It’s an Obama world…
Barack Obama wanted to fundamentally transform America. Now we have record unemployment, record debt, an IRS that targets political opponents and Obama’s jackbooted thugs threatening the children of Republican donors.

Romney donor Frank VanderSloot was one of the eight Republicans placed on Barack Obama’s enemies list in 2012. The Idaho businessman was singled out by the Obama campaign for giving $1 million in support of Mitt Romney. Because of this he was the focus of audits from both the IRS and Labor Department. He said that he went through a “living hell” as a result.

Obama lackeys attacked him and started rumors about him and his family. VanderSloot revealed in an interview on Fox News that his business practice was hurt by the attacks from the Obama goons.

VanderSloot also told Greta Van Susteren that Obama supporters were stalking his kids.

“There’s been a ton of electronic media… that have lodged all kind of innuendo in my direction, accused me of all kinds of bad things. People have called my children. They’ve been surfing their LinkedIn sites. They’ve been asking interviews of my kids.“

Even the kids were harassed.




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