They’re threatening a bloody attack!…..

Armed bikers are planning an anti-Islamist protest on Friday at the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
john rizheimer
Jon Ritzheimer, the event’s organizer, shown here in a t-shirt that will be sold ahead of the planned protest.

The protest is called Freedom of Speech Rally Round II.

Two pro-ISIS terrorists were shot dead outside the Garland, Texas Draw Mohammad Contest in early May.  The two terrorists attended the mosque in Phoenix.
isis terror texas
Jihadists Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson were shot dead when they tried to ambush the Texas “Draw Mohammad Contest.” ISIS took credit for the attack.

In response to today’s rally Islamists have promised to murder the attendees tonight in Phoenix.
Radical Islamists posted the address of organizer Jon Ritzheimer online today…
(Address whited out)
address mo cartoon

And Islamists are threatening an attack on the event.
“The Event Won’t Finish Without Kuffar Blood!”
tweets kill AZ

They want Ritzheimer dead….
tweets kill AZ 2

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  • Mark

    Screw the diaperheads. Get them out of America.

  • lysosome

    Lock and load.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Muslims think they can teach Americans about violence?
    We invented violence.

    Bring it, b******.

  • Jose Ortega

    It’s high noon, and this is the showdown at the OK Coral.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Where Randolph Scott when you need him?!

  • Jose Ortega

    He and his fellow bikers are enroute.

  • Michael Dryden

    They thought Texas had guns, Ha, welcome to AZ. Hope the rally goes great tonight!

  • Crusader06

    Time for Cowboys and Muslims!

  • C. Adkins

    – with all the surveillance and eavesdropping our government is doing they should already know all about this and be arresting the ISIS members, right??

  • Retired Marine

    This guy is a tool. This is not about first amendment rights, but simply antagonizing people. This is far more akin to the way Westboro acts. If you go around a bar poking people in the chest and looking for a fight, don’t be surprised when you get knocked out. And then don’t go and try and play victim either. The families going in to this mosque for their Friday prayers have nothing to do with Daish.

  • Jose Ortega

    You mean Cowboys vs Muslims

  • Hanamanganda

    Looks like bikers are the last people left in America with balls.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    There will be more people packing at this event than a NRA convention. Don’t forget to shoot back!

  • Crusader06

    Nope, written correctly.

  • Jose Ortega

    I agree. No good can come from this.

  • doncalls

    Ohh noes ISIS threatening us,,,LOL.

  • CommonSense033

    Hope they have one in my area. I’d volunteer to be out there as one of the guards, dig out the level IV and helmet, M-14 with ACOG on shoulder.

    Bring it, goatf_ckers.

  • Jose Ortega

    Just as I thought.

  • beckdella

    C’mon ragheads……Come and Take It!!!!!!! Your child raping faggot of a leader is no more holy than the crap that come out your asses!

  • justin_credible

    I thank you for service and call you out for being a pussy.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    You can take your threat and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  • ExecutiveMalfeasance

    It seems the left doesn’t like it when they get a taste of their own medicine… Oh no, no, no, you can’t exercise your liberty to satire Islam but Christianity? Anything goes. /sarc


    Time to show them Mohamed the Pig, roasting on a pencil, once again !

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    We should give a warming if 1 patriot is attacked we will come after the muslim killer, his family and muslim friends also.

  • doncalls

    One way ticket to you’re Allah Moozlims.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    For every one they kill we kill ten.

  • Richard_Wiggler

    The families going in to this mosque for their Friday prayers
    are part of the problem.
    the line has been crossed for live and let live.
    time for Americans to take America BACK from the invaders.

  • Amaya

    Piss be upon islam and its followers. I hope the event grows so large that not one islamic douchebag is willing to pull the trigger. If they are I hope they have a slow agonizingly painful death. IT is time for islam to disappear from the face of the planet. It will never be able to coexist with peace. IT can’t. Islams teachings forbid coexistance with peace.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    We don’t allow HITLER to be respected and WE won’t allow Muhammad the slave owner to be respected. Got it?

  • justin_credible

    It wasn’t a raghead that invented the Atom Bomb.

  • Retired Marine

    Really, what did these families do that justifies having a group of people standing outside their mosque and yelling at them?

  • neoconned

    I agree. The other problem is these “terrorists” won’t attack the event head on where everyone is armed. They’ll just wait a month or so and attack a soft target. Innocent people will end up paying for this nonsense.

  • Hunt the Islamic animals, tie them up, and feed them to pigs.*


  • CommonSense033

    It was started by a murderous and sadistic desert bandit who raped children.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    The enemy doesn’t realize how many Americans are armed.

  • doncalls

    These Muslims are not even men,what kind of man has to treat women the way they do?

    What kind of man beheads people and dances around like an idiot with his buddies thinking they do it in the name of something,you are all nuts and the world will be better off without you.

    Here’s a suggestion go and attack some Progressive hangouts they will not be armed.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    I agree, but they don’t care about that. It should be, for every one they kill, 10 pork chops they’ll will be forced to eat.

  • bikerdogred1

    Maybe it is time the American people warn ISIS,it is time to play Cowboys and muslims,real Americans aren’t like this sissy muslim president we have and remember it.

  • CommonSense033

    So islamists are just rabid animals, not responsible for their actions? If you make eye contact with them, they can try to kill you?

    Thanks for that reassurance, lib. Means there’s no hesitation needed to shoot them. They’re just rabid animals.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    They care..

    That is what you don’t know.. In India this is the tactic RSS and VHP used and they now have muslims in pretty much good control.

  • sound awake

    im betting on the cowboys


  • Timothy Milhomme

    Does anyone see the fact that these idiots are supplied/funded by ? Explain to me how these idiots(al Ciada Isis Isil ) whatever their name is tis week , can mass on the border of a country out in the middle of no where in the thousands with brand new everything, armed to the teeth and notice the only people they are terrorizing are unarmed. Didn’t work out to good in Texas for them. But any way with technology available to take a picture from space this nonsense was allowed. One cruise missle would have ruined their day. The question is why? Anyone wondering ?

  • Don Roberts

    I think this is analogues to lancing a boil; it’s not pretty but needs to be done.

  • whydoibother

    This is a great way to show the world Americans believe in Freedom! . Freedom! Of expression and freedom in general….

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    It was some stolen Germans!

  • CommonSense033

    The Crusades were a reaction to centuries of murders of Eastern Christians by islamists. They begged Europe to send fighters to stop the slaughter.

    I’m not surprised you’re ignorant of history.

  • Retired Marine

    Big words from behind your keyboard. But this guy is a pussy because he’s not taking his anger and frustration out on Daish, but innocent families. If he’s so tough, book a ticket to Turkey, smuggle his way across the border and go and try to kill all of the Daish fighters he can.

  • ObamaIsAMuslim

    Mohammad the pedophile needs a bath in pig fat

  • Truth Hurts

    We American’s have more and bigger and badder Guns than they can ever dream of. Good luck, we will have a glorious victory.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    They respect a slave owner as a perfect man. In the interest of DIVERSITY respecting a slave owner as a PERFECT MAN or PROPHET is offensive and blasphemous. Got it?

  • TruthToPower

    Moo-slims do not tell me what freedoms I can have and which I can’t have. The don’t tell me how to live and which laws I have to abide by. Moo-slims don’t tell me anything at all in fact. It’s time we start telling them when they are in our country and the first thisn is shut the f**k up about your sharia law or go home.

  • Jose Ortega

    This can easily escalate into a battle between Kamikazes who want to die, and armed citizens who want to live.

  • Diane Dina

    ISIS is the best terrorist group that the CIA can buy.

  • CommonSense033

    And once more, the winner of the previous contest, with the message that all should understand.

  • Retired Marine

    Yap yap yap . . . like the little dog in your avatar. The amount of hyperbolic, blowhard language in these forums is off the charts. Look out . . . we got a bad ass over here!

  • SecureTheGalacticPerimeter

    Yeah, these ISIS MF’ers hold PARADES in broad daylight. Obviously someone in our government doesn’t want them destroyed. We could have wiped them out 100x over by now.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Incorrect comparison. No one is threatening the kill the WB morons if they continue to be morons. Islam is *promising* to kill us all unless we submit.

    Deal breaker.

    Seriously, is that the best you can do?

  • Richard_Wiggler

    here’s your sign.

  • ItsPolitics101

    Bottom line is, if there are any Moderate Muslims (I hear there are but see only one or two who have spoken out), they need to corral those they claim are radical themselves. That goes for wherever they are and wherever radicals commit violence. When they don’t, eventually this is the backlash others do.

    So to blame this group or any other group for fomenting a backlash from Muslims precludes any notion that this Mohammad coloring event or any other such similar one is not a backlash to all the violence Islam has been committing themselves- beheadings, setting people on fire, kidnapping and raping, pillaging etc.

  • justin_credible

    As a retired marine, I was hoping you would understand what being an American is all about… what you served for, what you swore to protect. Since you’ve been out for a while now it seems, let me remind you. We’re in America and as an American you can draw a picture of whatever you want wherever you want (within the law).

  • RKflorida

    Those who murder are defying the Bible. The Muslims who murder are OBEYING the Koran.

  • RenegadeScholar

    How would the muzzies know that it is a picture of Mo, since nobody knows what he looks like?

  • Badger1217

    The crusades were a defensive action to repel muslim invaders in jewish and Christian lands. Dam right that’s ok.

  • Tim jones

    it was a rescued jew.

    the secret of the atom has only been discovered by jews.

    ponder on that..

  • Retired Marine

    Actually we have many organization who respect Hitler. Many of them show up on these very forums anytime the story is about Jews or blacks. But please show me where in the Constitution is states you can’t respect or worship whoever you like?

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    No they are driven by ISLAM and they will just take the money and double cross just like their prophet Muhammad the slave owner did when he lived.

  • Tim jones

    what will they think about my new product line of muhammed toilet paper?

    coming soon folks..

    coming soon!

  • burrell hill

    Damn skippy pussy!

  • SD53

    The Crusades was a DEFENSIVE battle. Pull your lib head out of your @ $$ and educate yourself before you spew

  • doncalls

    Here’s the deal ISIL or whatever group out there,,Americans are not roll over cowards like the Europeans you do not intimidate us,our forefathers gave us the RIGHT to bear arms (Even though the pathetic insane progressives want to take that away) so you WILL NEVER EVER be able to pull you’re BS here.

  • Elle Mae

    Get the Radicals out of their hiding places –lock and load shoot out!

  • Rob J

    What to you get when you cross Garland TX, with Waco TX?


    If any jihadis look cross-eyed at any of these bikers, they will be swiftly taken for a “not-so-nice” ride out in the desert, wishing they could just get beheaded.

  • Badger1217

    Exactly right. And emphasis on MURDER. To kill and to murder are not the same. To blow up a bus of kids is murder, to fight in a war to save innocents is righteous killing.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    And they got it for us… *wholesale*!

  • Jessy

    Mohammad looks like a pig wrapped in a sheet walking backwards.

  • River Walker

    I don’t subscribe to Islam
    and Shari’a IS NOT MY LAW.
    I will defend my free speech
    and what others draw.

  • knotjammin2


  • Reg Dunlop

    Welcome to Obama’s America

  • jane moore


  • Retired Marine

    Are these families threatening to kill you? Nope. But I suppose you think you’re clever by trying to lump everyone who follows a religion into the most extreme strand of said religion.

  • Richard_Wiggler

    history is destined to be repeated by the stupid and the ignorant.
    you are historically correct.

  • NoBS

    The only reason this has even become a boil is due to the lack of Federal Security at our Boarders and an Immigration policy that imports Islamic radicals under the guise of Liberal Fantasy from La-La land.
    If only the Federal Government did not open the boarder to lower our standard of living.
    Is not the Federal Governments main objective security?
    Security for radicals does not count.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    The ridicule HITLER and make them go underground. Just like that we will ridicule Muhammad and they will be forced to go underground.

    Nobody is saying they cannot respect a slave owner or worship satan – but as concerned citizens we will publicly shame them or ridicule their prophet who was a slave owner. Can you shove me where in the constitution it says people cannot draw or shame a slave owner?

    Only religion whose founder was a slave owner = ISLAM.
    Jesus never owned slaves – Muhammad did.

  • burrell hill

    I’m guessing you’re as much a retired marine as I am the pope. Can anyone say stolen valor. A typical trick of liberal swine is to claim military service in forums so they can spew their leftist stupidity while hiding behind a uniform they never wore.

  • doncalls

    Here yah go ISIL.

  • Jessy

    I like it, hope to see it soon . Advertise on Drudge if you can.

  • highvolumelp

    Come on rag-heads. We shoot back, and we hit what we aim at.

  • Retired Marine

    So lets all go harass our fellow Americans in order to express our frustration with people who aren’t Americans on the other side of the planet? . . . BRILLIANT! Looks like you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be an American.

  • 4th Degree FreeMason by Decree

    Let’s see how long the liberal media sides with ISIS and the other nuts.

  • SecureTheGalacticPerimeter

    The families financially supported a mosque that’s teaching muslims its ok to kill people who draw the prophet mohammed, people practicing their 1st Amendment rights. Every family that attends this mosque should be charged with aiding ISIS and sent to a CIA facility for “questioning”. Why the hell else do I pay my damn taxes?

  • Jessy

    How about toilet targets of mohammad , drop the bomb on him.

  • Amaya

    Does islam decree that one must wage war against non-belivers? Does islam claim that non-belivers must pay dimmutude in order to be left alone?

  • OldSailor

    Then it is time and past time to apply those lessons here and in Europe.

  • Amaya

    Unfortunatley we do not have a leadership that belives the same thing.

  • doncalls

    Yah know we did not like the Cross put in a jar of urine like that Maplethorpe gig,but we are not to offend Islam according to the Left? gimme a break.

    You ISIL better get used to it,you cannot put it back in the bottle now.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    The ones who are not threatening me are of no concern to me.
    The ones who *are* will not be tolerated.

    I’m Buddhist. You can, quite literally, say anything you like about Buddha , me, my religion, etc. and I will not respond in kind.

    Because I am Civilized.

    The Muslims who are civilized, and there are many, will understand.
    The ones who don’t understand must be educated.
    If they wish to continue to exist at all.

  • Derbydoll

    Three rifle salutes for the followers of the 6th Century murder book. What’s with these sand knickers? Their big mouths and bigger a$$$es one overloading the other.

  • justin_credible

    So, let me get this straight. You can’t draw muhammed, but you can name every little [email protected] raghead from here to Mecca after him.

  • Checker72

    How dare you try and bring rationality and reason into this!!

  • OldSailor

    It can be painful too, but is still necessary … like cutting out a cancer. Been there on that last, I’m still here and God willing will be for many years more. (Note I say God, not Allah.)

  • CommonSense033

    And might I suggest a banner to be held proudly high outside the event.

    It was never lowered unless all the Templars had fallen in battle.

  • SecureTheGalacticPerimeter

    First of all how do you know these mosque attendees are US Citizens? Secondly, they are being protested for trying to kill people in Texas, which isn’t on the other side of the planet. Epic fail.

  • doncalls

    If i was in Arizona i would be there that’s for sure.

  • Checker72

    I probably shouldn’t have laughed as much as I did.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    I need me a Mohammed Bobble-head!

  • SecureTheGalacticPerimeter

    The Left fears Islam. Terrorism works. Hopefully no other religions will learn this neat little trick. . .

  • Retired Marine

    God this response is so typical of you Drudge-ites. I don’t espouse hard right views and want to kill everybody not like me and you accuse me of not being a real Marine. Whatever dude, I can sit here and play the same game with you, and then we’ll just get into the typical merry-go-round about what units we served in, what our MOS was, what platoon we were in at PI or SD, etc, etc, etc. Wake up dude, not every Marine is some mindless robot who only believes what Drudge, Rush, Levin and Hannity tell them to believe.

  • Knights Hawk

    Muck the fuslims.

  • I think this demonstration of defiance against those who would subjugate our freedoms by threat, intimidation or violent act is exactly what is required. It is a message to those who insist on strict adherence to a religion, an ideology or a philosophy under penalty of harsh retaliation not to press their luck. That goes for the progressive left as well as Muslim radicals.

  • Derbydoll

    That was 1200 years ago, fool. And crusaders were RECLAIMING land forcibly taken by the sandland people. Not that you know anything about history or anything.

  • Leah Keever

    Ye-es, that’s the ticket. Why don’t you have your tinfoil hat on in the picture?

    What an idiot.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    It’s an old joke… but I’m an old geezer so I guess it’s OK….

  • doncalls

    I agree,i forget who it was but they made the case that the Left is in essence like a religion now.

  • SecureTheGalacticPerimeter

    I hate that I can only upvote this post once.

  • palvadore

    Calling on Blart calling on Blart… All mall cops report for duty-we have another ISIS threat.
    Bart, Blart, Smart…anyone will do.

  • No Hillary

    Arizona respects the 1st and 2nd Amendment. Come on towel heads, go ahead….Make my day! Bring the bacon boys…

    Time to smear moohumpit.

  • YouWontLikeIt

    Show up armed and slaughter any dirty night shirt wearing rag head showing signs of threats …

  • Amaya

    Islam is one of the most vile and evil cultural cults ever created. It is the antithesis of Christian values.

  • Leah Keever

    I hope you are well paid to come on these forums and embarrass yourself. What a tool.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    I really pray that there be a pan US/European organization to defend Western Civilization like RSS and VHP in India.

  • Checker72

    Shoot first, check under the towels second.

  • doncalls

    That is the way it has been going,look at Europe.

  • Knights Hawk

    Who on here wants to kill everybody that’s not like them?
    I see people saying they won’t bow to Islam, that they will defend themselves and others, and that they will seek retribution for the terroristic acts of the pedophile worshippers. Are you saying you wouldn’t? Welcome to dhimmitude.

  • burrell hill

    No, not every Marine is a Drudge-ite but most who have seen these animals up close and personal realize that the only way to deal with them is a bullet to the forehead. And I don’t want to kill everyone not like me, just those that would kill me because I don’t believe like them.

  • HillaryForLibyanAmbassador2016

    Nope, you’re a mindless lib drone. Good for you jerk off.

  • OldSailor

    Read the reports about how our airmen are complaining about the LBJ-like restrictions they have to operate under. “They can’t bomb an outhouse without I say so.” – LBJ

    We could have had half a dozen A-10s orbiting that parade outside Ramadi, but without WHITE HOUSE authorization they wouldn’t have been able to attack that target of opportunity.

    Use Google to find the news reports in case you think I lie.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    To hell with inept “leadership”.

  • Testicules

    I made a sculpture of Mohamed this morning.

    Then I wiped my azz and flushed.

  • doncalls

    See we have the Muslim extremists and the illegal alien loving Democrats,Progressives,,,,

    Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote

    We are in trouble America,the Nation is in a state of emergency and our elect are asleep or too corrupt to care.

  • thestocks©

    Mohammed heard one of his wives was leaving him, so he rushed home where he found her on the carpet in front of the tent with her belongings; he sat beside her and said, “I heard you were planning to leave me?”

    She replied, “Yes, I heard your other wives saying you were a pedophile!”

    Mohammed thinks for a minute or so and then responds, “that’s a mighty big word for a 6 year old.”

  • Glenn_in_IL

    Jesus loved the little children – Moohamhead diddled them.

  • SecureTheGalacticPerimeter

    If you are a real Marine then why haven’t all the other Marines spinning in their graves not thrown the Earth out of its orbit and hurtling into the Sun? That proves you aren’t a Marine because you can’t fight the science.

  • Joe N.

    They are funded by black market oil sales, extortion, ransom payments, just like any other crime syndicate. Then they hide amongst the civilian population, behind women and children, so you can’t really bomb them from the air like our feckless leader seems to believe.

  • ArmyVet31

    Ah yes, Islam….the religion of peace.

  • Tim

    Islamists have brought these cartoons upon themselves.

  • BillybobBiden

    Mowarmpit……”Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum” III% Come And Get Some You Pedophile Dish Towel Headed MFers. Been Waitin For The Day To Start Pickin You Off One By One. 7.62 x 39 Makes A Pretty Hole In A Rag Head.

  • RepublicanDon

    Towelheads vs Bikers. Gosh, I wonder how that is going to turn out?

  • The Oppo Man

    Funny, these parasites are so used to attacking and killing unarmed, innocent people. anyone can do that. Here in America let me enlighten you. During WW2 a Japanese commander was highly opposed to invading the US. He said there is a gun behind every blade of grass. Now there are 2 guns behind every blade of grass. Carry on parasites.

  • These inbred barbaric pedophile cowards are the Nazis of today and they must be destroyed.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    OK, here’s a plan; draw a bunch of *respectful* portraits.

    Not because anyone tells you to, but because it will still infuriate the radical loonies and at the same time illustrate just how loony they are.

    Imagine the post attack interviews with some CNN babe trying desperately to find any, even remotely offensive picture to justify the violence and coming up empty.


  • ScottPM

    Lets have more of these to lure muslims to attack them so they can be part of evolution in action.

  • doncalls

    According to them (Islam) you cannot do any image of their prophet Mohammed.

  • Bob Scratchit

    I would too…open carrying my Saiga 12 loaded with alternating 00 buck and slugs. Butvalas, I live way too far away.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    Liberals don’t care if Muhammad was a pedophile they support NABLA. but they squirm when they have to defend slavery of Muhammad that is why I only bring up slavery force them to defend Muhammad’s slavery. They moment they do I call them RACIST. period. LOL

  • RepublicanDon

    I know a lot of nice people named John. Why do we call toilets Johns? We should use some other name. Maybe something with lots of “m”s in it.

  • Luther

    You can’t have diversity and free speech. Washington is eager to ignore the First Amendment.
    Feds Want to Scour Net for ‘Hate Speech’

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Exactly. So we do nice ones. They go nuts. The observers scratch their heads in confusion.


  • RepublicanDon

    I call this “Melvin on a Horse”.

  • Daryl

    A Muslim dressed as a biker LOL that would be a sight!

  • Bob Scratchit

    Time to play cowboys and muslims…

  • Alphabet_Soup

    No problem – just serve pulled-pork sandwiches.

  • BillybobBiden

    I’ll be there serving bacon sammiche’s to all the bikers.

  • thestocks©

    All witty responses aside, why do they have such an aversion to drawings of Mohammed?

  • Stop the Magnet

    The State Dept & UN are seeding Islam here as fast as they can. The only politician addressing this so far is Jindal. I’m still waiting on the others to SPEAK UP!

  • I am surviving Obama

    Nothing will change until we get the Muzzzzlam sympathizer out of the WH. Any bets he still loves the sound of “call to muzzzzzzlim prayer”?

  • Stephen Roberts

    If they knew the taste of bacon they would embrace love and peace.

  • thestocks©

    Three muslims walk into a bar…

    …they’re shot dead before they can set off their vests..

  • doncalls

    Make sure to screen for Progressives there,they may have a radio or cell phone to give the ISIL guys logistics and info.

    never trust a progressive.

  • fourdc

    remember boys and girls…stuff those hollow points with bacon

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    You, sir, are destined for greatness.

  • savage24

    I agree with the motivation of the group, but that Tee Shirt shows the immaturity of the wearer. If you want to walk around out in public you should at very least look and act like an adult.

  • Daryl

    Damn this site, i’m right in the middle of typing a comment, when the web page refreshes DOH! Is there a way to turn web page refresh off?

  • SharkLazerzzz

    Be ever mindful of false flags and provocateurs…

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    That is so 1955.
    And thank you!

  • BillybobBiden


  • thestocks©

    There’s a button that says “Disable refresh for 7 days”. Maybe that will do it?

  • Daryl
  • thestocks©

    And I agree – very annoying…

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Q: What do you call a drunken Muslim?
    A: Mohammered.

  • Common Man

    For only 7 days. Ad Blocker helps, but not on every site.

  • Tim

    These barbarians are the same barbarians today as they were in the past.
    The democrat party are the Nazis of today.

  • ItsNotThatComplicated

    Great way to start my day!

  • thestocks©

    I don’t think you really posted that.

  • Warnthis

    lSlS warning us? – it’s about G.D. time we warn them!

  • fourdc

    hey Jim…(the author of this article)…where do you get armed “bikers” from? trying to capitalize on Waco? I’m sure you’ll find plenty there because they tend to be a pretty patriotic bunch and very intolerant of being threatened, but “Armed Americans” would have been a more fitting and appropriate description here.

  • qwertee

    right above the facebook comment section, look for the orange button

  • thestocks©

    Maybe one of them had a motorcycle.

  • yikes

    You found one!

  • Jose Martin

    This cartoon event is a fantastic way to flush out terrorists. The CIA and FBI may actually be involved in this.

  • Daryl


  • Reagan Brown

    Q. Why does Mohammad wear dirty bed sheets? A. Because a camel can hear the sound of a zipper from a mile away.

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Q: What do Muslim men think is the best thing about having sex with twenty-eight year olds?
    A: There’s 20 of them.

  • Daryl

    Great point, this isn’t pointed out enough!

  • bikerdogred1

    Jane, your in insulting, what ISIS really needs is a love doll such as yourself to bring their spirits up you should volunteer and leave now to service your people unless you are a transgender then I wouldn’t go if I was you.

  • BillybobBiden

    Q: What do call a Muslim that lives in Florida? A: MoHumid

  • bikerdogred1

    Get it right,”used” diaperheads.

  • BillybobBiden

    I ride strictly dirt bikes….but I’m always still armed..ALWAYS

  • Amaya

    I doubt it. They won’t even use immigration reform marches to flushout illegals why would obamas CIA and FBI use tevents like this to stop obamas brothas?

  • Daryl

    LOL I haven’t heard that one since the 80’s.

  • Steve Rath

    Hey u camel jocks, please show up, you are being made fun of and they are selling raffle tickets for who gets to shoot first when u show up. U stupid dorks, go home and abuse some fellow Muslims.

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Q: Why did the prophet Mohammed go to kindergarten when he was 52 years old?
    A: To pick up his wife.

  • BillybobBiden

    Q: What do you call a Muslim from a 1940’s comedy show? A: MOE

  • WillVMI68

    This “Free Speech In Your Face” is to take place outside the Islamic Center that was attended by the two dead Muslim CONVERTS that attacked Pam Geller’s event. It will be VERY interesting how many CRAZY ISLAMISTS crawl out of the gutter to do ISIS’s bidding to kill Kuffars. It will be an indication of how many there really are already among us.
    I pray that the only deaths will be those responding to ISIS’s call to kill.

  • Daryl

    The American Crusades have begun! Coming to a mosque near you.

  • thestocks©

    America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say, ‘You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.’

  • Jaime Mendez

    Bring your pencils and your guns!

  • Glenn_in_IL

    I’d never noticed that before. Thanks!

  • whotothewhat

    I hope they serve pork sandwiches at the event.

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Q: How come most unmarried Muslim men do not use condoms?
    A: Little boys can’t get pregnant.

  • BillybobBiden

    Seems a little immature to be lopping off innocent peoples heads, there should be more intelligent head lopping.

  • Big Iron ╾━╤デ╦︻

    That would be Blart

  • This is outstanding! This needs to happen every week, all over the country. Arizona is also open carry, so I don’t expect the cowardly Pederst Worsippers to show up at all. They only attack the defenseless.

  • Daryl

    Good movie, but liberal tainted.

  • thestocks©

    Granted, but the message there was apropos.

  • Don’t Tread On Me, Goatfkers!

  • Shark_FL

    and twitter allows these accounts to remain active why?

  • Lightmann

    1st Amendment. PERIOD. 2nd Amendment to protect against this SWINE.

  • BINGO!

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Q: What did Mohammed say to his father-in-law when Aisha turned 10?
    A: I’ll swap you a ten for two fives.

  • Daryl

    I wonder if any news outlet will have the balls to have live coverage of this event.

  • Lightmann

    2nd Amendment!

  • thestocks©

    As someone pointed out, this is from a liberal-tainted movie, but the message here is appropriate:

    America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say, ‘You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.’ … Now show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the land of the free.

    “The American President”

  • Some tread the line of not making threats so they are allowed to stay active (freedom of speech). Those that make threats are usually shut down but the people behind them just make another account. Cyber whack-a-mole.

  • Zorn

    You’re incorrectly assuming it is done only to offend – it’s a display that we will not be intimidated by a group of murdering punks who kill over cartoons and threaten others – the only thing these scum understand is strength, and to be silent and do nothing is weakness upon which they prey…… and pray.

  • “Whatever dude?” Marine my a$$. You are a pathetic PajamaBoy. Guaranteed.

  • qwertee

    No trouble. At least this site has that button. Those psychos over at washingtontimes think mandatory 120 second refresh is a good idea.

  • bikerdogred1

    Their democrats, of course not.

  • Mad Hatter

    If he’s a retired Marine, then I’m a retired President of a Fortune 500 Company.

  • No One Important

    They will now, after the Texas incident.Hopefully they wouldn’t spin it . . .nah. . .wishful thinking.

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    Conservatives should start a face book alternative.

  • No One Important

    The 2nd amendment protects the 1st.

  • bikerdogred1

    One of the 47%.

  • thestocks©

    2nd amendment is to protect the 1st.

  • thestocks©


  • Testicules

    We put up with the most unimaginably vile slander, rabid foaming at the mouth hate, and unspeakably disgusting lies from the left wing every single day…

  • No One Important

    GMTA. . .

  • popkorn

    Its because of liberalism.

  • Daryl

    I doubt O’Reilly will send Jesse Watters to cover this.

  • formwiz

    My money’s on the bikers.

    The Moslems are only tough when the opposition is unarmed, female, underage, or overage.

  • Mad Hatter

    Because Zuckerberg is a Pajama Boy Candy @ss, and hates Christians more than he does terrorists.

  • No One Important

    Some goofy idea of “we can watch who/what they say”. . . .Somehow, I think I’d rather shut off their use of our freedoms if they hate our freedoms and lifestyle so much.Let them pound out their rants on stone, with chisels, and deliver them to newspapers by horse and buggy. . .

  • I’d put mine on the FBI, local authorities, and whatever other alphabet soup agency shows up. They’ll be better armed and willing to shoot both factions.

  • Daryl

    Americans are already pissed off. Somebody is stupid enough to threaten us on our own soil? Step right up, and thanks for volunteering!

  • Katana2011

    I would suggest what Winston Churchill did around one hundred years ago, and that was to soak all their bullets and shells in pork blood and send ISIS the memo! They will duck tail and RUN!

  • Marford

    Absolutely, all the liberal outlets will cover it so they can report that the protestors against the beheaders are the real terr0rlsts.

  • ontheright

    Typical lieberal / progressive / socialist trash. You aren’t fit to wear the uniform, lapdog.

  • No One Important

    You see, “free” means that. . .freedom to be dumb, too.It’s not your call to decide what is “intelligent” speech and what isn’t. . . .Those west baptist haters are prime examples.I wish them the worst ills imaginable. . .but know that there is nothing we can do. . .except force them to stand at least 100 yards away from a private funeral, and then the biker groups with the monster American flags did the rest by blocking them. . . . .Where there is a will, there is a way. . . . .

  • Daryl

    It would be nice if C-SPAN covers it live.

  • junk

    apparently islam can’t handle America

  • Tracksuit Al

    Why does Twitter ban people like Charles Johnson but allow ISIS terrorists to have Twitter accounts from which they threaten to kill?

  • ontheright

    Was thinking the same, exact thing…if this un-American douche is a US Marine, Obama is a Rhodes Scholar.

  • Daryl

    and NewsMax

  • JP

    cowards wont show because they would face armed resistance.

  • Jorge

    The 1st Amendment is for those that offend others need not worry about being attacked. Drawing Mohammed is offensive to Muslims. Is not being gay offensive to them as well?

  • ontheright

    Maybe you never played “cowboys AND indians” when you were a kid?

  • JS353535

    ROFL!!! Remember, it’s Zuckerfag…

  • No One Important

    Something about monitoring them easier. .. .As far as I’m concerned. .turn off all their communications.If they hate our lifestyle and freedom so much, why are they using our communications systems to convey their hate?Make them pound out their missives on stone with a chisel and drive them to the newspapers with a horse and buggy.Some with the goofy “climate change” left wingers. . . .No more spewing your nonsense on PCs/ipads/ipods/ipoohs made with petroleum distillates, drinking your lattes made with machines also made with fossil fuels, riding your silly bikes made with plastic and fossil fueled rubber tires . . . nor your silly “bike” outfits made with more plastic than a styrofoam cup. . .

  • Rash Braveheart

    How come the FBI never showed in Garland? Seems that was going to be so obvious that something would happen. It took a brave traffic cop with two amazing head shots to bring down two body armor clad, AK-47 shooting piglets.

  • JS353535

    So in other words you would need to be devoutly christian and hate gays in order to join, huh?

  • Blandly Urbane

    Man, the threats and all that. They’re a bunch of babies.

  • El_Sluggo

    Something tells me a few of these bikers are Afghanistan/Iraq vets who would welcome the opportunity to see some of their “old friends” show up at this event.

  • Daryl

    I can see it now, the liberal media will ask every GOP candidate to condemn Americans that dare to offend Islam… and every RINO will do it! The one’s low in the polls will be first, my money is on Bobby Jindal.

  • Testicules

    No, I mean the left.

    I am truthful.

  • ontheright

    Hopefully we are not naive enough to play by the “kings army” rules. It won’t turn out like it did in 1770’s America…the enema…er…enemy doesn’t adhere to any rules, and neither should we. BS rules of engagement restrictions have been getting our boys killed left and right by the towel head savages who hide behind women and children – and we have trained them that it works…

  • Good point. But this event is getting a LOT of press. Best believe they’ll be there this time. Some of their agents will probably even show up on Harley’s wearing patches.

  • U.S. Grant

    Liberals and Muslims both desire to curtail free speech. These scenarios are a perfect litmus test on how a person views the Bill of Rights.

  • So when the chicken$hit Pederast Worshipers fail to show up after their hollow threats because Arizonans will be armed, and the cartoons get seen by all, the world will see who these pu$$ies really are.

  • hanginout

    Bring it! If our government won’t defend us, we are required to do it ourselves…

  • zzzzzzzot

    Taking back America from Al Qaeda one goathumper at a time all the way to the White House.

  • Bogart

    What?? The White House hasn’t come out and denounce the cartoonist free speech.

  • Barker

    The FBI has the names, addresses and photographs of all of these people in the U.S. who claim to support ISIS. PUBLISH IT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, JUST LIKE WE DO WITH SEX OFFENDERS!!! THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE EXPOSED!!!

  • Who do you suppose our Golfer-In-Chief will defend; Arizonans and the 1st Amendment, or the Pederast Worshipers?

  • ontheright

    An old SNL skit immediately comes to mind – “Jane, you incredibly ignorant slut…” – Dan Ackroyd

  • Daryl

    They all voted for Obama

  • Pigfarmer

    How bout this boy. You take an Infidel. Remaining Infidels take a mosque.

  • No One Important

    That’s some pretty big talk from behind a twitter name. . . . .My money is on the bikers. . . .Jihadists are real brave when beheading defensless christians, women and children.When faced with real men from America. . let’s see how “brave” they are.Wanna meet those 72 women?Something tells me there are more than a few Americans willing to arrange that meeting for ya. . . Keep running your yaps. . . .keep threatening Americans. . . .You’ll see how we roll. . . .Yippy kiyaaay. . .

  • Progressive Democrat

    Oooooo scary! Attack by Twitter account.

  • JD

    These Islamist need to learn you can’t push Americans around like they do Europeans. This is the way they are taught. America is free, unlike their country of origin.

  • DrColostomy

    Retarded Marine is probably that fat load that was wearing a uniform to get freebies. The only “gun” he ever holds is his pathetic little weenie. A true PajamaBoie.

  • Liberal Ninja

    My prediction: Nothing will come of this one. Too high profile, too close to the mosque. Maybe an accidental shooting by some drunk, that’s about it.

  • Jim s

    No. Just an American . not an America hater, like yourself.

  • yennikcm

    Draw the Koranderthal barbarian deviant cultists out in the open….

  • DrColostomy

    I thought rahghead muzzies don’t drink, azzwipe.

  • AFlaVet

    Muck all Fuslims.

  • Testicules

    Thank you for proving my point.

  • DrColostomy

    Ragheads don’t even use toilet paper.

  • jerry2286

    The sad this is that Twitter will probably only suspend Jon Ritzheimer’s twitter account if he has one.

  • capt3292

    Drudge does not write articles. He provides links to all publications from the far right to the far left. What the progressive liberals hate about that is that he provides sources to the various journalistic views of current events. And this is what the liberals fear the most.

  • Doug Huffman

    Thanks for my new desktop image. MOLON LABE it’s so much more than arms.

  • burrell hill

    Yawn, I’ll bite, let me save you some time F-tard…… FAUX NEWS, THE KOCH BROTHERS, CHRISTIANS, RUSH, LEVIN, DRUDGE, RACISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA, WHITE PRIVILEGE, BLAH BLAH BLAHHHH. You morons are frickin broken records.

  • john williams

    I dont think Mohammad got any pink part coming down that mountain with a sword, maybe a goat substituted for it…….

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    OK, that settles it; we need a poetry division in these contests…

  • jerry2286

    The Garland, Texas Draw Mohammad Contest wasn’t high profile? I believe it had been planned of months. I predict that Islam will show it’s true face as usual, and it won’t be the “Religion of Peace” one that liberals like to push.

  • No One Important

    The “moderate” muslim community told everyone not to react to the Geller event. . ..Of course, 2 extremists came out of the woodwork. . . . .Rat. . meet cheese. .. . and trap.Something tells me, only the most extreme may actually do anything. . . . .Again. . .rat, meet cheese and trap. . . .Hey, if they’re stupid enough to rise to the bait with armed violence voluntarily, why not do something about them?Save us all a bunch of time and money. . . .Who needs the NSA and some goofy suveilance program that costs hundreds of billions, huh? Just keep holding cartoon contests across the US!

  • AFlaVet

    Cause twitter is run by a bunch of Yeshiva boys from Columbia?

  • Testicules

    In the year 1202, Muslims invented the condom by using the lower intestine of a goat

    In 1526 the English improved on this invention by removing the intestine from the goat.

  • Rob Johnson

    The winning cartoon from the Garland event — funny. “You Can’t Draw Me!” “That’s why I draw you”

  • M S

    What do you call a Mohammad drawing contest?


  • No One Important

    Who needs some goofy NSA surveilance program that costs us hundreds of billions?Just keep holding cartoon contests across the US.Rat. . . meet cheese. . . and trap.If they’re dumb enough to voluntarily rise to the bait with armed violence, then why not do something about them? Save us all a lot of time and money.Seems Europe needs a few “contests” themselves. . . .

  • Patty

    “Armed bikers are planning an anti-Islamist protest on Friday at the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona.”

    Well, that should take care of any threat from this Radical Islamist Terrorists “thugs.” Key word being ARMED

    Don’t tread on US!! And Don’t you dare Threaten Us, Ever!!

  • JRjr

    <<—– Jerk-O-Lantern

    An Ex-Obama CIA official said yesterday that ISIS is on the verge of conquering Iraq, yet Bagdad Bloboma's press secretary, Bagdad Bob, continues to tell the media that "we are winning in Iraq. No cause for alarm".

    I use to think that those who claimed Obama want's ISIS to win were full of it. Now I am beginning to believe they are right.

  • WhiteBoy65

    Can’t decide if it will be Scott Walker or Jeb Bush first.

  • M S

    That was Pershing.

  • No One Important

    Yep. And if they’re dumb enough to voluntarily rise to the bait with violence. . .then do something about them.Heck, who needs Obama’s big government, and an NSA program costing us hundreds of billions and violating our rights. . . .Leave it to Americans to “show you how it’s done”. . . . Cartoon contests in all 50 states. . . .Rack ‘n trap. . . .clean the house.

  • JRjr

    Excellent idea!

  • Padre3210

    With public grade transcripts!

  • David Collins

    no muslim is good or peaceful. when they say that they are, that’s ‘taqqiya’, the admonition to muslims to lie about their true goals, in order to establish a foothold in a country. there can be no peace with any muslims left living.

    trusting any muslim is a fatal mistake. they’re all criminals. they’re all the enemy.

  • i love stacked women

    ‘WE PROMISE YOU DAT” (I promise I love goats and have a education of a retard)

    yo cuz, them arizona milkies be trippin son, im gonna back that thang up while the block is hot, fosho, you feel me, gnomesayin?

    I feel like taking a plane ride, just to go for some excitement. I practice every three days, not every 1000 years, this isnt muslimania, princess.

  • David Harrison
  • M S

    During WW2 film makers and the government used films and other venues to ridicule our enemies.
    Today they won’t do it, so the people will.
    Lead, follow or get out of the way.

  • jerry2286

    Islam through the ages.

  • gerry d welder

    Our 1st amendment will be protected by our 2nd amendment.

  • caligula

    these are armed bikers, not skinny little french cartoonists.

    muzzies are used to scaring, terrorizing and massacring the weakest among the global human population. any time they face a strong adversary, they tuck tail and run. this will be no different. they will talk a big game, but know better than to mess with real men.

  • Lance H

    The drawings need to be very large, on canvas, and flown like flags on the back of motorcycles, which should then circle the mosque until they are seen by every congregant.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    I just took a big Sh! on the Koran, then I tossed it in my pig pen where my massive hogs took a big Sh! on it, I have also been using a picture of Mohammad with a hole cut in the back side and let my the pigs have sex with it.

    My pigs have never been happier.

  • gerry d welder

    ARIZONA: Biker patriots plan armed anti-Islam protest outside mosque that hatched the two Garland, Texas would-be Muslim jihadist assassins

    By Shoebat Foundation on May 29, 2015

    By BI: On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of bikers in Arizona plan to host an anti-Islam demonstration outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Dubbed as “Freedom of Speech Rally Round 2,” a reference to American blogger Pamela Geller’s ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest in Garland, Texas earlier this month, the event, organized on Facebook, is described […]

    Continue Reading

    Actually the vast majority ‘bikers’ are patriotic, law abiding veterans, firemen, police, retirees, and many, many professional working and retired US citizens.

    And they are starting to wake up.

    A lot of the above ride with the ‘bad guys’ and are communicating.

  • free_from-u

    the sand wogs are all upset..?? awwwww..LOL!!!

  • WhiteBoy65

    The Mohammadan’s only seem to seek out and butcher women, children, old men and teens. Armed American Anglo-Saxon bikers are not their cup of tea. Some men in this country still have their balls attached.

  • No One Important

    And thank God there are still some “real” men in America. Not the wuusified nonsense metro-xual weirdos that are in Europe and our urban cities.Not talkin’ “cave man” wife-beaters either. . . .Talkin’ real men, who understand what is strong, and brave, what is kind and gentle. . .not whiney and petulant.Real men. . . .stand tall, stand free, and are on bended knee to no one. . . .

  • SamIamTwo

    <— buying jars of pickled pigs feet.

    Mohammad was a warrior.

  • caligula

    true. i remember watching bugs bunny and various other cartoons as a kid, and the way they portrayed the germans and japanese illustrated who our enemies were at the time.

    now-a-days cartoons are mainly created by lefties. lefties are generally weak little girly-men. and they are so terrified of offending islam, you will never see them follow suit. it perfectly illustrates the feminization of America

  • John

    I didn’t see anyone espousing the view of killing everyone who is not like “me”. I see people defending the 1st amendment in the face of fascist Islamists thugs who, in this country and in others, attempt to curtail speech in accordance with some 7th century version of sharia law. I would remind you that there is no such thing as “hate speech”. There is speech you might hate or find offensive or that I might hate and find offensive. It is not relevant. Both are protected.

  • No One Important
  • John Locke

    So pick a fight in a state with constitutional open carry? Brilliant.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    We need a new Crusade Movement in our country really BAD!

  • Kerry Mahoney

    “I am a Iranian by birth and of my Islamic faith. I
    am also an American and I seek to help change America to be a more
    Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well
    in the transition of using freedom of religion in America
    against itself.”
    Valerie Jarrett

  • No One Important

    Perfect way to make the point.some whackjobber wants to see those 72 women and be a martyr?Go for it, lunatic.Rat. . meet bait. . .and trap.

  • The Path

    I have to ask, are those nipple rings? In anycase, thanks for the new desktop.

  • John Locke

    So you don’t like pages that compiles sources and lets you read from all over the world?

  • caligula

    funny. the muzzies ask “did you not learn from Charlie Hebdo?”

    did they not learn from the last time Americans drew Muhammad? that was after Charlie Hebdo too, and the result was two dead muslims and a crowd of laughing Americans. get back to your caves and goats, muzzies. or choose to be a martyr, dead in the streets of America. no skin off our noses.

  • Daryl

    The American Crusades have begun.


    Yep, perfectly correct !

  • Patty

    and then this:
    Obama Preventing Our Air Force from Firing on ISIS Forces With Absurd ‘Rules’ of Engagement’

    U.S. military pilots carrying out the air war against the Islamic State
    in Iraq and Syria are voicing growing discontent over what they say are
    heavy-handed rules of engagement hindering them from striking targets.

    They blame a bureaucracy that does not allow for quick
    decision-making. One Navy F-18 pilot who has flown missions against ISIS
    voiced his frustration to Fox News, saying: “There were times I had
    groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn’t get clearance to

    He added, “They probably killed innocent people and spread evil because of my inability to kill them. It was frustrating.”

  • Tim

    Jesus is Lord.

  • Rob Curcio

    ….yes…10,000. It’s on now. Let’s do this.


    Pacifist coward. Defend western culture or die

  • No One Important

    “. . .sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it’s done.”Who needs some goofy NSA surveilance program that costs us hundreds of billions and violates our freedoms?Just keep holding cartoon contests across the US.Rat. . . meet cheese. . . and trap.If they’re dumb enough to voluntarily rise to the bait with armed violence, then why not do something about them? Save us all a lot of time and money.Leave it to regular Americans to prove no one needs that big overbloated NSA. . . .just some pencil and paper to draw and a lot of brave people willing to give Political Islam the finger. . . .

  • sktuc

    ISIS “It’s S” ” t It Stinks” In America we don’t bow to Camel Jockeys !!!!!!!

  • M S

    Someday someone is just going to have to kill them despite orders.

  • sktuc

    Great Pic of the 12th Imam Obama ” Oh Bomb Ah “

  • The Good Shepherd

    COWARDLY Americans know exactly WHO THEY ARE for RUNNING from this issue.
    OUR US Constitution AND SHARIA Law CANNOT EXIST in the same Society. We The People of O-U-R Country will SLAUGHTER every one of YOU Islamo-Fascist COCKROACHES as you show your TRUE Islamic colors. IF you do not beleive us just go ahead and WE The People will see how things shake out for YOU in the end.
    …IDENTIFY I-S-L-A-M for what IT IS. and remember that THESE SWINELIKE DOGS will move aongst us like the COCKROACHES they ARE.
    Welcome to the Global CANCER known as ISLAM.

  • Patty

    yes, a SANE president. Hopefully a Conservative with some military experience.

  • Baron Münchhausen

    Really? Einstein signed his name to a letter. It was Germans who did split the atom. Read the history of the Manhattan project. But if you have a history book to point to, I’d be willing to read it to see where you came up with this

  • Patty

    or No Bombs Obama just be nice and maybe they will go away.

    that is his strategy

  • tj

    The bikers should post the names and addresses of all of the members of this mosque.
    If they are attacked.. the bikers should then post the names and addresses of all of the attackers relatives…

    The main function of government is to protect the citizens against law breaking bullies… our government no longer does ths for many of our citizens, but only protects and gives rights to selected minorities.

  • Dewreck

    We “kuffar” are coming for you.

  • C.Manzano

    Obama says he’s Christian! Hmm.?

  • WhiteBoy65

    Taking odds on who will be the first Republican Presidential candidate to condemn and distance themselves from the Phoenix Art Show.

  • Rob Curcio

    Bring what ya got dirtbags. You’re not in some dirt heap town in the middle east somewhere now. You’re courage is derived from slaughtering defenselss innocent women and children and unarmed men. You have been strategically set up to perfection from our point of view. How many times have we seen your culture make this fatal mistake in the last 3 decades? You kill a bunch of defenseless innocents and become emboldened. Then, you encounter reality. I recomend you pack up your Korans and head back to the land of primitive demagoguery.

  • GM

    LOL – Muslims are like Obama – Big bunch of rodeo clowns

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    No not every Marine is conservative and those that are not or mostly assigned as RA POGS on the butt end of the spear. The Real Marines or the ones on the bleeding point of the spear killing Americans enemies and trying to stay alive to kill more!

  • rockfarm

    lsls threats don’t work on people who will actually stand up to them and fight back – which is probably why they always attack unarmed peaceful people shopping or having a cartoon contest – weak pathetic murderers

  • BOStinks2

    Well someone has to protect America…obama and his dis gusting administration wo’t be happy until they sever America’s jugular

  • Rob Curcio

    Regressive Marxist Libtards invented legal Baby slaughter and have killed MILLIONS more than any Nuclear device. What’s your point?

  • Paladin

    Kill ’em… kill ’em all!!!

  • John Locke

    What is hateful? I see humor.

  • Dopey

    Thank God for our founding fathers wisdom.

    Don’t remember who said it (if there was just some way of looking the information up), but he said if we ever go to war with the muslims we’ll be at war forever.

    They’ve been a problem for civilized society for the entirety of their existence.

  • Infidel007

    I still think this should be held in a different location and not by the community center, simply because you will lose the P.R battle due to it being a community center. Hold it in an open field, or a location where innocents won’t catch strays if the worst should happen. The media will paint you as harassing people in a community center. I know the intent is noble, and you mean well, but this will backfire P.R wise due to it being a community center.

    A whole lot of people will buy the narrative the media sells too. Often times good or bad P.R is more important than the truth. I support the rally but choose a different location. You may end up doing more harm to the cause than good, simply because of the bad P.R. Thankfully the islamic state are idiots so hopefully they can balance out the bad P.R by being idiots.

  • Dopey


  • Ken

    You gotta start at the White House.How anybody has not figured out Obama at this point must be either blind or stupid.ISIS is Obama’s baby.So are Al-Qaida, and al-nusra, boko-haram, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, etc.He single handedly has created such chaos in America (AND THE WORLD!) that it cannot go ignored any longer.
    I said it on 9/11/2001, and I will say it again in 2015:
    Then go after all of the leftwingers running the media and Hollywood.
    ISLAM by nature is illegal in America because it calls for the overthrow of any kuffar land that it invades.

  • knotjammin2

    I was making a joke. We don’t have rules of engagement for those that would do harm to our children. This will go nothing like 1770’s as I believe that there will be more than the 20% participation rate our founding fathers had.

  • Ken

    I have seen this guy’s posts in the past.IGNORE HIM.

  • C.Manzano

    Great name by the way! Love it!

  • BOStinks2

    Colonel Ralph peters

  • hate on towel heads

    By far the best yet!

  • dave0987

    STAND YOUR GROUND! Let them be the first to attack, then OBLITERATE THE SAVAGES!

  • booradley55

    I agree but…

    They have the right to hold the rally wherever they can legally hold it. The fact that it might be incendiary or provocative is one thing. But, that is no reason to condone violence. Opinions are opinions. If the Muslims don’t like it, then they don’t like it. They don’t have the right to start shooting folks about it.

    It’s just like the people that burn and stomp on the U.S. flag. That pisses most Americans off to no end, but nobody has the right to shoot them for doing it.

  • C.Manzano

    I think ” Retired Marine ” is gonna get a fat paycheck from Media Matters today! He’s been a good troll!

  • DinaRehn

    Do Not Submit! Republish the Mohammed Cartoons Everywhere. Here’s How.
    Jan 7, 2015
    Today’s terror attack on Charlie Hedbo, the irreverent French satirical magazine that was one of the few media outlets in France to publish the original “Mohammed cartoons,” is an attempt by Islamic fundamentalists to enforce shari’a worldwide, even on non-Muslims.
    We must not let them succeed.
    Self-censoring out of fear means self-imposition of shari’a (Islamic law).

    Self-censoring out of “respect” (actually just a euphemism for fear) means you are submitting to the terrorists’ worldview.
    The way to overcome them in this instance is to overwhelm them with disrespect and mockery.
    Fill the world with images of Mohammed so that the terrorists realize they can never expunge them all.
    But where to get the pictures? Easy.

    The Mohammed Image Archive, which I have hosted at zombietime since the day of the original “Mohammed cartoon crisis” back in May of 2006, has not only a full collection of the original cartoons, but more importantly the largest collection of Mohammed imagery ever assembled in the history of the world.

    I hereby grant permission, and even encourage, anyone reading this to repost any images found anywhere on the Mohammed Image Archive. No limits. Repost them all, if you want to.
    Go to any of these pages, download whatever images you choose, repost, and help to win the most important cultural war humanity has faced in a long time:
    The Mohammed Image Archive (main index page)
    Islamic Depictions of Mohammed in Full
    Islamic Depictions of Mohammed with Face Hidden
    European Medieval and Renaissance Images
    Miscellaneous Mohammed Images
    Dante’s Inferno
    Book Illustrations
    Book Covers
    Satirical Modern Cartoons
    The Jyllands-Posten Cartoons
    Recent Responses to the Controversy
    Extreme Mohammed

  • disqus_TZwmIwpSB5

    Where is the FBI protecting an American citizen from terroristic threats?

  • Richard_Wiggler

    does his shirt say
    ‘ F’K ISLAM ‘ ???
    hope so.

  • NickandLynds

    “Self-sufficient” as defined by the State Department means that the refugee is no longer receiving assistance from a private charitable organization. Most refugees who are “self-sufficient” as per this definition are unemployed and on welfare and other taxpayer assistance. I’m willing to bet that most of these people will not be taking American jobs as long as they are getting government benefits.

  • Infidel007

    Though the intent is noble, I also see one large honey trap in the making. Though I still believe law enforcement should hold fake rallies like this or something similar, even make it seem like a soft target and draw in all the jihadist crazies and surprise them with the fact that the supposed soft target is a hard one. It’s like a bug zapper. Even use misinformation and make the enemy think high value targets will be at the event.

  • ontherightmark

    To bad it’s like 1000 miles away. Otherwise I’d show up. I hope many well armed patriots show up.

  • HogHeaven

    Liberals are having a chitfit over this, hopefully they’ll show up with these sons of the motherless goat and get their tickets cashed too !!

  • NickandLynds

    That’s a VERY flattering picture of Michelle in your post.

  • bridgette

    Right, somehow some end up Marxian Socialists, like you.

  • Infidel007

    I agree the rally should be held, but due to bad P.R they shouldn’t hold it by a community center. I’m simply pointing out that they may actually hurt the very cause they are trying to support. This is often the case with naive idealists, they are so blinded by the ideal they ignore everything else around them. I respect this man’s bravery, I just disagree with the tactics due to the location.

  • GB

    What are they going to bleed all over the protesters? Ought to make good news stories.

  • Infidel007

    Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words that being one of them.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    There once was a prophet from Saudi
    Who frowned on anything baudy.
    But he married a toddler
    and then tried to fondle ‘er
    And that’s why we think that he’s naughty.

  • HogHeaven

    Your a queer aren’t you ?

  • Infidel007

    Why are camels called ships of the desert? Because they are full of islamic seamen.

  • oracle2world

    I would not cross bikers. They like what they do.

  • Ozerosux

    Suck it rag heads.

  • Mike Nowicki

    Screw the bullets, fill squirt guns with pigs blood.

  • enoughlies

    Gulftainer should not have been given the 35 year lease for Port Canaveral. Based upon Gulftainer’s record of shipping arms to terrorists, the secret negotiations and hurried contract signing take on new implications. Gulftainer holding the lease to Port Canaveral is truly a security nightmare.

    That Gulftainer was turned down for another port in the US, at another military installations, should inform. Others understood the national security risk so why did the CEO John Walsh at Port Canaveral turn a blind eye?

    For the rest of the story:

  • knotjammin2
  • Ed


  • Blargette

    Did Cooper interview the muslim saying he was going to drink protester’s blood? I take it Twitter cancelled the muslim’s account for threatening another’s life.

  • propel7

    Come and get it “Baby-Raper-ISIS”. You are all cowards that will not fight real men. You have to kill innocents. You are SCUM, just like the undercover jihadis muslim that weaponized you, Barach Hussein Obama. Mohammhead was a baby raping degenerate and murderer of children and women. The Most High God Jehovah is going to crush Allah’s/Lucifer’s head.

  • DinaRehn
  • Blargette

    Well done. Haiku?

  • Infidel007

    I wonder if the O.I.C is involved in this. It would be a wonderful civilization jihad tactic.

    Who are the O.I.C?

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law

  • Tom R

    crawl back under your rock

  • CRyan



    I hope the Muslim scum try to start something, cause these gun toting bikers/protesters will finish it. You don’t like the protest? Then stay away. I find it ironic that these Muslim turds crap all over others religions, even going so far as to kill them, but when someone pushes back, they can’t understand why. They all need an extreme case of acute lead poisoning.

  • Verbotene Gedanken


    Handsome Mohammed
    I could draw you a picture
    But then he’d kill me.

  • DinaRehn
  • oracle2world

    This is a great way to flush out jihadists. They are attracted to cartoons like flying insects to a bug zapper.

  • Infidel007

    The newest islamic state recruitment video. Here is the leader of the islamic state trying to inspire more fighters to join the cause.

    Behold infidels I give you superior sharia culture!


    P.S to any jihadist who reads this baaa means no.

  • CRyan

    Cowboys and muslims… Love it!


    They have lots of guns in AZ be sure to show ISIS a warm AZ welcome just like in Texas.

  • propel7

    OOO-RAHHH. “Kill the MUSLIM baby-rapers”. And hang the undercover jihadis muslim that weaponized them, for treason in doing so. Barach Hussein Obama and his CIA. Hang their Globalist Banker satanist masters that installed them all, along side them.

  • Guest

    Stop Islamization!

  • Tom R

    12 history illiterates. who thought, but it sounded good.

  • sam gribley

    It would be better strategically to say nothing but then attack in surprise.. It’s usually the impotent,(Muslim extremists), that threaten and threaten and never do anything… I wish the morons would quit talking and do something already. If you have any capability in the U.S., lets see it…. “chirp,,chirp”

  • Karen Hsu

    I’ll put my money on the rednecks. They’ll be prepped.

  • ra

    Isn’t this “community center” actually the mosque that was attended by the two losers who launched the latest failed mission against Texans?

  • Guest

    Mohammed was very fond of Turkey…

  • Del

    Now why would anyone find this offensive?

  • lamb4usa

    I applaud these people for having the guts to hold this contest on the front door of a mosque. Perfect place to show these ragheads that we aren’t scared of them. I’m sure they will have plenty of attendees who will be armed and ready to protect themselves from these cowards. God knows our government certainly won’t do anything to protect us from these heathens. I consider this a little payback for the clowns in New York who allowed a mosque to be built very close to ground zero. It’s time to stand and be counted America.

  • Dan

    even better than pissing off the muslims is that you have to know how much this gets under Dingle Barry Soetoro’s skin… that pesky constitution just standing in his way… gotta’ love it


    THX for providing Disqus. I “never”use FB. You figured it out and other sites have not! As for the mohammmad pedophile..he’s dead now. Someone tell the ragheads that allah is caput!

  • Dan

    he liked to gobble gobble

  • Testicules

    I made a sculpture of Mohamed this morning.

    Then I wiped my azz and flushed.

  • Testicules

    In the year 1202, Muslims invented the condom by using the lower intestine of a goat

    In 1526 the English improved on this invention by removing the intestine from the goat.

  • Infidel007

    I think, but even if that’s the case the media will spin it a certain way, and a lot of people will believe the narrative they are selling. Thankfully the islamic state just messed up badly. By threatening the event they thankfully gave the event some positive P.R. If they would have done the passive approach and said nothing, it would have been chalked up as a bunch of idiots harassing peaceful people, and actually did damage to the very cause they are supporting.

    I still think now that the event should be held elsewhere, and away from innocent bystanders. Stray bullets don’t care who is nearby. I’m all for holding rallies, but if your intent is to make yourself bait and draw out the crazies, do it in a responsible manor. Do it away from people. I actually think law enforcement should do similar things as part of proactive police work, but due to the insane bureaucracy I doubt they will ever be allowed to.

    I’d be in favor of a bunch of LEOs in civilian clothes doing these rallies and drawing out the sleepers. Build up a pretend persona whether virtual or the live action variety, make this persona get street cred, and make the jihadists thing it’s worthwhile to try taking him or her out, pick a location away from the community so no innocent people get hit by possible strays, and draw them out. To me it’s like a giant bug zapper.

    If the jihadists are willing to expose themselves inside our country, then take advantage of this weakness, and exploit it for all it’s worth. Drawing out sleepers to be gun downed by trained LEO’s and professionals I feel is proactive police work. Just pick a site where the general public won’t get caught in the crossfire. I have an idea you draw media attention to build up the bait, and make them really want to attack the site, either to save face, or invoke fear in the population. Set up the kill zone by trained LEOs and take out the trash. 19 people killed 3000, so if you can take out a handful of sleepers in this country using such a tactic, why not do it? Just take certain precautions so the public doesn’t get caught in the middle.

  • Yale U

    islam is peace!
    black is white!
    up is down!!


    Dave Collins made a discerning comment! We need him out in the clear cool air so he can do more!

  • mcgdesign

    There is a reason these are held in AZ and TX! Our citizens will be be prepared.

  • Yale U

    f. islam!!

  • Yale U

    All Muslim countries are apartheid states.

    If you do not want to be Muslim in their country, you get head chopped off.

  • kamenetz

    BBQ several full pigs there as well for the meal at the event.

  • FireUrEngine

    sounds like another false flag or intentional activism to reign in martial law by the democratic communists and the military industrial complex

  • martialmedia

    Need to do more of these events with deer blinds set out front!! They will come to us. We don’t have to find them!

  • OverRuled

    You mispelled your name. It is “Retarded Moron”.

  • kennebec123

    I’m an old Marine, too. So Marines who don’t agree with you are “mindless robot(s)”, huh? You know what? I don’t think you were a Marine, either. A real Marine wouldn’t disparage fellow Marines like you did.

  • 10thGenerationAmerican

    You should listen to your own advice. That same proverbial rock won’t save you when they come for you because if you are an atheist or agnostic you’re worse than a Christian to them. Make NO mistake they will come for you too even IF you supported them in the news or on the Internet, gave them thousands in donations, and sang love for their way of life from the ROOFTOPS. They DETEST the West, its ideals, its values, and all that it stands for including apologists like you Tom R. You are playing with the Devil himself by supporting them…

  • 10thGenerationAmerican

    Lol you win the Internet today, sir. Good job.

  • nearboston

    Put down the crack pipe and step away from the edge…..

  • oh_hamburgers

    It’s cute that

  • IronYank

    If the world is minus 2 more Jihadists after this event that would be a good thing! Lets keep them going, one a month & maybe we can bag a few more of them.

  • CG59

    Bring it you heathen pigs.

  • Patriot64

    Actually a Dead Muslim is “Good and Peaceful”

  • Infidel007

    I think the NSA should at the very least balance things out a bit and employ more human intelligence. Fancy gadgets only go so far, human intelligence is often times more important in my opinion. You think our enemies are holding their secret meetings on Tracebook? By now any smart enemy would have adapted or tried to anyway. If ghetto drug dealers can adapt, what do you think trained professionals will do?

    I also think there are plenty of brilliant ways to exploit our over reliance on fancy gadgets too. Due to it being social media I won’t type them, god knows I’ve been naive enough to type half the stuff I did. I don’t think I’m the smartest man in the room not by a long shot, though I do believe I have a few good ideas from time to time. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Vance Shearer

    I thought Kitman was a character in South Park?

  • Patriot64

    I agree, WE have not heard a word for Dear POS. OH Wait, he is Golfing and won’t see it until the 10:00 News.

  • IronYank

    Naw, dip your bullets in pigs blood

  • mikemiracle

    I figure hes muslim trying to defend his bro’s from reality.

  • IronYank

    Screw the PR battle, set it up where you will have the best chance to ambush & kill as many of them as you can!

  • Guest

    Wake up, there’s a war coming. Time to get off the fence.

  • krusatyr

    WH Muzzie Marxist hybrid wants a sharia judge on SCOTUS.

  • toledofan

    Yep, the religion that sponsors savages, barbarians and folks who love jihad and they get mad because of cartoons, go figure. Well, pack your crayons and your glock and have at it.

  • Ari Rodriguez

    I’ll be repeating that little ditty all day.

  • JIm G

    If the muzzies don’t like free speech then they can go back home where it will get your tongue cut off.

  • kamenetz
  • Zelsdorf

    I would love to take a Louisville Slugger the piece of garbage standing on this child. Then a Katana to his whole family.

  • Infidel007

    Good or bad P.R is very important in any war. Actually not just in war. Ignore good or bad P.R at your and your cause’s own peril. This is what I mean about naive idealists. I used to count myself amongst your ranks, and paid a heavy price for it. I was so focused on my ideal I ignored everything else around me. I respect your wish to fight them, but you have to factor in other things besides just killing. As a detective in the show The Wire said, you have to have soft eyes.

  • krusatyr

    Obama with bubbles for b^lls,
    Up to the enemy crawls,
    Blowing kisses of illusion
    To feed his delusion,
    Over the enemy’s walls.


    Finally, somebody in America is standing up to these lunatics. Remember, 80% of Muslims asked SUPPORT ISIS. Time to pull up the welcome mat and send them a message.

  • Ari Rodriguez

    Point taken that not all retired Marines are hard-right nutters, you prove the point that some are single digit IQ lefty loonies

  • Dopey

    The next president (after this one is forcibly removed in 2017), will be very proactive against terrorism, simply by taking off Obama’s blinders. It will be like night and day. Then, they’ll be able to allow our military to destroy ISIS.

    I’ll take any of them, Cruz, Walker, Fiorina. Any of these three would simply execute the office of the president according to the constitution and help our allies to protect us and them against a global threat of islam. I think they’re our best chance of having principle above politics.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    I guess we will get to see how effective the NSA will be against domestic threats.

  • Guest

    Islam will NOT be appeased. It is a mistake to even try – Potentially fatal.

  • ausgezeichnet.

  • John R

    The artical says “Armed bikers “. Do these fools understand what Armed bikers meens in America? On second thought,…. don’t tell them.

  • Dopey

    Bacon bullets.

  • Circa53

    Interesting that Pamela Geller had to pay tens of thousands for security and armed bikers will get police for security.

  • DinaRehn
  • vutsrq

    Obama is a master at it.

  • Pearl

    Stop the madness!!!

  • martialmedia

    These Islamic clowns need to know if they bring that crap here, to our citizens, we will stomp a mud puddle into them! They are still outnumbered!

  • Joe N.

    Remember not too long ago, a cartoon of their prophet would bring out rioters in the Muslim countries. You don’t see that so much anymore. I think this is evidence of the loss of influence of the Muslim extremists.

  • vutsrq

    Or toilets.

  • vutsrq


  • martialmedia

    I LOL’d!!!

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    here’s something to start your day moo slimes


  • American_Proud

    These Islamic radicals are messing with the wrong people. Most bikers are retired Veterans, who don’t have an issue with shooting back and their aim is true and accurate. You can also add to the fact that Most Law Abiding Gun Carriers would be happy to take up arms against you as well. Need a refresher of what happened in Texas do ya!

  • martialmedia

    As a Texan, thanks bikers in AZ for having our backs!!


    Not to mention ANYONE can carry concealed in AZ (as long as you don’t have a criminal record).

  • rhcrest

    Go eff yourself. Americans are getting fed up with you muslime apologists.

  • Gazoo1

    Islam the religion of piece of crhap

  • rhcrest

    That’s how it’s going to have to be. The gov’t won’t protect Americans against these savages. Instead they let them flood the country and leave us vulnerable to attack. It’s going to have to get to the point where we start playing cowboys and muslims to get rid of them

  • Gazoo1

    So nice to see others with great views

  • Dopey
  • CarriedbyGrace

    @Skipper Milton, Thank you for clearing that up. Please spread that word as often as possible because those who love to have their ears tickled are about to get a rude awakening! Those who have accepted Christ and proclaim to walk by faith had better snap out of their slumber and soon. Political correctness is from the devil. We already have enough blood on our hands in this country so it is time for real men and women of God to speak up, speak out and challenge those who are apostate.

    Iron sharpens iron and we must use our time wisely for we are about to get married!~ Selah

  • 57nomad

    I think it’s likely that blood will be spilled but probably not the way the goat bangers intended.

  • Joe Huscusson

    Mohammed was a camel humping fairy. The koran is a perverted comic book. Allah is the devil. We’re all so scared.

  • You stupid a55 MoeHamed ball lickers, make that hairy, are messing with the WRONG people. Outlaw bikers are NOT a bunch of French F*AGS. PLEASE bring your whole army into the US, there are 100 million weapons here and about 50 million GREAT citizens who would have no problem sending you down so you can molest little boys and watch MoeHammed pick out his dress for the day.

  • eyes_open46

    It’s time for everyone to take security seriously. Arm up, train with a pro, put in range time regularly and get that concealed carry permit. The administration does not take the threat seriously. Remember, if you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention.

  • CarriedbyGrace

    If we don’t stand up for ourselves and stop this malignant tumor of Islam trying to take over this country we had better be ready for a life of pure hell because these devils won’t stop until they have spread themselves out like black mold, throughout the world.

  • ThirstyMice

    One of my favs..

  • Testicules

    This point needs to be understood;

    The goal of Islam for the past eon has been to conquer the world and establish a global caliphate on “convert or die” terms.

    The only reason this has not happened yet is lack of ability. They continually try.

    If they can, they will, and in the mean time, they will come as close as they are able.

  • GoodNews

    Great news!! This is what Obozo & co think of when they put US vets on their enemies lists.

  • Jean Pennie


  • potvin

    Let’s hope some of these cowards show up so they can be quickly dispatched to Allah. Give them what they want.

  • om·i·nous

    The only thing missing in America is a true leader in the White House, ISIS should be wiped off the face of the earth just for fun, Barack Obama unleash the military on these Nazi scum.

  • potvin

    He can’t, they’re family.

  • ecosse

    Here is a Medieval Islamic depiction of Muhammad in a scene from the Quran. Muslims can stop the mock outrage and beheadings now.

  • WTHisgoingon

    It’s no this responsibility. It’s Iraqs problem until they show up on our doorstep. Oh wait They already have

  • Bob Scratchit

    Treat they like the former Queen of Spain….24 hours to leave and those that remain are executed… (by beheading if I recall correctly )….

  • 57nomad

    Here’s a holy quotation from the First Book of Texas:

    “If you f#*k with the bull, you get the horns”

    Because that isn’t in the koran, the goat bangers will learn it the hard way.

  • Thecrow

    Attention Islamic skum.

    This is America, we are not afraid of you. Do you not see that the drawings contest serve two functions? One, we show you were not afraid to practice free speech. Two, it draws you dill-weeds out of the woodwork and into the line of fire.

    We know you are here and we’re ready for you and waiting.

    Tic toc, tic toc

  • om·i·nous

    It sure looks that way, will he stand for freedom, hate to say it Barack Obama maybe a traitor to the American way of life.

  • ExecutiveMalfeasance

    Actually, the word “Islam” means submission.

  • Yasherka

    Well played sir, well played.

  • jainphx

    See now that makes you different,they use their left hand.

  • Buzz351

    I’m torn between who I loathe more, ISIS or liberal white people?? Both are responsible for the atrocity of millions of people.

  • jainphx

    Prime example of Taqiyya. The lying big eared homo.

  • Ivan_in_Phoenix

    The nipple rings were a nice touch. Draw in a few flies buzzing around.

  • Bruce Wayne

    These Muslims are nearing the end to their lives and are too stupid to know it.

  • WJ_texas

    Is there a pool as to when the first Muslim gets shot?

  • jainphx

    I don’t think you were ever a Marine, I know Marines, your brand of thinking only comes with the democRAT party

  • savage24

    Absolutely !! It’s called idiots on parade.

  • NickandLynds

    Ok, but what did I say that contradicts your response? I simply pointed out that the government’s definition of “self-sufficient” is not the same as ours. In the government’s eyes, being totally reliant on government aid is considered being self-sufficient.
    PS: you don’t need to point out to me how Christians are persecuted in Muslim countries. I’m an Orthodox Christian who was born in Ma’aloula, Syria. I have family missing there now.

  • SJMWilco

    Ooooh, we didn’t learn from Charlie Hedbo. This isn’t France, dirtbag. The losers from that mosque that came to Texas had the element of surprise, combat grade weapons and the first shot. All they managed to do was shoot an unarmed security guard in the leg, then they got smoked. I can hardly wait to see the outcome of islamists vs. bikers

  • ohio granny

    If any Muslims dare attack these guys there will be more than a few of them getting their wish to die a martyr sooner than they wanted. Biker guys don’t mess around.

  • Jay Rinard

    As long as the Muslim population remains
    around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority
    and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and
    films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness: United States — Muslim 1.0%
    Australia — Muslim 1.5% Canada — Muslim 1.9%
    — Muslim 1%-2%
    — Muslim 1.5%
    — Muslim 1.8%

    2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected
    groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

    — Muslim 2%
    — Muslim 3.7%
    Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
    — Muslim 4%
    — Muslim 4.6%

    5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of
    the population.

    They will push for the introduction of
    halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs
    for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on
    their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. ( United States

    France — Muslim 8%
    Philippines — Muslim 5%
    Sweden — Muslim
    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
    &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the
    ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic
    Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish
    Sharia law over the entire world.

    When Muslims reach 10% of the
    population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their
    conditions ( Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam
    will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed

    Guyana — Muslim 10%
    India — Muslim 13.4%
    Israel —
    Muslim 16%
    Kenya — Muslim 10%
    Russia — Muslim 10-15%

    reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic
    killings and church and synagogue burning:
    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing
    militia warfare:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%
    Chad — Muslim 53.1%
    — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of
    non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of
    Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

    Albania —
    Muslim 70%
    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
    Sudan —
    Muslim 70%

    After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
    Egypt — Muslim 90%
    Gaza —
    Muslim 98.7%
    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
    Iran — Muslim 98%
    Iraq —
    Muslim 97%
    Jordan — Muslim 92%
    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
    Pakistan —
    Muslim 97%
    Palestine — Muslim 99%
    Syria — Muslim 90%
    Tajikistan —
    Muslim 90%
    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
    United Arab Emirates — Muslim

  • jainphx

    I guess you’re not aware of ” hate the sin, love the sinner” part of devoutly Christian, are you. You’re just a typical hater, now back to your mothers basement with you.

  • Carolyn

    Christians don’t believe in same sex marriage,abortion, and stealing from people. This Prez does. Look at his fruit.

  • Jay Rinard

    To all of you who believe that Islam is a
    peaceful religion.

    reports, there are ‘supposed’ to be 1.5 BILLION ‘peaceful’ Muslims in the world.
    OK, (I ask) why are they not trying to stop the ‘radical Muslims’ that are
    giving the Muslim faith a bad name???

    Qur’an states that Islam is the ONLY true faith, and all other ‘faiths’ must be
    eliminated…THAT MEANS CONVERT OR DIE…….but the ‘peaceful Muslims don’t believe
    in that, (so we are told)……I’m sorry if it is in the Qur’an, and they BELIEVE in
    the Qur’an, then they will try to ‘eliminate’ the ‘unbelievers’…, (as in you
    and me)!!!! So……all they (the peaceful Muslims) have to do is….wait till the
    ‘radical Muslims’ have done the dirty work, (and chopping off heads is dirty
    work), then they …..‘The Peaceful Muslims’ can take over…..

    the Atheists, have got to be jumping with joy for that…….”No more
    Christians trying to tell us what to believe in, WHOOPIE!!!! True……. NOW you
    will be told ‘HOW TO BELIEVE’, and your choice will be ‘CONVERT or DIE’ and if
    we don’t trust you, we’ll cut your head off anyway…..

    What about the
    ‘mainstream media’, they have been so VERY HELPFUL, to get (the Muslim Faith)
    settled into America, they should be rewarded, I mean they SOLD OUT their own
    people, and we can soooooo trust them……NOT…“Hey everybody….FREE HAIRCUTS…… (just
    a little off the top, please)……NECK HIGH…..”

    Oh, and ALL of the
    politicians, AND president ???……sorry we can’t trust them AT ALL, THEY SOLD OUT

  • Jay Rinard

    “Jihad destroyed a Christian Middle East and a Christian North
    Africa. Soon it was the fate of the Persian Zoroastrian and the Hindu to be the
    victims of jihad. The history of political Islam is the destruction of
    Christianity in the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey and North Africa. Half of
    Christianity was lost. Before Islam, North Africa was the southern part of
    Europe (part of the Roman Empire). Around 60 million Christians were slaughtered
    during the jihadic conquest. Half of the glorious Hindu civilization was
    annihilated and 80 million Hindus killed. The first Western Buddhists were the
    Greeks descended from Alexander the Great’s army in what is now Afghanistan.
    Jihad destroyed all of Buddhism along the silk route. About 10 million Buddhists
    died. The conquest of Buddhism is the practical result of pacifism.
    Zoroastrianism was eliminated from Persia. The Jews became permanent dhimmis
    throughout Islam. In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists have died
    over the last 1400 years of jihad. Approximately 270 million nonbelievers died
    over the last 1400 years for the glory of political Islam. These are the Tears
    of Jihad which are not taught in any school.” The koran is an evil book and
    must be relegated to the trash bin of history

  • Jay Rinard

    I can’t
    believe there’s anyone who still believes Obama is a Muslim. Didn’t the
    mainstream media thoroughly examine every facet of Obama’s

    So what
    if Obama had a Muslim father, a Muslim stepfather, has a Muslim first name, has
    a Muslim middle name, went to a Muslim school in Indonesia as a child, often
    attended a mosque with his stepfather in Indonesia, had his Harvard tuition paid
    by a Muslim, went out of his way to find Muslim roommates during college, has
    repeatedly funded the radical terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood, has
    invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House, told the head of
    NASA to make “reaching out to the Muslim world” one of the space agency’s top
    priorities, went to the Middle East and told Muslim leaders that America isn’t a
    Christian nation, told a New York magazine that the Muslim call to prayer over a
    loudspeaker “is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth during sunset,” was listed
    as a Muslim on the registration form at a Catholic school in Hawaii [according
    to reporter Kim Barker of the Chicago Tribune], refused to attend the Charlie
    Hebdo memorial because he once told the United Nations “the future must not
    belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” tried to place the radical
    Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s Presidential Palace, handed five Taliban leaders
    over to Taliban, removed sanctions against Iran’s radical Muslim government as
    he secretly negotiated with the Ayatollahs, and told George Stephanopoulos about
    his “Muslim faith.”

  • Jay Rinard

    HOW iSLAM SPREAD IN 700AD TO 1600AD. President Obama… I realize you thought you
    were brave and courageous when you defamed Christianity by equating the Crusades
    and the Inquisition with the present-day barbarism of Islam, but I wonder if
    your “courage” goes so far as to blame Muslims for the Islamic conquests? Do you
    have the guts to tell them that in the name of Allah, they invaded
    nations, practiced ethnic and cultural cleansing, going so far as to erase the
    very history of conquered lands. Can you tell them that they changed languages
    and names, enslaved millions and killed an unknowable number of innocent souls
    simply because they worshiped God, and not “Allah?”. I think not. You know
    Christians will bow their heads and pray for you whereas Muslims will simply
    take your head and celebrate.Someone inform this clown (0bummer) that the
    Crusades were a justified defensive action undertaken only AFTER 400 years of
    bloodshed, oppression, and terror FROM Islamic warriors who were killing and
    enslaving Christians and Jews in the Holy Land and eastern Europe. They used the
    same Koran as today

    The crusades happened 920 years ago.
    Islam is removing heads and burning people alive NOW following that same book
    the Koran. It’s not a book of peace it seeks total world domination under sharia

    ISIS is not animated by the usual “reaction to oppression”
    narrative the Left trots out as an excuse for every instance of horrible
    behavior, whether that behavior is rioting in Ferguson, Missouri or the
    systematic slaughter of all those opposed to your ideology.

    ISIS is animated entirely by Islam. The manner in which they kill
    – prescribed and outlined in the Koran. The way they make war – prescribed and
    outlined in the Koran. The way they treat prisoners – also prescribed and
    outlined in the Koran.

    ISIS does nothing that Mohammed didn’t first do 14 centuries

  • Tim jones

    the manhattan project..



    the atomic bomb..

    they were jews.

  • John Colaw

    Then don’t laugh!

  • jainphx

    Which reminds me. Where is a Muslim charity located to help the poor?

  • Jay Rinard

    Someone inform this clown (0bummer) that the Crusades
    were a justified defensive action undertaken only AFTER 400 years of bloodshed,
    oppression, and terror FROM Islamic warriors who were killing and enslaving
    Christians and Jews in the Holy Land and eastern Europe. They used the same
    Koran as today

    The crusades happened 920 years ago. Islam is removing
    heads and burning people alive NOW following that same book the Koran. It’s not
    a book of peace it seeks total world domination under sharia law.

  • Jay Rinard

    Muslims have been
    gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the
    7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They
    enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They
    tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by the Crusades. Unless
    we know history we are fooled into believing Terrorism is something new by Islam
    because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel
    was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the
    teachings of the Quran just like they did during the Ottoman empire. Moderate
    Muslims are just the ones that don’t take Islam seriously. The radical Muslims
    are the ones who take it seriously because Islam is a radical belief. Islam
    seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death
    of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is,
    of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect
    the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam
    is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to
    replace other forms of governments

  • HillaryForLibyanAmbassador2016


  • real deal

    The bikers will tear those clowns up.

  • Tim jones
  • UrdnotVakarian

    I hope they conduct a pig roast along with the contest. I’ve seen this happen at most biker events

  • D’

    they have a cage and petrol for you too……

  • UrdnotVakarian

    Does anyone else see this event being surrounded by swat and police?

  • John Locke

    As you don’t know me, it’s rather immature to guess my maturity level. Especially with my avatar picture taken into account.

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes


  • HillaryForLibyanAmbassador2016

    Where will they hide their MP-5 or M-4?

  • Sniffy Pop

    Hope these guy’s have their bases covered. Will this guy be arrested for all the threats?????????

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    Too bad primitive cultures like Democrats, Black Americans, Mexico and Islam still eff with the world.

  • Ken Tularockstar

    Now, if it’s a bunch of Muslims demeaning or defacing any images of Jesus Christ, the left-wing loons would be calling it Freedom of Expression and then tout the 1st Amendment and free speech. But, when it’s the other way around, they and their left-wing media lapdogs will have their crew camp out to attack at all cost.

    And, it was ok for a NYC artist to have model of Jesus on a cross embedded in a frame filled with urine! But, I don’t remember any left-wing progressives or the liberal media jumping up and down to protest it. Hypocrisy and double standard? You bet!

  • agreatsign

    Hey purveyors of the evil cult known as islam.
    Just remember that you can’t spell Mohammed without HAM.

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

    F**CK You, Islam…you murdering bunch of primitive scumbags!

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    Time to apply some bacon to some Muslim edifices.

  • Typical azz raising Pislamic cowardly swine to make threats on effing twitter.

    Allah hu buttf^ck!

  • May pizz pee upon them.

  • mr mann

    Hey Mohammud, ……..did I spell your effin’ name correctly? Sure hope so, wouldn’t want to offend your ass! You muzzies follow the beliefs of a pedophile……did you know that
    ? Hence, you are all sick twisted and full of crap!

  • RobinGOOD63


    Hey Mo! Why so angry? Here, have a snack bar!

  • Somanyliars

    Just drew a picture of the false prophet Muhammad then rubbed some bacon grease on it before burning it then putting the fire out by urinating on it.

  • KrustyLovesYou


  • Rob J

    If those 2 morons who drove from Phoenix to Garland TX would have just waited a few weeks, they could have saved the gas money, and we could have just shot them here in town when they showed up for this protest.

  • Circa53

    When do American Citizens Wake Up??..

  • Tom Taylor

    Go fu*k yourself tommy…
    ALL religion is bad but islam is, by far, the worst. It is a religion of hatred and ALL who practice it should be liquidated immediately. These people want to kill YOU tommy…along with your kids. WTF is wrong with you?

  • Mr E

    Seeking virgins for
    “Allah’s Afterlife Whorehouse”.
    Knock and ask for Mo.

  • Looks like it’s beginning

  • Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  • tonylion

    After six years of the Obama administration $#itting the bed in the middle east, I get a distinct impression that many Americans have just about had enough of jihad, beheadings, burnings alive, massacres of women and children. etc. etc. and are itching for a fight. Can’t say I blame them one bit. Draw the scum out in the open and shoot them dead.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Hey Mo!

  • May be???

  • Wm Kail

    Muzzies don’t wipe – that is why they all STINK!

  • Holy sh*t! Very informative – and frightening!!

  • Wm Kail

    Look at Obumbles!

  • Wm Kail

    You talking about the Kenyen Clown – more sealed records than Bernie Madoff.

  • WTHisgoingon

    Scary that this is what they really believe

  • Wm Kail

    Fantastic Pedafile verse – Mo the Peda.

  • Wm Kail

    He will change when he reveives Bruce’s bawlls.

  • Wm Kail

    Roll your ammo lightly in bacon grease.

  • Wm Kail


  • Wm Kail

    Give us your service number – what can that hurt.

  • AmazingSpiderHam

    I am all for free speech but why have the event right outside a place of worship is a little tacky. Would you have a pig roast outside of a temple. It is almost as if they want someone to lash out and cause a problem.

  • Wm Kail

    You talking about the Kenyen Clown with all the sealed records.

  • Conservative4Life

    That’s not just any mosque. That’s the mosque the two jihadis in the Garland, Texas terrorist attack attended.

  • veritasycandor

    I laugh at the “you haven’t learned the lesson of Hedbo” part. hahaha. Ummmm, I’m pretty sure that attacking an office full of artists in a country that bans firearms is just a TAD different than attacking Americans in Texas and Arizona — who are all armed and itching to send these pedophile prophet worshipping feral pig vermin to hell to join their prophet!

  • AmazingSpiderHam

    Ok still it is as if they are asking to be attacked. You know what will happen if they are attacked. The left will say they asked for it by holding the event where they are holding it. If they are attacked and the event is not near a Mosque that point will be harder to prove.

    BTW I love how people will be able to use they asked for it here but it if is used in certain other areas people would be outraged

  • TheVelvetKitten

    So..if there are people in this mosque who feel this way then they have no business here in this country. Outrage is one thing..threatening them with death ..entirely two different scenarios.

  • New_World_Order

    ISIS, your first trip to America will be your last.

  • larry

    To the bikers: Avoid violence unless it is in self defense. In the event that self defense is neccessary, show no mercy. Thank you

  • Mac mcintire

    funny , anderson cooper would be the first ISIS would execute , amazing when these loons defend these guys ill bet everyone at the i hate muslim bigots is also carrying, hoping the cowards will try something . look for a kid with a bomb or woman suicide bomber. this is the cowards way be careful guys these folks are really stupid, but they may try something away from the festivities and for the muslims, a piece of bacon for you all

  • mr mann

    That moron Obummer will let anyone into our country! After all, he is the number one muzzie!!

  • Mark

    Anderson Pooper nauseates me.

  • Mac mcintire

    nice to see the anger and defiance of the americans to these animals. i again feel proud to amongst my brethren

  • We didn’t invent violence that is a part of human nature. We only proposed to be ruled by a law that represents man’s natural state of Liberty. But historically we have meet any threat to that liberty with violence. Unfortunately in the last 50 years the dumbed down populace has chosen tyranny with a PC happy face over Liberty.

  • tim

    guys im all for getting rid of these goat humpers but your falling right in the hands of obama the gov destabilize the middle east now there doing it here is it worth dying for think about your family your loveones you leave behind this is what obama wants to create a cival war so he can declare marshall law and then a gun grab you your heads guys there will be a time and place for these scunbags

  • Remmie

    The message to ISIS should be clear. We do not take kindly to being threatened. Maybe we should send all Muslims here back to where they came from if we are attacked. Then we would not have to worry about your 12th century barbarian mentality. PS, people at the rally are using hog lard on their bullets.

  • Steven Robert Hooper

    Boy Are U hateful! Count ME IN!

  • 6.7Ldeisel

    ISIS warns – so what? What are they going to do, sick Anderson Cooper on us???

  • oneworld65

    I don’t understand how someone can be so sick to do that to a child. Breaks my heart. Thee people will one day roast in hell.

  • mr mann

    Muzzies are backward…….kcuf lla fo meht !!

  • Robert Batchelor

    If this religion gets so bent out of shape over a cartoon then it needs to go the way of the Dodo bird and everyone that believes in this crap.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    It was a tad Hyperbolic, we didn’t invent it but I would say we have, as a culture, brought it to an exact science, an art almost…

    But, as you point out, it’s no longer our first response to tyranny…

  • Del

    No that’s Cartmin, you’re thinking of Tom Cruz’s X.

  • kershaw63

    He also says he is an American and you see what he thinks of Americans!

  • Habner Crustipants

    Wow. Well done.
    I’ll try:
    Pedophile Prophet
    Raping a prepubescent
    Little Aisha

  • mensa141

    In the US we shoot back ISIS. If you big mouths are stupid enough then try us on.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    muslims are cowards.

  • Brigadier

    PEACE….the muslim word for reloading.

  • kershaw63

    IF, in Islam it is not allowed to draw a picture of Mohammed without being killed, then how does any Muslim know what he supposedly looks like?

  • ezekiel33

    entire book should be online

  • War_Machine2

    Well, at least the kid made it to birth. Wouldn’t have got that far in parts of the US thanks to liberals………..

  • joe kulak

    They instigate any violence then give every last goat humper a pig blood enema as an hors d’oeuvres before their last supper of high-velocity lead.

  • jimhalfwit

    If the practitioners of shariah here in the USA don’t respect our laws, I am sure there is one or more of the 57 Islamic states that would welcome them and their barbaric behavior.

  • Frederick Stanley

    Mohammed was a womanizer, murderer and peadophilic predator of children. I don’t know why anyone would attempt to follow ANY of his supposed “teachings”… However! The more the Islamic radicals attack innocent people, for perceived wrongs against a long-dead scumbag – the negativity surrounding the religion will grow. More hatred will be created for anyone “Muslim”. And, the closer the rest of us will be to eradicating Islam from the face of the Earth.
    To any radical who reads this? BRING your stupid, paltry attack! We’ll gladly send you to hell!

  • Brigadier

    Oh goody. It looks like we finally get to play cowboys and muzzies!!

  • ezekiel33

    Christian Bishop Teodor (or Theodor) being skinned alive by Turkish Muslims. Such love

  • Rimfrinator

    We didn’t fight by” the kings rules” in the 1770’s either. That was one reason we has so much success. Much of our strategy would be considered guerilla warfare, by today’s standards. Haha.

  • Commieobamie

    Screw the Satan worhshipping moHOGmadians!

  • Commieobamie

    If the Satan WORSHIPPING moHOGmadians DON’T SUPPORT THE 1ST AND 2ND Amendments they can get OUT of the United States! We don’t want thes obama loving SLIME in OUR Country!!!!!!

  • LeeP

    …in pig urine.

  • LeeP


  • Davidsmountain

    I think these gutter scum, psycho Muslim’s talk too much! Bring it haji . . . we’re locked n loaded. Muslim’s have absolutely no integrity and can’t be trusted. They are spineless cowards when faced with the truth of 14 centuries of consistent evil, against non-Muslim’s. ALL Muslims live in arrogant, defensive denial, of the endless atrocities, committed by Islamic jihad (every Muslims sacred duty).

    Islam is an abomination among civilized cultures and long the bane of humanity. They’ve worn out their welcome in every free country in the world! Our president won’t admit who the enemy is, because he’s one of them, but WE KNOW! Dare too show up and you arrogant POS’s, will meet your maker.

  • LeeP

    it is obvious to even the most casual observer; only stating the obvious.

  • LeeP

    Eat dung and bother someone else, horsefly.

  • Falsk Konto

    Dear Muslim Goat-F***ers,

    This is America, we’re armed and we know how to shoot back.

  • 240grJHP

    They will not show up. Islam and Muslims only hit “soft” targets” Not armed and prepared ones.

  • pixxa

    It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of what the trigger is and when.

  • Calvin

    Muslims are such thinned skinned little b*tches and absolutely batsh*t crazy too.

  • carlos spicy weiner

    Allah-deez-nutz! Ham salami bacon. Salami bacon.

  • martialmedia

    Ie…. they are twats!

  • martialmedia

    In the year 1202, Muslims invented the condom by using the lower intestine of a goat

    In 1526 the English improved on this invention by removing the intestine from the goat.

  • carlos spicy weiner

    It’s the religion of peas (<done on purpose, pun intended) you know.

  • carlos spicy weiner

    The first sentence of your post makes me think ole’ mohammy might be blow jawb Bill Clinton. Lol

  • EEDDGGY1776

    “ISIS warns”, Go pound sand you gaggle of cowards.

  • MudFlapShoes

    according to history, Mohamwich was a brilliant tactician.

    his knock offs, not so much.

    these IsIs guys are like short bus passengers with their heads and hands hangin’ out the window through the tunnel.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    ISIS, bring a thousand of your bravest cowards. My guess is there will be a thousand ISIS carcasses scattered all over the parking lot.

  • Buck O’Fama

    More power to these folks. This should be happening nationwide. If these islamofascists don’t like it, leave.

  • MudFlapShoes

    in many parts of the middle east that would be supper.

  • Richardnsider

    The cops love Islamic radicals. Every day is open season, and nobody will protest a couple of dead terrorist.

  • CG59

    The idea is to provoke and draw them out and expose them, and hopefully, kill the lot before they can do any more damage. Tacky, but brilliant.

  • Buck O’Fama

    We should be getting the same types of programs set up for Obama too. He and the left are only making the issue worse by coddling these schmata headed, goat smelling bastards to begin with. Lets have some Obama cartoons too!!

  • EEDDGGY1776

    ISIS should rename themselves to the more apt ISISSY.

  • Richardnsider

    The next batch of “fighters” will be subdued by a meter maid. While singing “I will survive”

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Isis is a tough gang. They can pick on unarmed women and abuse them. One Seals Unit would wipe out all of the punk thugs in short order……..and should be now.

  • CG59

    Yeah, I thought about wrapping bacon around the door handles of the local mosk. They’d have to pay some kaffir to replace the door handles.

  • Timothy Milhomme

    It doesn’t matter what those idiots say. They are dealing with a country where the citizens have weapons. So talk all you want. Your people will end up just like the ones in Texas . With Muhammed .

  • Timothy Milhomme

    Listen. If you believe that I have ocean front property in Montana for sale….interested ? And about the bombing…where have you been since Oblowboys been racking up the numbers on innocent people getting taken out with his drone strikes?

  • Timothy Milhomme

    Exactly !

  • CG59

    Yeah, I think FB SUCKS!

  • perpetual victim hood…

    “Muhammad was a devil and the first-born child of Satan.” Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

  • C.Manzano

    My sentiments exactly. My Dear Jainphx.

  • Patrick

    What a horrible thing to see. I would take pleasure in taking that man’s life.

  • Bn2D

    Please start something you rag heads!

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    A foreign power is threatening US citizens on US soil, after already having launched an armed attack on US citizens on US soil.

    That used to be considered an act of war, worthy of a US response.

  • perpetual victim hood…

    The new democrat policy is to stand down and give space to destroy.

  • perpetual victim hood…


  • Rick Blaine

    More finger wagging and warnings ranted by the primitives, hiding behind Islam.

  • Bob Bradley

    Alright Phoenix, don’t wing them. Make sure you take your time and take the head shots.

  • perpetual victim hood…

    What don’t democrats understand about Islam requiring Jihad????????????????????????????????????????

  • Rick Blaine

    Take that Ahmed.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    Those tweets came from CNN, not Muslims.

  • perpetual victim hood…

  • Prospector

    Not all Indians are Hindus. Some are muslims. I can tell by your name that you are either a thug ( yes, I know that is the new n word) or a bleeding heart , self hating white liberal. Whatever you are , the people putting on this contest have as much right to do so as you little whiney ass liberals do to hold an art contest degrading Christianity.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    Lovely. Best thing I have seen in a while. That one gets 1st place, and a lifetime supply of barbecued pork.

  • The Harp

    They are not “Islamists”. They are MUSLIMS. Nuf sed. If they show up and start trying to kill Americans, KILL ‘EM BACK. Send the filthy goat shagging pedophiles back to where they came from. In a pine box.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    “Black is white”; you just motivated hoods to burn the rest of Baltimore.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Is it true that ISIS members all have goats that they call Mom?

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo



    Yep, Mom or Sweetheart 😉

  • John (magnum)

    Time to start the Cowboys & MOOSLUM game !

  • Guest

    No cartoon could ever compare with the atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of Allah. What these savages do and want to export around the world is offensive to any half way reasonable human being. There is only one response…

  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    I’ll draw his mustach ========D~-,

  • Start A Revolt

    The rules change when we have a Coward in Chief rather than a Commander.

  • Prospector

    Please , all conservatives get the hell off of facebook. The liberal a $$ wipe Zuckerberg is not your friend.

  • Start A Revolt

    LOL! Good one!

  • Blimppy

    Can’t argue with that. Right on..!!

  • Guest

    The Domestic Enemy – The Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Network in California.

  • andrew

    Or the scum sucking Idiot Pelosi and Hillary

  • Guest

    Join the dots…

  • Huskie_Jon

    They should have said “please.” That’s what civilized people do.

  • Buzz

    Bring it on ISIS, you already got two of your Muslim brother murderers killed. Try again, and get a few more killed.

  • Paul Golden

    Redneck why don’t you move in with your beloved muslim buddies. You have just defended the terrorists 3 times. No other people are as vicious sub humans as muslims.

  • vikings4123

    Those appear to be the comments of a blowhard or two, nobody that really is in the know of Islam. That said, Muslims had to know the day was coming that Christians would stand up for themselves and fight, and knock them back to the seventh century, if need be. That or they sorely deceived themselves. This pot is far from boiling. This may be the turmoil barry has been seeking.

  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    Bite me…

  • 72PorkChopsForMuslims

    Savages, to call these stone age animals human is not accurate. These beasts must be hunted to extinction.

  • Glen Judo Chop

    This was the best drawn response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
    Courtesy of none other than Larry Pickering.

  • vikings4123

    Didn’t the religion of peace just a day or two ago patent a new form of torture killing, taking it to a new level by firing a loaded bazooka at a tied up prisoner? They must hold idea sessions to come up with this sordid stuff.

  • Anadara

    Your threat of violence will never silence my free speech. ..So sayeth the 2nd amendment.

  • Blargette

    The subject is ripe. Thank you for the laugh.

  • Blargette

    I was asking for a haiku. ~chuckle.

  • 72PorkChopsForMuslims

    www dOt silverbulletgunoil DoT net for use when hunting stone age subhuman savage beasts.

  • 72PorkChopsForMuslims

    Every adult in this guys village, mosque should be exterminated for allowing this to happen.

  • 72PorkChopsForMuslims

    The mistake we make is to call them human and treat them as such.

  • LysolMotorola

    So F*ing What.

  • LysolMotorola

    Why don’t you get a life. Either that or come back with a rational, fact based refutation that muslims and islam are the the desert death cult started by a bunch of ugly old pederasts child screwing murders and who never got their heads outside the 7th century. You can start any time.

  • Guest

    Prayer. It worked for Mohammed. It won’t work here. The answer to Islam is war.

  • Start A Revolt

    Come and get it girls!

  • Start A Revolt

    AHHH HA, HA, HA!

  • Start A Revolt

    Or better yet, bring it on so we can clean out the vermin Hussein’s state department has allowed our country to be infested with.

  • Douglas Sanderfield

    And Rape your goats 🙂 lol

  • Bob

    I’m willing to bet that there is a Mosque in the towns of everyone commenting.
    Perhaps they should be forbidden as they are in Japan. America has
    been castrated.

  • MadMikey

    That is because the atom bomb wasn’t invented in the 17th century where ragheads live.

  • Moonbattery

    So these hypocritical jerkoffs. think that beheading Christians isn’t “offensive”, but drawing a cartoon is? That proves exactly how mentally ill these whackjobs are!

    Maybe they should change the cartoon contest into a behead-a-muslim contest, which is more politically correct to these nazis

  • JDasien

    And use their left hand to wipe their asses.

  • Roberta


  • Circa53….

  • Roberta

    Sickening. Islam is a cancer; radiation is the cure.

  • Circa53

    Not yet..

  • Roberta

    Yeech! I didn’t know such a website existed. I looked up my town and found an Islamic Center aka Terrorist Meeting Group.

  • Guest

    Make No Mistake…

  • John (magnum)
  • CRyan

    Her breasts are bee stings
    Allah wills me now to take
    My nine year old bride

  • jack_foobar


  • Guest

    Islam demands a strong response and ultimately they’re going to get it, otherwise the West might as well roll-over and die.

  • John Locke

    Not really. My avatar is the purple heart which is given due to injuries sustained in combat. Combat tends to mean I am military that deployed which means I’m self sufficient and trusted with millions of dollars in equipment in life and death situations.

    Please define “Immature.”

  • John Locke

    Right, you have nothing. I thought as much. Good day.

  • ontheright

    You’re right – our tactics would most definitely be considered guerrilla by 1700’s standards.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Do you have a link for that? I’d love to check that out. If so, touche.

  • Blargette

    Hilarious and…. demented. Gang bangers.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    The only thing they were missing was a nice pig roast!

  • Daryl

    Has the FBI made any arrests yet? All those death threats on twitter and facebook should be easy enough to track down, with the illegal NSA data collection and all.


    Agreed, it’s the best one ! I found it at


    Hi John, thanks for posting using bold for the important part only !

  • pinkcrustacean

    This is actually an image of a Hindu ‘healer’ standing on a living child as part of a bizarre ritual to treat illness in India. Your argument would be better served by posting photos from the numerous crucifictions of children carried out by Isis (ignored, of course, by mainstream media).

  • Guest

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    Muslims killed 59 hindus by burning them alive and in retaliation hindus killed 790 muslims.
    Now muslims don’t try any thing stupid.

  • I’ve been thinking the same thing for a few years now. Maybe it’s time to make it happen.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Cool. Thanks.

  • Roberta

    Islam won’t get a strong response from the west because there are too many liberals and pro-islamists.

  • BringItOn

    The time has come to rid this country of it’s ISIS sleeper cells and all Muslims who want Sharia law. First we provoke ’em, then we smoke ’em. All NRA members and supporters of the second ammendment: a call to arms has been layed down. If the Muslims want extinction, let’s bring it about!

  • BringItOnGoatLovers

    If the Mooooslems think this is France or Denmark they better get ready for an azz-whoopin’ of biblical proportions. We will provoke ’em, then we will smoke ’em!

  • Johnny Reb

    So easy, even a caveman can do it!

  • Tom Cherian Mulammootil

    Start a mobile(Apple/Android) only facebook equivalent which will only work in select countries USA, Europe, Russia, Australia and South America. (Exclusivity will even make people pay a small subscription fess like $1/Month. Allow app to only work when location service enabled and part of Western Civilization.)

  • Patty
  • C.Manzano

    Look at the comments above yours, also answering the comments from David Collins. He mentions Taqiyya. Now do you get it? The P-resident claims to be Cristian, but has done everything to support Muslims.

  • Patty

    They held a #DrawMuhammad contest and nobody drew anything!

    There were reports of lots of free speech being exercised, displays of
    signs, displays of open carry, and even some tearing up of the Quran.

    Good protest. Good job to the police for keeping the peace, and good job
    to the people who voiced their opinions without resorting to violence.
    This gathering, even with emotions running high on both sides and
    including firearms being present, shows the best of America.

  • PBRmeTwice

    Poor whiny Muslims.

  • another_engineer

    Burn a couple of Mosques..

    who cares. send the pig fvkers a message. they want violence, give it to them.

    and you know the muzz in the US are illiterate blacks who simply want to wild without having to have their head ventilated.

  • terro9000

    Don’t ask don’t tell…

  • terro9000

    Yes. Not like you who hates Christians and straights. Wow that was easy.

  • terro9000

    Innuendo and groupthink is literally all they have left. That’s gotta be depressing for them.

  • Guest

    What’s the alternative? Submit? The suppression of free speech is only the start. People are becoming more aware. For Western civilization is to survive means confrontation.

  • Roberta

    I agree, but there are too many people in America who think Islam is a peaceful religion with only a “handful” of “extremists”.

  • Erendil Danaheil

    Islam = war. period

  • Jay Rinard

    Outlaw the Koran as a hateful cult book responsible for the needless murder of hundreds of millions of human beings over the last 13 centuries

  • Roberta

    That will never happen here. Our Constitution would prevent that. Unfortunately, our Constitution wasn’t designed to deal with a political ideology, like Islam, that’s disguised as a religion.

  • Abel

    Hmmmm, I think Islam is full of shiite
    even on a sunni day!

  • 10thGenerationAmerican

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • 10thGenerationAmerican

    Ignored by the mainstream media because they want to do away with pigeonholing what is good and what is evil in this world. Muddling the context and syntax is what Marxists are great at as noted by the spin that the Ch!nese, North K0reans, and the [email protected] do. It detracts from their means and they don’t want anyone to shine a light on their dark deeds.

    Isaiah 5:20King James Version (KJV)

    20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  • 10thGenerationAmerican

    I am embarrassed that you donned my beloved uniform however dismayed that you might be. Whether or not you believe it, you are playing the SAME game by attempting to demean people who read Drudge, research the articles that he provides LINKS to, and who are becoming aware of what is REALLY going on in this country. If you arrogantly deny that it isn’t happening then perhaps you are part of the problem. If you are of the Marxist ilk you will not realize the ship is sinking until it is completely under the water. Only a FOOL would not be aware of what has happened to this country over the last 50 years.

    The first two words in our creed that speaks the words that EVERY Marine should live by and the SAME credo that you swore by when you raised that right hand of yours however young you were. Remember, sir, either you are with the people or with the socialist loving Tories…

    I thank you for your service but what say ye?

    God, country, CORPS…

  • Mitt Zombie

    are Pervs!

    aide, Alan David Berlin, was arrested on charges that he wanted to engage in
    sex acts with a 15 year old boy while dressed in a panda costume.

    News producer Aaron Bruns pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years for possessing
    child pornography.

    activist and former presidential campaign chairmanJeffrey Claude Bartleson was
    arrested on charges of sexually molesting a 5-year old boy.

    activist and former chairman of the Christian County Republicans Royce
    Fessenden pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree child molestation and
    one count of second-degree statutory sodomy.

    parole board officer and former legislator George Christian (Chris) Ortloff
    pleaded guilty to attempting to lure 11- and 12-year-old girls to have sex with

    legislative aide Robert R. Groezinger pleaded guilty to possessing child

    legislator Robert A. McKee pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

    chief of staff Eric Feltner pleaded guilty to showing pornography to a 13-year
    old girl.

    presidential campaign official Matthew Joseph Elliott was convicted of sexual
    exploitation of a child.

    city councilman John Bryan killed himself after police began investigating
    allegations that he had molested three girls, including two of his adopted
    daughters, ages 12 and 15.

    legislator Ted Klaudt was charged with raping girls under the age of 16.

    city councilman Joseph Monteleone Jr. was found guilty of fondling underage

    congressional aide Jeffrey Nielsen was arrested for having sex with a 14-year
    old boy.

    County Commissioner Patrick Lee McGuiresurrendered to police after allegedly
    molesting girls between the ages of 8 and 13.

    prosecutor Larry Corrigan was arrested for soliciting sex from 13-year old

    Mayor Jeffrey Kyle Randall was sentenced to 275 days in jail for molesting two
    boys — ages ten and 12 — during a six-year period.

    County Board Candidate Brent Schepp was charged with molesting a 14-year old
    girl and killed himself three days later.

    Congressman Mark Foley abruptly resigned from Congress after “sexually
    explicit” emails surfaced showing him flirting with a 16-year old boy.

    executive Randall Casseday of the conservative Washington Times newspaper
    pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from a 13-year old girl on the internet.

    chairman of the Oregon Christian Coalition Lou Beres confessed to molesting a
    13-year old girl.

    County Constable Larry Dale Floyd pleaded guilty to charges of soliciting sex
    from an 8-year old girl. Floyd has repeatedly won elections for Denton County, Texas,

    judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was
    sentenced to 10 years probation.

    Party leader Bobby Stumbo was arrested for having sex with a 5-year old boy.

    petition drive manager Tom Randall pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under
    the age of 14, one of them the daughter of an associate in the petition

    County Chairman Armando Tebano pleaded guilty to fondling a 14-year-old girl.

    teacher and former city councilman John Collins pleaded guilty to sexually
    molesting 13 and 14 year old girls.

    campaign worker Mark Seidensticker is a convicted child molester.

    Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for
    sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

    Mayor Tom Adams was arrested for distributing child pornography over the

    Mayor John Gosek was arrested on charges of soliciting sex from two 15-year old

    County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under
    the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

    legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for
    raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17.

    Committeeman John R. Curtain was charged with molesting a teenage boy and
    unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

    anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.

    zoning supervisor, Boy Scout leader and Lutheran church president Dennis L.
    Rader pleaded guilty to performing a sexual act on an 11-year old girl he

    anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child
    pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an
    abortion doctor.

    campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for
    taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.

    racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a
    15-year old black girl which produced a child.

    pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential
    campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a
    female juvenile.

    legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate
    relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

    advertising consultant Carey Lee Cramer was sentenced to six years in prison
    for molesting two 8-year old girls, one of whom appeared in an anti-Gore
    television commercial.

    fundraiser Lawrence E. King, Jr. organized child sex parties at the White House
    during the 1980s.

    Republican lobbyist
    Craig J. Spence organized child sex parties at the White House during the