “Fallujah” West should be cut loose.

  • Muawiyah

    Odierno steps out for Obama and takes a big one ~ but he also proves he’s totally, irrevocably, screamingly NUTS!

  • Muawiyah

    The policy started toward the end of the George H. W. Bush regime, continued under the Clinton regime, was not dealt with during the George W. Bush regime, and is a centerpiece of the B.H.Obama regime.

    IT’S NUTTY STUFF ~ the Presidents who tolerated the idea are NUTTY. Their friends are NUTTY. Their Secretaries of Defense are also equally NUTTY.

    We missed out on six perfectly good Impeachment opportunities just so unarmed military personnel can be shot to death on American soil.

    I say we quit missing those opportunities ~ time to run Las Presidentes through the wringer of near interminable public hearings and shame.

  • Muawiyah

    Obama is reducing government loan guarantees to having a bank loan officer determine what “race” an applicant is.

    I suppose they imagine this is some sort of step up from the South African comb test!

  • Infidel Knight

    Obama’s policy translated: It’s open season on Israel and America. May you find Allah’s unending blessings in successful jihad.

  • Tim

    Those good old bulletproof blinds…..

  • Tim

    Best post of the thread! Bravo!

  • Matt Swinden

    This is not a White House issue, but rather a policy that has been in place since 1992 under Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5210.56

  • Matt Swinden
  • Guest

    GHWB directive:

    Clinton implementation on military bases:

    “Army Regulation 190–14
    Military Police: Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Security Duties
    Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC
    12 March 1993 Unclassified

    AR 190–14 Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Security Duties
    This revision-
    o Implements applicable portions of Department of Defense Directive 5210.56.
    o Clearly establishes minimum qualification requirements for military police and Department of the Army law enforcement and security personnel (para 2-3).
    o Expands authorization documentation options for authorizing officials (para 2-4).
    o Limits and controls the carrying of firearms by Department of the Army military and civilian personnel (para 2-6).
    o Prohibits the carrying of non-Government owned or issued weapons or ammunition (para 2-6).
    o Prohibits carrying of firearms by persons taking prescription drugs or other medication that may cause drowsiness or impair reaction or judgment (para 27).
    o Prohibits consumption of alcohol within 8 hours of carrying firearm or flying in aircraft (paras 2-7 and 4-3).
    o Requires the use of deadly force with firearms be applied equally to personnel using a weapon or equipment which, when properly employed in their intended application, would exert deadly force (para 3-2).

  • Guest

    GHWB directive, yes. See DTIC.
    Clinton implementation on military bases:

    “Army Regulation 190–14
    Military Police: Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Security Duties
    Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC

    12 March 1993

    AR 190–14 Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Security Duties
    This revision-
    o Implements applicable portions of Department of Defense Directive 5210.56.
    o Clearly establishes minimum qualification requirements for military police and Department of the Army law enforcement and security personnel (para 2-3).
    o Expands authorization documentation options for authorizing officials (para 2-4).
    o Limits and controls the carrying of firearms by Department of the Army military and civilian personnel (para 2-6).
    o Prohibits the carrying of non-Government owned or issued weapons or ammunition (para 2-6).
    o Prohibits carrying of firearms by persons taking prescription drugs or other medication that may cause drowsiness or impair reaction or judgment (para 27).
    o Prohibits consumption of alcohol within 8 hours of carrying firearm or flying in aircraft (paras 2-7 and 4-3).
    o Requires the use of deadly force with firearms be applied equally to personnel using a weapon or equipment which, when properly employed in their intended application, would exert deadly force (para 3-2).

  • dcbeall

    This is not a business area.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Old Sailor, I am so sorry you had to be subjected to that area. Lucky you made it out alive and intact. What is hilarious is this…..In Chicago, they blame “springfield” As it is the capital. Yet. the Chicago politicians dominate the capital complex, owning all power. So they tell folks in Chicago how badly the downstaters are, and how it is us harming them….. Ultimate Projection, and they get away with it!

    I think it is going to take a full on crash for things to improve and I also think a full on crash is unavoidable at this point. WAY too much debt, and no tangible ways seen to pay it back. Chicago politicians just can resist raising taxes (cook county just raised sales tax AGAIN) and then spending that MORE and then some. Chicago schools just borrowed MORE than they needed to make pension payments, and that money will be laundered and squandered so its just MORE to pay back.

    It appears to me that democrat pols are attempting to bankrupt this state on purpose. That part of Illinois is ugly, and I won’t even try to sugar coat it. But it really is nice aside from the democrat disease. The grass is green, corn fields are like blankets of green velvet in the springtime and couttryside you can get lost in almost like big sky country. I, like so many others, oft wonder what it would be like here absent Chicago and its politics. Maybe when the “reorganization” takes place we will get to find out……

  • X


  • Kortney Dunkle

    This is a deadly serious issue and for the Jt. Chiefs to blow this off so quickly tells me they are
    taking orders from the White House. I guess more servicemen need to be killed by “work place violence”.

    Gutless !

  • anne


  • moose

    I read an article a very long time ago that a recently retired GI said that all the “desk jockeys” in the Pentagon only want to put their time in and get their pensions and dont give a HOOT about doing their jobs…..Yup, this so called General sure fills that description…….looks like there’s nobody with backbone or balls left in the Pentagon… truly sad and what does that bode for this country?

  • Rod

    I see nothing in this regulation that does not prohibit a command from authorizing it’s Soldier from being issued a government owned weapon.
    Second bullet you reference states this regulation establishes the requiments for MP’s DA law enforcement and Civilian Personal. Now I have not pulled up the entire DOD 5210.26 or AR 190-14 but please do not quote something out of context. This does not apply to force protection. As it is written. It establishes the requirements for law enforcement on a base.

  • Rod

    Please reference Para D 1 that qualified personnel can be armed for mission requirements of the DoD Directive page 3. The authorization is allowed when there is reasonable expectations that there is a threat to life or assets. I be level we have met this criteria.

  • General Dindu

    Gee wiz no wonder moral in the military is so low and no one wants to join up to serve the zero in chief. Lol

  • Michelle Lee

    They are already doing it, and also oath keepers started the day it happened!

    This is a headline but no where does it say anything about it……

    DOD Orders Citizens Defending Recruit Centers ARRESTED

  • Michelle Lee

    Its already a story!

  • Lady Liberty

    It’s way beyond time to remove ALL the treasonous, in my opinion, collaborationists who are making these absurd rules & regulations which result in “aiding and abetting” the enemy! I do believe there exists the proper punishments for these traitors!!! Let’s USE them!

  • OldSaltUSN

    So, let me get this straight. The NEXT time a Mussie raghead wannabe decides to murder America’s military recruiters, the Pentagon will do what? Court marshal survivors for not lowering the blinds far enough to stop a bullet? What precisely is the magic number, that body count figure of dead servicemen or women that it’ll take before Obama’s appointees will decide to allow them to defend themselves? Remember, this isn’t “professional military men” making these decisions. They’re being micromanaged by Obama.

    Remember also, that it was Obama’s friends who were trying to blow up recruiting centers during the 60’s and 70’s, which is why the President wasn’t even moved enough to lower flags at half staff until average folks were complaining for a week about it. Democrats disgust me. The don’t deserve the defense these kids are voluntarily providing them.

    Sidebar: One of my kids friends is taking time off from his 5th or 6th SpecOps tour to take a recruiting assignment. He had his body armor laid out in one photo, and a picture of his dog on alert at the front door of his recruiting office, and he titled it “Labrador Force Protection”. Cute pix. Good man.

  • OldSaltUSN

    So, we’re reaching back to 1992 to prove that leaving America’s military defenseless is a legitimate policy, huh? GHWB hasn’t been President for a long, long time. Neither has GWB. It’s time for Obama to grow up and take accountability for his policies and actions.

    The threat is, and has been NOW. This happened on Obama’s watch; this blood is on him. Obama has the best intel in the world, and if he ever attended a daily briefing or read the notes, he’d be aware of the danger. His response has been: **crickets** – nothing.

    The Democrats own Obama’s policies . The Democrats are responsible for a weak military and vulnerable country. If you love that, enjoy, but don’t lie about it.

  • whodowetrust

    Join that with the Pope who says he needs armed guards but that we need our guns taken from us, or that we should agree with agenda 21 but doesn’t even mention Fukushima radiation killing the ocean life and our world.

  • whodowetrust

    I for one am sick of “gun free zones” that become kill zones for murderers.

  • whodowetrust

    That probably happened when he almost died laughing at a military base flying a flag that resembled the U.S. flag but had the stripes of a rainbow.
    This traitor in Chief needs to have some service members remember their oath, if there are any left that are from America and still have balls.

  • Arizona

    Jefferson,the ships CAPTAINS,at PEARL knew they were being setup,Friday night they had a meeting with ALL the other ships captains to decide what to do about the base commander who was setting them up,then the attack came sunday morning………….

  • Dave

    Why would anyone listen to anything coming out of the completely traitorous federal government today! They are so far from Constitutional values, it’s sickening! And, why the hell are we all still paying taxes to a government that refuses to do the few things they are actually supposed to be doing, like controlling our borders!

  • Jay

    Well, I guess the recruiting stations could always fly the rainbow fag flag instead of closing the blinds.
    It seems that’s what our military stands for now days.

    At least that should keep the gay Muslims from attacking.

  • Nam Marine

    Our Service members need to GET OUT of the damn Military !