FOR SALE on EBay: Hillary Clinton 2008 Confederate Flag Pins

For Sale on eBay
Hillary Clinton 2008 Arkansas Confederate flag pin
hillary arkansas pin confederate

Hillary Clinton 2008 Alabama Confederate Flag pin
hillary alabama pin

EBay said it was banning Confederate flag merchandise from their online auction.
Apparently, they didn’t get around banning these Hillary pins yet.

But that was eight years ago…
Today in Florissant, Missouri Hillary said the Confederate flag has no place in America.

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  • Jim

    “Way down South
    “In the land of cotton,
    “I smell you,
    “and you smell rotten,
    Hil-a-ree, Hil-a-ree, Hil-a-ree,- Clin-in-ton.”

  • Patty

    isn’t it amazing that the left and now the right, publicly has decided that the Battle Flag of the Confederate Army is to blame for racism. Or shall I say the murders of 9 Christians, in Charleston. The flag had nothing to do with the monsters actions, not one bit.

    In a short 6 years things have become so political and taken a course of pretense and lies to fill one’s political agenda.

    This nation is politicizing everything. In the course of 6 years we are seeing manufacturers instead of promoting a product that they are selling, mind you, they are now, promoting gay life (2% of our population) and shoving their garbage down our throats. Nothing wrong with gays but why would anyone try to sell us that in a product that has nothing to do with what they are selling?

    America, the problem isn’t a flag, the problem is politicians and the media that keep shoving bad Ideas down our throats and it never has much to do with the Real problems at hand that we are facing today.

  • everyman

    Hilldo has made more changes in position that Caitlyn Jenner at gay rodeo.
    filthy carpet bagger.

  • bedfordthegreat


  • Bagger? Muncher.

  • /golfclap

  • PaulG

    Google the “Clinton/Gore 1992 confederate flag campaign pins” ..

    The round pin with Bill and Al wearing rebel uniforms “Sons of the new south” are priceless….Or $32.00 on Ebay….

    In 1987, Gov. Bill Clinton signed into law Act 116, restating the statutory language that included the reference to the stars on the Arakansas flag that are a commemoration of the Confederacy.

    The Arkansas flag with elements of the confederate flag flew proudly over Hillary’s residence for 12 years..

  • Hillary’s Blood Clot

    Dems have always been societies racists.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Gee, why would Ebay all of sudden decide to BAN selling of confederate flag merchandise?

  • Barry Soetero


  • Andrew Hortatsos

    Yep. And it starts at the top with the Commander in Chief.

  • l.barney

    HA! Oh, well, I guess she really IS NO WAYS TIRRED!

    HYPOCRITE Bwhahahahahahahaha!

  • kilroy5440

    This is hilarious but HIllary will just say those buttons weren’t produced or sanctioned by her campaign and that she’s never seen them before and lost any emails that may have come from them. She could also just claim that those buttons were worn by white Republicans who were out to discredit her…because we know Democrats aren’t racists, only white Republicans are. And now “confederate flag” = “racist”, but that was 2008 and it didn’t mean that back then anyway. Still hilarious!!!

  • gutsygirl
  • But, but, but she left the WH last a poor black wife don’t ya know………

  • BerettaStorm

    with a truck load of furniture she was forced to return

  • TxPatriot53

    At least with the Confederate flag down, there will never be another shooting, we are all saved.

  • cobrasixfour

    Especially considering the online market is full of national socialist items as well. Ebay and other businesses are going to suffer for the decision to insult southern heritage, not because of racism, but because of politically correct revisionist history.

  • JJTX

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haha

  • Bert

    I wish that some people would make millions of copies of that Hillary button and distribute it at all Democrat gatherings and all over the country. We need to get creative.

  • Canne Hale

    You can still find the flag flying high here. Get yours today before they are gone forever.

  • Mad Hatter

    I wonder what the NAACP and the Black Caucus will say about this? Oh wait, they’ll ignore it.

  • Northern_home_Southern_soul

    Liberals cause the majority of misery in the black communities, liberals have been stirring up a race war for years.
    And now that the blow back from the FAILED liberal policies and liberal racial hate hits 9 innocent people, the liberals solution is to ban a flag.
    Like that will solve anything other than NOTHING. Also pay no attention to the dozens of blacks shot and killed (including little children) over the weekend by other blacks.
    Maybe the liberal can ban rap music, if they feel so strongly about banning something.

  • ThisOldHouse

    Snap ’em up folks, it may be your last chance!

  • James


  • BigKnuckles

    Still trying to figure how a battle flag can be responsible for so much “racism.” Methinks the opportunists are plotting.

  • BigKnuckles

    Next, they will say “Don’t Tread on Me” flags are racist.

  • Oboy_must_go

    The South shall rise again! And I live in Wisconsin.

  • Frosted Flakes

    How dare a piece of demonic cotton possess this poor deranged man causing him to go on a murderous rampage. Sounds pretty illogical but so does banning a flag.

  • Oboy_must_go

    How much are obama’s hope and change pins going for? LOL!

  • BigKnuckles

    What’s the CBC (Clinton body count) up to now?

  • Mad Hatter

    Here’s Bill Clinton in 2005 receiving the Fullbright Prize, named after Segregationist Senator James William Fullbright.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Next these nuts will try to ban the American flag because it offends some pos foreigners.

  • BigKnuckles

    There are many homeowner associations that already do

  • Interesting story. You know how the big story yesterday was the alleged racist who donated to all the RNC candidates? And how through association that meant the candidate was racist?

    Well if the shoe fits Killary I guess you have to wear it.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Then they should get their asses kicked!

  • Mad Hatter

    There’s schools in areas the Hispanics have ethnically cleansed that are considering this. Many of those schools have banned the American flag on shirts because it’s considered ‘racists.’

  • Annie J

    Well the Confederate flag is the symbol of the Southern democrats that fought against abolishing slavery. .

  • BigKnuckles

    remember those kids in California that were asked to remove their flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo because “it was offensive” to those ESL students from Mexico?

  • Oboy_must_go

    Slavery ended over 150 years ago.

  • Annie J

    They already have in several schools throughout the country.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Not in my neck of the woods. Local high school has a big American flag along with a monument that states….Freedom isn’t free.

  • nearboston

    It didn’t end. It was renamed “Welfare”

  • It’s a symbol of hatred. Hillary told us so!

  • Oboy_must_go


  • Rebelpirate1776

    “If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don’t want to go.
    If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I’d just as soon stay home.
    If they don’t have a Grand Ol Opery, like they do in Tennessee,
    then send me to hell or New York City, it’d be about the same to me.”- Bocephus

  • Oboy_must_go

    Civil war had more to do with states rights than slavery.

  • Mad Hatter

    Scroll up a bit, I posted a picture of it.

  • BigKnuckles

    This flag is offensive to most Americans….
    Can you identify what this flag represents?

  • Jason

    If we’re going to discuss Gun Control and the Confederate Flag in the aftermath of the SC murders….then we should also discus possible motivation factors such as… HOW AFFIRMATIVE ACTION LAWS AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE.

  • Lucky the Libertarian


  • Dave

    Shillary screeching: “what difference does it make – somebody else made it – I didn’t!”

  • Oboy_must_go

    No its not. It represents the anger towards the federal government at the time. Learn history.

  • annabel

    Come on now. Mrs. Clinton has merely evolved in her views. She would never ever stick her finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. She’s better than that…..Bwahahahahahaah

  • nearboston

    Recently I was reading a story about some folks who were offended by a few little historical bits and pieces in their area. So, they got together, and decided enough was enough. They tore those offensive things down and smashed them to bits.

    Some folks would call them “Progressive, forward thinking, inclusive, open minded”.

    I just call them “ISIS”

  • BigKnuckles

    It’s the flag of the District of Columbia. Learn flags

  • Oboy_must_go

    The Virginia battle flag.

  • PaulG


  • nearboston


  • Jason

    So if some hate group chooses Bread and Milk as their symbol…those will be banned too?

  • annabel


  • nearboston

    OK, I give…

    How do you people put pictures in your posts??

  • Ben Ghazi

    I am looking for these flags on private web sites and there are a number of vendors. I will buy one just to piss off liberals.

  • Ben Ghazi

    And Al Gore Sr voted and lobbied against the Civil Rights Act. DemokRATs hide facts like that.

  • Jason

    A flag is in the eye of the beholder…so far we’ve allowed liberals to take the lead and tell us what we should believe.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Why isn’t Hillary in jail for bribery and destroying evidence?

  • Lucky the Libertarian

    Because she’s a politician.

  • Mad Hatter

    Directly under where you start typing, you’ll see a small box, that’s the ‘upload image’ box. Click on it, post a picture or video, click post, and you’re good to go. If you post a video, you might have to refresh your page.

  • nostudme1

    4th of July being moved to August 19 – – – –

  • Eric_Mc

    If you read the whack job’s “manifesto”, he got radicalized during the Trayvon Martin episode which became about race after news services ran with the picture of the 12 year old Trayvon and NBC doctored the 911 tape to make it seem like Zimmerman was suspicious because Trayvon “looks black”. It seems to me the MSM, especially NBC and CNN bear the greatest responsibility for this kid killing those people in Church.

  • Ben Ghazi

    Yes, in a number of Californistan high schools they banned the American flag from t shirts on Cinco De Mayo. We have opened the doors of the crazy house and now they run America.

  • Mad Hatter

    No American should ever forget that.

  • TwentyPoundGorilla

    Be careful with those facts. The fearful ignorant masses will riot yet again if faced with the truth.

  • nostudme1

    Being used to patch bullet holes in Sec8 housing.

  • BigKnuckles

    or those Mexican students who took the American flag down at their school and hoisted up the Mexican flag on Cinco de Mayo … in Los Angeles (which is supposedly in the United States).

  • Dave

    Because she’s a democrat politician.

  • Jason

    The First Southern battle flag was mostly all white. The Yankees thought the Rebs were surrendering and moved forward to take prisoners, where the Rebs promptly shot them. So out of fair play the Rebs made the flag Red so we could kill the Yanks the old fashion way.

  • Mad Hatter

    Now that you refreshed my memory, yes I do. The future LaRaza Klan.

  • Lucky the Libertarian

    No because she’s a politician. If skipping incarceration for crimes were exclusive to Democrats, Bush and Cheney would both be in prison.

  • BigKnuckles

    it was about 10 years ago

  • Jason

    America will be erased by Obama and his Republican cohorts.

  • TwentyPoundGorilla

    While you’re at it with the Gadsden, might as well pick up the Ben Franklin flag, and the Gonzales flag before they get banned, too.

  • observer

    While I think the Flag should go into a Museum, I find it puzzling so many “Hyphenated-Americans” cannot respect another’s point of view about “Heritage.”

  • flynny

    After today’s disgrace on Cap Hill, your probably right…

  • TwentyPoundGorilla

    Vast. Right-Wing. Conspiracy.

  • Mad Hatter

    I’ve thought about replacing my Charlie Hebdo picture with the Clinton-Gore 92 Confederate Flag button picture for the same reason, to p*ss off the left wingers.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Let’s hope so.
    You don’t fix a barn this messed up.
    You tear it down and start over…

  • BigKnuckles

    …the “fundamental transformation of America” is almost complete

  • observer

    I find it puzzling so many “Hyphenated-Americans” cannot respect another’s point of view about “Heritage.”

  • TAG

    Euro Tunnel strike today: “migrants” burning tires, blocking access, rioting.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    Ha ha. I just like to call them Democrat Heritage pins.

  • RedGA

    Read the Ordinances of Secession. Read Alexander Stephens’ speech. Note all of the major issues of legislation and SCOTUS cases before the Civil War having to do with slavery. Make yourself feel better convincing yourself secession had to do with “states rights”. Southern slave owners who ran the government were itching for secession every single time the issue of slavery came up. read about the Nashville Convention and the Georgia Compromise well before Lincoln was in office. Read about the designer of the CBF and his desire to push secession even before there was a GOP. You may want to spend more time in US history before making such ignorant statements.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    Cultural Marxism revolution and it’s just going to get uglier and more absurd.

  • Tracksuit Al

    I ran from sniper fire in Bosnia while waving the Confederate flag and all I got was this lousy Ready for Hillary t-shirt.

  • BigKnuckles

    this one?

  • flynny

    It didn’t need tearing down, just fumigating

  • Richard Mekeel

    “We seem to be moving steadily in the direction of a society where no one is responsible for what he himself did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did, either in the present or in the past.” – Thomas Sowell

  • doug1961

    NOT jumping on the bandwagon.
    Irrelevant and imbecilic.

  • Obamastein

    Welcome to the Obama Nazzzi America. Next we will be burning books on history because it shows a Confederate flag and gives us a history lesson in America’s past.


  • doug1961

    Is this a pop quiz?

  • doug1961

    why is it deemed offensive to most Americans?

  • Mike

    Obama has won round one; we have devolved into a nation of self-confused, narcissist hypocrites.

    Our republic, as we know it today, will soon come to an end. We will divide ourselves and once again war amongst ourselves. There’s nothing that can be done, now, to stop this.

    May God have mercy upon us all.

  • doug1961

    Slavery was an economic model. You are right. But to continue to pretend slavery was an issue of racism borders on stupid. It mattered not what color the slaves were.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”
    – Ripley, Aliens (1986)

  • BigKnuckles

    you should re-read those ordinances. ..

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Thanks for the Icon!!!

  • BigKnuckles

    flag of D.C.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    All I need to know is if it’s flammable….

  • TwentyPoundGorilla

    My my… one might think based on your comment that New Jersey didn’t ban slavery in 1861 so that they could join Lincoln’s high horse propaganda machine and attack the South as if the North had no slaves… or that Maryland waited until 1864, 3 whole years after the civil war started in order to do the same. Before you point your finger and stare down your nose, perhaps you should first take your own advice. There were slaves being held in New Jersey by slave owners until the year AFTER the civil war ended. EFFING HYPOCRITES. It was 100% about unfair taxation and states’ rights.

  • BigKnuckles

    it represents the district of corruption

  • freeland_dave

    Now that is a song I can agree with.

  • Winter Soldier

    Democrats owned slaves and lynched countless thousands of blacks until the Republicans made them stop.
    Democrats are also solely responsible for installing potentially offensive Democrat flags and symbols on state properties all over the country and now Republicans are taking those potentially offensive Democrat flags and symbols down.
    It sure does seem like the Republicans are always cleaning up the disgusting messes left behind by the Democrats doesn’t it?

  • BigKnuckles

    “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  • BigKnuckles

    It was a Republican that ended slavery in America

  • doug1961

    I see your point but it doesn’t offend me…ohhhhhhh

  • Jim

    The laws of unintended consequences once again comes into play. By making an issue of the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, the liberals prompted a review of its use. Bingo!

  • Winter Soldier

    Better buy those pins before they’re gone folks!

  • Geebus

    …We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you read
    The songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
    It’s one for all
    And all for one
    We work together
    common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why…

  • FarmerJack

    And you can thank Obama for every part of what you just said.

  • mbcris

    Political slight of hand. Look over there at that racist confederate flag…while we pass the TPP. An agreement that’s so secret, nobody knows what’s in it.

  • John Ansell

    Most likely we just gave away the few ports we still own to China.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    People are desecrating Confederate [email protected]?

    And I didn’t even know there were any.

  • UrdnotVakarian

    They should just make Confederate flag free zones and they wont have to worry about it.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s aging wife’s email administrator for President!

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Run, Mrs. Stainmaker, run!

  • miegaha

    Buy a flag to piss of a liberal! This debate is so stupid. A flag did not go into a church and murder people. This is cultural genocide courtesy of the American media and the so-called Republican Party.

  • I’m blacked out.
    Anyone else ?


  • seenbetterdaze

    America is facing a BACKLASH like it has not seen since the first Civil War

  • Bitter Clinger

    Does this mean Hillary is a racist?

  • tremayfreon cauldwell

    ISIS: “You draw The Prophet, we keel you! Death to America!”

    lib-feebs: “Raise the CSA Battle Flag and we’ll kill you! Death to America!”

    sons of obama: (unintelligible) but something believed to be akin to the above.

  • RichWall

    Democrats, the real party of racial divide.

  • OSR1

    Those pins are oxymorons.

  • Tom F.

    I contend that if the confederate flag is a sign of oppression and remembrance of what slavery was, I will accept that IF we also consider the banning and removing of the American flag from every government building, military uniform, government social media site, etc.

    No ethnic group has endured and suffered more slaughter and oppression within the borders of the U.S than the native American Indians. The U.S government murdered, stole from, lied to, and harassed these people, all under the auspices of the government, via the U.S Army, while carrying the American “stars & stripes” into battle. Certainly the image of our beloved flag, albeit now with more stars than those flags carried by the 7Th Calvary headed by Colonel Custard, struck fear and terror in the hearts of those defenseless women and children that were being attacked by the Army of the country that was formed under the ideas and principles that “all men were created equal” and that everyone should be afforded the “right for the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    I would also contend that the black slaves were treated better and more fairly than the native American Indians, and the only reason that the Indians weren’t forced into slavery instead is because they fought back.

    I will even go one step further. What about the Japanese-Americans that were forced from their homes during WWII and transported to prisons affectionately called “internment camps?” I am sure their opinion of the updated version of the American flag wasn’t as high as it was before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    I don’t understand why blacks and the gay community always seem to garner the most attention and receive the most concessions.

  • merrimack1

    Well,that sweet ol’ girl is from the south,Arkansas to be exact.Oh that’s right,she’s from NY.After all that’s where the Hamptons are and it is summertime.No wait,she’s from DC,with the fancy place down on…oops!Silly me!She’s from the land of Lincoln,right?Named for the guy who freed the slaves.And yes,he was a Republican.And proud of it.

  • Mike

    Gays: Because some have rooted themselves in the wealthiest classes of America and can buy the laws they want.
    Blacks: Because a certain segment of their community knows that to riot, to burn and to loot leads to prizes and gifts from government.

  • Mike

    Considering source locale? Yeah, they are just that.

  • SouthronAmerican

    You should consider taking your own advice. While slavery was indeed both a proximate and necessary cause for Southern secession, it was not by itself a sufficient cause. Up through the 1850s slavery was viewed by the vast majority of southern Americans as, at best, a “necessary evil” and that view was held, at least implicitly, by the citizens of the north as well as their economy was entirely dependent on industry fueled by the raw materials produced on the southern plantations.

    Following Bleeding Kansas and even moreso John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, things changed. Nothern newspapers lauded Brown, who by seeking to make political change by killing civilians can be considered nothing other than a terrorist, southern papers in turn started a drum beat to convince those living in the south that everyone in the north wanted to see them murdered in their sleep. The propaganda and paranoia was great for selling papers but not for the nation.

    Even by 1860, succession wasn’t a done deal, with unionist candidates combined vote totals reaching majorities even in deep south states like Georgia. Following this, secession began. The exact reasoning varied from state to state. South Carolina had already been looking for an excuse to secede since the Jackson administration and their conflicts over tariffs. Slavery played a role there obviously but they’d been seeking secession before there even was a serious abolition movement. For states like Mississippi and Texas it very much was about paranoid propaganda regarding abolition and imaginations running wild about what the results of that would be. For states like Georgia and North Carolina, secession was pushed by governors who strongly supported decentralized government and would continue to support it even to the point of hampering the war efforts of the Confederacy. And lastly for states like Virginia and Tennessee it was only when Lincoln demanded troops to invade the seceding states that they left as well.

    That isn’t to say that the Southern states didn’t fully support the institution of slavery, they did (albeit with sizable dissent in Appalachia), but then so did a number of states which remained in the Union and aside from paranoid fantasies there was no threat of ending the institution during the Lincoln administration.

    At the end of the day, like most wars, it was about money. The southern planter class wanted secession so they could sell to whom they chose for how much they chose without paying federal tariffs. The northern establishment couldn’t let the south go because they needed a cheap source of raw goods for their factories. Everything else was propaganda.

  • juan767

    once again earthlings prove Spock correct when he said “earthlings are just not logical” clearly flags,pins and guns do not kill people, criminals do. DUH!

  • SouthronAmerican

    Slavery in antebellum south was entirely racial. No race other than blacks could be held as slaves. Blacks were routinely portrayed as either children needing their masters guidance or vicious animals to be contained as major aspect of justifying the continuance of the institution.

  • juan767

    Michael Dukakis was right about one thing, the fish rots from the head.

  • Big_Mook

    I’m a conservative, but even I can see that the Confederate battle flag is perceived as a symbol of racism within the black community. It really doesn’t matter what you think it means. It’s like saying the swastika isn’t a symbol of the evil of Nazism because it used to be some other symbol before the Nazis got hold of it.

  • H.F. Cross

    This is Hillaryious!

  • J. Groober

    Well, Doggies! I ain’t noways tarred!

  • Tom F.

    I contend that if the confederate flag is a sign of oppression and remembrance of what slavery was, I will accept that IF we also consider the banning and removing of the American flag from every government building, military uniform, government social media site, etc.

    No ethnic group has endured and suffered more slaughter and oppression within the borders of the U.S than the native American Indians. The U.S government murdered, stole from, lied to, and harassed these people, all under the auspices of the government, via the U.S Army, while carrying the American “stars & stripes” into battle. Certainly the image of our beloved flag, albeit now with more stars than those flags carried by the 7Th Calvary headed by Colonel Custard, struck fear and terror in the hearts of those defenseless women and children that were being attacked by the Army of the country that was formed under the ideas and principles that “all men were created equal” and that everyone should be afforded the “right for the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    I would also contend that the black slaves were treated better and more fairly than the native American Indians, and the only reason that the Indians weren’t forced into slavery instead is because they fought back.

    I will even go one step further. What about the Japanese-Americans that were forced from their homes during WWII and transported to prisons affectionately called “internment camps?” I am sure their opinion of the updated version of the American flag wasn’t as high as it was before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    I don’t understand why blacks and the gay community always seem to garner the most attention and receive the most concessions.

  • steve johnson

    The overall problem stated by “what’s his name” of South Carolina…(the gun guy whose name should not be remembered)…was his observation of what he understood as obviously biased reporting on the Zimmerman Trayvon Martin affair.

    Evidently that observation got the killer guy started down a road that lead to his believing he had to take matters in his own hands.

    “Hands up….don’t shoot..”…right?

  • christopher Lucy

    Oops she forgot about this treasured campaign memrobilia..from the fellow travelers assoc..!

  • steve johnson

    I see a culture of anti-education growing everywhere and for reasons that sound inconsistent. Too expensive, out of touch…too “white”…too whatever. Heck, we’ll all be slaves to our school loans pretty quick.

  • John_M_B

    Wow, the entire Republican Party and the American Media in cahoots. Who woulda thunk it.

  • dixiesuzan

    Patty – Quote — isn’t it amazing that the left and now the right, publicly has decided that the Battle Flag of the Confederate Army is to blame for racism. Or shall I say the murders of 8 Christian, in Charleston. — I couldn’t agree more. It sounds like insanity.
    *** Ku Klux Klan parades down Pennsylvania Ave 1928
    Wait until they discover the Ku Klux Klan always paraded under the Stars and Stripes.
    The largest KKK parade ever was in 1928. Right down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.
    Heres the news reel short film clip.
    I guess we now need to ban the Stars and Strips since they cause murders of Black people as a motivating factor from the KKK.

  • Mhu Cao

    Little has changed with the vicious children.

  • Shannon Callahan

    The dems started the KKK

  • JamesD2011

    The “Ditherer/Racist/Worst POTUS in modern history.

  • Shannon Callahan

    Some main stream media outlets are trying to suggest that they weren’t official campaign material. Yet Hillary will not answer any questions about them. If they weren’t she would be be sure the world knew. Me thinketh the lady doth not protest enough

  • Gary Lowndes

    Welcome to the modern democrat party – the voice of intolerance

  • Tom F.


  • Gary Lowndes

    So it seems like Obama, Hillary’s position has “evolved’?

  • sofakinggood

    Can someone please have the media ask this important question. ” How is a man (Obama) who spent 23 long years going to the church of the racist , anti Semite Rev. Jeremiah Wright supposed to lecture us on race and help us come together on racial issues? Obama has done nothing but divide the country along racial lines. These foo- king liberals and Obama want us to treat this guy like a terrorist, but he doesn’t call Ft. Hood massacre of mostly whites by a sand jigaboo racist or terrorism. It is an upside down world we are living in. As Michael Savage once said ,” What was once moral is now immoral, and what was once immoral is now moral.” Short of an all out war a la Syria , we are on a path to slow and certain death. This trade bill passed by the Masters of the Universe is the Kiss of Death.

  • Gary Lowndes

    I’m sorry, what were they charged with?

  • Guest


  • Erik the red

    Why? So the Republicans can get elected and continue to ignore their base? Quit wasting time looking at things from a left vs right mindset. The Parties are in collusion and we are the only loosers.

  • Lucky the Libertarian

    What has Hillary been charged with?

  • dixiesuzan

    Shannon Callahan – Thank ya’ll for your reply.
    Well using the current so called logic about the Confederate Battle Flag, how many black people are being killed because the KKK has marched under the Stars and Strips and you can see the Stars and Strips right there on SC capitol dome?
    Must we ban the Stars and Strips as racist?

  • Wtsane

    Good thing none of that turned out to be true…whew!

  • HillarySUCKS!

    I guess Hillary really is no ways tirred of using a tragedy to any advantage possible

  • “Hillary said”…

    then its a lie.

    This two faced Medusa is disgusting.

    Watch this:

    Fmr President of NAACP says the NAACP are behind this..

    The insane Liberals like Killary have nothing to preach publically. They have been kicked to the political trash heap in the 2014 Elections.

    They were ready to blow their Dog Whistle about gun control (which is TREASON) after the Church shootings, but a lot of us beat to them by exposing them on line for their “dancing on dead bodies to push their gun control agenda”

    So they trot this out in retaliation.

  • “This nation is politicizing everything”

    FALSE. the RADICAL LEFT are doing so.

    We are the victims of that.

  • Red Herring.

    This is about him retaliating in re the recent race violence.

    TRayvon threatening to kill someone was not black and white.

  • Now THAT is something to git behind!

  • The LEft couldnt launch their “dancing on the not yet cold corpses of DISARMED victims” Meme.

    We caught them before they could launch it.

    Now they retaliate.

  • Is that pix from the DNC rally?

    Do they know Jesus was a JEW?

  • Lots of off topic memes, huh?

    The martin thing was NOT black and white.

    Youre the second troll on line right now playing the “hands up dont shoot” talking point, OFF TOPIC.

  • YEP

  • Juanita

    Well said Patty but hold on to your hat! This is not going to stop with the flag. Confederate memorials and cemeteries are probably next.. Any place named for a southerner will be attacked. This will continue until there is backlash and the hostility between the races that Obama has been trying to promote exist.

  • pgroup

    Technically, according to Rush, it’s the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Later it might be more widespread but that’s where it started.

  • pgroup

    More likely they are simply using this opportunity to bury a part of their past that is no longer useful to them – the Klan.

  • RedSoloCup

    A perfect song for Killary. Title is spot on.

  • J. Moore

    Nice correction.

  • BrocinChina

    I wonder what Billary’s sex life is like now. NOT!

  • maxovrdriv

    some whores do anything for money.

  • doug1961

    You are an uneducated indoctrinated know-nothing drooling idiot.
    Maryland and Kentucky were slave states (North)
    Blacks owned slaves. The first person to own a slave in America was a black man
    95% of slave traders were not white
    Now, sit down, stfu, and pay attention. You just might learn something.
    Slavery was an economic institution. It had nothing to do with race, it had to do with labor. One may ask, why blacks then? The fact is that blacks were only one in a long line of unfortunate humans that were enslaved dating back thousands of years who still resided in a region where slavery was accepted.
    Western civilization eradicated slavery, it still exists in Africa and the Islamic states.
    If you don’t know these facts, go back and slap those responsible for your worthless public school indoctrination.
    “antebellum south”. idiot

  • pgroup

    Yeah, well, Trevor Loudon says the donkey party is full of card carrying communists. And he has the proof. Can’t prove I’m a racist.

  • Guest

    Crooked is as crooked does..

  • micoz

    It just shows what a pathetic liar Ms.Hillary is. First, she runs for office with confederate buttons in southern states. Then to appeal to blacks in a Democratic primary, she proposes to ban the confederate flag.

    What a phony! You can’t trust her any further than you could kick her, just like Obama, who’s now taken to using the N-word on radio and TV. Disgusting!

  • Obama has resurrected it with Mexican slavery.

  • bonnieblue2A

    23 yrs. ago Clinton-Gore campaign also used same flag.

  • ProgressivesRMentallyUnstable

    Hillary is a POS

  • ” we have devolved into a nation of self-confused, narcissist hypocrites”

    Theres that popular “attack the victim” lie the Left likes to throw out there..

    Just because Obozo and his Media Sycophants say it doesnt make it so

    We are the majority

    WE are in control.

    they arent, thats why they are so DESPERATE

  • mr.Truth

    Too hilarious – these totalitarian nitwits on the left are a laugh a minute.

  • mstevens27

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the pin. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. The last time I looked we were supposed to be a free country.

  • ubik

    Shocked that HRH Hillary I has lied about anything.

  • mstevens27
  • bonnieblue2A

    The powers the be must keep the Hegalian dialectic going.

    Divide us as peoples of groups rather than Americans and the Totalitarians win.


  • nifty

    Actually this is perfect as the Republicans have been trying to ban the flag ever since they won the war over 125 years ago. Not one of those flags was put up by a Republican but somehow rewriting history is in these days…now if we can just get Jews to stop waving those swastika flags all over the place, right?

  • mstevens27
  • bonnieblue2A

    Democrat flag. Now their outraged? Every group identity flag may offend someone. Should we ban them all or just the ones that give the most political advantage at a given time?

    Wake up people. The 1st Amendment is under an all out assault in both freedom of speech and freedom to practice one’s religion.

  • Guest

    Yup.. and that’s the truth.

  • mstevens27
  • Impeach Obama Now!


  • bonnieblue2A

    “We can re-write our history.” ~ Michelle Obama 2008

  • bonnieblue2A


    Prepare for time is short.

  • Isle of Palms. John

    It’s a ruse by Dem’s and the media to divert attention from Hillary and Obama’s IRS and Benghazi, emails and related coverups.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    Agreed. I’m too old for this crap but…

  • pgroup


  • pgroup

    This is the Comment of the Month. +1000

  • bonnieblue2A

    Fascist of a feather…

  • Guest

    New photos taken in Hawaii indicate Hillary Clinton is getting ‘tuned up’ in preparation for a presidential run… “She’s had a face and brow lift and cheek implants. Also, she’s had breast augmentation as well as radical cankle reduction. She looks a lot more disgusting… No, no, I mean better,” said her plastic surgeon.

  • josetoyou

    Liberals blow with whatever wind looks like the most votes, and the wind direction has changed…so principles and support now change with the wind.

  • pgroup

    Well? How is that relevant to the price of Chinese pet food?

  • bonnieblue2A

    It is going to get worse and fast.

    Wait until SCOTUS rules on same sex marriage on Monday. That will be the final nail in the coffin for the first Amendment.

    The fundamental destruction of our Republic is at hand.

  • Guest

    Hillary for President? President of what, the Thieving, Crooked Ugly (T-CUP) Party?

  • Armand Rodriguez

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Even if it means picking off the scabs of this country’s racial wounds.

  • pgroup

    I do not think that the number of lynched blacks was thousands. Much lower number than that, and lots of whites were lynched as well.

  • jamesben

    Hitlery is an abomination.

  • Nevadavoter1

    Although I’m not from Texas or the South, I do wonder how the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those tens of thousands of brave young Americans who died fighting under the Star and Bars feel about the current litter of politicians all racing to ban this flag feel about the issue?

  • buffmuffin

    No one called for banning the Rainbow Flag when Floyd Corkins shot up the Family Research Council center because he hated Christians.

    Why is that?

  • G Man
  • pgroup

    Correction: Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites being lynched between 1882 and 1968

  • Buzz

    And if you want to see things get worse, elect Hitlery.

    NEVER expect a democrat, especially Hillary Clinton, to tell the truth.

  • Buzz

    Nothing, that is the problem.

    NEVER expect a democrat, especially Hillary Clinton, to tell the truth.

  • Lucky the Libertarian

    So my point stands. Politicians get away with crimes, Democrat and Republican.

  • Buzz

    Maybe she could claim they were made by the same company that made the “RESET” button she took to Russia.

    NEVER expect a democrat, especially Hillary Clinton, to tell the truth.

  • Libhunterz

    This is great precedent. Were going to take down flags because a nut goes around and kills people. I wonder what the change will be for the next mass murder.

  • meerkatt

    Oppression and racism under the Stars &

    Indian removal Act of 1830~ The Trail
    Of Tears, disease, death and stolen land. U.S. Army.

    Bear River Massacre 1863~killed men &
    children, raped women, babies held by feet heads bashed in. U.S. Army.

    Sand Creek Massacre 1864~ more than 200
    mainly women and children cold blooded murder. U.S. Army.

    The Wounded Knee Massacre 1890~around
    300 mainly old men and women and children murdered. U.S. Army.

    Because of this past oppression, murder, and racism it is offensive and it is time to remove the Stars & Stripes as well and put it in a museum.

  • HillaryobamaShit

    Hillary belongs in jail!

  • Guest

    Buy me and stop one…

  • Patty×380.jpg

    LOL! Blacks Are Angry That Hillary Said ‘ALL Lives Matter’ During Her Race-Baity Speech!!
    She is a B, all lives matter ya say: I can think of four right off the bat who would think differently But THEY ARE DEAD.

  • Lenny Brooklyn

    So now the 1st Amendment has to be sacrificed on the alter of the Democratic party.

    What will Democrats BAN next?

    Boycott those stores that drop the Confederate Flag. Do NOT do ANY business with them and start immediately. When they see sales plummet then they will know who has the power. 1st Amendment folks. Its THAT important. (Sears, Wallmart, EBAY…Just say NO)

  • TimO

    Banning the Confederate flag does a great disservice to the memory of those who died in the Civil War defending it. Wrong or right, their blood is part of what made our country great. They are a legacy to American freedom and the strength of our great country to move beyond it’s differences and become stronger for it. Shame on you Mr. President for being The Great Divider instead of The Great Unifier. You had an historic opportunity given to you and you chose to stick to your agenda for American destruction. That will be your greatest legacy!

  • Pete_Murray_1

    In a desperate attempt to raise even more funds for Hillary’s presidential campaign, the Clintons have made a deal with game developer Atari, to feature the two of them, ‘Hill-Billy’, in the latest version of Donkey Kong.

    I have to say though, that after having played the game I don’t quite believe that the finished result was what the morally confused duo had in mind.

  • Patty

    Blactivists Look Past Confederate Flag, It’s the U.S. Flag They Hate
    While politicians work furiously to take down the confederate flag, it’s the U.S. flag that blactivists want taken down.

    The confederate flag is small potatoes. I’ve never seen Confederate Flag stompin’ on social media.

    From the blactivist’s point of view,
    the U.S. flag is the flag of hate, slavery, exploitation and racism.
    They seek reparations from the government that flies the Stars and
    Stripes, not the Bars and Stars or the Southern Cross.

    So, for the pol who thinks their troubles will be over once the boogeyman flag is taken care of, think again.


  • Patty

    Amazon Takes Down Confederate Flag, Continues to Sell Communist Merchandise

    In a marketing move that will shock no one, Amazon removed the Confederate flag after a howling mob of both liberals and brown-nosing conservatives demanded the “symbol of hate” be stricken from its shelves.

    But these comrades can rest easy, knowing that they’ll have plenty of
    opportunities to stock up on Communist merchandise after their latest

  • m00ndog

    Benghazi is a fake scandal, according to a report issued by Republicans in the congress after extensive research.

  • US.Patriot1776

    This is what mass hysteria looks like …

    CNN Goes There: Asks If Thomas Jefferson Memorials Should Be Removed Because He Owned Slaves?

    As the Confederate Flag hysteria escalates, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield asks fellow CNN mouthpiece Don Lemon if it’s now appropriate for lawmakers to start a future conversation about whether or not the monument of Thomas Jefferson should be removed from the U.S. Capitol.

  • Guest

    Obama’s Confederate flag pin:
    “There is no White America or Black America…” Remember that?

  • WrenchMan

    The left will say anything…. Liberals are just habitual lairs that flip flop which ever way the votes and public opinion blow! Sadly they understand the ignorance of the Democrat voter, Gruber nailed the Democrat constituency!

  • WrenchMan

    Thanks for the pictures of the Democrat Party that dominated this movement! The left has managed to completely turn around the facts, history and truth of the Democrat Party’s long,long history of unbridled racism, anti- civil rights, voting rights and support of all the Jim Crow laws…. ALWAYS WAS DEMOCRATS, STILL ARE DEMOCRATS! They just have a leftist media lying and shilling for them!!!

  • Brett

    A liberal idiot contributor to my local newspaper, named l.k. hanson, recently published the following quote in my local LIBERAL newspaper:

    “The only vice, that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocricy.”

    William Hallitt, (1778-1830), British author and critic….

  • Lexonaut

    GatewayPundit people, here’s what I posted Sunday at Mediaite on the subject of the suddenly notorious flag …

    Let’s say for discussion purposes only that the Confederate battle flag is the most racist redneck knuckledragging anti-black flag that ever existed. Blacks are letting themselves be diverted by this flag just as a bull is diverted by a red cape in the hands of the matador.

    The enemy is the matador, not the cape. The matador is neoNazism, not the Daughters of the Confederacy. Blacks are acting cowardly in this situation. It’s so much easier to go after the cape (get politicians to ban the Confederate symbol) than it is to go after the matador (the American Nazi party
    and its wannabes like Dylann Roof.)

    So, black racists, what you’re failing to realize is that by demanding Taliban-like destruction of a cultural symbol you don’t like — the Confederate battle flag — you are making an unknown number of enemies among the tens of millions of Southern Americans who had absolutely nothing to do with Roof’s attempt to start a race war but who count brave Confederate dead among their ancestors and will resent to their dying days your demand that the history of the South be rewritten to exclude Pvt 1C Whitey Blanco..

    In fact, by going after the cape you are doing exactly what Roof wants you to do — start a race war by making some of those descendants of Confederate soldiers angry enough to pick up guns and make you put that flag back up.

    Not only that, if I have learned anything about the dynamics of various groups in the USA since Ferguson, you have Militia members organizing right now to come to Charleston and get in your face with as many Confederate battle flag images as possible in hopes that the hotheads among you will attack the Militia
    so they can defend themselves with deadly force.

    You may think this is a paranoid delusion but the folks in question made the feds cut and run at Bundy Ranch, and my guess is that they’re not going to hesitate to do that in Charleston.

  • J. Groober

    Hillary Clinton now appears to be the only current Presidential candidate who has used the democrat Confederate flag in their past political campaigns. I am pretty sure that if it were a Republican contender who had used the democrat Confederate flag for a political campaign then it would now be a major 24/7 news story on every phony progressive mainstream “news” outlet.
    Where is the outrage progressives? Where is the outrage?

  • BurmaShave2

    That’s next. And btw that is pretty much the way leftists feel

    The Progressive Pledge:

    I pledge disrespect for the flag of the United States of America and to the shameful country for which it stands, one awful mess, not under God, extremely divisible with slavery and injustice for all.

  • pmxpilot

    The American Taliban in action: Destroy History and Truth.

  • pmxpilot

    Not so fast… There is dirt from Mena, Arkansas to Benghazi. A LOT of DIRT!

  • pmxpilot

    GREAT reminder how democrats are willing to use anything to stir up the masses and divide the country. Democrats are the SOURCE of all this trouble. Never forget!

  • BurmaShave2

    I would say we are pretty much past that point.

    Consider the way American history is taught in our schools:
    – The founding fathers’ accomplishments are diminished because they were slave-holding homophobes (oh yeah, and Islamophobes too).
    – Minor bit players are extoled to the highest Olympic heights because of their minority status.
    – Democrats’ Administrations are bowdlerized.

    And this is true of ALL our schools. In the early 90’s at Phillips Exeter — one of the premier schools in the country – the teachers consigned the non-teaching of the Civil War to spring vacation. In other words, they taught about events leading up to the Civil War as spring vacation approached, and when the students returned from spring vacation they picked up with Reconstruction. I cannot imagine that things have improved; when do they ever.

  • Misdirection or lack of education?

    “wannabes like Dylann Roof”

    He IDed with SOUTH AFRICA.

    Before getting on your soap box, make sure youre up with CURRENT EVENTS.

    One rotten apple like that really stinks..

  • ClinkinKY

    Clinton Global Initiative, you know…their “charity”, is busy buying up all of these buttons on E-Bay so they can send them down the same hole as her emails.

  • CCTV, last night, ran the obvious, this is a response to the Root Shoot at the Church.

    Problem is, that had nothing to do with the Confederate Flag

    Root Identified with SOUTH AFRICA, not the South of America. His jacket had such patches on it..

    Liberals are now using the horrible deaths of people for ANOTHER sick, twisted political meme.

    They didnt get a chance to float their gun control Meme as many of us on line pre-empted them, so they had to invent another way to spew hatred.

  • I know a hole they can fit in…same one she talks out of

  • Lexonaut

    He ID’ed with Rhodesia — Zimbabwe — too. He was trying to get as many phony associations stuck in people’s minds as possible, most especially the Confederate battle flag since that would help inflame Charleston.

    I have some information that may interest you. Here’s a lengthy post I made in reply to something said by black Mediaite poster Poetic_Justice. I hope it will convince you to stop being so condescending about things you really don’t understand …


    I’m just a reporter on this stuff, PJ. I’m sorry that you’re caught up in the Radical Leftist trap of My Black Race Right Or Wrong. That said, I’m going to write a few things that may surprise you. Here we go …

    I’ve read Roof’s manifesto and find very little in it to disagree with. It’s standard truthful race realism fare. In fact, it’s standard AmRen fare. Interestingly, I know he had been reading my posts at AmRen from last winter. How do I know? Because Roof expresses sympathy for, and solidarity with, all non-black minorities (with a tinge of anti-Semitism). Since I’m the only person at AmRen
    who stood up for non-black minorities each and every time they were vilified, it follows that Roof’s positions are my positions. Not only that, based on the way he worded things I have a pretty good idea of which Disqus user he is. However, I’m not going to publish my speculation.

    Now …

    If Roof and I hold similar views, where do I get the nerve to call myself a race realist while calling him a neoNazi wannabe?

    Answer, because I have specific policy proposals (which I’ll repeat below), and everything about them is a) inclusive of all races, and b) completely voluntary — no coercion of any kind at any time. In contrast, Roof has tried to start a race war.

    Here are three mini-essays, the gist of which is a set of policy proposals intended to counter Radical Leftism and replace that doctrine with a return to 50s and 60s style economics and race relation but without segregation and without Jim Crow.

    My belief is that we need American solutions to our uniquely American problems, but I’m now firmly committed to pushing only policies that will let all Americans regardless of race achieve in life to their fullest potential, however high or low that potential may be.


    The real racists in this country are those who demand or support affirmative action, which is a government enforced form of institutional racism that openly discriminates against Asians, East Indians, Jews and whites in favor of blacks and, to a lesser extent, Hispanics. The discrimination takes the form of using skin color to make decisions about who should be hired, given Section 8
    privileges, or given admission to colleges and universities.

    Therefore I say without reservation that any black person who advocates affirmative action is a black racist, and any non-black who advocates affirmative action is a sympathetic racist.


    I think we need to allow those cities with substantially black populations the option of declaring themselves to be black autonomous zones, something akin to the autonomous Navajo Nation in the desert southwest, and akin to the 300+ other Native American tribal zones, if I have my numbers correct.

    Those who want to live an authentically black lifestyle, governed and policed only by blacks, would be free to choose to live in one of the autonomous zones. Those who want to act white would be free to move into the mainstream culture and act white.

    Whichever kind of zone people choose to live in — autonomous black versus mainstream — people would be required to obey the laws of the zone they choose to live in, and to accept the authority of the police of the zone they live in, without constant complaint and without rioting.


    I think everyone should have decent health care, everyone should have a decent high school education, and I think everyone should have a shot at a government funded college education — no matter when in their lives they decide to take it, if ever. If you want to insist that everyone should have some guaranteed basic standard of living I’d be willing to talk about that too.

    My problem is that if these should be our goals as a nation, we are going about it all wrong. Minimum standard of living? Do it with tax credits and let them remain no matter how much the individual earns on top of those credits. What happens if the individual wastes his or her tax credit funds? I say too bad. Que sera, sera.

    My problem is with using affirmative action the way it’s being done now. Instead of denying Asians, East Indians and Jews places at Harvard to make way for black students, why don’t we build a bunch more colleges and universities and let people go to the schools that they’re suited for instead of sentencing them to failure years after admission?

    Bad grade schools? Issue student vouchers that can be spent in charter schools. I know you’re opposed to this — we’ve talked about it — but maybe we should talk about it some more because god knows that the public schools we have now in the inner cities are not doing what is needed, and simply throwing more money at the problem is not going to fix it.

    Health care? Give people health care vouchers to spend with the doctors and hospitals of their choice, and cover all catastrophic conditions at taxpayer expense. In other words, Fauxy, my quarrel is not with the goals but instead with the way the Democrat party and all too many Republicans are trying to achieve those goals, if they’re trying at all, which I doubt.

    So yes — I”m proposing coupling the power of the free market for spending, with the power of the government to generate funding through taxation of income. It’s not a D thing, nor R, nor M, nor L, nor even C. It’s what Lexonaut would do if he were king.

  • SWwife
  • SouthronAmerican

    Not a single bit of the historical trivia you’re talking about there has anything to do with the fact that by the 19th century chattel slavery as it existed in the US was entirely based on race. That it existed in other times and places on a variety of different basis does nothing to change that.

  • .
  • dmac8889

    They will pay you to spew hate for money.

  • dmac8889

    BINGO!!!!! The Democrat Party to this day is the largest outwardly racist and general intolerant group in American History. Nearly every state that represented the south during Civil War was controlled by the Democrat Party. The KKK was started and supported by the Democrat Party. The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 was supported by the Republican Party, and not supported by the Democrat Party. The Communist Party started in the Northeast was again supported within the Democrat Party.

    Now Obama wants to say that America continues to be a racist nation, because it is in our DNA? Only about 25% of this nation had its roots in America at the time of the Civil War and Slavery. Among that 25% Obama needs to find his ‘closet racists’ among his own Party. There is nothing historically racist about the Political RIGHT in this country, and in fact the Republican Party begun as an abolitionist Party. Once again the LEFT takes a page out of the Communist Manifesto and uses the apathy of an uninformed public to rewrite history. They are trying to equate an evil attack of one man and generalize that the political RIGHT are ‘closet racists’ and at the same time erase from history that racism existed among the Democrat Party only.

  • dmac8889

    Nonsense. You didn’t read the report. The MSM spin of the report stated it was politically motivated scandal. That may be true, but they got the goods on Hillary.

  • dmac8889

    If one wants to know the truth of American politics from 1985 to present day simply get the book ‘Compromised’.

  • These folk say the same thing. Its DEMOCRATS that have destroyed black lives.


  • False meme

    This incident was black/white

    Youre trotting out a Meme, off topic and nonsense. Zimmerman was NOT WHITE, he was HISPANIC.

    This boy was on about SOUTH AFRICA.

  • THAT was the best job of deceitful reframing Ive seen yet. You start off subtly going off topic, interjecting doubt and “blame spreading” with this:

    “Wrong or right, their blood is part of what made our country great.”

    Slick troll!

    The SOUTH WERE THE VICTIMS in Slavery AND the War of Northern Agression.

  • Sams_1

    Prepare , for their time is short. HE comes back with a sword this time and I plan to live forever with HIM and take as many of YOU with me as I can

  • bonnieblue2A

    Yah bless.

  • Archie Cruz

    This same stupid story has been circulating all through the internet by right wing morons who don’t bother to check facts. They probably don’t care. These buttons were made privately by a collector who intended to deceive other collectors into believing they came from the campaign. Hillary Clinton nor anyone in her campaign ever used a Confederate flag on a button. A bit of simple research would have given the answer, but absolutely no attempt was made. Just another wannabe journalist with an agenda.