St. Louis Pastor Under Fire After She Leaves Nasty Note for Waitress – Then Gets Her Fired (Updated)

(Updated below)
St. Louis pastor Alois Bell is under fire after leaving a nasty note for her waiter at a local Applebee’s restaurant.
tip pastor
The pastor was upset that a tip was included on her check – something the restaurant does for groups with over eight individuals.

Pastor Alois Bell now says she’s sorry.
alois bell
The meal came after an evening service at the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries church. (Smoking Gun)

FOX 2 reported:

A pastor says when she left a snide comment on a receipt, she did use bad judgement, but she did leave a tip. The St. Louis pastor found herself at the center of a viral mess when her receipt was posted to the online site, “Reddit”. It happened at an area Applebee’s Restaurant, according to the pastor.

“What they didn’t show is the money that I left and that we all left on the table,” said Pastor Bell. She says she left $6.29 on the table and her credit card was also charged the tip amount. Everyone else at the table also left tips in cash.

When the receipt was posted to Reddit, reportedly by a server, people started sending her messages. “I’ve actually been harassed because of this and it doesn’t tell the whole story,” Pastor Bell says. While she admits it was a lapse in judgement, she says she and her ministry do good work around the community and would never want to tarnish the light of Christianity.

Hat Tip Ed

UPDATE: The waitress says she was fired for posting the receipt on the internet.

UPDATE 2: Pastor Alois Bell called the restaurant today and got the waitress fired.
Yahoo reported:

An Applebee’s waitress who posted a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill on the Internet was fired on Wednesday after the pastor complained to her manager.

Chelsea Welch, the waitress, wrote in an email to Yahoo News that the pastor (who has since been identified as Alois Bell) told Welch’s manager at the St. Louis-area Applebee’s that the ensuing firestorm had “ruined” her reputation.

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  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    It’s Applebee’s, what did you expect? I wouldn’t take my dog to eat at Applebee’s.

  • God

    Well, the waitress has been fired over this. What is your “sorry” going to do to fix this, Pastor?

  • Granny

    That waitress should never have been fired. This “pastor” was WAY out of line. Waitresses make far less than minimum wage and large parties are both extra work and known to stiff them on the tips. Adding gratuity automatically is standard in many places.

  • retire05

    So the server felt entitled to 18% of the bill of $34.93, which included any tax that was tacked on to the cost of the meal? You will notice the cost of the meal, plus the tax, is not broken down on the receipt.

    Nevermind that by leaving a tip in cash, the server probably will not report that as income, and will not pay taxes on that income, although she/he profitted from the tax added to Pastor Bell’s bill.

    No server is worth 18% of the cost of a meal, plus the cost of the tax. At best, 15% for really, really good service. And if the service is bad (as it so often is where gratuity is included) the server should get nada with a note that they are currently being overpaid as it is.

  • Faye

    Welcome to the white social conservative world dear lady. Guess because the receipt did not show that were were one of the politically correct protected races you now have a small taste of what has been going down for a long time for any socially or fically conservative white woman.
    Just ask Sarah or Michelle Malkin.

  • retire05

    #3, Granny, yes, the server should have been fired. That server had no right to embarrass a customer of the company she worked for. Did it ever occur to you that her service might have been lousy to begin with? How many times have you gone out to eat and the server/waitress is lousy? Do people deserve 18% gratuity just because they are standing around breathing?

  • Granny

    Retire05, remind me never to be your server LOL. Waitresses make just a bit over $2 an hour most places. The IRS has long since determined that there should be a certain amount of tips reported to account for cash tips and they charge accordingly.

    Do note that the waitress didn’t charge the tip – the restaurant did.

  • Faye

    Welcome to the white social conservative world dear lady. Guess because the receipt did not show that you were were one of the politically correct protected races you now have a small taste of what has been going down for a long time for any socially or fiscally conservative white woman.
    Just ask Sarah or even Ann Romney.

  • Campfollower

    In Atlanta, if you are a young white waitress you can expect black women to stiff you at least 90 percent of the time. And they are mean as well.

    I say this after five years waiting tables all through college, and I was a great waitress too. Sorry it’s not politically correct. I’ve been waiting 20 years to vent this.

  • Chris W.

    My money was on another hoax. Looks like I lost this time.

    What a maroon.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I find that receipt rather amazing. I have never before seen that kind of hard number associated with what is supposed to be a gratuity.

    Never eaten at an Applebee’s before, and after seeing this, I probably never will.

  • Kristi

    An example of 2 wrongs dont make a right. mean of the pastor and stupid of the waitress to post that online. I wouldnt want my credit card receipt posted online….and I am sure Applebee’s doesnt want to be known for posting credit card receipts if you dont tip enough.

  • Buffalobob

    In most restaurants, they add a tip to the bill if you have a large number in your party. Why because people are cheep. Talk to a waiter or waiter friend. Ask them what demographic is the worst tippers. The takers keep their take and share under duress. Most waitresses/waters work for 1 to 2 dollars per hour. They rely on tips to earn a living. If you are too cheep to leave a descent tip stay home and open up a can of dog food.

  • Chris W.

    “What they didn’t show is the money that I left and that we all left on the table,” said Pastor Bell. She says she left $6.29 on the table and her credit card was also charged the tip amount.”

    I call BS on this. Why would you squawk about the tip total like you did after leaving the exact same amount on the table in cash?

    If anything, the server should have been fired for posting a reciept online. Hope that was the reason.

  • Tom Doniphon

    I sure woulda fired that waitress! That receipt was not a public record to be shown to the world! Would anyone be OK with having their sales receipts shown to the world for scrutiny?

    Was the Pastor rude and ungenerous? Sure! She admits that she lost her mind and used bad judgement! She was a customer and I have been led to believe that the customer is always right

  • Fallon

    “retire05 commented: So the server felt entitled to 18% of the bill of $34.93, which included any tax that was tacked on to the cost of the meal? You will notice the cost of the meal, plus the tax, is not broken down on the receipt.”

    Is it possible the pastor’s receipt reflects her tax exempt status?

  • OxyCon

    Everyone knows that Blacks don’t tip. If your depend on tips for a living, you dread serving Black customers, not because you are a racist, but because you know you’re probably going to get stiffed. Now that may be a generalization, but it is a fact that at the end of the day 80-90% of the people that stiff you are Blacks.

    Holder thinks you are a coward if you don’t speak up about race, so I’m doing my part to prove him wrong.

  • Billiam

    Did anyone think that maybe Applebee’s didn’t tell her up front that the tip was automatically added? It happened to me at a Chi Chi’s rest in Green Bay years ago. I didn’t find out until I got the check. I’m usually a darn good tipper, having worked in a full service rest, but the waitress only got what they added to the bill that night. Granny, back when I worked in a full service rest, the waitress was paid 2.01 an hour and were supposed to report 80% of their tips. Out of 35 waitresses and waiters, I knew exactly two that were honest about it. I understood why many didn’t, they made quite a bit. Still, it was wrong.

  • forest

    #3 January 31, 2013 at 11:07 am Granny

    You are absolutely correct. Same goes for #13 Buffalo Bob.

    Almost all restaurants do the automatic tip for large groups. Anybody surprised by these things has unlikely ever worked in a restaurant.

    And as for the racial thing with tips. I hate to say it, but there’s alot of truth to that one. Back when I worked in that business even the most PC libs would groan about that in advance. They had a real good idea which tables weren’t going to tip them. On the other hand, strippers and bartenders – now there’s some tippers – and it doesn’t matter what ethnicity they are.

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  • FMB42

    First, Unless I’m mistaken, the customer usually has the option of leaving/giving a tip by checking a “yes include/deduct a tip of xy%” or “no, do not include a tip” when they sign the credit card payment/receipt.

    Second, the Pastor could have asked that the tip be removed from her credit card payment (rather than leaving questionable a comment). Otherwise, she could have suggested that those in her party take their tips off of the table (I too find difficult to believe this “double tip” story).

    As for the “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?” comment, this Pastor should realize that 1: not everyone believes in God (I do) and 2: the name of God should not be used as an excuse for collecting and/or donating money (imo).

    I would also remind the “Pastor” that her “10% tip to God” is often not taxed while waiter’s tips, in some cases, are taxed.

    Having said this, no waiter should ever post any customer’s receipt on the Internet (I suspect that a law will soon enacted to put a halt to this nonsense). The question for me is how did this waiter gain access to the receipt so that she/he could post it on the Internet?

    This entire event sounds pretty fishy to me…

  • Warren Peece

    Those of you claiming that waitresses/waiters only make $2 an hour, how long ago was that? I worked as a server for years during the 80’s and 90’s and was paid minimum wage, which even back then, was more than $2.00 an hour.

    I don’t know that the waitress should have been fired. But I do know that what the pastor wrote was true. God only asks 10%, why should any restaurant demand more?

  • Ghost

    black church leader that confuses Socialism with Christianity makes a mistake that would hang a Liberty-loving Conservative white Christian- welcome to our world, not

    this too will pass through the media filter without a second look-
    “What Difference does it make?!” it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter

  • shadow

    No server is worth 18% of the cost of a meal,

    Perhaps you should do the restaurant industry a favor and restrict your “dining out” experiences to McDonalds, and the like.

  • jack

    While many have pointed out that in general, blacks are horrible tippers, I must note that they are equal opportunity horrible tippers. No matter if the server/bartender is white or black, male or female, they’re leaving less than 5%. It’s a means of psychologically obtaining soft reparations, like when they walk slowly across busy intersections on green lights to make drivers angry who are in a hurry to get somewhere.

  • Aaron

    Gratuity for large parties is very common, plus the policy would be posted in the menu. If she didn’t read that, too bad. Ignorance is not an excuse. As far as the dollar amount, it is based on the pre-tax portion of the bill. If you think 18% is too high, don’t go out to eat. You’re receiving a service and unless you’re some occupy Wall Street [email protected], you should not have a problem paying for services received.

  • ★FALCON★

    TIPS = To Insure Prompt Service, and was originally given at the beginning of the meal, in it’s historical sense.

    As for the hard number of 18 percent – this is the sign of the time – people eat and don’t tip. They think that everything should be done for free. After-all, the patrons ARE spending their money for the meal and that’s enough for some people to rationalize. It’s a sign of a low class society.

    The tips scale is – 15 percent for breakfast, 20 percent for lunch, and 25 percent for dinner. That’s the scale, however, everyone is free to make up their own minds about the service and promptness of the waiter / waitress.

    A hole in the wall like Applebees attracts alot of low end people – they need to be reminded to tip – that the staff rely on tips to make a living.

    I typically over tip – I would rather be remembered for being a good customer and have the staff excited to wait on me in the future when they see me. Also, sometimes I send food back. And just recently I sent it back twice. That’s not the waiter’s or waitresses fault – they don’t cook the food, they just deliver it to your table. If the meal is removed from my tab – I make sure to tip that staff person correctly and not short change them. It’s called having manors and respect for yourself and others.

    Now, if it’s true that this woman is a pastor, it says more about her and her foundations than it does about Applebees.

  • Nick Shaw

    I don’t know about the law in Missouri but, in many jurisdictions a service charge is mandated on restaurant meals. It has nothing to do with what the establishment wants.
    And, if I may say so, it has led to some seriously lousy service in some restaurants!

  • Someone

    Just so you all realize, that 18% tip doesn’t just go to the waitress.

    It ends up getting pooled and divided. The only tips that actually go directly to the server are the cash tips on the table, and even those are supposed to be reported and taxed.

    The automatic gratuity tip ends up divided among all the people involved in preparing the meal for a big group, including the chefs and any other servers involved.

  • Shae

    I served for several years while working through college and loved pulling a double on Saturday (for the sinners) and groaned more than once at working on Sunday. Christians are some of the worst tippers I’ve experienced. I would get scripture/salvation pamphlets, prayer cards, and notes exampled by this post. Those Christians and several other archetypes of the Christian community can thank themselves for contributing to my Atheism.

  • Vaanns

    What would be a problem is if this particular Applebees, knowing that blacks were unlikely to leave tips, has a “black customer” button they hit to add in the 18% tip, hoping that those customers wouldn’t notice it, pay their bill thinking they didn’t leave a tip, but inadvertently doing so. I’m sure this idea has been thought about if not implemented across the country. Just yesterday I was sitting next to three very friendly black girls at a TGI Fridays who were getting on splendidly with the white female bartender. They ran up a 50 dollar bar tab (drinking cosmos and mojitos–drinks that needed to be prepared), and I figured the stereotype wouldn’t hold in this case. Unfortunately it did, as they left only the change (56 cents or so) for the bartender as a tip.

  • forest

    Min wage for waitresses is $2.83 in my state. There’s a $2.13 federal minimum. Some states are higher, but alot are at $2.13. In terms of buying power, anybody getting $2.00 in the 1980’s was getting paid about double what waitresses now get in basic wages adjusting for inflation.

    As for the 10%/18% comparison, the10% tithe is on your entire income, the 18% applies only to the meal. Unless you spend all your money in restaurants it doesn’t make much sense.

  • UpeopleRWrong

    #22..”Those of you claiming that waitresses/waiters only make $2 an hour, how long ago was that? I worked as a server for years during the 80′s and 90′s and was paid minimum wage, which even back then, was more than $2.00 an hour.”

    This is common in a lot of states, I’d venture to saily mainly Red states. When I was in TN back in 2006 my waitress and bartender at a Ruby Tuesdays only made $2.15 an hour. Same story in AZ when I was driving out to TN. In CA I made min wage which was 7 something an hour but in a lot of states that’s not the case. As for everyone clamoring about the receipt being posted online…get a grip. What personal information was given out? Her name? anyone could have signed that; not to mention how many receipts, bank transaction records, etc. are just left laying around on the street or still in the ATM or gas pump. The place should have reprimanded their employee but not fired them. Why is it the pastor get’s a pass for bad judgement but the employee doesn’t? The pastor deserves what she gets. it was a rude passive aggressive comment that should never have been written in the first place. People fail to realize that servers don’t get rich waiting tables. And now they’re being thrown under the bus again by their employers so that they won’t have to be provided healthcare. To all you people who are stingy tippers, i hope you enjoy your microwaved, re-heated food the next time you go out to eat.

  • Church of Perpetual Outrage

    What kind of pastor lies about leaving a tip? One who is down with the social justice cause, don’t you know.

  • Tee Dub

    First in was 10% gratuity. Then it was 15%. Now it’s 18% or even 20%. You people do realize that as prices rise the actual dollar amount will also rise proportionately since it’s a percent of the total? No need to keep upping the the percentage amount. I’ll agree with 15%, but no more.

  • Obamay Ain’t Yo Mammy

    Why leave a tip at all? If the waiter doesn’t like their wages, then let them go work somewhere else. I make it a point to never leave a tip.

  • Elle

    I’m sure taxes were excluded, applebees is a large corporation and doesn’t break the law by charging 18% on the taxes. If they did, they’d be shut.down and this wouldn’t matter. Most servers make so little, they get everything they pay in back.

  • A group of eight and only a $35 tab? Really? That’s under $4.50 a person. Does Applebee’s even have any items on the menu for under $4.50?

    I always leave a good tip for good service, usually 20%. But it would irk me if the waiter/waitress took it upon themselves to calculate and add a tip to the check. That would probably result in a smaller tip or no tip from me.

  • Elle

    It’s company policy, the server didn’t make rules. Common sense people

  • Hippies Still Smell


    “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.”
    [Matthew 6:1-4]

  • DonS

    I give God 10% why does the government get 40%?

  • DonS

    I’ll also note that she gives God 10% of her income. The waitress is only asking for 18% of the cost of the meal.

  • DonS

    A group of eight and only a $35 tab? Really?

    They probably split the tab. The total would be approx 8 x $35 not including tip.

  • Joanne

    I don’t blame the pastor. It is rude to think that people have to pay a certain percentage, especially 18% – that is bull crap. Employers pay waiters, etc. sweet bugger all, because they think the customer should make up the difference and now some restaurants take a certain percentage of waiters’, etc. tips to distribute to kitchen staff, because they don’t want to pay them proper wages. Tips are an incentive for servers to do a good job, but now they think they shouldn’t have to work for it – an Obama world. By the way, I am a good tipper, and I usually have good service – if I don’t, then it will be reflected in their tip.

  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    My son quit a job that he had excelled in as wait staff at a major American restaurant chain.
    He always remarked about a certain slice of our society that would require service, whether for small numbers or large, and then not tip. Because of “sensitivity”, the less than minimum wage workers had a code word for such customers. Nevertheless, son took it in stride. However, it certainly would elicit certain feelings whenever staff would see such a table become populated. Someone should do a social study on this phenomena. Therefore, my comment on this story. If the shoe fits…

  • Sig

    A friend of mine who worked at Applebees during college had the same problem. A table full of black women meant that you were going to get the crap worked out of you, treat you like a peon, and never left a damn thing on the table.

  • Sandra

    Fire this “PASTOR”! I just watched her interview and she is a total selfish idiot in general. She needs to stay home and have a salad next time instead, then she’ll have more money to hand over to her fairy tale “god”. Plus she can’t afford the calories or the tip.

  • BadSisterZoot

    The waitress shouldn’t have posted it online.

    However, 18% is standard for large parties. Pastor Bell notes that “everyone else left money” on the table, so is it safe to assume she was with a group of people who got SEPARATE CHECKS and THEN complained about the tip??

    Cheapskates like that should eat AT HOME!

  • Jerry C

    The pastor is a thief and a liar. Nice. Probably a racist too, but I’m just guessing on that one.

  • @Warren Preece (cute moniker, btw)–you might want to familiarize yourself with the wage laws of this great country. And also know that many employers do NOT reimburse up to minimum wage, regardless of regulations (none of my jobs ever did, and, strangely, being a barmaid, I didn’t have to cash for an attorney).

  • Sandra

    20 years ago when I had to wait tables I also hated certain groups who never tipped. It’s true. And they wonder why no one wants to wait on them… And for the record it’s not just a certain race of people and if ya know what I mean, ya know what I mean. I always feel obligated to tip more than 20% to make up for the ignorant people like this paster piece of turd.

  • FMB42

    Don wrote:
    “I give God 10% why does the government get 40%?”

    Good point. While we’re at it, let’s remember the tax exemptions that most religious entities enjoy in this country…

    I’ll also mention that I eventually found out that a waitress I dated back in the mid 80s often made more in tips per day, while working part time, than I did working full-time (note, I’m not knocking all food servers). The sad thing was that she had been conning me, and many of her friends, into giving her money because she “wasn’t paid much.”

    I asked her why she was “hitting us up for money” when she was making so much in tips and she said “because I work harder than all of you (I was an auto mechanic at the time). I next asked her how often she made that kind of tip money and she, more or less, said “I make that much, or more, just about all the time.”

    Needless to say, that conversation ended our relationship.

  • Jackson Bjorn

    She says she and her ministry do good work around the community and would never want to tarnish the light of Christianity.


  • thereddiva

    Wait staff make a little over $3.00 an hour. Clearly after providing service to customers this server is entitled to a snide remark to make her feel bad about working in a profession that pays horribly and sets her up to be treated like a sub-human by people who look down on her for the job she chose. Because no one has *ever* heard of tipping before. Because, unless you’re a total idiot, you don’t know that servers and bartenders *rely* on tips to make their money to pay bills and put food on the table. The young woman who got fired was working at that dump to put herself through college. She obviously deserved to be fired because this “upstanding member of society” thinks that treating people badly is OK.

  • Jungle John

    When I get good service, I leave a 20% tip. That way they remember me when I come back. When I get lousy service, the tip is much lower. In that case I do not care if they remember me, because I do NOT go back.

    Applebee has been on my “never go back” list for a decade now.

  • Mat

    I use to work at Red Lobster, and I still have freinds who do, anyway I would see this every sunday afternoon “Church groups” come in and eat for two to three hours then get to the cash register in the middle of the lobby and procede to talkin loud, threatening tones at the manager on duty until the bill was cancelled. Looks like things have not changed much!

  • TrickyDick

    The reality is she expects those that go to her church 10% which she lives off of better than about 75% of the rest of the population. Most “pastors and “reverend” are nothing more than people using God to make a hell of a fgood living.

  • Ann In L.A.

    God works for free.

  • FMB42

    Note: I worked in restaurants through most of my high school years. I know what restaurant employees often have to put up with.

    I’ve always considered myself a fairly heavy tipper because of this work experience. And I don’t think I’ve ever failed to leave a tip, no matter how bad the service was.

  • Jennifer

    This is not the whole story, there was a total of 20 people and the bill was more than 200.00.
    This was her portion of the bill and since there where more than 8 people they added gratuity which is pretty standard in most restraunts..

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    ANYONE! who has worked in the hospitality industry waiting tables knows that blacks, in general, don’t tip or at best tip poorly.

    In New Orleans during Essence Fest (black music), restaurants have to offer tribute to their waiter staffs to work that week. Even black waiters take the week off bc they know they’re going to get stiffed.

    I call ‘bull’ that they all left cash tips and the only tithing this ‘minister’ does is to her own church.

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  • journeyman

    Ironic that the pastor in question probably voted for Obama – and then was offended by the “entitlement” mentality of the waitress.

  • SAS17

    Retired05 -“So the server felt entitled to 18% of the bill of $34.93, which included any tax that was tacked on to the cost of the meal? You will notice the cost of the meal, plus the tax, is not broken down on the receipt.

    Nevermind that by leaving a tip in cash, the server probably will not report that as income, and will not pay taxes on that income, although she/he profitted from the tax added to Pastor Bell’s bill.

    No server is worth 18% of the cost of a meal, plus the cost of the tax. At best, 15% for really, really good service. And if the service is bad (as it so often is where gratuity is included) the server should get nada with a note that they are currently being overpaid as it is.”

    I believe in another article the pastor and her party found the server did a good job serving them, but still decided not to tip. Also it was a party of 20, and they split the tab to avoid the automatic 18%. I am not sure what is fully true.

    But I believe it has already been stated but most restaurants add the gratuity to parties that are 8 and above, and truthfully I don’t blame them. Bigger parties are harder to handle. So the waitress you are bashing had nothing to do with the automatic gratuity. Plus she apparently did a goods job and still got stiffed.

    15% is too much to tip waiters and waitress? You must have never been in the restaurant business. It’s a hard job to do, specially when you have larger parties.I give 15 % if they did a poor job, 20 % if they did a good job.

    Please tell me how how waiters and waitress are overpaid? They make like $2-$3 an hour plus any tips they make. How is that overpaying? Not to mention places like Applebees make the employees split tips.

    I have to agree with shadow people like you and the pastor should stick to McDonalds when you dine out.

  • DJ Mackesy

    The Pastor should be FIRED!

  • Uncle Sam

    I have been in the service industry for over ten years and love every aspect of it. I have managed/bartended/served/cooked and owned my own. 18% gratuity for parties of 8 or more. Though my friends and i would always mention it to the party. If the people were cool and gratuitous i would tell them it isnt on there tip based upon service. It usually worked out in my favor. Not to toot my own horn but i am a damn good server.

  • Uncle Sam

    Pt. 2 cont….I work very hard at what i do. Although some people look down at me causee im a man in his early 30s doing a college kids job i smile and take it iin stride cause last year i pulled down 65,000. But i worked every holidayy and every weekend. As for people of the darker persuasion not tipping its a sad fact of life. You dont want to say it but its the elephant in the room. I still givre the best service possible because people always surprise you.

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  • Anna

    They were both being jerks. The “pastor” didn’t need to leave the stupid note on the check. Her religious nonsense has nothing to do with tipping the waitress or not. The waitress didn’t need to put this on the internet.

  • Chris Shields

    You better bust your fat ass to make sure she gets her job back…

  • Bob Magee

    This person is scum of the earth. I hope her & her entire family burn to death in a house fire

  • BadSisterZoot

    Gosh, Bob.You’re pretty random in your rage there. Do you mean the pastor or the waitress who posted it online (who wasn’t the one who waited on the pastor, btw.)

  • Ghost

    #24 January 31, 2013 at 11:55 am
    shallow commented:

    Perhaps you should do the [Patriots and patriotic blogsites]a favor and restrict your [idocy] to [Moron websites like Democrap sites] and the like.

  • Sylar

    The pastor runs up at $34 bill to feed her Fat A$$ and then uses God as an excuse to skate out of a tip? Let’s Keep in Mind One Thing.. This Pastor collects Donations from her church from the same people just like the waitress to pay her yet she has the audacity to make such a statement!! I hope everyone reading this will do what I did and contact the manager at Applebees and tell him what a scumbag he is to fire that waitress! Oh and do everything you can to harrass the POS pastor for not only screwing the waitress out of tip that I’m sure she earned but for getting her fired!

  • Brian

    This pastor is a poor example of a church leader and a disgrace to the church. If this is how church leaders act I would not want them in my restaurant. Shame on the restaurant for siding with the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Lori

    That Pastor should be ashamed. Anyone who has ever worked as a server only makes money off of tips, the $3.50 per hour is not going to support anyone. I am glad the server posted it to let everyone know how she was treated.

  • Chaz

    Pastor you should be ashamed of yourself. How much of that 10% of the congregations money do you pocket! You had this individual fired because of your ignorance….I hope you feel good about yourself. I for one would never contribute anything to a church your affiliated with and I hope you get fired for your shameful actions. And to leave the server 0 is like working for nothing to serve your group.

  • Tim

    “Retire05” sounds like a real nutcase! I love it. You have to be really pathetic to begrudge a server their tip. Just for the record, the 18% was added because the party had 20 people in it. And this idiot pastor didn’t want to pay it?

    Jesus would have been one of the greatest tippers in the history of gratuities. He’d probably drop another 30% on top of the 18%, then heal the server of any maladies and then give them a goodbye hug.

    This idiot pastor decides to stiff the waitress, leave a stupid note and then get the waitress fired? She’s upset she has to pay 18% but “God” only gets 10%?
    For 18% you got good service. For 10% your parishioners just get to employ a petty moron that spends her free time causing trouble at Applebee’s.

  • JimJim

    She wasn’t going to tip anyway…hate to say it. Also, yes servers still make $2.65 an hour. When they make more it’s generally because they’ve received raises (which the Applebee’s I worked at would not do) or because the owner of the business didn’t think it right. I know in some states it’s higher but not by much. Some serving positions do make minimum wage or at least more than $2.65 such as bartenders or servers at buffet only type restaurants where tipping isn’t nearly as common a practice. Anyone saying otherwise probably wasn’t in the industry very long. I’ve been in food and drink for fifteen years now, not always as a server, and it has always been this way.

  • J. Tygur

    So the good pastor left a $6.29 cash tip on the table. Oh, sure, that seems very likely. So far she’s violated two of the ten: she stole services from the waiter, and she’s lying about it.

  • stephanie

    Alois,you are are not fit to serve god.

  • Looks like the Pastor is a cheap Jerk…

  • Greg


    But so that we may not offend them, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.” The Bible book of ST. Matthew 17: verse 27 Jesus spoke these words..

    As Christian person, Please forgive us… I want to ask everyone offended to forgive. We do not always make the rights choices. I think the important thing here we should not offend. It would have been better to bless the server. Regardless of the amount! We are instructed to pay what is do. I always thing the best witness of God’s love can be shown though our wallets.

    PS. I do not understand how a table of 20 only had a $35. bill…

  • tipper

    Doesnt the ministry and Bible teach of gernerosity to others? If the waitress was rich she wouldnt be serving tables likely to make a living. Give up tip and be quiet.

  • sos dowat
  • Joanne

    There sure are alot of Christian haters here today. A tip isn’t compulsory – it is for good service. If restaurants want their servers to give great service all the time, then they should pay them better and not rely on customers to make up their crappy wages they pay.

    Christian churches collect tithes and other monies above tithes, which help feed and clothe many people. The monies a church collects usually goes to the main administration for a number of churches, and then monies are distributed to pay the pastors, etc. I think her statement is legitimate – why should a18% tip be tacked onto her bill; the tip is NOT compulsory. If an 18% tip is compulsory, then they should add it into the cost of the meal and the restaurant owner can tip out for the servers then. At least then, you know how much you will be paying up front and can choose to eat there for not.

  • Sean McKenzie

    It’s a sad fact of life that those of us who work for tips (as I do) are stiffed more than 90% of the time by certain demographic groups. I’ve been in the service industry for more than 10 years, and it seems that the black customers are the first to complain, first to demand a comp on the bill, first to demand a manager, and last to tip. Occasionally you’ll get surprised, but it will usually be if they’re in a mixed group. If you get a group of blacks together, expect to get run into the ground, treated like dirt, and tipped less than 3%, but only if they’re feeling generous.

    This… what is she calling herself? A “Pastor?” She’s a joke, and I hope that the board of the church she leads fires her, and that her credentials are revoked. She must not know her Scriptures well. Jesus said, “As you do unto the least of these, you have done unto Me.” I don’t think she cares, to be honest. The only reason she’s apologizing for anything is because she got caught, not because she’s truly sorry. Pride goeth before a fall, “Pastor.” Have fun on the way down.

    As far as the server goes? Never should have been fired. Talked to, perhaps disciplined in some administrative fashion, but not fired.

    And for that cheapskate idiot Retire05, stay home. Eat in. Please. The world does not need to be subjected to either your ignorance or your idiocy. Maybe you and that, er, “Pastor” can hook up and complain about tipping while you eat your bologna sandwiches at home.

    And tipping? For great service, 30%. For bad service, leave a buck. Never, ever stiff a service worker altogether. Yes, in some high-end or high traffic restaurants the wages can be VERY good… but in a lot of places, they’re mediocre. Keep in mind, even if a server brings home $500 a week in tips, that’s less than an entry level customer service job in a lot of places. They’re not getting rich. Most servers don’t get benefits, because the industry tries to keep them all at part time status. So factor in having to pay for health insurance as well out of that tip money, in addition to rent, groceries, education bills, gas, etc.

  • Toni

    Issue 1: What a bunch of racist bastards you are… perpetuating the stereotype that black people don’t tip… and while making your racist statements assuaging yourselves of guilt by telling yourselves that even though you just made a broad generalization based on race that it’s NOT racist. Most likely, because you don’t own a dictionary or aren’t smart enough to google the term “racist”.

    Issue 2: When I was a waitress in college, cheap, non-tipping a-holes were universal… ALL races have cheap a-holes. This lady, and I use the term “lady” loosely, was EXTRA wrong because she was selfish, AND she tried to use Christianity to justify being selfish. I know what it is to be a server and be under-appreciated, so I tend to tip 20% for good service, 15% for ok service. As a Christian, she plain makes the rest of us look bad.

    Issue 3: The person that posted the receipt probably should have been fired based on privacy violations. But the server in question wasn’t a bad one, the one that waited on this “lady” didn’t post anything… her co-worker did, and SHE’S the one hat got fired.

  • merlin

    this pastor is EVIL !!! the restaurant is run by IDIOTS !!!

    a clear who is RIGHT and who is WRONG !!!

    hope the “pastor” rots in HELL, the world needs no fake pastor like Alois Bell, you are plain shame of the human race

  • Toni

    Issue 1: What a bunch of racist bastards you are… perpetuating the stereotype that black people don’t tip… and while making your racist statements assuaging yourselves of guilt by telling yourselves that even though you just made a broad generalization based on race that it’s NOT racist. Most likely, because you don’t own a dictionary or aren’t smart enough to google the term “racist”.

    Issue 2: When I was a waitress in college, cheap, non-tipping a-holes were universal… ALL races have cheap a-holes. This lady, and I use the term “lady” loosely, was EXTRA wrong because she was selfish, AND she tried to use Christianity to justify being selfish. I know what it is to be a server and be under-appreciated, so I tend to tip 20% for good service, 15% for ok service. As a Christian, she plain makes the rest of us look bad.

    Issue 3: The person that posted the receipt probably should have been fired based on privacy violations. But the server in question wasn’t a bad one, the one that waited on this “lady” didn’t post anything… her co-worker did, and SHE’S the one that got fired.

  • Mary Ann

    8 people with a $35 bill? average spent a person @$4. If she really left money on the table, why did she make the comment? As a ex waitress, many times a group of people would come in and just order coffee, and spend over an hour sitting and chatting. That waitress then lost potential revenue of a decent tip. When this happened, some considerate customers would tip an additional dollar a person. Others would stiff or only tip a small amount. 18% is reasonable and if they were there over an hour they should have tipped at least $8. If the service is bad and it is the waitresses fault, speak with the manager. If you don’t believe in the tipping protocol, don’t go out to eat. Whether you tip or not, restaurants pull out a percent from the check amount as if you had tipped, so the waitress is footing the bill for her service when you stiff. I’m glad the waitress posted this and Pastor Bell’s true colors are being shown. The only reason she is sorry, is because it was posted. How many other times has she pulled this stunt?

  • Troy
  • Get here job back

    The pastor shoud help get the young lady her job back. The pastor should have just paid the bill and kept her big mouth shut. It is posted on the menu, that 18 percent will be added to the bill for partys over 6. To try and hide behind GOD to cover how cheap your our, just shows how little you know about the lord. People like Pastor Bell give Christianity a bad name.

  • Tony Roma

    #5 Faye….shut the f*ck up you racist ckunt!!! And judging from 90% of the idiotic racist sh*t people are commeting, it’s any wonder this country isn’t in the sh*tter more. F*cking a$$holes…all of you.

  • Dave Thomas

    Similarly, the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries should tell Pastor Bell that they do not need her services anymore. Who would want to attend a church where the pastor treats people who are serving her so poorly and gets someone fired for showing the world how petty she is. That’s not my brand of Christianity.

  • bipar08

    the restaurant sets the tip for large groups, not the waitresses fault,the church is a fraud to not pay taxes and the waitress should sue both the so called pastor and the restaurant

  • Mary Ann

    I didn’t realize there were 20 people there. The tip should have been $20. I bet they had her running refilling their coffee. Shame on Pastor Bell, she should try and make amends to the waitress that got fired.

  • merlin

    the RIGHT thing for the church to do is to FIRE this EVIL Alois Bell, servant of DEVIL.

  • J waiter

    It clearly says on the menu that gratuity will be included for parties of 6 or more. The pastor is a cheap worthless human being. And if anybody actually believe that she left money on the table your an idiot. She’s a cheap sorry excuse for a person and is just upset that she got called out on her rudeness. I’ve been waitressing for 5 years and I’m not surprised a person like her didn’t tip, karma will come back around to hit her even harder than her so called “embarrassment”

  • bc

    John 3:6-7
    6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 Do not marvel that I said to you, You must be born again.

  • JimJim

    Toni, I’m sorry you want to jump right to racism but there actually was a study done by Cornell that proved this. Some 60% of black people don’t tip period. Around 25% left less than 10% of the bill. The best part of the study was it had nothing to do with their income bracket. Rich, middle class, poor, it didn’t matter. The numbers were the same.

    When asked why, the answer was simply ignorance. It’s only been relatively recently that black folk were allowed in white establishments that already had these social norms in place. Generally when a black person tipped according to social norms, it was because a member of their family was in the service industry.

    One instance in my case was blatant and insulting and I wish this weren’t true. One time I was delivering food for a “freaky fast” sandwich delivery service. I brought the sandwiches to two black gentlemen. One reached out to hand me two dollars and I kid you not the other one swatted his hand, laughed, and said “You know we don’t do that.” I was so shocked and insulted but since I wanted to keep my job and I didn’t want to be the “reason” why a black customer didn’t tip me, I laughed along with his laugh, THANKED THEM, and got into my car and drove away casually.

    I have had friends who have had serious internal issues with this because they truly felt such a generalization could be true. Unfortunately no matter how nice they were to black tables they still were stiffed, not tipped poorly, but STIFFED most of the time. I’ve been so screwed by large parties of black people (before Applebees had a gratuity policy) that the other servers and managers took a collection for me, because not only did they not tip, they sat in my section for my entire shift. I would have made $0.00 if not for my fellow employees.

    I will admit, when I bartended in a small lakeside town, the black people tipped, the white hicks were the ones that usually stiffed me.

    But still. Statistics are statistics. Don’t call it racist because you’re ignorant to racism actually means. In no way do I think anyone in these comments is claiming to be genetically superior.

  • Nunya

    Someone said that they got paid 2/hr in the 80s and wanted to know what was the rate today. In Louisiana it is 2.13/hr. not to mention servers have to tip out bartenders and sometimes busers and Expoditers. If a server gets stiffed, they actually have to pay out of pocket to serve that table. Someone else said that servers don’t report their tips. In corporations, even if a server didn’t make x amount of dollars in tips off a table, the computer automatically puts in a percentage of what tip one should have made. Servers get taxed on tips they dot even make most of the time

  • ShoBizzzz

    Ah, now that I see her picture, and I get it. Not a “giver,” just another taker. I should have figured since she’s from St. Louis. This Pastor BITCH has anything but Love in her heart, if she intentionally tried, and succeeded in getting the waitress/server fired. I’ve never talked about a Pastor like that before, but trust me, this ol hag, ain’t no Pastor, she’s a big phonie!

  • Because God always wants to make sure you atone for your sins and audacity….

    Pastor knows best….

  • Bob

    for a woman of God she should be ashamed of herself to let pride and self take over. Where is your service? Where is your compassion for the world ? where is your heart? Are you serious pastor…
    You should be ashamed for calling the restaurant and get the lady fired. She should make it up to her by hiring her.

  • Waitress

    @Warren Peece:

    “Those of you claiming that waitresses/waiters only make $2 an hour, how long ago was that? I worked as a server for years during the 80′s and 90′s and was paid minimum wage, which even back then, was more than $2.00 an hour.

    I don’t know that the waitress should have been fired. But I do know that what the pastor wrote was true. God only asks 10%, why should any restaurant demand more?

    I worked in the restaurant industry 1 year ago and can tell you that N.C. servers get $2.13 an hour. It has not changed. The server should get 15%-20% considering they are serving you!! They have to make a living as well! If you don’t like it, stay home and serve yourself.

  • Bob

    “What they didn’t show is the money that I left and that we all left on the table,” said Pastor Bell. She says she left $6.29 on the table and her credit card was also charged the tip amount. Everyone else at the table also left tips in cash.

    R you serious Pastor? Why is she trying to justify herself? She’s a bad servant of God. It’s not about the tip she left it’s her action as a minister of God. Shame to represent God on earth.

  • Ex-Server

    @retire05 You obviously cannot read – it says that all of the servers know that she doesn’t tip and they would stick her in unknowing new server stations.

    It is not about good or bad service it is a part of the ministers reputation.

    You have obviously never worked in a restaurant so you should actually shut up and go back in to your hole.

    Servers make $2.00 and hour plus tips. the going tip rate 25 years ago was 15% and the standard has been going up to 18% for the last few years.

    You probably stiff your servers too. Since you think this is ok.

    There is an old story preachers tell about a man trapped on the top of his house during a flood or hurricane or tsunami (insert your own natural disaster). The water is swiftly rising. As this man sits on his roof, fearful of being swept away by the current, he cries out to God, “God please deliver me.”

    A few moments later, a farmer friend arrives with his boat. “Hey, friend, want a ride to safety?” he asks.

    “No,” replies the man on top of his house. “God is going to deliver me.”

    An hour later, the water is up to the gutters. A voluntary rescue person comes by on his yellow raft. “Hey, let’s get you off of there—and on to safety,” he yells.

    But the man on top of his house refuses to go. “God is going to deliver me.”

    Another hour passes and now the water is halfway up the roof. Roof Man is now on top of his chimney, nervously looking down at certain death and destruction.

    Fortunately, a Red Cross volunteer swings by in a canoe and offers to ride Roof Man to safety. But Roof Man refuses. “No, God is going to deliver me.”

    A couple of hours pass by and the water sweeps over the top of Roof Man’s house. He is carried away by the current and drowns. When he gets to Heaven, he meets Jesus and says, “I though you were going to deliver me.”

    Jesus looks down at Roof Man and says, “I sent a boat, an inflatable raft, and a canoe—but you refused each one.”

    We’ve all heard this story and every time we hear it, we laugh, right? But quite often this is the story of our attempts to discern God’s will.

  • Matt

    This is such typical behavior. Her sense of entitlement would never allow a tip over 10 percent if at all. The attitude if blacks in this country to act this way in perpetuity with no regard for others is destroying our society. May God have mercy on her soul for her indecency and cruelty. She can fool a waitress but cannot fool God.

  • Charles

    The Federal minimum wage for tipped employees is currently $2.13 per hour; the non-tipped minimum wage is $7.25. That means a server needs to make at least $5.12 per hour in tips. I guarantee that a party of 18, as in this case, took more than an hour to eat. Also, serving a table of 18 precludes serving many (if any) other tables, which drives tips lower. If you can’t afford to tip, don’t eat out! There were multiple mistakes made here. The pastor should have gone along with the policy of the restaurant or complained to the manager, not written a note on the receipt. We only have her word for it that her card was still charged and that money was left on the table. It’s fine to have posted the receipt online, but it shouldn’t have shown her signature. You wouldn’t post the credit card number, so the signature shouldn’t have been posted, either. I hope the pastor will intervene with the restaurant an ask that the server be given their job back – no one should have been fired over this. I also hope the pastor will reflect on how important tips are to restaurant servers before she eats out again!

  • Ex-Server

    Servers that make more than $2.00 an hour work in hotels and similar establishments.

  • Calvin

    Pastor Bell failed to see that while she may giving God 10% (which is supposed to be of her total income), the waitress is only receiving 18% of the total bill for her party. So the fact is, the pastor is giving the waitress way, way less than 1% of her total income; not 18% of it.

    Pastor, you are in grievous error. You need to repent. You need to apologize to the woman and help her get her job back or find her a better one. You don’t need to be worried about bringing “embarrassment to” your “church and ministry.” You soiled the name of Christ. He would never have behaved as you have.

  • Bob

    @Warren Peece:
    It’not about what God requires. What God requires is a systematic tythes and offerings to help the church and community. however you should give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceasar..People that work hard should be getting paid fairly. Waitresses, door man, hotel van drivers get minimum wage because they depend on the public’s tip to make a living. Do you even understand how the tip system work in the hospitality business? people are getting paid minimum wage so they depend on those tips. Dont try to justify God’s tythe to the society. We should be giving to the church because that’s what is required of us but we have to do our part in our society as well to help others that serve us. They work hard to be tipped. 18% is actually not much after it’s divided with all the others SMH..

  • Alexx Miller

    While she may have left a tip, The words she used were very unchristian like. Even if I were a church going person I would not go to this church and would advise friends to do likewise.

    Definitely Unchristian like Behavior.

  • My favorite tweet about it so far from @irrational_fan.

    “Breaking: Alois Bell announces her plans to open a St Louis Chapter of Westboro Baptist Chuch. No tithing required! #BoycottApplebees”

  • BarbaraS

    This is one of the reasons I no longer go to Applebee’s to eat. The service is horrible. Long waits for taking orders and long waits for the food. Sometimes it has been cold by the time it reached me. This server has antagonized the restaurant’s clientel by this action. Who does she think she is? She had no right to post this bill on the internet. The bill is not hers but the restaurant’s and they were right to fire her. There’s no telling how much business they lost because of this action. Other clientel at Applebee’s would think hard about eating there if this is the way they would be treated if they failed to tip “enough”.

    The last time I ate at Applelbee’s the waitress came to the table and did not take our orders but she did clean and search the table and asked us if we had seen her tip left by the diners who had just left. #1 we should not have been seated at a dirty table and #2 she practically accused us of taking her money since we were seated immediately. Very insulting. The previous diners had either not left a tip or one of the many children at the table had taken it. I don’t recommen this restaurant to anyone. I used to like it but no more. This was just one of the bad experiences I had there.

  • Dianne Finnegan

    retired, apparently you have never ever been a waitress/waiter in any type of establishment. We work our butts off to make sure our customers are given good service (most of us) and when we don’t even earn minimum wage our tips make up the difference. I always leave at least a 20% tip if not more and I always make sure I hand it to my waitress/waiter because I know also that if you bust butt and have to pool tips, you don’t get what you work so hard for all the time. I worked in catering where we could easily go home with a 50% tip for each wait staff, and I worked in catering where the service collected the 18% and never gave staff who normally worked 6-8 hours or more for a 4 hour service a dime. People really have to like what they do to be in this type of service position if not, they won’t be any good at it. She deserved the tip, it was a large party who needed a lot of attention. They weren’t at MCDONALDS WHERE THE FOOD IS TOSSED AT YOU ON A PLASTIC TRAY!

  • Todd

    A black person stiffing a table? NNNNOOOOOOO!

  • BarbaraS

    I realize that wait staff depend on tips and I always tip 20% or more even though I am on a fixed income and even if the service was bad. I just don’t go to that restaurant again if that happens. I’ll admit the pastor was wrong to write that message on the bill but two wrongs do not make a right. They were both culpable. I still say the waitress got what she deserved when she was fired. The restaurant had to look after their own interests and their interests were not served by a blabbermouth server. The issue should not have been posted in the first place so any sympathy the waitress was entitled was moot since she went public.

  • Pincha loafe

    ……Nice!! what a typical ” entitled” piece of black trash!! The report sez that there were TEN people, based on the Auto Grat, thats less than a dollar each! This included 5 kids ( ever wait on kids, especially black ones, they are worse than animals!!). This fat she turd started all this, and some poor waitress making 2 bucks an hour gets fired!! EFF Applebee’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    EXPLAIN IT to Jesus… “Pastor Bell” when you stand before HIM in judgement (IF you do, perhaps directly to Hell is the other option)…HE wouldn’t have cheated a worker out of the KNOWN policy of a mandatory tip of that amount for large parties…BUT, a self-righteous “Pastor” who thinks people should work for free (By the Way, In HIS time, Carpenters didn’t work for free either)….Strange thing with “Righteousness”..The minute YOU Think
    YOU’VE got it…YOU’ve LOST IT…A good lesson to remember Pastor Bell…YOU SHOULD BE
    BEGGING forgiveness not only from your GOD but from the poor overworked waitress who had to deal with your large party AND NOW is out of a job…I guess you’d just say “praise the Lord”..but I do wonder What Would Jesus Do?…cheat the waitress?…Nope, HE was the one who made more wine so the hosts wouldn’t be embarassed…Remember that one?

  • Joe

    Funny how I knew exactly what type of individual this was. My experience is 90 % of blacks “stiff”. Restaurant people know exactly what I am talking about. This isn’t racist, just an objective observation.

  • Mad Hatter

    To #118’s point.

    For those who have never worked as a waiter or waitress, it is not a secret about a certain segment of society who has a repeat pattern of being misers when it comes to tipping. Myself, and my former employees could write a book about it.

  • AuntieMadder

    How dumb. The whole thing. All of it. Both women. Just dumb.

  • Irma Martinez

    you should try and get her job back since it was you who started this mess in the first place that is why they say if you cant say anything good then dont sat anything at all

  • Timothy

    Bell is a p.o.s probably never worked a real job how hard is it to be a pastor they just pass a dish around and get donations for doing nothing if churches had to pay tax the country would be better off . I see big churches putting big signs up that cost alot of money and adding on to the churches that look bigger than a casino tax free. I see church people spending lots of money on cars and houses what happened to a life of poverty to spread the word of the lord.

  • Jean

    I am a server and I make more in tips than minimum wage. Although I have noticed that sometimes when a gratuity is not added to a guest check with large parties the tips are too small to cover for the service. Therefore, I think is it fair to add a gratuity to the checks especially if the checks are separate. As far as one race, tipping better than another that is not true.


    Without even looking at the news story, I already knew this woman would be African-American. I used to wait tables and they were always the worst tippers, often non-tippers. The worst time was when the Black Southern Baptist Convention came to town. Not racist, just the facts ma’am.

  • robin

    To not only tip this woman but leave a snarky note, is so cruel, i dont know how this person can call themselves any type of god-like vessel. god would be ashamed of her.

    also, it states on the menu that parties of 8 or more have tip added. she needs to learn to read.

    she got this poor waitress fired. What a terrible human being. What a sense of arrogance. She needs to retire from her “ministry” and start waiting tables. Then she can shut her mouth.

    I also do not for one minute believe she left a cash tip. Also, applebees has horrible food.

  • Big Government

    Alois Bell you are a cheap woman who does a disservice to the Word of God. You rightfully should be ashamed of yourself. You have shown the world your true colors and woman, it ain’t pretty. I’d never attend your church because it must be full of miserable louts like yourself who flaunt the Word as if it were their own.
    Applebys now, you’ve lost my business and mind you I don’t go out to eat alone!

  • Brad

    Doesn’t this Fat Bitch know that Gluttony is a sin. The church needs to FIRE this HEFFER. Then her fat needs to go on a diet. I never understood how someone can stand befor a group preaching god’s word while being a complete sinner right befor their eyes ! How someone can claim to be a child of GOD then do this to a hard working person.

  • Bell Brings Shame on God

    When entitlement mentality met God sounds like a description for Pastor Bell. By all means get mad at the person that thought your actions were funny and pretty sorry. She was half right, they are sorry indeed. Thanks for getting a waitress fired for exposing your shameful justification of cheap skate ways. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t like name dropping poor judgement pastors that have brought shame onto all, but mostly themselves. Enjoy your fame. The waitress will get another job and will be loved by others. You on the other hand are the”lapse of judgement” pastor that brought shame upon your mission. Unless or course, your mission is to be a cheap and catty. Then you have succeeded.

  • Diamond

    Since she claims to do good work in her community, now you can do good and get this girl another job. It doesn’t matter if you left a cash tip. You should not have thought you were better than this young lady, that was a true insult.

  • clay

    You are a sad sad woman, The men and woman in the service industry work hard, and if your cheap ass cant afford a tip maybe you should pandhandle a little more money outta your congregation, or just simply stay at home.

  • Alois Bell

    Alois you is one cheap ho.

  • Kelly

    Pathetic. Her apology is purely PR. Lady, you get better service than you deserve. I am posting your picture to FaceBook and encouraging all my St. Louis friends to do so, too. Let’s see what kind of service you get in the future.

  • clay

    WWJD Pastor Bell. Prob not write a stupid ass hateful note to a girl just trying to pay her bills. You should be banned from every restaurant in St. Louis.

  • Chris

    I’m leaving comments on every single website I can find that has this article up. What a disgusting person. You should be ashamed of yourself. Apologize all you want now. Too little too late.

  • Kris

    What is given to God is between you and God! Don’t for a moment bring what is his into the world and expect that to be right! I would suspect that the Lord himself would have paid the tip and smiled! Shame on you….

  • MinnieMouth

    The server didn’t embarrass Ms. Bell. Ms. Bell did that all on her own! As for tipping, standard STARTS at 15% and goes up from there. If you can’t afford the tip then either stay home or eat fast food. Personally, I traditionally tip 20% or more. Went out to lunch with a client. Our bill was $18 and some change. I tipped $4.00. Service was average at best, but working for $2.13/hr sucks (Federal minimum wage requirement)! An extra dollar won’t hurt me. A pastor should have more compassion for others, and Ms. Bell owes the server an apology while Applebees owes the server a job.

    As for a server getting more money than God. . .well. . .God isn’t paying a mortgage or trying to put food on the table. And if you want to go down that path, then why should the IRS get 28% of my income?

    Lastly, the racial tipping thing. . .if you don’t want people to stereotype you then stop acting like a stereotype!

  • Olka

    This why i do believe in God, but don’t go to church. This pastor is nothing but pride and selfishness. Besides, woman should not become pastors at all. This is men’s job. Noone did more to turn people away from God, than pastors and priests. I am an orthodox Christian and i must say we never talk about 10% to give to God. Because it is not a financial relationship. This must be love. Or you not a Christian…

  • Nancy

    Bell needs to pay her bills!!

  • wodiej

    If she didn’t want to tarnish the light of Christianity, she shouldn’t have done it to begin with. Let’s hear from the waiter if her table really did leave a tip.

  • Robert

    Alois, YOU are just a scammer looking to fleece the flock out of money. Deliver that!

  • GrOo

    This “Pastor” called the restaurant and demanded that the staff be fired for embarrassing her. Leaving a nasty note and stiffing waitstaff is just rude, demanding they be fired because you can’t own your own behavior is downright hateful. What an awesome christian, god must be so proud.

  • Charles Riley

    God does require 10 percent and his ministries have bills that have to be paid within that 10 percent. The waitress has bills to pay and they may exceed the need for more than a 10 percent tip. It is hard to believe that a pastor would use God in such a mean way and then complain when she is called upon it. What she need to do now is pay this servers bills until she finds a new job. Once she pays them for a couple of months she may find out why the waitress needs a little more than 10 percent. Barring that the church needs to find themselves a new pastor so both the pastor and server can stand in the same unemployment line.

  • Richard Scruggs

    Well, first… Reverend Bell, the waitress needs than 18% a lot more than God does. God doesn’t really NEED your 10% at all (besides, honey, God doesn’t get ANY of your 10%… churches and other organizations do). Next… giving that 18% to a horribly underpaid waitress who got treated like that by you… was an act of tithing (she is a child of God who would not be working that job if she did not really need the $$), IMHO, because she was serving you and your sorry ingrate ass.

  • DB

    A)Should the waitress have done it? No. Did the “Pastor” deserve it? Hell YES she did. Calling herself a woman of God like this and still not being able to face up to what it is that was wrong of her act. Come on people.
    Should Applebee’s do this? Are Blacks bad tippers? I worked in restaurants and…BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!
    There are some irrefutable facts here.
    Any person that has eaten in a restaurant in the USA in the last 20 years knows that a party of 6 or more is apt to have an automatic gratuity of 18% or possibly more. Getting upset about it is nothing more than being cheap.
    The supposed “Pastor” in question here deserves anything she got coming to her. Embarassment, ridicule, harassment. You name it. You take an action it has direct consequences. Call it Kharma..whatever. Grow up, this is life lady.
    All of those out there not tipping your waiters and waitresses, skimp on the bloomin’ onion or that 3rd watered down margerita next time and leave that money for your server. Really, you don’t need the calories and I’m sure your 4 year old will appreciate the safer ride home.
    Waitress..good on ya gal. However this is corporate life. I support the people who say it’s wrong to fire you. But wrong and what is correct are two different things. I bought a pizza from a local company and they were still printing complete credit card numbers all over their receipts that they were giving to delivery drivers, pizza cooks, throwing in the dumpsters! That’s a totally worse offense than this, was anyone ever fired over that after the 101 complaints I made against that? no.
    Pastor Bell, you’ve been outed for not being such the Christian person you purported yourself to be. Chelsea whatever yourname is, Applebee’s sux anyway. Maybe you can get a job at the Tilted Kilt!! Go Cards!!

  • Lonnie Cross

    Is anyone really surprised the “good pastor” is a black woman? What church does the good pastor lead? Who in their right mind would look to this”good pastor” as a shepherd? Have you ever noticed how many black women are “pastors?” Glad she got exposed as the fraud she is..

  • Joe Mama

    I’m surprised the sheboon didn’t charge the waitress for reparations.

  • phil

    It is standard practice in the food industry, and announced on the menu, that large groups (usually 8 or more) will autoamtically be charged a graturity. The receipt was part of a $200 plus bill for twenty people. A waitress working a table of 20 cannot serve other customers and earn a tip from them; is expected to live on tips; and in any event if the pastor wanted to complain about the tip there’s a guy called “Manager” to talk to. The pastor embarressed HERSELF both by the comment and by the subsequent complaint. Of course the 10$ the pastor givbe to ‘god’ doesn’t go to god in fact, it goes right back to the pastor’s own church and helps pay the church’s rent…and pastoral services I suppose.

    If you want another opinion, ask yourself if you can even remotely imagine Jesus stiffing a waiter from a living wage. No? I thought not.


    A worker is worthy of their wages …. no tip … no pay … and BTW Sorry does help
    the waitress who lost her job. The pastor started the trouble … how Godly or goldy is That?

  • Susan

    The bottom line – in all of this – whether you are black or white or purple or straight or gay or old or young.

    People DESERVE to make a living.

    As a pastor’s wife I am ashamed – that a pastor would make the choice to be so unkind, unloving and ungrateful for a server being a “SERVANT.” And that is what your server was. A SERVANT coming to your table to “TAKE CARE OF YOU!”

    “What can I get you? Do you need more to drink? More butter? Is your meal to your liking? Is there anything else I can get you?” And it gones ON AND ON.

    And yes God only ASKS for 10% – but He will let you give HIM more – and the blessings will follow!

    So – let this be a lesson to EVERYONE – Christian or not – you get what you give. Give generously – and you will be rewarded generously. Be stingy – and

    You get your name in the NEWS – and everyone will think you are a CHEAP, NASTY person.

    I am glad I wasn’t there to observe your behavior – or I would have called you OUT – “IN CHRISTIAN LOVE.”

    From a woman – that ALWAYS —– OVERTIPS —– because MOST servers work their fanny’s off – are on their feet all day long –

    And they get stiffed by people like you “PASTOR.” Really – I am ashamed of the example you have set for “Christians.”

  • Steve

    I’m glad the pastor said she is sorry for her poor behavior. Why doesn’t she act in Christian charity and try to get that girl her job back.

  • I live in the real world

    In response to “Obamay ain’t your Mamay” #36

    So you make it a point NEVER to leave a tip. You, my classless friend, are a complete and total loser. YOU are the reason for the 18% Gratuity that the rest of us have to pay even if the service is horrible, because YOU refuse to tip anyone. I have to say, I have not tipped on occasion, when the service was so bad that it was not warranted. Notice I said “service” not food or drink prep. The server is responsible for getting your food and anything else you ordered, delivered to you correctly and on time. They are, in many cases, paid less than minimum wage and the tip makes up the difference.

    You are a total Tool and deserve to get your food spit on (which I guarantee happens whenever you visit the same restaurant more than once).

  • LightningDemon

    The waitress can post whatever info she wants online. (aside from credit card numbers, etc.). Damn applebee’s for firing her. I will NOT go back to that place again. Plenty of other restaurants to choose from here in Toledo.
    That “pastor” is some piece of work. She/it obviously does not demonstrate what she preaches. Jesus says to turn the other cheek if you are struck. Maybe this pastor missed that part in the New Testament… probably because she has cheeto stains covering that part up…. or maybe it was gravy. Who knows.

  • Robert

    “Render unto caesar that which is caesar’s”.

  • Chris T.

    Dear “Pastor”, You got someone fired from their job. Are you sure you’re working for God?

  • J Ladd

    That fat, arrogant, idiot of a ‘pastor’ should be fired and booted out of the church. She is no more special than the lowest living organism on the planet…how dare she use her title as if she is better or holds power over anyone or anything on God’s planet. God’s not hers…she’s just another bad example of religion…way to go porkchop!!!!!!!!! What an embarassment to God.

  • Pingback: UPDATED: ‘I Give God 10%’ Tip Story Takes Interesting Twist: Pastor Revealed & the Waitress Has Allegedly Been Fired |()

  • Lin

    To retire05, sounds like you are a joy to wait on,you need to stay home and cook your own meals-hope you never end up needing assisted living, you might bite that hand that feeds you. To Pastor Bell—God should never be used as an excuse.

  • That was the CHEAP trifecta…Black, Female, Bible Banging….those servers had no hope of getting tipped no matter how wonderful the service, the food, or the experience. One of those descriptions is cheap…all three……She wouldn’t have tipped Jesus if he waited on her….

  • Jeff

    Multiple points:

    An 18% gratuity is near standard practice for groups of 8 or more in almost every restaurant chain now. This is CLEARLY stated in menus most of the time. If you don’t agree with it don’t eat at the establishment but it’s their way on ensuring a group doesn’t run the wait staff ragged and then stiff them.

    To those that feel servers in restaurants are overpaid – get over it. They are normally paid at federal/state minimum wage and are reliant on tips to bring the hourly pay rate up. Out of this they also do tipping of their own to the cooks/bussers/greeters, etc. Do you expect them to just work for minimum wage and then share that base with others for their help? How about we have you share your hourly wage with the receptionist/janitor etc. at your place of work?

    To those putting a racial spin on this – stop. Never open your mouth again. You are just showing your ignorance and losing any validity of point in your statements.

    The customer is always right >.< . P L E A S E. This is just businesses trying to be PC. Customers are often wrong or out of line and need to be politely corrected, but most places won't for fear of a bad comment being posted/relayed. You have as little right to purchase food/drinks at a business and be rude to them as someone does if they come to your house for a meal and acted that way. You would toss them out on their butts in a heartbeat if that happened.

  • Andrew

    If you DON’T want to pay an extra tip for a LARGE group then go to McDonald’s!

  • Nana Gayle

    The option to leave a tip is up to the person. If you don’t want to leave a tip, don’t. There is no need for a Christian to leave a note like that. I don’t know about the salvation of the waitress but the minister is presenting herself as a Christian. Not very Christ like. WWJD?

  • Short-changed

    I used to work at an Applebee’s and can relate to this situation – it’s not only blacks that don’t tip well, women can also be an issue. Anytime large groups of middle-aged or older women would come in we would all beg (or bribe) the hostess to not seat them in our section. If you got them, you knew you weren’t making any money no matter how well you took care of them. Of course they would all demand individual checks, only spend around $5 each and then maybe leave you a quarter – $.50 if you were lucky… So you wait on 8-10 women for over an hour and maybe make $5 in tips – BS. The minimum should be 25%…

  • jb

    The restaurant business is the only one, besides the medical/pharmaceutical hegemony, to demand they be paid a “tip.” I just got hit with a $740 bill from the local yokels at the hotel masquerading as a hospital. All to say “Yeah, the tooth is cracked and here’s a $1.50 pill (the inflated cost at the pharmacy, no less). And all for well over an hour’s wait.

    A “tip” is earned “on the spot” . . . I have always paid the customary 15% (unless the service was particularly horrendous), but the new now “demand” that 18% (some are higher) be paid is one of the reasons I rarely (twice in two years) visit restaurants.

    Staffs are almost always uniformly arrogant; complaints against shoddy food service are blamed on the customer. and I am now compelled by their pricing to pay a mandatory tip?

    I think not. If a restaurant has a mandatory “tip” I am outta there in a heartbeat. That is one more of those “entitlements” to which I do not need to be a party.

    The entitlement mentality has entered the market.


  • Courtney

    The comments on this are driving me crazy. Sometimes I think it should be required to work in a restaurant or bar for at least one year before someone can be employed elsewhere…

    I am from where the story happened. Front of the house restaurant employees in our area make FAR less than minimum wage. Almost all menus state a gratuity policy very clearly. There is absolutely no way that after writing an aggressive comment about entitlement that the pastor left six dollars in cash. That would contradict what she wrote on the note. That being said, if she wanted to leave the gratuity in cash, she could have because most POS systems have the ability to accept multiple methods of payment on one check. Gratuity is not added on the sales tax, and to the person who said there was no breakdown of the food and beverage purchased and sales tax: the authorized credit card copy would not contain that. The itemized copy that showed the food, drink, tax, and gratuity would’ve been given before the credit card was run. That brings me back to a previous point… The customer in this instance would have seen exactly what she was paying for and could have issued a complaint BEFORE handing the waitress her credit card, which leads me to believe that the comment on the receipt was more calculated than “a lapse of judgment”.

    All waitresses keep track of their sales receipts until the end of their shifts, when they enter tips and run a checkout, during which they will owe the restaurant cash for the cash sales they had, or the restaurant owes them cash for the credit card tips they received. A waitress tips out their bartenders for any drinks they may have gotten from the bar, the bussers, food runners, etc. and that is based on cash sales. So a zero percent tip is actually the waitress losing money.

    As for me, I’d post this receipt to Reddit too, and gladly be fired from this restaurant if they fail to see that it is the Pastor at fault for her own embarrassment. The waitress didn’t embarrass her. The pastor embarrassed herself and her church with her own childish behavior.

  • Me

    Pastor Bell is a piece of crap!

  • Lim Lynn

    Actually, 6% government tax and 10% service tax. Tipping I thought if the waiter/waitress is doing a good job serving then you can start tipping generously.

  • Mow my yard Pedro

    You can take the NIGGOR out of the church to Applebees. But you cant take the NIGGOR out of herself while shes eating a plate of ribs at Applebees.

  • jo

    This is why so called Christians are nothing but a load of crap! That a pastor would demand the firing of an individual is BULL SH*T!!! What about Christian foregiveness? As for Applelbee’s??? Please. Their food is chain-barf quality. That they would even entertain the firing of a staff member for a minimal lapse of judgement – if you even care enough to label it that – is stupid. I’m so disgusted.

  • dee

    as a server and an african american one at that. yes it is true that you run across aa’s that dont tip. i also run across caucasians that dont tip either. same goes for hispanics. you are more likely to find that women os any race will not tip. why? i dont know.
    as far as what we make. i make $2.13 + tips an hour and work where gratuity is not added to larger parties. some guest feel as if they dont have to tip because others may. i saw a co-worker get $7 total from a party of 19 adults. where is that right? if you cant afford to tip you cant afford to go out to eat.
    it seems as though those who work in the service industry as servers/bartenders are the better tippers. just because they have a suit doesnt guarantee a good tip. nor does because they are aa mean a bad or no tip.
    and for the person who asked how did the server even get the cc receipt to post this. when you eat in a full service restaurant, your server is responsible for all money transactions until it is turned in at the end of their shift. furthermore, it is only illegal to post the name and any digits of the cc.

  • Ian

    Romans 2:23: You who brag about the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? 24As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

    Think about it Pastor! You as a Pastor will be judged more harshly than others. I defend our faith, and have had to deal with people who will not seek out our Lord because of “Chrisitans” like you. Whether you meant to disgrace God, or not, you did. Now do the right thing, and get that woman her job back.

  • RP

    I am very certain that my pastor gives much more than 10% to our Lord!!!! I know that he treats all people with more respect.

  • Reality Check

    “tarnish the light of Christianity”? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late !! This is the TRUE way to “do good” by everyday experiences. “Pastor”. YOU FAILED. F-.

  • Maggie

    All I have to say is I’m glad I do not belong to her church. She is a sorry excuse for a pastor and I hope her church is proud of the publicity this has bought to the church. The church will forever be known as the church with The CHEAP pastor. She claims she was embarrassed before I’m sure all waitresses will cringe when they see her coming in.

  • My 2 cents

    I would like to say orig. thought this was a hoax but was a bit taken back by the comment & also the fact that a young women posted this for the world to see. This definitely should have been handled better such as talking to your hostess and/or asking for the manager. Secondly, I must say I very tight with my dollars but when I eat out at a resturant we ALWAYS tip 10%.
    This could be your family member trying to make ends meet so if you do not intend to tip you should be more selective where you eat. I feel the employee definitely violated the trust/privacy of the customer & company so she did deserve to be fired!!!!childish
    The blame is not on the customer but her friend whom she shared this photo with that decided to make it viral. Blame your friend & poor judgement for loosing your job.
    At least the pastor did apologize & acknowledge her comments. This is life –nobody is perfect and without sin. Perhaps if the server apologized she would get her OWN job back.

  • Carla

    I currently work a job that relies heavily on tips, and tips are truly appreciated. I cannot tell you how many times i have been stiffed and how frustrating that it can be. I am providing a services to you To Insure Prompt Service…..that is what tip means. I also pay it forward and always leave a great tip also…this is how the world goes round. If you don’t agree I suggest you crawl back into that little hole of yours!
    The pastor is mad that she was put on blast, because what she did was ungodly! Most people who proclaim that they are mosst righteous etc., are the ones you have to watch out for. Simply put she is a cheap woman!

  • [email protected]

    Black? Of course.

  • David

    “Pastor Bell” abused her position to claim a discount that she wasn’t entitled to, and punished an innocent waitress by withholding a fair tip. Then she set out to take vengeance on the young woman for exposing her despicable conduct. So much for showing the other cheek. Bell’s conduct was a far from the teachings of Christianity one can get, at least at an Applebee’s.

  • bob abooey

    i’ll tip 20% when it is deemed. religious leaders take note

  • Observer

    The 18% gratuity was automatically added because it was a party of 8 adults AND 5 kids. Let’s investigate the so called ‘pastor’ for fraud. I mean, did she go to college and get a degree in theology? If not, then I bet she has years of taxes the IRS should look into. I would plaster her picture in every restaurant and refuse service.

  • Kimberly

    What unacceptable and appalling behavior of the revered Pastor Bell. Pastors receive housing allowances in addition to other expense laden allowances. Taxes are not a part of a Pators life. Not to mention the patrons of their church are often generous. There is no doubt the Pastor has very little, if any, stress regarding working, bills, health care, spending monry, etc.

    Waitresses often make minimum wage and/or less with the tip portion expected to make up the difference (if they are lucky). The job is phyiscal, not often pleasant and doesn’t provide fair benefits most times.

    How pompous, arrogant and completely rude, disrespectable and un-christian like of this pastor to right such an obnoxious notation and refuse a tip to the waitress. She gives god 10%! WOW, I wish I had a “job” that only required me to give 10% but take home a 100% salary.

    The waitress was unprofessional in the public disclosure of such a receipt – however, that was such an unusual and inappropriate response from a customer, it was a bit shocking I’m sure.

    The pastor called to complain about the waitress because it embarrassed her reputation – the pastor HERSELF embarrassed her reputation – NOT the waitress. She was “called out” on her bad behavior and her pride, arrogance and anger was unleashed – her true colors. Again, how un-christian like and hypocritical.

    Then the waitress gets FIRED – that is unacceptable. But than the pastor wouldn’t know about losing a job and how one would pay the bills after losing a job as unemployment isn’t guaranteed especially if one is FIRED.

    Applebees would rather fire a decent employee than lose a customer – revolting! Obviously, Applebees does not have any regard for such disrespect towards their employees or for their employees. There is a line between the customer is always right and the customer is wrong. This was clearly the case of “customer was wrong”!

    The pastor should be ashamed of herself, feel embarrassed for what she invoked upon another individual and be released from her position because I have a HUGE complaint about her. She should be fired – let her see what its like.

  • James

    >The tips scale is – 15 percent for breakfast,
    >20 percent for lunch, and 25 percent for dinner.

    No, it isn’t. Where did you come up with that?

    The “standard” tip is 15%, regardless of the meal. That may go up or down depending on the service.

  • Christian

    Now she claims to have left over $6 cash on the table in addition to the tip she protested on the paper bill. Thou shall not LIE, pastor. You have just made your situation worse and, hopefully, will find yourself unemployed soon.

  • flyover

    I first saw this on imgur, and there have been other examples of cheapskate tightwads there. The comments favored the waitress big time, as do I. Don’t want to tip, stay home and cook.

  • Gramma

    The added gratuity is a typical charge for a large table. This “pastor” needs to learn a thing or two about charity. Wonder if she preaches that in her “church”. Stiffing a waiter is a dishonest act. She’s a real fine example of a Christian woman…someone I would want to look up to…NOT!

  • Heather

    The minimum wage in Missouri for a waitress is $2.13!!! Really, the waitress was waiting on a table of 20; it says on the menu that groups larger than 8 will be charged 18% gratuity. This pastor was off her rocker that day and not very “christian” like as she claims.
    I will be letting Applebee’s know what a crappy job they did sticking up for their employee and will not be going there anymore.

  • Young

    I guess saying I am sorry that I had bad judgement should be ok if your the Pastor who’s reputation is on the line, but the waitress lapse in judgement is fired!! What if she said SORRY!!! Would that be ok? This isnt a woman of God–TNS!

  • Christian

    Maybe the Pastor will pray that the waitress finds another job, today. Considering the economy, her first act of repentance could be to call Applebees and plea for them to re-hire the waitress before everyone in St Louis begins to boycott the restaurant. I live in St. Louis and don’t believe that this will, otherwise, go away anytime soon.

  • lynn

    @retire05. The current industry standard is 15-20% tip.

    “So the server felt entitled to 18% of the bill of $34.93, which included any tax that was tacked on to the cost of the meal? You will notice the cost of the meal, plus the tax, is not broken down on the receipt.”

    Like most restuarants, the cost of the meal is broken down on the original print-out that the server gives you in the little black book, not on the receipt you sign after they’ve run your card. Also, in corporate restaurants like that, the managers add the gratuity to the bill, servers/bartenders usually will not have access.

  • Jlynn

    Every service person I know hates when the “christians” come in after service because they are so demanding and cheap. First time I’ve heard one being arrogant and nasty through. She should be fired for the way she has represented her church. Pathetic.

  • Nikki

    Pastor Bell, you are the perfect example of why I am an atheist.

  • Yolanda

    Come on now Pastor, give and it shall be given unto you… Luke 6:38. God isn’t stingy when He blesses you. Why be stingy with someone who is serving you?

  • Justin Smith

    @retire05, If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. Servers [in VA] only make $2.15 an hour, and that usually just barely pays taxes. Standard practice is 15% for lunch and 18% for dinner. When I was a server, I remembered the people who left horrible tips and those people did not get good service the next time they were in. As a server, if you are really busy, and you have the choice between taking care of the table that you know won’t tip well and the table you’ve never waited on before, who do you think the server will take care of?

    A why do you assume that the server won’t claim the tips as income? When i was waiting tables, I claimed every dime and it was a good thing I did because when I hurt my back and went out on short term disability, they based my insurance money on my CLAIMED wages.

    Do everyone a favor and go to McDonald from now on. You don’t have to tip there. (jerk)

  • Flintstone F.

    This pastor should not be throwing God in someone’s face in such an antagonistic way. The girl was fired justly.

    15% is standard. 20% is easy math. I tip 20% for average service. For bad service I’ll drop below 15%. I don’t expect much from my waiter or waitress so if I’m annoyed it usually isn’t a reason to make a statement with the tip. If you don’t fill my coffee or water, no tip.

    I give the guy that hands me a pizza and walks away, 3-5 dollars depending on the bill and cash situation.

    Tips are cash collected on a daily basis. Unless it’s over $1,000, none of should be reported. If I go to a casino or by a scratch game and win $200 nobody but me will ever know. Tips are the same thing, you might get a good one or none at all. Wait staff unite. You’re being robbed by the state.

  • mg4us

    No surprise who the pastor is. .part of the Obamination and Give me my free stuff group. . .

    Gues she missed the part. .give to ceasers what is ceasers. . .God only wants ur heart. . .not ur dollars!

    And then they wonder why they don’t fit with society. . .

    As for Applebees. . . Boycott them for firing the server. .

  • Theresa Haneline

    That so called “pastor” should be fired by her congregation! My guidance counselor always said if you don’t want something to come back and haunt you, don’t put it in writing. SHAME ON YOU SO CALLED PASTOR BELL. NOW THE WAITRESS WAS FIRED BECAUSE OF YOUR CRAPPY ACTIONS! YOU SHOULD HAVE BITCHED TO THE MANAGEMENT. YOU ARE A LOSER!

  • Sean McKenzie

    Hmm.. Just a note… This recalcitrant, non-tipping, holier than thou and crueler than most “Pastor” has now taken down her Facebook, her Twitter, and her Black Preacher’s Network page… I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of comments demonizing her behavior had anything to do with that?

    I sure hope so.

    Now waiting to hear that the Church she supposedly “pastors” has done to her what Applebee’s did to Chelsea.

    Ain’t Karma a bitch, Alois? You better believe it.

  • Patty

    oh, good Heavens. A Pastor who isn’t practicing what she preaches and a waiter who shouldn’t be working around Public. Should have let it go. Would have been the bigger person had the waiter also respected a job that many would jump to have a chance to work.

    It is irresponsible when you don’t represent a company with a great work ethic.

    And waiter should have lost job. And the Pastor should get some lessons on letting it go and embrace moments with a better attitude.

  • Really !!

    There is no excuse for Bells action. The story here does not sound right either. Bell says that she left the tip of $6.29 and it charged her card for the amount as well… really what person would pay a double tip? I am of the mind to believe that Bell is one way at church and another on the other side of the pulpit. Bell is embarrassed, that she got caught not only stiffing her waiter, but being cheap, and spiteful. If she was truly sorry she would have returned to the store apologized to the waiter, paid her the tip, and kept it moving. Instead she wanted to get even because she was ” called out”. It is folk like this who really smear the name of God and try to get away with it. Bell should either help the waiter with other employment or help her return to her job. At this point she could show some of the good work that she does for the community starting with the waiter who was fired, because of her embarrassment.

  • dave oconnor

    its good she is sorry, but she needs to understand that waitresses only make 2 dollars an hr. so she works hard for tips.. its good to see this pastor gives 10 percent to god of her income however she wasnt being asked to give 18 percent of her income to this waitress.. only the bill that she and her large party had..her action did not reflect those of christ.. i hope she learned from this

  • Patty

    Those who do the work of the Lord, Well, they should walk and talk with God. Be examples of Him, I doubt if this story represents that.

    Al Sharpton is a Rev., Wright is a Rev., Jackson a Rev. Do they walk and talk with God, and represent Him?

  • Patty

    where in cyber space are my comments going. I type them and they don’t show up

  • Patty

    sorry comments are taking slow to post

  • retire05 u a$$

    retire05 you are an ignorant low class useless pile of… For starters you moron the 18% added by the COMPUTER is only on food and drinks NOT tax you imbecile! This is also a standard practice in NUMEROUS restaurants from the economical to the upscale! to think someone should lose their $3.50/hr job at a cheesy restaurant is ridiculous!

  • JS

    The 10% and 18% are not comparable. Tithing is 10% of her INCOME. The gratuity was 18% of the BILL for one meal. 18% of the bill should be a lot less than 10% of her income, unless she eats a lot.

  • Sharon

    She “would never?” We already know that’s not true.

  • regina

    This is so disappointing to have come from a woman of GOD! She meant & believe what she wrote on the first time on

  • Sandra

    The waitress is fired , so should be the pastor. She (the pastor) disgraced her church and did not lead by example. On top of being rude , the pastor who claims to be sorry, got the girl fired. I don’t feel the girl did anything wrong. The pastor behaved badly not once but twice. The pastor is an embarrassment to the church and needs to be replaced. A pastor is a pastor 24/7, they should always behave as a servant of God. Clearly this pastor deserves the same fate that SHE brought on to the waitress.

  • Patty

    Penny pincher should never go out to eat.

  • Jes

    What is the problem? The Federal minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13 per hour.
    Including tips and cash wages, all tipped employees must still earn at least the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 per hour. If a tipped employee does not earn at least $7.25 including tips in any given hour of work, their employer must make up the difference in cash.
    Most waiters and waitresses are smart enough not to let the employer know the amount of tips they make because this averages out more than the minimum wage of $7.25 and they will get taxed on that amount (Under the table income). Heck, sometimes I lie (alot) and say I did not make any tips giving me a higher income.

  • Clark

    If you don’t like to tip you can always go to Macdolls,KFC,wendys and many more!!!!! nobody was asking how much you give to God !!!! should be just you and God!!! …. goes around cames around karma is a Bitch !!! you’ll see!!! lol

  • Anon

    @retire05 Applebee’s computer system had added an automatic 18 percent gratuity because the dinner party had eight or more people. This is mandatory in a lot of restaurants that larger parties pay a set gratuity, so it wasn’t the waitress’s decision to force this party to pay an 18 percent tip. It isn’t even about the money, but how a person who’s supposed to be generous and loving, considering her line of work, came off as petty and holier-than-thou; at least in my opinion.

  • Server/Bartender

    Anyone who has grown up is the St. Louis, MO Metropolitan area knows all too well that this woman Alois Bell, this so called Pastor and woman of Faith, epitomizes and embodies a Restaurant Sever/Bartender’s worst possible living nightmare. The reason is that all facets of evil are present in Bell’s persona that in turn fosters the ideal conditions for an Industry showdown and confrontation of the worst possible kind.

    Bell is a Defiant-Black-Ghetto-Female who consciously hides behind a Religious-Self-Righteous-Mantra and uses it to exploit Hate and fuel Vanity through Adamant-Ignorant-Arrogance!

    Yeah, a true devout Christian, huh!

  • mike


  • She may have tipped, maybe even tipped twice by accident. But this “woman of God” still had someone terminated in a terrible economy, just because she was reaping the direct consequences of her own rudeness. She’s a hypocrite, and deserves every ounce of embarrassment she gets from this. Maybe she will have learned to treat others as she’d want to be treated from all this, like some famous person once said…

    And as for Applebee’s, this about sums it up, lol:;postID=7187144613223999590

  • Ava

    Well, Applesbees owners said they would fire people if Obama was re-elected and the healthcare bill was not repealed, to avoid paying for their healthcare. They are looking for any excuse to let people go.

    I think when you write something down and give it to another person, not knowing what is going to happen to that document, you forfeit your “right to privacy.”

  • June

    She was in a large group that had a bill over $200.00 with 18% added which she felt she was too good to pay since she’s a pastor and black. It wasn’t the original waitress that posted this, it was a coworker and she was the one fired. The pastor demanded the entire staff be fired. It’s bull she left cash as the church goers stay hours upon hours and leave religious material. It’s simple, don’t want to tip? Then stay home. Servers work very hard, must split their tips and have to deal with rude people.

  • ecniv

    Im glad you wrote that comment on the receipt. Exposes you for the fraud that you are. What does tithing 10 percent to God have to with a tip at the restruant.

  • Mary

    What upsets me sometimes is because many people stiff waiters, when they see a young couple,they think everyone will stiff them, so the waiters start off by giving terrible service, they seem to be the opposite when they realize my husband over tips them, as we leave. When we get bad service, we just never go back again. Too many bad experiences, bad service, food is bad, servers lying, etc.. Both the pastor and the waitress was wrong, and so was the manager at Applebees, the pastor was cheap and just plain stupid, (and now people know who she is, the real reason she’s sorry) and the waitress shouldn’t have posted it, or at least covered the name, but I don’t thing she should have been fired either, hopefully it works out for the best.

  • Joanne

    John 8:7 New International Version (NIV)

    7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

  • Greg

    Funny how Super-Christian throws in a LIE about leaving a cash tip. Her depravity knows no bounds. LIAR.

  • Amanda

    “I give God 10%,” Bell wrote on the receipt, scratching out the automatic tip and scribbling in an emphatic “0” where the additional tip would be. “Why do you get 18?” (There were more than eight people in Bell’s party, triggering the auto-tip.) …. the lady stiffed her… no excuses, then she called the restaurant to complain about her posting the receipt online and got her fired. REALLY?

  • BarbaraS

    I know blacks don’t tip from personal experience. My grandson had a job as a waiter for several months. I was in the restaurant one day when he waited on four black women. I was at the next table. They left NO tip even though he gave them good service. Not only did they not tip but they were very rude and demanding. He served them with a smile though. The truth of the matter is that if blacks don’t care about good behavior especially if it stiffs whites.

  • fake Christians

    The majority don’t do anything but file ECO grievances, file law suits, welfare and affirmative action applications. NO they do not tip, and they are so so rude, mean, nasty, hateful and they never tip at hair salons (takes hours and hours to iron their hair). WiG tax! They are grasshoppers.

    They are always the victim-always always. They DARE you to even walk by them or ask them anything–its horrible..I’ll be so glad when he is out of office–can’t wait a real leader!! He is so racist!

  • tnt409

    Stop lieing Pastor!!!! You didnt leave an additional tip on the table!!! You are the weakest link for this and need not comment about it anymore. Go practice agaphe love and fruits of the spirit!!!

  • Dave

    Retire : why don’t you take a walk in the waitress shoes for a week! Big tables can be a bitch to work, too many special instructions, people talking when they should be ordering, and many times people feel the other person is going to tip and then you get left with NADA! so I assume that is the reason restaurants added the auto tip to Large groups.
    sounds like your sorta cheap too.

  • Kate

    Retire05 =>You are really should not go out and eat.

  • keith rowland

    so called preacher should read the bible verse wolf dressed in sheeps clothing. hiding behind the cloth to cheat the waitress out of a tip. i will call the so called pastor a liar because she left zero on the creditcard receipt. preacher used church and God not to leave tip…. what else is she lying about.. i won’t eat at applebee’s ever again for their short sightness…. shame on you preacher, your the reason i quit going to church….

  • Tom

    The cheap Pastor should be fired and the waitress promoted, I guess since BO is in charge, his flock can continue to screw whitey since they deserve it for 200 years of slavery



  • ten

    And what are you going to do to fix this PASTOR! SHAME on you, and you call yourself a women of GOD! A women of DISGRACE is more like it. It came to this because you needed to be EXPOSED. You probably have a list of other horrible things that you’ve done to good people and it finally caught up to you. Go stuff your cheapskate face at the dollar store!

  • Ernest Collins

    I am a former pizza delivery driver truly people like her are the scum of Gods earth.They .. think God only loves a cheerful giver at their stank church thats why I worship the almighty at home or anywhere else.

  • BadSisterZoot

    Alois Bell called the Applebees and demanded that EVERYONE be fired, from servers to managers. Holy overreaction, Batman!

  • chas

    its a SERVICE industry, of course you get fired when you make an attempt to embarass a PAYING customer. spend any amount of time in that type of business and you deal w/ much more difficult and rude customers. get thick skin or a different line of work.

  • bg


    something very wrong with this, 1984 comes to mind.. 🙁


  • Dawn

    For a woman of God the pastor was quite rude. How dare she get upset for what she called bad judgment. She knew what she was doing when she did it. She just didn’t think she would get caught. We get people like her all the time, customers just believe that they can be rude and that we have to take it. I had a doctor tell me if she makes a mistake someone dies what right did I have to make a mistake. I find that most women of race that are in some sort of power tend to be rude and down right mean to those that are in the business of service. I always want to run when I know we are getting any groups that have race and a job attached to it. I have been serving for 15 years. While I am in the business of serving I am not your servant.

  • elliemax

    retire05- You are a piece of work. your comments clearly show how stingy you are. Servers get routinely stiffed or under tipped, great, good, or bad service. One day, I got stiffed 4 tables in a row and it wasn’t because of bad service. Additionally, taxes are taken out of your earnings by your employer (from the total of your checks you are taxed on that) so you end up with a zero check. I almost never picked up my checks because sometimes they were two dollars. large parties are harder to serve and 18% is the norm. If you don’t like, to go to a restaurant. The arrogance from that lady with a message clearly stating her superiority is tacky.

    Since you think poorly of these people who bring you food why don’t you go and wait tables yourself and see how it is. Though if you wait on people like you and this lady you will get stiffed…cause that is what people like you do.

  • Rich

    The so called “Pastor” needs to call and demand they give the waitress her job back… An apology isn’t anything. She can say whatever she wants.. “I left over 6.00 in cash etc.. get over it.. you got someone fired for a nasty ass note that YOU WROTE, MAKE IT RIGHT BITCH!!!

  • bg


    hey GP…

    where is your first post on this??

    can’t seem to find it, why is that??

    did the preacher women not get
    in trouble over this craola first??

    we all nd to freakin’ grow up and acquire thick skin, this is NOT a story,
    my country is falling apart and here’s an over 200 post thread about a
    lousy irrelevant dispute that happens every day, can’t get journalists to
    report on what went down with Fast & Furious or Benghazi et al, but
    we have this minutia to wallow in.. *isgh*



  • Rich

    P.S. If you don’t tip at least 20% “IF” they are good or more.. YOU ARE CHEAP, and You shouldn’t be going out to eat…

  • bg


    re: #242 January 31, 2013 at 11:57 pm bg

    craola = crapola


  • bg


    Barry, if not Michelle or both, are enjoying this..


  • Joe

    Tips are based on quality of service. OMG just think you are hit with 8-10% in tax, plus 18% for the tip, so you end up with a load of 28% to the item he/she has purchased (not to mention the taxes you have been hit with on your paycheck in the first place).

    “F” the waiters, who is finally going to tip me for a change!!!

  • John Smith

    The tip was for $6.29. The only way the pastor could get a tax exemption is if it was indeed church business, and the church was paying for it. If can’t afford the tip, don’t eat there.
    She was out of line adding her comments to the bill, and using the title of pastor. What a poor witness she made for the church. Whether or not she added a cash tip, we don’t know. The server was foolish for violating the right to privacy. She cost herself her job.

  • Annie

    I’m a server at Perkins and we do not have the automatic gratuity, but I really wish we did. Every single server I work with has been stiffed on tips from tables of over 10 people when the bill was close to $200. Large tables do take a lot of time and when you have 4 other tables to take care of it’s not as easy as many people here are claiming it is.

    To the people who say tipping is optional:
    Going to eat at a restaurant is optional. If you don’t want to tip your server who makes $2-$5 an hour BEFORE taxes from tips basically destroy that, then you are too cheap to be eating out. Especially because most servers rely on that for their only income you cannot justify leaving them nothing or close to nothing. You are wealthy enough to eat out, you are wealthy enough to give back to the people trying to make ends meet.

  • Jesus

    Someone failed math class. Comparing 10% of your INCOME to 18% of an Applebee’s check is like comparing a toy car to a mac truck. God should refund her 10% and ask that the Pastor just stop using his name and making him look bad with her self-centered, vindictive attitude.

  • Flintstone F.

    For bg

    This is much more important that the crayola here:

    This must not happen!!

  • Patty

    The waitress says she was fired for posting the receipt on the internet.
    That was a mistake. The Pastor writing on receipt was not very Christian. But, the waitress could have gone to the manager in place of placing her anger on the Internet or wherever.

    This is so stupid, all parties. Why would a PASTOR act so stupid. Confronting the manager would have been a bit better. But people like her shouldn’t be dining out if the have a brain of a 2 year old. Seriously, this is a dumb as it gets.

  • Patty

    And aren’t all receipts property of the store.

  • Patty

    Or was this the pastor’s receipt to take. If so, that makes it doubling stupid.

  • Patty

    Waitress works for tips. THAT’S WHY? The arrogance of people, and a Pastor.

  • AuntieMadder

    #242 January 31, 2013 at 11:57 pm
    bg commented:


    hey GP…

    where is your first post on this??

    can’t seem to find it, why is that??

    did the preacher women not get
    in trouble over this craola first??

    we all nd to freakin’ grow up and acquire thick skin, this is NOT a story,
    my country is falling apart and here’s an over 200 post thread about a
    lousy irrelevant dispute that happens every day, can’t get journalists to
    report on what went down with Fast & Furious or Benghazi et al, but
    we have this minutia to wallow in.. *isgh*


    I was thinking pretty much the same thing.

  • Jill

    The receipt is not the property of the waitress. It is ultimately the property of the franchise. This waitress had no right to air her petty grievances in public and garner the restaurant negative publicity. May she be wiser in the future…

  • dagann

    don’t even say the waitress was wrong by posting the receipt online. She did so as to make a point. Its not like she identified the cheapskate. In fact, if the “black” racist who obviously is not very christian had not phoned and complained to the manager (in order to get the girl fired) nobody would know her identity. Also, if her reputation is ruined as she claims then it her own fault. LAWD…I hate black racists preachers and Applebee’s will never get a chance to receive any of my money.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque


    I can’t remember the last time I saw comment spam here. Used to see a fair amount of it at Ace’s, but they seem to have taken care of that problem.

  • Appalled

    I am sure that God is pleased with the note that the pastor left. I am sure that God is pleased that someone lost their job over this. I am sure that the pastor felt worthy to leave such a note being God’s spokesperson.

    I am mostly sure that God wants to know why the pastor would be so offensive. When you serve God in this way, what kind of tip does God leave for you, Alois Bell, as you are his server.

  • Appalled

    I serve my time to the elderly. Why should I give a penny to a petty servant?

  • Appalled

    God, I am about to serve you by insulting a waitress at the place that I just thanked you for the food you shared with me. Should I use blue or black ink dear lord….?

  • Appalled

    We are all not servants of God. You work at Applebees so you are not a servant of God. You are a servant to Apples and the letter B. The B is plural. I will not tip such a low specimen of this great world of God. He’s made me worthy of the happy hour no matter what time it is and he has proclaimed that I can speak for him in this establishment!!!

  • Appalled

    I give 10% to my ideas in my head. Why should I give you anything more?

  • Lim Lynn

    Seems the post updated and now filled with other commentators. We shouldn’t be worried about the pastor and waitress who are both facing the music. NORAD Superbowl North Korea Missile.

  • Pingback: St. Louis Pastor Under Fire After She Leaves Nasty Note for Waitress – Then Gets Her Fired (Updated) | Born Conservative()

  • Lim Lynn
    Russian paratrooper soldiers learn from American military February military tactics.
    It’s the first time Russian service members will be invited into the United States for a joint drill.

    A Russian airborne task force will “exercise with U.S. special service weapons,” an announcement by Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko revealed.
    My buyers and I were amazed that she was outright admitting to fraud and yet, she continued. She began to tell us that the best part of her scheme was that because they currently were not working that they (both) are now receiving Section 8 Vouchers. I said I thought those were for renters and she said “That’s the best part; me and my sister are going to be renting each other’s homes so we don’t even have to move, and Obama is going to give us each $800.00 a month to pay the rent!” She then picked up a picture she had framed of Obama and did a little happy dance around her living room and while she kissed the picture she was singing “Thank you Obama…. thank you Obama.”

    So here is the bottom line… Both of these scammers got at least $80,000.00 in debt forgiven, $3,000.00 in cash for relocation (when in fact they did not relocate) and to boot, you and I will now be paying (through our taxes) $1,600.00 in rent for each them each and every month…. perhaps forever!

  • Kay Davis

    As a Pastor she should give God 100% not 10

  • Lim Lynn
    North Korea will use EMP weapon.
    Code in New Orleans Superbowl LXVII countdown to what?
    North Korea under Martial Law and Told to Prepare for War

  • jorgen

    had “ruined” her reputation.

    Or maybe it confirmed her reputation?

  • Lim Lynn
    Preparing for Martial Law drill WWIII UK France Australia America.
    Super Bowl 2013 Sandy Hook Hoax & Nuclear War .

  • Smarty

    The new testament is clear that women are not to be leaders of churches-period. What good has come from it? Slippery slope to liberalism in churches, unqualified, stupid people like this become pastors. Enough already.

  • rileymon

    If i had waited on them ,,,they would still be sitting on the toilet with their fat bellys hurting them ,,,, ha ha ha ha

  • NavySeal

    “Lim Lynn”
    I’ve been saying something bad was going to happen in June (economic wise!!) When the Gov collapse occurs, that’s when we will have to fight…

  • rileymon

    A very high percentage of African Americans ,,,, donot tip at all ,that is why restaurants have done this just to keep waiters and waitreeses working!

  • NavySeal

    I thought it was 20% regardless? And she said she paid $6.29 cash is a lie!! $6.29 is 18% of her bill!! It’s marked out on the right side of the receipt!!

  • Lugians

    I normally give 20% tip usually I only have 3 in my party. If you are ok didnt go out of your way I give 15%. Though I have before in the past given a waitress 1 cent tip on my credit card she came took our order and never saw her again someone else brought us our food and our drinks were never filled again. We had to ask another waitress for our check.

  • Campfollower

    To be fair, young mothers with toddlers are also terrible tippers, usually allow their kids to make huge messes, run you to death and then don’t tip.

    And if you work in Florida, FORGET about tables with the snowbirds. They are usually elderly, will praise you up and down, want to hear your whole life story and tell you theirs, and leave you a whopping dollar “because you’re the best waitress we’ve ever had.”

    All the demographics usually even out if you’re at a good restaurant but you learn certain life lessons and the humility of serving people. I made both my girls wait tables for awhile. One still does on top of her two other, more “prestigious” jobs. (Obamaeconomy took over 100 dollars from her paychecks starting in January, she is 23 years old and a college grad).

    One more thing: asked the local Longhorn Steak House waiter the other day what they make here in GA suburb of ATL. It’s 2.13 per hour, and he says that at the end of a pay period, they usually have to PAY taxes, leaving them with NOTHING in a regular paycheck. Now that is different than 20-30 years ago, when we used to get a paycheck of about $50-60 for two weeks at a nice restaurant. This waiter was raising his little brother and his wife’s two children by a previous marriage on his tips alone plus going to school. He was 24 years old.

  • RedBeard

    The 18% is really not the issue. Don’t like it? Eat somewhere else.

    The real issue is the two individuals who share the blame for this tempest in a teapot.

    First, we have a selfish customer who somehow lacks the reasoning power needed to see the vast difference between tithing and paychecks, and who also lacks the self-control needed to keep from looking like an ass.

    Secondly, we have a snot-nosed waitess who violated a customer’s privacy, seemingly with the only motive being a desire to mock someone publicly.

    These two thoughtless clods deserve each other. Both are symptoms of a society on its way down.

  • Roger

    If Ms. Bell had not written the word “PASTOR” above her name, there would have been no connection to her. Appears printing the title was an after thought. ie: “I’m gonna show her”!

    With all the publicity she may get to promote her title to THE REVEREND.

  • spracken dacken

    The Pastor, Alois Bell, is a RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITE! These kind of people are what taints the Christian Community. If she really is a Christian, she should be the one to apologize to the waitress. At this point, she should do that, and should also ask the manager at Applebee’s to rehire the waitress. The Pastor started The PROBLEM/TROUBLE and it’s all her FAULT!


  • donh

    The note was addressed ” you ” . Waitress had a right to own it , use it as personal property, and post it. Pastor didn’t even tip the 10% either…a complete STIFF. Pastor ruined her own reputation by how she acted .
    Luke 11:11-12

    What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion?

  • crackermike

    8 people and the bill was $35 and this woman was complaining? What a tightwad.

  • chas

    If you think blacks are bad tippers,try getting a tip from the Canadians.

  • jony101

    those kind of people never tip, everyone knows that. Ask any waitress no one likes to wait on them, the waitress should have just have accepted the fact that her tip was going to be minimal. Pastors reflect there congregation, no different or better. Her reputation remains intact, if anything she gain more respect by making a big deal over the tip.

  • Bob

    Conservative/Libertarian-types and restaurants just don’t mix.

  • Jimpithecus

    And it somehow never occurred to the pastor that all of the money that she has is a gift from God and that this is the restaurant’s way of making sure their employees are prompt and yet paid a living wage?

  • mg4us

    That woman is no Reverand nor follower of Christ. .but a user and a con. .beware the false prophets.

    Since when did Jesus ever withhold what was rightfully due someone. .OK perhaps the service was not up to par, then adjust the tip down. . and what if service was great?

    Jesus was not fixated on the almighty dollar or coin. . Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. . he only cared about love of God and Love of Each other. . .

    I do not think that this false reverand showed any love of neighbor. . nor followed the golden rule. .

    Love one another as I have loved you.

    Welcome to the Obamanation. . .

  • BlueStateRepub

    I applaud this Pastor for getting the petty little witch fired.

  • Highlander

    What amazes me is that this story gets almost 300 comments, while stories about the loss of our freedoms, or other pertinent topics get twenty five …. RedBeard hit the nail on the head at 281 though. Both parties were wrong, and both parties are indicative of what’s wrong with America today.

  • donh

    #292 I am offended at the number of people who think being a customer entitles a person to be a bossy bully , and being an employee requires a person to take a beating like an obedient slave. THAT is what is wrong with America.

  • Bob

    The reason this post garnered so many comments is that it allows people to spew hatred toward certain types of people. The pastor is a stand-in for a whole group of people. Sad.

  • Jack Burton

    Can someone explain why there are so many obama voting pukes making comments here today?

    It is Applebees policy that if you have a party of a certain size, the tip is automatically put into the bill. Don’t like that policy, don’t eat there or the many other places that have the same policy.

    If you don’t like the concept of tipping your servers, don’t eat out. Someone waiting on you is a service that you are expected to pay for. Don’t like it, stay at home.

    As for the waitress posting the bill on-line. Good for her. I wonder how many people that friggin orca has treated like crap prior to this and used her churchgoing ways as an excuse.

    Karma always gets it’s fatty, pastor.

  • donh

    The pastor was HOPING to provoke the waitress so she could step it up to the manager and get the whole bill VOIDED. ……this is what you get with ” the customer is always right ” policy… invites ABUSE…by scammers adept at playing the position of the professionally offended customer.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Proverbs 11:24
    One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

  • Kenna

    @ #4 Retire05……

    Clearly you’ve never worked as a server. Their hourly wage is so low that not ENOUGH taxes can be taken out of their earnings, regardless if they claim 100% of their tips. I worked as a server for 7 years and always owed over $1K come tax season. My “paychecks” were always $0 becasue of insurance premiums and various taxes being taken out of a measly $2.13/hour. But anyone who works in the field knows that you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t claim tips. How else do you think they qualify for various loans and lines of credit?

    This pastor was self-righteous and out of line. And whatever type of charity and commuity service she says that she does is obviously just for show.

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  • Tony Romero

    1.- God does not need money or physical things to live. He is Spirit.

    2.- The waiter needs to eat, shelter, and clothes. They work to receive payment and since the restaurant maybe paying her so low for long hours of work, we the customer have to pay them. If we do not want to tip then we should not go to eat outside. Instead go to your house and cook for yourself and your crew.
    We need more ministers that remember that Jesus said that he did not came to be served but to serve. There are a lot of those minister that they feel themselves as they are
    kings and queens. Be more humble as your Master was.
    3. When I go to dine outside I tip at least 18% if I really like it I tip 20%. Your servers deserve it. In Europe or others countries food in restaurant is more expensive because it includes already the tip.

    Last word of advise….Be more humble you minister of GOD .. Where is the compassion? Whre the love to your neighbor? You made this waiter to be fired. You should be ashamed.

  • bg


    Flintstone F.#250 February 1, 2013 at 12:55 am

    yes, i had read something about that.. 🙄

    reminded me of Islamists do.. 😯

    hey, Marxist 😈 Islamists do what they
    gotta do in order to re-wright history..

    and we think the dumbing down of America started
    in the 60’s, newsflash, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. 🙁


  • BlownAway

    I am blown away by all the comments & how everone feels so I decided to share my thoughts as well.

    The waitress was wrong for posting the credit card receipt on the internet showing the customers name especially her signature. I think in this day of ID theft & credit card fraud the restaraunt did the right thing firing the waitress, and I hope she learned her lesson and is able to find a new job and uses better judgement in the future so she can keep her new job.

    As for the comment and the restaraunt adding in the tip.
    Although I do not agree with the comment I totaly understand it. A tip is something that a person is suppossed to earn for not just doing the job they are hired to do. A tip is something that is earned by exceeding the service the customer expected to receive. I can be a big tipper when I get great service, but when my service is not what I excepted and I have to ask for drink refills, my tip will reflect the quality of the service.

    I do have an issue with restaraunts adding the tip to the bill. We often dine with 3 or 4 other couples always having a party of more than 8 and many times we get sub par service because the waitress is busy waiting on other tables where a tip is not guaranteed. We sit many times with no drinks and waiting on them so we can eat the rest of our meal, by the time we get drinks are food is often cold. Not to mention that the service is sometimes very slow. I realize they are preparing food for 8 -10 people but you serve 100’s daily why does serving 10 become an issue.
    As a Christian I have a problem with anyone requiring more than God, I glady give more than 10% but if it is not earned, it should not be paid. Giving is a choice, not a requirement.

    I also don’t understand why we are expected to pay outrageous amounts of money for a meal and then pay the waitress or waiter as well. When I spend $75 dollars for a meal for 2, I would think the restaraunt could afford to pay the help.

  • bg


    Flintstone F.#250 February 1, 2013 at 12:55 am

    yes, i had read something about that.. 🙄

    reminded me of what Islamists do.. 😯

    hey, Marxist 😈 Islamists do what they
    gotta do in order to re-wright history..

    and we think the dumbing down of America started
    in the 60’s, newsflash, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. 🙁


  • SqqqsMe

    “I give 10% to God. Why do you get 18?” That is so ignorant. First of all Tithing is NOT a tip!! And yes, IF the “pastor” actually does tithe, some of that goes right back into her own paycheck anyway. And it would appear she is a bold-face liar as well. She’s the kind of example that sincere believers and followers of the LORD cringe at hearing about. A nasty stain on the Name.

    When I was in school I worked as a waitress. What much of the public may not know is that waitstaff is Grossly Underpaid and is dependent on the kindness of the customer to survive. Service establishments, wherein tips have always been a part of the culture, factor this into employee paychecks. In some of the finer restaurants, there have actually been waitstaff who received a ZERO paycheck and worked on tips alone. I worked in one of those. Even in many states today, the average wage of waitstaff is little more than $2/hr. Take into consideration: they work with the general public. People can be unreasonably impatient, rude, mean, even outright verbally abusive. Oftentimes, worst and hardest-to-please customers leave NO tip, which is why some of the better establishments factor a required gratuity into the check. If you can afford to eat out in a restaurant with waitstaff, you an afford to leave a decent tip for those who serve you. Oh, and BTW, be courteous – that doesn’t cost you a dime. Otherwise, just go somewhere tips are not an issue – there are many.

  • donh

    Claiming the bill was confidential personal information is BS…When you write a nasty massage addressed to ” you ” , it is no longer a mere business document….. What if the note was a lewd sexual pass , or a racial slur ? I can’t take the note home as evidence of HARASSMENT and share it with a police officer , or people I know ?
    Just grin and bear it ? SHAME on Applebees.

  • donh

    What if the Waitress gets groped in the bathroom , and posts cell phone video proof on line as the only way she knows how to deal with it…? Will Applebees fire her too ? …because the customer is ALWAYS right…and what happens in the bathroom STAYS in the bathroom.

  • Despiser

    Appleby’s is a horrible dining experience. The food tastes ok but the staff treat customers like CHILDREN. You get some snotty waitress telling me I didn’t eat enough of my Pasta to get another bowl with some sauce on it. NEVER going to Appleby’s again…

  • carmen

    Next time Pastor Bell instead of going to a restaurant, she might think about going to her church and have communion “grape juice and bread”! For it is included in her 10% tithe! She also need to read the Bible where it talks of forgiveness and ‘…paying back with evil’! After all she wanted just about every one fired! If she wanted to show she was true Christian she would help get the girl’s job back!

  • dwdude

    read the article and associated links on
    not an innocent post, receipt originally posted on atheist comment page on reddit…waitress had an ax to grind, both parties wrong, but you don’t post someone’s private information online because you want to score points with your circle jerk friends. take a look at all of the leftist atheists on the reddit page and their compassionate comments.

  • dwdude

    #308 donh
    you’re argument is specious…police are not going to post evidence of any case on the internet. try again

  • Mike Capecci

    She is just a cheap woman who hides behind the cloth! She should be released not the waitress who out ted her for the kind of human being, she really is.

  • dwdude

    #303 tony romero
    the waitress caused the waitress to be fired…it was not her customer, it was a coworkers table…she took it upon herself to do this. people are responsible for their own actions, unless you are an obama drone.

  • dwdude

    atheist trolls invade comments…have you noticed?
    funny how the hate-theists have made their way over here. no accident…chelsea the waitress posted the receipt on reddit’s atheist circle jerk page. they are such understanding and forgiving people

  • dwdude

    maybe the dear leader can get the pastor and the waitress together for a beer at the white house…he’s got nothing else to do.

  • keith stokes

    If complaining about the intelligence or service of public workers results in terminations, mmmm I wonder…I know a few politicians who’ve rendered poor service and demonstrated bad judgement.

  • Old Coach

    Like many have already posted regarding who tips/don’t tips, my son waited tables @ Chili’s in Little Rock while finishing school. Wait staff would fight with each other when a table of “Democrats” (yeah, that’s what they actually called them) came in as to who HAD to wait on that particular table or group of tables. The worst were large groups asking for separate checks. He would get little to no tip and often got stiffed w/ the check as they slipped out of the restaurant. If ordering drinks, he had to tip the bartender a % out of his tip whether he received a tip or not. Yeah, that $2 an hour went a long way to paying that tuition. He likes to tell the story of one of the waitresses after getting a buck and some change for a tip on a $50 check, collected the tip, ran towards patrons as they were exiting the restaurant and yelled “Here, keep it. You must need it more than i do!” as she threw it their direction.

  • Tigerdline

    A. A tip is expected. That’s why company’s are allowed to only pay waiters $2.13/hr, roughly a 4th of minimum wage. Why? Because tips are what is expected to produce the waiters’ actual income. Otherwise, every restaurant is violating the minimum wage law.
    B. As for the automatically added gratuity, restauratns put this in place to protect their employees from getting stiffed on big parties that are notorious for doing it. It is part of the “terms of sale” for eating at that restaurant, just as you would agree to any terms of sale when you buy something in a store or online. If you don’t like the terms of sale, don’t do business with that vendor/restaurant. That’s your choice as a customer.
    C. Using God to justify that is just wrong. First, the whole 10% or tithing thing refers to your income, not how much you spend, so that comment isn’t even relevant. Second, you think God condones you cheating someone out of the money they’ve earned, just because you want to or you’re cheap (not to mention using God as an excuse)? Pretty sure you’re not only the worst pastor, but worst Christian ever.
    F’ing Canadians…

  • gunter

    you give god a bad name you are truly a sad person… remember what happens if you make 1 of gods children stumble. you sad sad past no no person u aint no pastor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tamalezebra

    The pastor, as an ambassador for Christ and His Kingdom, is held to a higher standard. This reflects poorly on the body of Christ. It does not matter that the waitress was wrong to post it (forgive 7×70) Jesus would not have done or approved of the Pastor’s actions. He also would not have gone a step further to get the girl fired. She should have apologized immediately for her rude remarks and prayed for or with the young girl. The girl will always remember how badly she was treated by a “Christian Pastor” . This pastor has done more harm than good and it will be worse for her for dragging God into it with the whole 10% thing.

  • BlueStateRepub

    The Hateress did this stunt just to embarrass a woman of the clergy. Entitled little OWSie who thought she could get away with her little shame-and-extortion plan.

    Good on Pastor Bell for getting this little whining pig loser hateress fired.

    Maybe the hateress will learn some manners now.

  • AuntieMadder

    I couldn’t muster up a damn over this if I tried to.

  • Carolinawingnut

    The 18% is for tables with typically 6 or more people at the same table. This table had 8 or more adults. And No we did not take into consideration if the service was lousy because the “Pastor” did not claim there was lousy service. I will bet hands down there is somewhere in that restaurant that states the 18% will be added on for larger parties. Do you have to pay it? No, but don’t be nasty when you don’t.

  • Idaho Dave

    Actually the pastor could be viewed as skipping out on the bill. Most major restaurants clearly post a notice that a gratuity will be added for parties of XX or more. That is part of the contract you enter into when you place an order. If her Holiness decided the hamburger should be priced at 2 instead of 3 dollars, is she free to unilaterally adjust the bill downward? I think not.

    Applebees (now owned by IHOP) paid its servers $2.13/hr and enforces an employment clause barring employees from suing the company. There is no doubt IHOP would have pressed criminal charges if Pastor Bell had stiffed the corporation instead of the defenseless employee.

  • R Jackson

    Please stop donations to this ministry. Find another one, one that helps people get jobs, not one that takes jobs from hard-working people. Unreal.

  • Yosoytudios

    As usual, the problem is obvious


    @BarbaraS How do you put a title on Black people… are you prejudice? I worked a Great Clips for many years which we know is majority WHITES That did not tip at time either so to better say it try to say a lot of People don’t tip not Just Blacks

  • Jess

    As a banquet hall bartender I can tell you that the Moulijans drink top shelf liqour like pigs and never put a tip in the jar.

  • janus font

    At a share of 20 percent of Gross (not net) proceeds, anyone wanting a server position at Applebees should be considered an Investor, not an employee, and not qualified for any wages at all. Anyone would jump at the chance for a pay-scale like that, and they pay no rent or utilities, nothing but tax on pure profit.

  • greg

    the pastor (who has since been identified as Alois Bell) told Welch’s manager at the St. Louis-area Applebee’s that the ensuing firestorm had “ruined” her reputation.

    Really? No, you ruined your own reputation by being a cheap, selfish pig who not only refused to tip your waitress, then you chose to God as your justification.

    I have no doubt that the “pastor” never tips the men and women who serve her food and drinks and who, by the way, rely on the tip system to eek out a living. This as opposed to a “pastor” who lives off the “gifts”, “donations” or “tithings” of their congregation. What a shameless, ignorant hypocrit.

    “Pastor” Alois Bell is just another ignorant, bullying, cheap ingrate who cheats those who serve her meals and drinks out of a livable wage. The only difference between her and all the other low lifes who screw over their wait staff is that she is such an amoral scumbag she uses God as her excuse. Then when her despicable character is exposed she becomes indignant and attacks the person who exposed her and gets her fired. What an absolute evil POS.

    Ms. Bell now claims that she left a $6 cash tip …… BS – The 18% only came to $6.29 but she expects people to belive that she chose to write her blasphemous, abusive attack on the receipt to justify 29 cents. She is only sorry now becuase she has been exposed!

    Any person of faith who supports, continues to listen to this malevolent hypocrit or contributes a dime to her “ministry” is either as big of a wretch as she or needs to have their head examined.

  • An Applebee’s server

    Ok I’m a server at applebee’s and I would never do this. Not all servers or stores are like this. I’ve had tables gawk at the 15% gratuity added line. The computer automatically puts the gratuity on the bill. That has nothing to do with the server. But if you come and sit in my section and complain about it I will grab your bill and mark it off that way you can leave me whatever you want. I don’t think it was right for the server to post this. I also don’t think it’s right the person wrote this on the reciept. And if you look the server isn’t the one that got fired it was the girl that took the picture of the reciept. If you will feel ashamed of what you do, meaning the server posting this online or the Pastor writing this down, you shouldn’t do it. If you were the server would you get mad about it?

    Yes I know I’m standing up for my job and I’m standing up as a server. Servers make $2.13 an hour and have to claim at least 15% of their tips. There fore if you stiff a server on a $100 bill, they have to tip the bussers $1.50, the bartender $1 and the food runner $1. So you leave them no tip they still pay $3.50 on the table where you were. I’m just saying from a server perspective that’s like me paying for me to take care of you and make sure everything is perfect while you are in my care. Do you really think I should have to pay for you sitting at my table…. Yes maybe, if I did a bad job.

    Anyway people saying that you won’t come back to applebee’s because of this 1 incident that happened what about all the fun you can have here. We have a good time and are improving the service even as we speak. Give us a try. We won’t mess up again.

  • fingerslinger

    ITT: the banality of evil.

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  • Ghost

    why were there so many comments for this blogpost?

  • Theresa

    The fact these servers only earn just over $2.00 per hour, they rely on their tips to even hope to reach minimum wage. I’m currently unemployed and disabled, and while I don’t go out to eat often because it’s not in my budget, on the few times I do go out I ALWAYS give at least 20%, so long as the service is decent. Even if the service isn’t as good as I would think it could be, I remember that these people are HUMAN BEINGS, and everybody has an off day, and still give at least 15%. I look at how hard these waiters/ waitresses work, and I know that it’s definitely NOT a job that I could do very well, so out of respect and general decent humanity, I make sure to give my server a tip. This server perhaps shouldn’t have included the customer’s name on the receipt, but it doesn’t warrant getting fired. Further, if the supposed pastor thought she was doing the right thing, then why is she embarrassed about what she did going viral? She’s embarrassed because she knows that she was WRONG!

  • Shelly

    Warren Peece – server minimum wage is $2.13/hr on the federal level. some states require more. if godis that cheap for you, maybe “he” can serve your food, then, because I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  • D.Shelton

    The waitress should not have been fired, have you read any of the story it is company policy to charge 18% for large parties. This POS had a large party, and for some of you to say she would not report it she has to because it would be on her W2. Applebees should rehire this waitress and apologize the so called Pastor was completely out of line.


    To everyone on this sight, please pay attention. When you work for a company any company don’t think that the company is on your side-you just work for them-period! The company could have been sued because of the employee. She got the media involved-not for positive publicity…But to inflicted pain on a negative aspect-SO SHE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!

  • Pat

    No matter how assinine a customer is, the employee always gets the shaft. When employers start respecting their employees, employees would treat customers and employers with respect. The pastor is crying privacy. Yeah, privacy to keep her evilness private. What do you expect of Christianity anyway. If Applebees respected all their customers, they would figure out that loosing one customer isn’t worth loosing thousands that have signed the petition.

  • Pat

    The privacy bs is a joke. I guess Applebees and the pastor want privacy to protect her evilness. If she’s so interested in her privacy, she wouldn’t eat out.


    what a tight-fisted two faced hypocrite—not exactly a so-called good christian
    who the hell lets people who’d do this self-important whining be in any way responsible for anybody’s moral and spiritual path? Everone knows the score–waiting staff are paid sub-dickensian wages in the U.S.


  • This is why when waiters see black people at there tables they cringed. I’m black an I don’t blame them.

  • anet

    As a Christian and a server That’s just tacky and I’ll mannered ! She ruined her own reputation because that came from her heart. God is dealing with her and that is why all of this came to light.

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