Romney Donor on Obama’s ‘Enemies List’: They’re Stalking My Kids (Video)

Romney donor Frank VanderSloot, one of the eight men detailed by the president’s “Truth Team” by the campaign, was on with Greta Van Susteren on Friday night. Frank is discovering what it means to be on a president’s “enemies list.” The top Romney donor says that Obama lackeys are attacking him and starting rumors about him and his family. Vandersloot revealed in an interview on Fox News that his business practice is being hurt by the attacks from the Obama team.

He also told Greta that Team Obama supporters are stalking his children.

“There’s been a ton of electronic media… that have lodged all kind of innuendo in my direction, accused me of all kinds of bad things. People have called my children. They’ve been surfing their LinkedIn sites. They’ve been asking interviews of my kids.

It’s the Chicago way.

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  • Bitter Clinger

    Time for the legal system to be brought into this mess: civil and criminal!

  • donh

    The Nazi Party’s Waffen SS is literally translated “Protection squad” and arose out of Hitler’s personal body guard of hall monitors . These were people who man handled crowds at puplic political speeches. They removed hecklers at Nazi rallies and disrupted the speeches of opposing parties….>

  • Patty

    Being on an enemy list isn’t illegal? But if you call someone a gay hater or worse you can file for defamation of one’s character.

    So, the minions on the left can pick up a donor’s name for Oh, Let’s say Romney, and then intimidate, harass the family.

    The CEO donor will not stop donations and will not allow those on the left to try to intimidate him. He is hopeful others will as well step up to the plate and not be in fear and do the right thing for America.

    In the history of this nation there hasn’t been a President more evil, more in line with Communism and have his tentacles into our votes, freedoms, faith, energy, health care and it seems criminal what he has done to Mr. Vandersloo and his family.

    Remember the SEIU in front of homes of those who were bankers and a child of 12 was in the home alone, scared to death. Nothing happen as I recall and even the D.C. Police did nothing to prevent this invasion on Privacy.

    But Vandersloo can sue for loss of benefits or profits and for defamation of character. Hope he does.

    This should be something that doesn’t happen in America. Nor should the Black Panthers harass the voters. Nor should Holder be innocent in the Fast and Furious Case. TSA, GSA and Secret Service should be investigated and Holder should be held responsible for much of this. And I do believe that Axelrod is also behind a lot of things.

  • Patty

    What if Obama’s girls were be stalked. They have protection but heads would roll. Why is it that any person doesn’t have the same relevance or importance. These are Kids, they have done nothing and this is criminal if they continue to harass. This is Communism we are watching and if Obama is re-elected are only recourse in Majority in Senate and Congress but even then for a person like Obama he will use his Executive Powers.

  • Patty

    And to think it started with one person and erupted into this.

  • Contessa61

    Unbelievable. Why isn’t this making major headlines???

  • sandy

    Its simple — Obama is allowed to raise 1 billion to run for a second term but his rival is not allowed to raise any money. It almost doesn’t matter that the mainstream news media isn’t covering this. Half the people in this country get their news from the Internet and the other half gets their news from those who got it from the Internet.

    In 08 Obama ran as a nice guy genius who could make the Seas rise. Now what we have is an angry vengeful petulant man who will not be satisfied until he destroys everything this nation stands for and nobody is left to oppose him. Screw the NY Times and The Washington Post — WE GET IT!!!

  • Patty

    Freedom of speech is one thing. THREATS ARE A COMPLETE OTHER THING. But what happened when the Black Panthers place a Dead or Alive bounty on Zimmerman and his family is living in fear.

    Seems Holder once again doesn’t care. Seems he doesn’t care much about his little pet peeve project which took the life of Brian Terry.

    The Black Panthers with clubs at voting places, Holder will not stand for Voter ID’s in up coming elections because it would be discriminating minorities. WTF

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  • Heidi

    Chicago thugs, nothing will be done because of Holder.. This admin is SO corrupt..

  • Patty

    Occupy Frankfurt Stages ‘Bull Slaughter’ In Front Of Stock Exchange

  • Patty

    #12 ot SORRY.

  • GP Fan

    Amen! I can’t believe this is what this country has become, when the most powerful person in the world is basically saying or implying, “Sic ’em!”. It’s eerily similar what you would expect in dictatorial countries, but never thought you’d ever see here. I can’t even get my mind wrapped around how bad it’s gotten, orchestrated from the very tip top. It makes me sad, sick, and extremely scared.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this should be illegal, due to harassing, bullying, threatening, or even a new classification of making it illegal to discriminate based on political leaning/identification. Something needs to be done to stop this and they need to crack down fast and hard to put a swift stop to it.

    What ever happened with Gibson? Any follow ups? I remember when, I think it was SEIU, was protesting on CEO’s homes, being brought in by buses. The CEO’s kid was home alone and scared out of his wits, and the police actually helped SEIU instead of protecting citizens on their own private property. I remember thinking then, unfortunately this is going to get worse. It is so un-American. Or anti-American, as the case may be.

  • Patty

    And to think, we all knew that the Chicago style thuggery would never be investigated by the left media. They all have a love affair with Socialism. Hope to see the day when it hits them were it hurts. Then they will be screaming foul.

  • mnashc

    He is not our LEGAL president…………..he is a fraud. He is an international representative. He is funded by the international agenda 21 movement. He is a complete fraud.

  • Stan25

    Guess stalking your political enemies is alright for the DemocRATs, but let a Republican do the same thing and all hell breaks loose. They spend untold millions on Congressional committee hearings and court cases to prosecute a man, with the help of a completely compliant media, for doing the same thing that they done since time immortal.

  • GGMac

    It would be easier to inform others of Obama’s tactics and skullduggery if we could link Gateway Pundit articles to Facebook! 🙂

  • greenfairie

    The Left has no morals and it comes from a tradition that dates back to the Wilson administration arresting and beating up vocal critics a century ago. Every collective movement, whether it’s progressivism, socialism, fascism, National Socialism, or Communism, demands the persecution and silencing of any opposition.

  • mnashc

    This is serious………………we have to get the word out. Obama is a fraud. Most people have no clue whats going on. 18 year olds can vote and thats the target of this fraud. Communism is the devil………………we have to stop it.

  • StrangernFiction

    Obama is just in over his head.

  • Patty

    More importantly, with so many who hate America typing away and attacking, then stalking children, you would believe that American Patriots aren’t far and few. What was it Obama said again.

    “They bring a knife, we bring a gun.” Obama

    Obama Says He Doesn’t Want His Daughters Punished with a Baby and then this:

    Barack Obama: Bitter Pennsylvanians “Cling to Guns or Religion

    WELL, WELL, WELL. Obama says they’ll bring the guns. While Holder tries to take ours away.

    Who is really on their enemies list: ANYONE THEY DISLIKE. BY THE WAY IS THIS A COINCIDENCE

    What or who killed Andrew Breitbart, now the coroner is dead, what did he know.

    Many associates of Obama’s in Wright’s church are dead, this for instance:

    3 Openly Gay Men at Wright’s Church KILLED the Very Month Obama’s Ascent to the Nomination Began?

  • Patty

    And of course Soros, He would get a thrill to shut down Fox.

    And Obama’s mediamatter friends attacks of Fox.


    And let’s not forget Hannity.

  • squeaky

    [The attacks are working. Vandersloot revealed in an interview on Fox News that his business practice is being hurt by the attacks from the Obama team.
    “Those people that I know well weren’t affected by this [attack],” said Vandersloot. “But for people who didn’t know me, who are members of our business or customers, and they were reading this, then we got a barrage of phone calls of people cancelling their customer memberships with us.”] probably an overlap of things but losing customers for being a donor……

  • Greg

    A short search of Obama for America and truth teams fails to identify any of the contributors to the dialogue that emanates. from those organizations….Sure wish the news media responsible for their coverage would do some attribution so that individuals would feel responsible for what they put out into the cloud

  • stuart

    Contessa661 #7
    This story is not in any of the major papers because it didn’t happen. You don’t believe that the President has an enemies list, do you?? …Comrade?
    Of course you don’t, because there is no list, and you wouldn’t want to be on it. Would you?
    You must learn to trust the State Run Media… Comrade.

  • Patty

    Why would the left care about the kids of this CEO. They love those abortions.

    Catholics are on their enemy list. Those who love their nation and believe in God and Country are all on their enemies list. Those who tell the truth and care about our kids future and this irresponsible debt are on this enemies list.

  • don’t forget the democratic party is “the party of moral superiority.”

  • Patty

    In other words. Evil is coming after the good.

  • valerie

    Publication of a “list” like this is a filthy tactic, and is unAmerican.

  • Redwine

    Let’s act to show our support for these Romney donors. Let’s get email addresses and write letters thanking them for giving so generously to the Romney campaign and for standing up to the bullying by the regime.

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  • Contessa61

    the far left is stalking everyone. There is a big red swatstika on a big Walker sign in my town in Wisconsin.

  • bg
  • Sparky

    Instead of complaining, maybe he should take an action against Obama….like donating more money to Romney….or suing Obama personally.

    This yakking and crabbing on the blogs does little to stop the Communist Left who are now resorting to Stalin/Hitler era intimidation.

  • valerie

    I found out Frank VanderSloot’s big sin. He’s an entrepreneur that impressed Newt.

  • bg


    heard NEW YORK CITY is no longer the capital of the RICH & FAMOUS
    (so to speak), seems MOSCOW now holds that distinctive class title..


  • Pleasance

    As a balance to those who stop doing business with Melaleuca due to VanderSloots support of Romney, why don’t conservatives START doing business with Melaleuca because of support for Romney. Fight evil with good. I have heard that the produces are excellent and I shall contact Melaleuca on Monday.

  • mcc

    Vandersloot wrote a $1Million check to Romney. The story was reported on nearly all FOX shows yesterday that I watched.

    Team BO has tried to get their hands on FV’s divorce papers – reminiscent of their success with BO’s opponent (Jack Ryan?) when he ran for US Senate. This is routine work for these skincrawlers.

    But it’s only made him more supportive of Romney and he’s said he may write another check. One of Cavuto’s or Greta’s guests, I think, said he could sue since his business has been hurt.

  • aprilnovember811

    Another of a foreign born impostor acting as president. Congress, at what point will you do your job, and remove this impostor? Everyone knows. You aren’t fooling anyone. We know he’s not a legitimate United States President. When are you going to own up to what you’ve let happen and just take your lumps? Time to man up. Time to woman up. Time to come clean on what you’ve let happen.

  • King Oblutto 2020

    Pet dogs are just the finest of animals. Big ones, with lots of teeth and that have protection issues. Yup, folks tend to back up when confronted by a big dog looking at them.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Does any of this really surprise anyone? If so, please let me know your names, so I can ensure that I will NEVER get a brain-transplant from you, should the need arise.

    Come to think of it, I wouldn’t want my cat to get a brain-transplant from you, either…

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  • Heres a tip to everyone, we can not trust anyone in this administration, and a majority of the house and congress……We have already seen we cannot do anything about the corruption, racism and madness that goes on in D.C.
    I never in a lifetime thought it would get this bad…Protect your family buy guns and ammo while you still have the right to, better than gold.

  • Jamie in Arizona

    I went to Melaleuca’s website. You can’t just buy their products you have to become a member and I can’t find out how much that costs. And from watching the video it seems like you have to order every month. Looks like they have some good stuff but I don’t want to have to pay a membership fee and purchase something every month. Too bad, I really wanted to support the company

  • owl

    This has been allowed to go too far. Why????????????????????????????????

    An American is supposed to be protected from such as this. By damn, all Repub leadership better get their azz in front of a mic and on tv and call this out. Not once. Not twice. But every day until it drones into the heads of all Americans that are not watching. Tell the president he can not do this. Tell him to stop it now. Tell him we listened to him preach and now shut the he** up threatening individual citizens.

    This is too much. Way too much. They have the power. USE IT. Stop this madness.

    If the WH is corrupt and Justice is corrupt, our ELECTED leaders have a voice. USE IT.

  • jgarcia

    If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen, comes with the territory

  • Susan

    I have believed for a long time that this president is a very dangerous individual. He, Pelosi and Reid encourage anarchy. They encourage Occupy Wall Street that has set fire to buildings, defacated on cars, raped women and all sorts of evil things and encourage them to hate the tea party which is composed of Americans who are fed up with big government, lack of accountability, want them to abide by the constitution, reduce the deficit. I have to say I believe there are more of us than of them. They compose the minority and when push comes to shove the American people will not take sitting down a president that is trying to become a dictator. The congress hshould have begun impeachment proceedings against Obama a long time ago. The good news is that ROmney has hit 50% approvel and Obama today was at 42%. Of course Holder and him will try voter fraud big time like in 2008 with Acorn. I hope and pray the states are gearing up for this election and can stop voter fraud. I am going to give to the Romney campaign and encourage my friends to do so.l Obama is running low on donations which may be one of the reasons he is doing this. It is wrong but lets support Romney big time and give him some good money his way.

  • bg
  • theduchessofkitty

    These tactics are reminiscent of those perpetrated against dissidents in the (now former) Soviet Union and Eastern European countries during their occupation by the Soviets. If you didn’t support the Party, you had a right to absolutely nothing. You were deprived of your livelihood, your education, your property, your family and even your life.

    Every Eastern European I encountered back in 2008 could smell the Communist Obama from a mile away – and weren’t fooled. The fact that too many voters in this nation chose to ignore the warnings of history should make us fearful that they will do so again this year. It’s time to fight back!

  • Lord Sandwich

    Melaleuca is an Australian tree which grows in swampy ground. It produces T Tree oil.

    It is said to have anti bacterial & anti fungal properties.

    You can buy the oil & add it to the basic ‘green’ product of your choice which need not be expensive at all & presto.

    T Tree is kind to skin -seems to have good ph balancing properties.

    Save $$$ Gatewayers -blend it yourself.

    Just a hint

  • Jason

    Some MLM scam artist is losing business. Good.

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  • bruce ritchie

    We’re supposed to believe this story that has NO specific facts or descriptions of specific incidents? We’re also supposed to believe that everything bad that happens to Frank Vandersoot is caused by Pres. Obama? Sounds like character assassination to me. I guess your audience doesn’t need specific FACTS with which to base their opinions. That is not how I was taught to form an opinion, but it seems to the the FOX method.

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  • First, Mr. Vandersloot in not just a private citizen, but an officer for the Romney campaign. Second, he has appeared on Bill O’Reily’s show several times since 1999 making anti-gay statements and even talking about the billboards he paid for in Idaho presenting anti-gay messages. Third, since his right wing history is do long and public, many news organizations have been covering him, even before he was put on Obama’s so-called “enemies list”. Fourth, Nixon used the FBI, the IRS and other federal agencies to investigate and harass people on his Enemies List. Thus, what is the point of this article? Leon McClung

  • A REAL Republican

    There is really nothing wrong with this list. There is nothing in these blurbs that should come tpo the surprise of the people on the list. I mean Vandersloot IS against gays. What is there to hide? As a republican and as a citizen I WANT to know who is donating this kind of money to canidates. It DOES speak volumes on the kind of canidate we have. I am not an Obama supporter but Mitt better stop flip flopping and speaking his truths rather than what he THINKS people want to hear.

  • I like to think of the USA as a place of freedom. Romney doesn’t make me think like that. I may be wrong, but American society always represents plurality and tolerance when I have seen it, but there seems to be a growing attempt to stamp a Christian template on public policy and acceptable ways of living. I hope American traditionalists look to the Enlightenment principles at the core of their Constitution and reject Romney. He will divide America and take it backwards.

  • Ronda Ruth

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, people. Read up about this guy. This is how VanderSloot is making money for the campaign. He’s a scam artist, and Fox news knows exactly what their doing by promoting this Swiftboating-style crap. Bet most of the comments above were made by people who watch FOX news only and never read any further. There are also about 5 other photoshopped, fabricated stories on facebook and online that are put out by Republican operatives who also did some pretty shady things to promote the John McCain story…remember the one about the illegitimate black child (who was actually his beautiful adopted daughter from Banglidesh.) Come on, people. This is how Bush took us to war….an uninformed public. Go read more about this guy and then comment. On the other hand, facts seem to have little relevance these days. Patriotism is being informed first. Unfortunately, most people vote without even bothering.

  • Minso cal

    Vandersloot is Romney’s co-chair of his finance committee – hardly a private citizen

    Vandersloot used this same “hurting business” tactic against MSNBC and back in March long before the Obama campaignrofiled him as a donor.

    Vandersloot is using Fox News faux outrage to solicit cash for Romney and its all free…

    Even though what he says is patently untrue.

    C’mon Sheeple…. Quit believing everything on Fox news because in this case it is patently false. Vandersloot is. Member of Romney’s campaign, he has done this before when it had nothing to so with the Obama campaign, and he is playing you for your dollars.

  • Bobby

    Remember that Obama seized General Motors and Chrysler (NOT a bailout) as CEO’s Rick Wagoner and Bob Nardelli in 2008 were Mitt Romney contributors. Ford also took taxpayer money to advance Obama’s tiny-car agenda, and was rewarded as they didn’t give to Mitt, as in 2008 every Democrat bought the same Ford Escape Hybrid (a Mazda 626 wagon), and Obama rewarded them in the 2009 stimulus package too. This was a major Enemies List discovery, yet we rarely hear the truth.