In Jaunary, Donald Trump told Sean Hannity that if Bill Maher did not pay up on their $5 million bet, he would sue him.
Today he sued him.

Donald Trump phoned in to Fox & Friends as he does on Mondays, chatting this about the Super Bowl, President Obama, and… Bill Maher. Trump said he is suing the far left bully following their $5 million bet.
Via FOX and Friends:

Here is what Donald said about the bet in January.

He made an offer on the show and that involved my birth certificate and other thing. And, it was a five million dollar offer to charity. And I immediately accepted his offer. Sent a legal letter to him by a very good lawyer who told me you have a very good case as soon as you accept his offer. And so we eventually sent him a bill. A legal representation for five million dollars. So he has to pay. I don’t know if he has five million dollars. Maybe he doesn’t. But he made an offer of five million. I accepted that offer and all of that money will go to great charities. (And if he doesn’t pay?) Then I will sue him.



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  1. Trump’s publicist is working overtime.

  2. Say what you want about Trump, but he is a warrior and won’t be pushed around by far left bullies. I wish the GOP congressional reps had the same gumption and wouldn’t let Reid, Pelosi and co push them around at will.

  3. Meh.

    One self-promoting egomaniac blowhard sues another. Some headline…

  4. Say what you want about Trump

    OK, he is a bloviating idiot who is obsessed with being in the spotlight.

  5. A lib welshing on a bet? Naw. (My apologies to myself; being of Welsh ancestry).

  6. “$5 million bet”


    Ahem! It was a contract.

    There was an offer made, and it was accepted. This is breech of contract!

  7. Trump is a great guy. I’m going to be changing the way I post from now on. I’m the one that is a loud mouth. I’m sorry if I ever offended anyone.

  8. That’s right Hoft, hitch your wagon to the only man on the planet Earth dumber than you.

  9. #7 shadow commented:

    Must be time for recess at St. Mary’s School for the Eternally Puerile.

  10. Much as I detest maher, this schtick is really wearing thin. Either put up or shut up and go back to your real estate biz Trumpo.

  11. A recent case here in NY supports Trump’s position. In that case, a rapper/producer made an offer of $1 million for the return of his lost computer. A person found it, and returned it to the rapper. The rapper refused to pay because the hard drive was no longer accessible (or some similar reason). The finder sued, and the jury awarded him the full $1 million.

  12. #9 So “Not Likely” admits it is not a “man”.


  13. Trump has a big mouth..

    But i hope that he sticks it to maher…

  14. It’s about time Maher was held accountable for his big mouth. Kudos for Trump for following through on this. Maybe the loathesome Maher will think before he speaks in the future. Unlikely but I am glad he’s getting hit

  15. Maher is a detestable Leftist Liberal Dweeb Loser

    Why is it that Liberals are so quick to give other people’s money to charity but rarely their own. . . Just look at Obama, Biden and now Maher. . .

    Maher made a PUBLIC Offer and Trump accepted. .So Maher pay up and give the money ro Charity. .You can even write it off your taxes. Unless ur pal Obama taxes that away. . after all YOU ARE THE 1% and are RICH. . .

    Funny how Maher and OBAMA are two pees in a pod when it comes to stepping up and helping charities. . .

    Saddest part is our brave men & women in uniform and in harm’s way defend our country for these dweebs and losers to multiply and cause harm to our GREAT Republic.

  16. Sorry Gastorgrab. One of the key elements in a contract is “consideration”. Don’t see it here.

    There must be in all contracts 1. offer 2. acceptance 3. a “meeting of the minds” as to terms 4. consideration, or something of value exchanged.

  17. I hope it bankrupts him and he ends up living in a homless shelter or under a tarp at the nearest interstate overpass.

  18. This is the courtroom version of a “Bum Fight” video.

  19. Sasja: I believe the preferred and politically correct spelling is “welching”.

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