FIGURES. Barack Obama Had His Own 2012 Confederate Flag Pin

Many of the nation’s largest retailers abruptly decided this week to stop selling merchandise tied to the Confederate battle flag. Walmart, Sears, Kmart, eBay, Amazon and Etsy removed Confederate flag items from their online stores.

This comes after racist killer Dylann Storm Roof murdered 9 Christians in the Emanuel AME Church last week.

But Democrats have been using Confederate flags in their campaigns for decades.
Hillary Clinton had Confederate flag campaign pins in 2008.
hillary alabama pin

And Barack Obama had his own Confederate flag campaign pin… in 2012!
The pin says:

“Where the confederate flag still flies, we have built a powerful coalition of African Americans and white Americans”

This line came from Barack Obama’s race speech defending crazy Reverend Wright at the Constitution Center in 2008.
obama confederate flag pin

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  • Mike in Illinois

    Like I said…
    Gee, why all of a sudden ban this flag merchandise?
    Well, to stop people from seeing THIS particular hypocrisy, of course.

  • Hussein Jones

    I want one.

  • Prometheus

    For over a century, while the Country sleeps, the Democratic Party sneaks from the warmth of a clean bed to sleep with and propagate slavery and racial oppression, only to rise in the morning to scorn slavery and racial oppression and its offspring.

    Now they have rake as President who is willing to upturn the entire household to make sure others are blamed for the misbegotten outcome.

  • Goose

    the Greatest Living Detective, Joe Kenda would say, “Wellll my, My, MY…. what do we have here?”

  • Goose

    The Left: whatever they don’t ban, they mandate- whatever they don’t mandate, they ban

  • Alex

    Texas still sells confederate merchandise.

  • Alex

    Stupid demrats, in order to ban the flag it takes to kill nine people.

  • Brett

    Wow, just WOW…

  • Feet2Fire

    Hypocrites and traitors… Next “victim” will be our Old Glory flag. Even Rush Limbaugh says so:

  • Goose

    for the record, Stars and Bars fans have known that for years.

    BUT, it’s all been just in the last 20-25 years because if the Stars and Bars were so-o distasteful how could CBS television network have put on a tv show which featured the Stars and Bars on wheels? CBS would never have done that if the Black Mafia had been so-o offended, d’ya think?

    NO-BO-DY! complained about the Stars and Bars when, “Dukes of Hazzard” was on television!
    “Jus’ some good ol’ boys, never meanin’ no harm…” (Waylon Jennings, 1979)

    SO-O, what changed in just the last 20-25 years that the Flag became so-o hateful? hmmmm

  • Goose

    note that even liberal publications have been taken by the SPEED! with which this is all happening.

    note that alotta folks shrug all this off because they have no affinity for the Confederate Stars and Bars.
    eh! they all say, altotta folks just don’t care what happens because they don’t have a dog in this fight…

    maybe that’s you – so-o, what will happen when They come after something that you like?

    everybody is quick to give Rush credit for broadcasting something that Southerners have known for years but I’ll take it one step further… one day The Left will come for that Cross around your neck.
    DO YOU THINK I’M EXAGGERATING?! do you think, “Awwww no, that’ll never happen” -HAH! jus’ wait, if there’s one thing about The Left you should know by now- THEY NEVER STOP, NEVER, EVER, NEVER

  • The Analog Kid

    Why can’t you people get it after all this time, facts simply do not matter to the liberal mind. It’s all about emotions and feelings for liberals. You cannot win a debate with people who are religious zealots to egalitarian utopianism.

    You also don’t seem to understand that the Confederate flag doesn’t mean anything to them, other than winning another battle against surrender monkeys. Now with another victory etched on their belt, they are onto their next battle.

    You do not negotiate with liberals/communists. You stop them. You do not bargain with them. Let them whine and cry and burn down their cities. You have already negotiated most of our country away to them to “keep the peace”, and that hasn’t worked out so well either, has it?

  • DSR

    Liberalism = Mental Disorder

  • Lee Jan

    Scapegoating the flag, so sanctimonious.
    But the 9/11 Memorial has a room DEDICATED to the Islamic terrorists who flew the planes into the buildings.

  • Brett Favre

    so will the also stop selling the jihadi flags? or the flags of nations that are human rights abusers like Iran, saudi, ect?

  • BrandiTamponString

    I am from the north, I have read all about the history of the flag in school. Am I the only one missing the emotional effects from this flag. Yes it belongs in a museum.

  • BrandiTamponString

    They sell them in Boston.

  • demsul

    Calls for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag is now being used as another tool to further drive a wedge between people by those on the Left. Anytime there is something the Left can use to divide people, they take it. It’s the Left’s Modus Operandi.

  • Scoob

    Hey, just like they were against gay marriage before they were for it.

  • Donna in NC

    Of course its the flags fault! Whenever I see a Union Jack flag, I automatically hate people in Red coats!!

  • ScottyK

    With the sudden frenzied push to ban anything with a Confederate flag on it, I see the “Streisand Effect” in play here. From Wikipedia – “The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.” I would like to see figures of where sales are UP on the confederate flag. I know I want one now, just because they are making such a huge stink against it.

  • Tony Hooker

    Do you have any source for this? This really sounds like one of those “too good to check” things the MSM gets bitten by from time to time.

  • Kat

    So Eric..are you stating Republicans made up these buttons? Did they make up Clinton/Gore election posters with the Confederate Flag? How gullible are you? Must be a kool-aid drinking Obama supporter

  • Scott

    You read the history you were told to read, and what they wanted you to ‘learn’. School in the 70’s, I don’t remember lessons on the evils of the Stars and Bars. Each State has their flag, only the South has a flag that represents its regional heritage, except maybe New England. I won’t pretend to understand it completely, but you should try to understand it a little.

  • Scott

    Or the Stars and Stripes. I’ve seen that flag in pictures flying at KKK rallies. The USA under that flag supported slavery, segregation, and only allowed white men to vote.

  • gwhh

    I tell you, these two only live for the moment without any though for tomorrow! typical leftist

  • SWwife
  • Patty

    Liberals and republicans were Shocked, saddened as every American was on Wednesday. Seems longer with all the Americans giving their 2 cents about what? A Flag. To think they believe that taking down a flag and they won’t stop there. Have you wonder what else?

    Americans in tragedies came together on 9/11 and with that tragedy Our President George W. Bush decided to get those who killed 3,000 Americans on American soil. Yes, he tried what he thought in his HEART what was the right thing to do, he Had a Strategy.

    Have you noticed the only Strategy for ISIS has been none, killings of Thousand of “Christians”, Jews, Children and Women hasn’t been much of anything. Where is the outrage there? While Americans are being held hostage and will be killed and are Christians.

    But now, his solution is to take down any sign of a Confederate flag and store in away and that is the Strategy for even Republicans. Wow, I say just Wow, what have we become when the solution is Political and it doesn’t address the true problem that Politicians like Obama have created of Hate and Racism and Mentally disturbed pukes who commit murderous acts, it was NOT the flag, it was an insane puke who was raised to hate.

  • beef with brocolli

    Oh, that’s rich.

  • Andrei Vyshinsky

    You’ve been brainwashed. Don’t feel too lonely though. Most Americans today believe complete nonsense fed them by the media. They don’t read any actual history–preferring to be indoctrinated by the revisionist Hollywood/New York based propaganda designed to discredit common sense and decency that used to be a given. As a general rule, anything you were taught in school is wrong.

  • Anonymous isn’t Anonymous


  • Patty

    and sickle hang over the Oval Office, courtesy of Valerie Jarrett. The
    burning question is: What’s the FBI doing about it?
    The Hammer and Sickle that hangs over the White House

    Surely the biggest news isn’t that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has files obtained by Judicial Watch revealing
    that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s
    trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under
    investigation by the U.S. government—but that the FBI is sitting on
    those files doing diddle-y-squat about them.

    a question, while Americans now our calling for the Confederate Flag
    being taken down, WHAT ABOUT THE communists in Washington, humm, Nothing,

  • Patty

    Explain please, Obama, someone ask him this because he needs to be taken to task, for once, Please anyone?

  • Zanzibar

    Jim with respect, the victims of the murders are both Black and Christian.
    Is that Barack Obama pin for real? Holy cow!

  • jedward1000

    Where did you find that? Priceless right now.

  • Hy Feiber

    There is no end game, but the end of America.

  • TheLight

    Umm…learn some history. It’s not the Stars and Bars, it’s the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. It’s proper name is the Southern Cross. The Stars and Bars is a completely different flag. This is the Stars and Bars:

  • TheLight

    The flag in question is not the Stars and Bars. This is the Stars and Bars:

  • ChicagoJohn

    Its Zazzle… which means it doesn’t exist until someone orders it.
    I get the point. BUT that doesn’t mean that it was authorized.

  • Griffonn

    No, the argument is that (1) the Confederate flag is so inherently racist that (1a) it CAUSED the church shooting, in the same way that a “climate of hate” CAUSED the shooting of JFK, and (1b) the flag is so OBVIOUSLY racist and evil that anyone who would fly the flag is implicated in the murder.

    That is not only the subtext or implication, but in some places the actual argument being made.

  • Griffonn

    lol sell that on ebay for a zillion dollars

  • epublicus

    Flag of treason?… ask ol’ German George what he thought of this flag… 🙂

  • Sagac

    So did Clinton! They are both fakes, but lets not let that stop us!

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I have a good pin for Obama……

  • Sagac

    And Prescott Bush supported Hitler, is that relevant?

  • Sagac

    and yes, its a fake, but we cant let that stop us.

  • Gust

    There weren’t riots. So now, the Left has to make them happen.

  • Griffonn

    It’s not up to you to decide what flag the people of other states fly.

    (Almost said nation. Because back then, people understood themselves as citizens of a state, not belongings or possessions belonging to a federal government.)

  • Griffonn

    The principle of self-governance is an enemy thought to some people.

    The self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence are not self-evident.

    They cannot comprehend the thought that it is possible to believe slavery is wrong, and yet to also believe that to force states to stay in the union by force is also wrong – and undermines the very principles the USA was founded on.

  • Bob Edwards

    Did he say anything about the obama pin? NO HE DIDNT

  • Dolores Wieland

    Unamerica knows no history

  • Dolores Wieland

    I no longer call this nation America but Unamerica.

  • Folly67

    He may not have sanctioned it but the quote attributed to him says a lot.

  • Kristen Murray

    I searched eBay to find this pin and no luck. Where did you find it, Mr. Holt? And can you link to the source. The link provided goes to a broken graphic design seeming site. Thanks.

  • GLW513

    First of all, Snopes is so far left, their headquarters should be in Hawaii.

  • Hector Rodriguez

    America know only when their welfare check is coming and who gives the most free money, entitlements, etc… so they can vote for them.

  • GLW513

    So Nate, you are basing this solely on the fact that Snopes said it is false?

  • Griffonn

    I love how you guys think it’s your job to bully everyone into having “right” opinions.

    How much more destruction will you wreak before you recognize the link between that behavior and the inevitably pathological outcomes?

  • jm1946

    I have never owned a Confederate flag or any other memento of the Confederacy. I will in all likelihood not purchase anything with the stars and bars on it in the future. That doesn’t mean I am or am not a racist or a hate monger. It just says that I have no desire to own such articles. I also would not purchase the flag of a foreign country. I simply don’t care to own one. But, if someone desires to have these things that is their business and by the way their right. If I put a cross in my front yard, I defy anyone to come and try to remove it. This is still America. If Walmart, who by the way is in Hillary’s back pocket, and the rest of the left leaning merchants don’t want to sell these items. So be it. Their loss. You can bet your bottom dollar sales will spike on all of these items because true believers of freedom won’t be intimidated by ignorant politicians. The Confederate flag did not shoot those innocent people in South Carolina or anyplace else. An idiot who deserves nothing better then to be hung from the nearest tree did.

  • Griffonn

    lol you prolly really believe that you can behave the way you do without actually being responsible for being what you are.

  • ComTech121

    Obama and his corrupt government have always been a bunch of two bit government hacks. Their recent behavior, however, has made them all so hypocritical that they don’t even know what the truth is anymore. End of story. President Clown only has up to another year in office anyway. However, things probably won’t be much better after 2016, for we’ll all have the distinct “honor” to choose from candidates like Hillary, Jeb, Trump, or Rand Paul. Carson is a long shot, but seems to have at least some common sense. The only problem is that he doesn’t have any political experience, so he could just be saying these things.

  • IrishBoss

    Hey Nate, Snopes says the pin is either photoshopped or maybe they ordered it from zazzle. Apparently snopes isn’t exactly clear how it’s a fake just darn tootn’ confident it’s a fake, why well there would have been a media flap back in 2012 so says snopes. Pffffffft I say to Barbara and the fake horse she rode in on.

  • ComTech121

    Hey Bill, where in my last post did I mention that I was a viewer of Fox News? Nowhere. I like how you also criticized me for “bitching” when you’re guilty of the same behavior toward me, crying and complaining about what I said in my last post. FYI, I have a Bachelor’s degree and a very good one I might add, not to mention a good job, too.

    Bernie Sanders is a senile old man who will be 74 yrs. old if elected for his first term (he’ll be even older than washed-out Hillary). If elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got dementia during his first term. Oh and last I heard, Bernie was running as a Democrat, not an Independent (he announced this during his stump speech). Who has their facts wrong now?

  • Egghead101

    Silentbob890, you’re the idiot. Please reread the sentence…I will copy and paste “This line came from Barack Obama’s race speech defending crazy Reverend Wright at the Constitution Center in 2008.”

    Do you see where it says “this Line” It’s a fake pin….they are referring to something he said about Rev. Wright
    Can you kids please pay attention?
    actually maybe all of you. But they are correct, he sux

  • 1Forced_Registration

    Its not your fault you have a distorted picture of mass murders. The news media does what it can to make events like Charlotte continuous stories, and events like these one day stories:

    Black on white shootings…

    Omar Thornton — killed 9 — stole beer from company and called to complain to family “I killed the racists”

    Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton — Killed 6 whites, and wounded two other whites in a dispute with city hall.

    David Burke Pacific Southwest Flight 1771 -killed 42 whites on a plane in an act of terrorism – 1 day story

    The Pearcy Massacre 3 black killers 5 white victims

    I could go on and list 252 more if you would like. I haven’t even touched on psycho black groups like the followers of Yahweh Ben Yahweh …

    This is not to denigrate blacks, it is merely to point out that the media has shown a tremendous interest in promoting discord and burying certain types of crime. 2 days before the Jasper, Texas dragging incident – a woman from Jerseyville, Illinois was hit over the head with the a pipe, her TV stolen, raped, car stolen, and dragged behind the vehicle for over 2 miles to her death. Not a single national news agency picked up the killing in Jerseyville, Illinois. Governor Ryan even gave those people a commutation of their sentence to life (they were on deat row). The Post Dispatch listed the crimes of every person Ryan commuted the sentence of — except these two.

    If that doesn’t demonstrate an “agenda” by a large number of media corporations to bury black on white crime — I don’t know what will for you.

  • Dolores Wieland

    Yes Hector and now they are on the dole with free Obamacare which is costlier than the Medicaid they already had. The American worker can barely feed themselves while the lowlifes leech off them. It is sad when the nonworker lives better, eats better, than the worker. Entitled people are lazy. (I’m not talking about the truly needy)

  • Andrew

    Here’s the quote, placed in this thing called “context”:

    “Throughout the first year of this campaign, against all predictions to the contrary, we saw how hungry the American people were for this message of unity. Despite the temptation to view my candidacy through a purely racial lens, we won commanding victories in states with some of the whitest populations in the country. In South Carolina, where the Confederate Flag still flies, we built a powerful coalition of African Americans and white Americans.”

    You really think he was “honoring” the Confederate Flag?

  • D J

    Snopes? And their proof is specious at best.

  • Darren Muse

    I’ve never seen a campaign button issued by a Democrat campaign without a union bug, and I’ve collected hundreds of pins from campaigns. And none of these examples have one. Therefore, they’re false.

  • bealzebubba

    You know this is BS, right?

  • N8

    IT’s a hoax, you moron. These buttons did not exist before June 2015.

  • N8

    It’s a hoax, you idiot. These buttons did not exist before June 2015.

  • N8

    It’s a hoax, you dumbass. These buttons did not exist before June 2015.

  • N8

    Maybe liberal publications aren’t covering this because they vet their sources. Jim Hoft is far too stupid to do that.

  • N8

    Jim Hoft – too stupid to understand what “fakes” means.

  • N8

    Comments were deleted because Jim Hoft is too much of a chickenshit to deal with free speech.

  • N8

    Comment was deleted because Jim Hoft doesn’t believe in free speech.

  • N8

    Jim Hoft is too stupid to use sources.

  • Griffonn

    Comments policy

    This is a moderated site. You don’t have an unrestricted right to free speech on someone else’s site; “free speech” means you have the right and the ability to respond at your own site. has sites you can have for free.

  • JoseCuervo

    LMAO…… those are as real as these ones that were sold online until last week.

  • JoseCuervo

    you mean how the right want to ban gay marriage and womens right to choose? noted

  • JoseCuervo

    Hey, if you don’t like Liberalism and liberty , do I have the place for you. you would love it…… guns for everyone

  • JoseCuervo

    snopes is not even an american site… hilarious…..

  • JoseCuervo

    They also sold these on Sazzle until last week… the official Union bugs are what makes pins legitimate…. anyone can make pins, bands make their own pins…. get real

  • JoseCuervo

    because they are as false as these. that were sold online.

  • JoseCuervo

    jesus , the ignorance is rampant here…. Obamacare is not free… no one had a problem with Romney care which is the SAME thing and the guy who help write ACA also helped write Romneycare.

    I guess you want to go back to the old way, when people did not pay for insurance and we were paying for them.

  • JoseCuervo

    School textbooks are whitewashed.. every one knows this. I bet you still believe Columbus discovered america….. get familiar with the Confederate states secession declarations… they are clear.

  • JoseCuervo

    as real as this one

  • JoseCuervo

    also as real as this one

  • JoseCuervo

    want one of these?

  • JoseCuervo

    only if you were white… if you were black, you were definitely a possession

  • JoseCuervo

    look for this one while you are at it

  • JoseCuervo

    as real as this one……..

  • GLW513

    How the right wants to ban gay marriage….I think that you need to take a poll….bet you there are a few on the left that want to ban it as well.

  • GLW513

    But there are people in this country that believe in “The Gospel According to Snopes”….everyone should take a few minutes to read through the posts….get some popcorn and a beverage….an adult one, because you are in for a fantasy ride, just like going to a Sci-Fi movie!

  • GLW513

    Please don’t hide behind that crap….or that the candidate did not endorse it….if they knew about it they could have put a stop to it.

  • GLW513

    Wonder why King Obama has a major contributor, mentor, and puppet master named George Soros, who isn’t even an American…..known, Marxist, Communist, Socialist! Please tell me that I am wrong!

  • GLW513

    It is obvious when they started selling the Rand pins….but does this website say when they started selling the King Obama pins that are in question?

  • Griffonn

    You’ll notice the North didn’t end slavery in the North, even when it declared slavery over in the South.

    It has always been true that evolutionary losers get treated like dirt. I think it’s wonderful that western civilization came up with the idea of the equality of man. It’s certainly not an idea that originated in what we now call “the third world”.

  • Goose


    I mean how WE the Good People want to defend the Holy Institution of Marriage from demons who want to destroy it and All Goodness in OUR Civilization –
    and WE the Good People want to Protect Life from demons who want to destroy vulnerable, innocent, precious, defenseless babies from demons who want to KILL them. THAT’S! what I mean –

    Get behind me satan

  • BrandiTamponString

    The Vikings discovered America.

  • tiredofcriminals

    Yes they are backers of Obama.

  • tiredofcriminals

    You can buy on off the internet from flag sellers – just Google “buy confederate flag”. Some have huge backlogs right now.

  • tiredofcriminals

    Not true. There were blacks who also “possessed” blacks. It was NOT just whites who possessed others. Some blacks preferred to be slaves as it gave them room and board. Many were loved and cared for a great deal. Also some did not want to be “free” for various reasons.

  • tiredofcriminals

    Self governance is also an enemy of socialism and communism – both of which are espoused to by many in the current administration and aspiring democratic candidates.

  • tiredofcriminals

    You have put in word what most of us fear. The current bunch of GOP leaders in Congress do not care a rats a$$ about any of us – but about their power, being career politicians and money. Boehner and McConnell – a bunch of gutless of RINOs. Carl Rove is an abomination to any conservative who wishes to save our country.

  • tiredofcriminals

    If you spent any time on ebay watching the sales of the “confederate flag” get into a frenzied selling mess – you’d not need numbers. I would see them sold by the hundreds hourly just tracking one seller at a time. When I googled sales of confederate flag I came upon several sellers with their own websites talking about the huge increase in sales. One site I checked several times are completely out of stock – they sold in one day more than they sell in a week – and they only sell confederate/rebel related items. Everything is now on back order and they are hoping to get new stock in within two weeks to fill the back orders.

  • Phil W

    How’s that for a couple of Confederate flag supporters.

  • ComTech121

    Amen to that! I cringe every time I hear those guys speak….don’t even get me started on Rove’s white board that he likes to use all of the time. Like the rest of the guys that you mentioned, Rove’s opinions and “data” mean nothing.

  • resetplz

    Precisely; these pins are being made out to be official campaign promotional materials. They’re not.

  • thisismyaccount

    That pin is a fake. Get a clue people.

  • thisismyaccount

    This pin is a documented fake. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Dolores Wieland

    Jose It’s a known fact that Obamacare is free just like Medicad is free to low income and lowlifes.

  • JoseCuervo

    that’s the dumbest thing I have read today.

  • JoseCuervo

    that’s the dumbest thing I have read today., specially since Obamacare is not a plan.

  • JoseCuervo

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA many were loved and cared… yeah like we love and care for our dogs… gosh you belive that dumb ass myth.

    yeah , they were treated great

  • JoseCuervo

    No one can take you seriously when you use words like demons… except crazy people like you.

  • JoseCuervo

    no one can take you seriously when you use words like King Obama

  • JoseCuervo

    A few… your own words.. not majority , as is the case of the right.

  • Darren Muse

    It’s not that simple, simplemind.

  • John Hartley

    Yall done got hoaxed.