Donald Trump: If Bill Maher Does Not Pay Off His $5 Million Bet – “Then I’ll Sue Him” (Video)

Donald Trump told Sean Hannity tonight that if Bill Maher does not pay up on a $5 million bet, he’ll sue him.

“He made an offer on the show and that involved my birth certificate and other thing. And, it was a five million dollar offer to charity. And I immediately accepted his offer. Sent a legal letter to him by a very good lawyer who told me you have a very good case as soon as you accept his offer. And so we eventually sent him a bill. A legal representation for five million dollars. So he has to pay. I don’t know if he has five million dollars. Maybe he doesn’t. But he made an offer of five million. I accepted that offer and all of that money will go to great charities. (And if he doesn’t pay?) Then I will sue him.

The Donald doesn’t take their guff.
He could teach Republicans a thing or two.

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  • Mikey

    Go for it, Donald. Kick that little weasel’s ass.

  • Lim Lynn

    Great Bill Maher respond to his Letter. But when will Barack Hussein Obama respond to Donald Trump?

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  • chris

    Prediction, the Obamboozler’s team presents a cockie-mamie document and claims $5m and wants to offset The Donald’s legitimate claim. Settlement: undisclosed amount to one or more of The Donald’s charities

  • lynno

    Go for it Mr. Trump, he said it on tv, but anything coming out of this guy’s mouth is not funny or truthful. The audience baffles me as to why they laugh at his crap. Same mentality I guess.

  • Patty

    Great! You go for Mr. Trump. It will make all of us feel good. Time to take the trash bag to court.

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  • Chris W.

    Just think of it as an a-hole tax, Maher. Pay up.

  • Ghost

    The $5M should go to reward anyone who will sneak out into public view any inarguable smoking gun document that will Finally! get the cascade of consequences falling on The Fraud.

    take your pick- travel, school, money, family origin, citizenship… pull just one string and watch the House of Cards collapse on the Hoaxter when His story is proven to be a disappointing deception to His supporters.

    it’s difficult to imagine how anyone cal fall while they’re riding high and mighty… but they always do- God Will Not Be Mocked, Pride goeth before a Fall, Reap what you Sow and, Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind.

    For proof, I offer news from this week: Bonds, Clemons, Palmiero, Sosa and McGwire are ALL certifiable first ballot Hall of Famers, but they ALL were told to get lost by the Hall of Fame. No Pity .
    they lived large, they loved their glory, they basked in the cheers, they made great money, they felt invulnerable, unaccountable and no doubt touched by Fate’s Fortune, above it all…

    or, as Jesus said about the Pharisees, “…truly I tell you, they have their reward in full…” (consoling his disciples, that Their Reward was Everlasting)
    but nobody escapes their bad conduct, sooner or later comes the consequences, the humiliation.

    or, as the great boxing champion Joe Louis said about the string of contenders who came to challenge him, “The Bigger they come, The Harder they fall.”

  • YourMaster

    mahner has failing ratings… so I doubt he’ll want to pay up…
    but if not… then instead of getting 5 million from him…
    sue him for 70 million… Mwahahahaha…

    should help… and only settle out of court if he agree’s to cancel his show
    some of the worst humilation for the left…

  • shadow

    Trump is just trying to collect what he always tries to collect, attention.

  • Tricky Dick

    Nothing would suit me better than a penniless Bill Maher. That’s how you hurt morons like him. Put him out in a tent city under an interstate overpass where he belongs.

  • Kate

    How delightful. Making a disgusting, vulgar leftie pay the consequences of his free speech. Go get him Donald. I don’t see Trump backing off. Ole Billy picked the wrong guy to mess with.

  • Sandy

    If there were more citizens with cahones like Donald Trump and Steve Wynn we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

  • Highlander

    What I wouldn’t give to see that liberal weasel be forced to pay off on this bet ….

  • dwdude

    make bill markowitz put his money where his (obnoxious, hatetheist) mouth is. the donald could bleed him with exorbitant legal defense bills. makes me smile that the little twerp will have to take some punishment for his big yap.

  • Rose


    Blowing it off when Dims do things they would sue and JAIL Conservatives for is one of the dumbest things Conservatives do – especially regarding Treason, Recall, and Impeachment, and Embezzlement and Breach of OATH OF OFFICE, Bribery, etc etc etc….

  • Mike

    I LOVE Trump!! He is a straight shooter and a breath of fresh air.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    I am sure that Bill Maher has no intention lf paying and that he also as a very good lawyer. This is going to be the battle of the clowns, if anyone bothers to watch.

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  • RedBeard

    Sure, The Donald has trouble walking through doorways due to the size of both his hair and his ego, but he does provide a service by keeping stuff like this in the news.

  • sipdesip

    There’s a real simple way that Maher can get out of this: convince his chosen President, Mr. B.H. Obama, to release the records that Mr. Trump was willing to pay $5 million to see. Ask B.O. if he’d do that, so Maher can get his dooooooooooshbag self off the hook to Trump.

    Media windbags are not generally stupid enough to put their money where their mouth is. They generally trust that the hot air coming from their putrid bellies is enough for most people, and sadly it often is. However, Maher went one better…he put a LOT of money where his mouth is! I respected the statement in a wierd sort of way…wealthy lib (certainly in the top 1% 😉 ) puts his bucks on the line to challenge a conservative who is putting HIS money where his mouth is. Bluff? Maybe. But in poker…sometimes you win the bluff hand, sometimes your bluff gets called…and you LOSE.

    Maher lost. Bluff called, trash hand. Maher can run from the table, which he will probably do…and he’ll be an even BIGGER coward, cheat and doooooooooshbag than he already is, which is saying something. From this point on…not only are Maher’s opinions stupid, they are also backed by a man who has no integrity. Shocked? I’ll be shocked if he actually writes a check from Maher, Inc. to Mr. Trump. Lib dooooooooooshery doesn’t shock me one bit.

  • Beelitt

    The bet was to prove he’s not related to an orangutan. A birth certificate doesn’t prove that. He could have an orangutan as a second cousin, twice removed or a great aunt orangutan. It’s much harder to legally prove that you’re not something than to prove you are something. I mean, I still have some reasonable doubts about Trump. The resemblance is just uncanny and I mean, after all, it was just the short form birth certificate. Where’s the long form? Where are his college records? I demand to see college records! His grades could absolutely shed light on his familial connections to orangutans. Don’t give up Maher! Whining about birth origins is not at all a distraction to real issues! I heard orangutans have a greater approval rating than congress! Donald Trump you get a fart noise with two thumbs down.

  • sipdesip

    Beelitt…we all know Trump is a windbag. But he’s a windbag who called out a dooooooshbag on his very own statement, and the dooooooooshbag is ducking and covering instead of manning up and paying his bet.

    Maher didn’t ask for Trump’s college records on national television. If he wants that to be part of the bet, he needed to ask for it.

    And as far as the connection to orangutans…Maher was making a doooooosh comment that he now has to pay the piper for, and it sounds like Maher may have another dooooooshbag in his corner with your commentary on the matter. I would call for Trump to pay up if Barrah releases his college transcripts and the other documents Trump asked for, because gentlemen pay their bets. Obviously, then, Maher is no gentleman. Personally, I think “he” might actually be…

    …an orangutan 🙂

  • sipdesip

    …and Trump, in this case at least, gets two thumbs WAAAAAAAY up and a loud cheer from the intelligent section of the crowd! Looks like he got two prehensile toes way down from the other side 😉

  • God bless Donald Trump. Go for it, please cause that blowhard, bullying, vial, vulgar creep as much trouble as you can. That jerk needs to shut up once and for all.

  • Will

    Somehow I doubt an off-the-cuff remark by Maher on a Jay Leno show is going to hold up in court as a binding agreement made. But it should be good for entertainment purposes.

  • joseph

    Net Worth: $23 Million

    Bill Maher is an American comedian, television host, actor and author, known for his work on the television show Real Time with Bill Maher and Politically Incorrect.

    Pay up Billy Boy!!!!!!!

  • sipdesip

    I don’t think Maher’s bet would stand up in court…and it probably should not. I’d take and seize and plant my flag in the moral high ground instead, and tell Maher (and anyone else left of center) that he lacks class, integrity and is cheating the charities named in the article out of a well-deserved donation.

    It’s a big chunk for Maher…moral of the story for him is don’t promise to write checks to Donald Trump that he can’t cash 🙂

  • Highlander

    A verbal agreement is binding, especially when it’s captured on video tape.

  • AuntieMadder

    If there’s a lawsuit, Maher’s defense will be that he is a comic and the $5 million offer was a joke in his monologue and Trump will lose.

    Disclaimer: I think Maher is a douche and an unfunny comic.

  • Tracey Starnes

    What Trump produced was not a birth certificate.

  • gastorgrab

    A contract is a contract.

  • stuart

    While the offer likely will not stand up in court, just the thought of a ragged, threadbare Bill Maher fighting over dumpster scraps with Kieth Olberman in an alleyway behind a fancy New York restaurant, or sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign that says ‘will tell jokes for food’ brought a smile to my face.
    Thanks, Donald for the pleasant dreams.

  • CV1

    Whatver it takes to shut Maher up! He’s a loud mouth punk. I hope he has to pay.

  • gad-fly

    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. Note that this is a theory, not a fact, so I have no idea as to how Mr. Bill thought that even a dishonest businessman, like “The Donald,” would have any difficulty disproving a common ancestry with an Orangutan.

    I presume he must believe that neither side can provide proof of ancestry. Let the judge decide.

  • bobbymike

    Don’t tick off a billionaire

  • LOVE IT!


    When will the Donald buy the LATIMES????????

  • rolling thunder

    Love him or hate him, Trump at least has the balls that most Republicans lack these days.

  • Flintstone F.

    This is easy to prove. Orangutans have 48 diploid chromosomes and humans have 46 diploid chromosomes. Two incompatible species.

    He made the offer and also said the money would go to charity. You don’t hold money over a charity’s head and then say “just kidding.”

  • kch

    Trump (my dump) is the biggest moron in the whole of America. Garbage like this are what everything is wrong with America

  • peachain griggs

    it looks like the patriot squandrom has developed a big orangutan in it’s pants, and those pants are called “Mittens “The Lovely Crusader” Romney. Ha Ha Saint Lewis Losers! I hope the cardinals are doing well in the Plutocracy Bowl.

  • burt

    There is not a court in the land that will enforce this bet. We need to return to Andrew Jackson’s day. When people lied about him, he challenged them to a duel and then shot them. If that happened today, every media liar would be dead.

  • Dale

    I hope Bill Maher’s jaw dropped to the floor after Trump accepted the offer because how else is Maher supposed to put his foot in his mouth?