On This Week‘s Powerhouse Roundtable on ABC, former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said a “loud delusional minority” of Republicans were “politicizing” Benghazi.

Plouffe: What Benghazi was was a tragedy. We have to figure out how to prevent it from happening again. And try and hold those accountable as we did with bin Laden — took a while, but after 11 years, we did. The USS Cole — 17 sailors died. The weeks before the 2000 election, what did then Govenor Bush say — it’s time for the nation to speak as one voice. Now, you couldn’t handle that in this party. This has been politicized like we’ve never seen before.

And I think what’s happening — Richard Nixon talked about a silent majority back in 1968 — there’s a very loud, delusional minority that’s driving our politics, that’s in control of the Republican Party. There is no conspiracy here at all.

Via Truth Revolt:

Of course, David Plouffe was included on the smoking gun email that was released last week by Judicial Watch.

The emails show that a coordinated effort was made in the days following the Benghazi terror attacks to portray the incident as “rooted in [an] Internet video, and not [in] a broader failure or policy.” The “goal,” according to these emails, was “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”

So who politicized Benghazi again, David?




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