Obama to Nominate Radical John Brennan as CIA Director

President Obama will nominate White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA director today.
This is the same official who insists on reaching out to “moderate” elements of the Hezbollah terror group.

John Brennan also believes that 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees is not that bad and he likes to call Jerusalem “Al-Quds,” its Palestinian name.

FOX News reported:

President Obama will nominate White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA director Monday, a senior administration official confirms to Fox News.

Brennan has served in the counterterrorism post since the beginning of the Obama administration. Prior to taking that position, though, Brennan spent about 25 years at the CIA, which would suggest he knows the agency well.

The president is planning a packed week of nomination announcements in the coming days, as he begins to roll out his second-term team. Former Sen. Chuck Hagel is expected to be nominated for defense secretary Monday. The president has already nominated Sen. John Kerry for secretary of state.

The CIA is currently led by Acting Director Mike Morell. Morell moved into the slot after David Petraeus resigned upon admitting an extra-marital affair with his biographer and reserve Army officer Paula Broadwell.

More… John Brennan also stopped the capture of Bin Laden in 1998… Said jihad is “Holy Struggle” and ignored Christmas Day bomber intelligence.

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  • Lim Lynn

    I can smell a new CIA Director going to be Commie Socialist friendly which is going to discredit FBI and close FBI down.

  • RedBeard

    Don’t worry. Senate Republicans will mount a principled and well-articulated opposition to this nomination. [/sarc]

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  • Hippies Still Smell

    From Brennan’s dossier;

    In mid-2009, Brennan effectively declared an end to the War on Terror: “The President does not describe this as a ‘War on Terrorism,’” Brennan announced. He said that the US would not seek merely to defeat al-Qaeda and its allies, but also to address ignorance, poverty, and repression, since terrorist attacks are often “the final murderous manifestation of a long process rooted in hopelessness, humiliation, and hatred.” As Matt Gurney wrote in FrontPage Magazine, “The War on Terror had become the War on Poverty.” Brennan said that to say the U.S. is fighting “jihadists” is wrongheaded because it is using “a legitimate term, ‘jihad,’ meaning to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal” which “risks giving these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek but in no way deserve.”

  • Clafoutis

    Whatever happened to that ‘investigation’ being conducted by DOJ into the high level SECURITY LEAKS? Wasn’t Brennan considered the PRIMARY LEAKER?

    What ever happened to Fast & Furious?

    Whatever happened to anyone with a conscience?

  • Why doesn’t he just nominate Ahmadinjad for CIA director?

    I’m sure he’d be willing to lend us a hand, also knows about terrorism, etc

  • Redwine

    The fascists are definitely in power. Hussein, Kerry, Brennan, quite possibly Hagel – these people are the enemy. They are all anti-American, pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic/anti-Israel advocates of the fascist Red-Green alliance.

  • Sam Stone

    Brennan is a Dhimi and a radical Islamist sympathizer. Obama is 1/2 the way through “fundamentally transforming” the US.

    We will be facing Mecca to pray in 4 more years.

  • west1890

    Face it citizens…the government is corrupt, not just on one side but across the board- both sides. We are pawns and Washington ‘negotiations’ are kabuki. The outcome is determined beforehand and the back and forth that goes on is play acting for our benefit. But take heart.
    Most of that will stop once they have disarmed us. Then it wil no longer be necessary for them to put on a show to keep the populace from rising up against them. Once disarmed we have no means of dissent. The vote? Ha! Gone. Our ‘elections’ are now no more valid than those in 3rd world countries. Hearings to get at the truth? Please. More kabuki. It sickens me to realize how bad things are and how thoroughly they have succeeded in their quest to ‘transform’ our nation.

  • Hippies Still Smell

    Flashback Christmas 2009: In the aftermath of al-Qaeda’s failed airliner bombing over Detroit, Brennan made clear that the Obama administration would treat the incident as a law-enforcement matter rather than as an act of war or terrorism.

    Brennan announced that the perpetrator would be offered a plea agreement to persuade him to reveal what he knew about al Qaeda operations in Yemen; if such an agreement could not be worked out, he would be tried in federal court.

    /wicked smaht

  • Ray

    Yet every Jewish Democrat in the senate(Cardin,Franken,Feinstein,Boxer,Wyden,Schumer,Lautenberg,Levin,Benet,Blumenthal,Sanders,will vote to confirm him and Hagel.

  • Sam Stone

    From Michelle Malkin.

    “Brennan has also echoed Obama’s bleeding-heart rhetoric about murderous jihadists, whom he characterized as “victimized” by social and political forces. He reportedly bungled the Christmas Day underwear bomber case, kept the Director of National Intelligence in the dark about key counterterror arrests in London, and blew smoke about the bin Laden raid.

    Oh, and here’s a handy flashback of his CAIR-pandering in 2010 to the infamous flying imams. CAIR, by the way, has been busy pressuring journalists to stop using the word “Islamist.” Wouldn’t be surprised to see this whitewashing administration agree, would you?”


  • jorgen

    Yes, if Hussein wanted to hire someone who hates USA, supports Islamists, hates the Jews, is a socialist/communist to the same extent as he himself, he certainly found the right man.

  • sablegsd

    “We will be facing Mecca to pray in 4 more years.”

    I won’t.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    This is the same official who insists on reaching out to “moderate” elements of the Hezbollah terror group.

    What a concept – moderate terrorists.

  • bg


    February 18th, 2010

    Terror czar (Brennan) deserves honorary
    membership in the Muslim Brotherhood ..

    [.] Brennan’s comments demonstrate extreme negligence and a complete lack of understanding of the complexities of political Islam and the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. AIFD is horrified that the nation’s leading expert on counterterrorism would allow himself to become a shill for the very political movement (Islamism) which ultimately fuels the radicals from which he is expected to protect the United States.

    Defeating the ideology of Political Islam (Islamism) needs to be the focal point of the United States efforts at ending Islamist extremism. Yet again we see a highly placed government official unable to identify and discuss the root of the threat. Brennan was more focused, if not obsessed, on appealing to the narrative of victimology that is being perpetuated by well-funded Islamists in the American Muslim communities. His inability to even mention the words “political Islam” speaks volumes on the administrations capability to confront the radicals the United States is increasingly facing.]

    scroll for more..

    Breaking The War Mentality

    [Consequently. the thrust of ARA is towards generating dialogue
    which will give people a rational handle on this controversial subject.
    this includes bringing speakers like Daniel ElIsberg to campus, publishing
    fact sheets compiled by interested faculty, and investigating the possible
    development of an interdisciplinary program in the Columbia curriculum
    dealing with peace, disarmament, and ‘world order’.]

    Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

    Breaking Free From The Constitution

    [Mr. Obama’s comments take a turn from discussing the historical
    record. Unprovoked he laments that the Supreme Court “could not
    break free from the essential constraints placed by the Founding
    Fathers in the Constitution.” He further describes the Constitution
    as “a charter of negative liberties.” This is at odds with the preamble
    to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.]


  • shadow

    Obama could appoint Jesus Christ to the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, and you people would find a reason to complain. Eww, he hung out with prostitutes. And all of his socialist leanings … a definite Marxist!

  • RedBeard

    Shadow, that could never happen. Obama wouldn’t recognize Him.

  • Candy

    Hey, he took care of the passport thing.

    Just another useful jihadist on the hill. Gotta have someone to pray with… right?

  • lincoln’s widow

    These people would lock up Jesus for being brown and looking like a Muslim.

  • Freddy

    I do not see how Brennan can get past a discussion on Benghazi. If he says he knew nothing, then the quality of his work in his current job comes into question. If he says he was involved, then we got another bucket of worms to go through as he explains how he had nothing to do with the non-existant terrorism investigation.

    The Benghazi disaster is going to ruin everyone involved.

  • BarbaraS

    We already knew his policy regarding Israel. He’s just ramping it up in his second term. Since he has figured out how to rig the election, there will be no stopping him. Next thing you know he will repeal term limits for the presidency by EO and run on a third, fourth, etc times. I wonder when the republicans will get the balls to stop him. I really don’t know how, though, since John Roberts seems to be in his pocket which makes the SC moot.

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  • jk76

    Also Brennan was loosely attached to the Passport “breaches” at the State Department. Remember those? Was an employee of his company, contracted to State…while he was advising Obama.

  • bg


    H. Beale #24 January 7, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    John O. Brennan..



  • Lim Lynn

    Clearly John Brennan aren’t qualified to be CIA Director and you can’t simply make the most important decision in one hour to appoint him to be CIA Director. I only can see that he might be suitable when he’s beaming with creativity to create Propaganda and counter intelligence with American citizens.

  • Lim Lynn

    What John Brennan says Hezbollah is Moderate Muslim? Are you kidding me they being supplied by Iran missiles and other equipments.