Reporters Reveal Secret US Drone Base in Saudi Arabia

drone saudi arabia
(Updated News)

The media leaked information this week on a secret US drone base in Saudi Arabia.
The Iranian regime ought to love this.
Pakistani Dawn News reported:

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been using a secret drone airbase in Saudi Arabia for the last two years, according to a BBC report.

The base was established in order to hunt down Al Qaeda members in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and particularly in Yemen.

A drone flown from there was used in September 2011 to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-citizen who was alleged to be AQAP’s external operations chief.

US media have known of the base’s existence since then, but have not reported it.

Senior government officials had said they were concerned that disclosure would undermine operations against AQAP, as well as potentially damage counter-terrorism collaboration with Saudi Arabia, said the report.

The US military pulled out virtually all of its troops from Saudi Arabia in 2003, having stationed between 5,000 and 10,000 troops in the Gulf kingdom after the 1991 Gulf war. Only personnel from the United States Military Training Mission (USMTM) officially remain.

The location of the secret drone base was not revealed in the US reports and the Saudi government has not yet commented.

However, construction was ordered after a December 2009 cruise missile strike in Yemen, the New York Times reported.

It was the first strike ordered by the Obama administration, and ended in disaster, with dozens of civilians, including women and children, killed.

Of course, the pro-American Saudi regime hasn’t been toppled by protesters yet, or that drone base might not be possible.

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  • Sasja

    I wonder why Barry wanted this info made public.

  • NeoKong

    “US media have known of the base’s existence since then, but have not reported it.”

    Since when does the media sit on secrets for the White House…oh…never mind.

  • Aaron

    It’s amazing how use we all are to the media committing treason revealing this kind of information.

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  • Sasja

    It was published because our preezy wanted it published. Again I ask. Why?

  • serfer62

    How long could the base be hidden…just follow the drone to its homebase.

  • myohmy

    Obama is not different with GWB, except that Obama is protected by his lapdog media. The corrupt media are no socialist either, but they are loyal to DNC elitists who feed them.

  • cavt

    More leaks that hurt out nat’l security. Wonderful group, these Obamaites.

  • Sasja

    This may have more to do with causing problems for the Saudi’s. We’ll have to wait and see if it does.

  • Patty

    Where drones go to die.


    Drones Will Be The New Normal in The U.S. If We Let Them

    Here’s how it happens: The defense contractors see dollar signs, buy themselves a bouquet of Congress critters, and then suddenly we have an “urgent” civilian need for military equipment. It will keep us “safe”. Sure, there’ll be a few major collisions and “accidents,” but it will become generally accepted as the New Normal. And once that’s firmly ensconced in the public mind as necessary, we’ll then develop an urgent need for armed drones.

    Maybe voters need to rise up against this nonsense:

    WASHINGTON – Are unmanned aircraft, known to have difficulty avoiding collisions, safe to use in America’s crowded airspace? And would their widespread use for surveillance result in unconstitutional invasions of privacy?

    Experts say neither question has been answered satisfactorily. Yet the federal government is rushing to open America’s skies to tens of thousands of the drones – pushed to do so by a law championed by manufacturers of the unmanned aircraft.

    The 60-member House of Representatives’ “drone caucus” – officially, the House Unmanned Systems Caucus – has helped push that agenda. And over the last four years, caucus members have drawn nearly $8 million in drone-related campaign contributions, an investigation by Hearst Newspapers and the Center for Responsive Politics shows.

    The Federal Aviation Administration has been flooded with applications from police departments, universities, private corporations and even the celebrity gossip site TMZ, all seeking to use drones that range from devices the size of a hummingbird to full-sized aircraft like those used by the U.S. military to target al-Qaeda operatives in Pakistan and elsewhere.

  • Patty

    Drones – The New Normal

    P.W. Singer, the author of Wired for War tells us about the use of drones (robotic, or unmanned, or remotely-piloted aircraft) — in war. He says the fact that pilots can engage in war from thousands of miles away and without risk to themselves represents a fundamental change in the nature of warfare as it has been waged for thousands of years. He also likens the development of the drone to the development of the airplane itself–that each followed similar stages of evolution. As for the political, legal, and ethical dilemmas they pose–he points out that the technology is moving faster than the ability of human organizations to keep up with the implications. Just as it has been with the computer. This week’s How We Got Here is full of insights from a scholar who says flying robots are no longer the futuristic stuff of science fiction; they are the new normal.


    Sounds suspicious to me. There must be a great deal of money changing hands and I do believe Obama and Holder are just the kids who are getting really rich on this.

  • Patty

    Obama is reducing the military and beefing up the Drones. And he needs to make some use out of them. This is his new way of National Security.

    But it just takes one time, once and Obama is definitely going to be impeached.

    In other words these drones may have the very opposite affect.

  • just-saying

    So, there were drones close enough to help in Benghazi?

  • dwdude

    i’m sure the families of the murdered embassy staff in benghazi will be pleased at the release of this information