BREAKING: OFFICER DOWN in #Ferguson, Shots Fired, Molotov Cocktails – THOUSANDS MARCHING
marching ferguson

Several hundred protesters were marching up West Florissant and heading toward the police command center.

Protester holds a sign that says, “Quit killing us!”

(No protesters have been killed in the Ferguson protests – one protester was shot last night by a fellow protester.)

International ANSWER, the group who organized pro-Hamas rallies against the Jewish state, is leading the march in Ferguson:

A police convoy of armored vehicles and cops on foot are approaching the protesters.
tear gas ferguson

GUN SHOTS GOING OFF! on Canfield Avenue – Shots fired at police officers….
bricks in road
Protesters blocked the street with bricks.

Three different layers of bricks in the road to slow down police advance.

From the epicenter: GUNSHOTS Going off everywhere – Smoke bombs everywhere – Cops are in a single file formation.
There were babies and grandparents in the crowd tonight.

VIDEO of the police advancing in Ferguson—-

Ferguson race-rioters throw teargas at the police:

BREAKING: Shoot-out in progress – Police and Protesters – North of the QT in #Ferguson

UPDATE: The neighboring Dellwood Market is on fire.
Confirmed by local police.
dellwood market
The Dellwood Market was already looted at least once this week.




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