Obama Administration Ready to Reach Out to Hezbollah Terror Group

The Obama Administration is still considering reaching out to “moderate elements” of Hezbollah for talks.

Of course, Obama’s nutty and dangerous counterterrorism advisor John Brennan is leading the effort.


The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is considering reaching out to the political elements in Hezbollah, the Washington Post reported on Friday, stressing that the at this stage it was an intelligence effort, not a policymaking one.

In an opinion piece appearing on the newspaper’s online edition, columnist David Ignatius indicated that Washington was considering an effort similar to the one the U.K, implemented “during the 1990s with Sinn Fein, the legal political wing of the terrorist Irish Republican Army.”

“That outreach led to breakthrough peace talks and settlement of a conflict that had been raging for more than a century,” Ignatius wrote, adding that several U.S. officials were expected to endorse dialogue with political elements of both Hezbollah and the Taliban in an upcoming intelligence report.

Writing of the effect recent Mideast turmoil may have had on Obama’s decision to accept these recommendations, the Washington Post writer said that the “political time bomb ticking away in the [intelligence report] is the question of whether the United States should seek some kind of direct or indirect engagement with Hezbollah — at least with its political wing.”

“Officials who support this course argue that the organization is like the IRA or the PLO — with nonmilitary components that can be drawn into a dialogue,” Ignatius added.

Ignatius quotes in his article one intelligence official, John Brennan, known for supporting a move toward dialogue with the Lebanese militant group, as saying that while “Hezbollah started out as purely a terrorist organization back in the early ’80s,” it has “evolved significantly over time.”

“The bottom line,” the Washington Post article concluded, “is that after a decade of American wars in the Middle East, the Obama administration is increasingly looking for ways to talk with adversaries and draw them into a process of dialogue.”

Of course, the difference is that the IRA did not seek a global caliphate and the destruction of Israel… Something the Obama Administration continues to overlook.

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  • Granny

    Are you SURE the Obama Regime overlooks the fact that Hezba’llah seeks a global caliphate and the destruction of Israel? It seems to me that at least a couple of them actively seek the destruction of Israel themselves.

  • Andreas K.

    There is no way Obama is THAT ignorant. He’s doing this on purpose because he just loves his moosels so much.

    The IRA did a lot of sh*t. And those responsible should be punished severely. Same with the ETA. However… the comparison by the WP is, as usual, retarded. The goals can’t even be remotely compared.

    It’s like comparing Andreas Hofer with Osama bin Laden or any other jihadi. Hofer was fighting to throw the French out of Tyrol. And that was it. He had no plans for expansion, no plans for killing all French people.

    These “journalists” are getting dumber every day. Though, I suspect this is all part of the plan. How many people really know about the IRA? How many have read up on the ETA? Not many. And the “journalists” know that. They’ve been spreading false information for, literally, decades.

    Why else do you think that people, in Germany, can protest on the level of “Germans! Don’t buy Jewish!”, like in the 1930s?

    Decades of Pallywood and willing helpers among our “journalists” AND politicians.

  • Brennan is the same guy who calls jihad a “legitimate tenet” of islam, this guy approves of jihadi terrorists, so of course it should be a given that he & Barry want to reach out to Barry’s “muslim brothers” who he “stands with” and who WANT TO KILL US.

  • a conservative voter

    It so dangerous to contact these crazy terrorist group in Lebanon. The Obama Admin. are wrong. Obama has already made such a mess right now with the Middle East. His foreign policy has failed. He has a lack of inxperience and leadership. Fox News said it was Hillary was the one suggested that the US military should go on and strike Libya. Obama is in his vacation in the Rio. We do have problem here in the US. We need to fix the gas prices, the economy, cut taxes, and create more jobs for the American people. I guess this is not going to happen because we are ready the Election in 2012. Hope it going to be former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota will get the nominee in 2012.

  • southernsue

    conservative voter, at this point, i’ll vote for any republican that gets the 2012 nomination. we have got to rid ourselves of this horrible administration.

    i would love to see our next republican president go to washington and clean house. fire everyone and start over.

    i can only pray for our LORD to provide divine intervention.

  • Mark1957

    “Hezbollah started out as purely a terrorist organization back in the early ’80s,” it has “evolved significantly over time.”

    Sadly this is true, now they are also Narco-Terrorists working with the drug cartels to help finance their terror in exchange for training the cartels in tunnel building and planning.

  • What do you expect? This administration thinks there are “moderate” Taliban. So certainly, they are going to reach out only to the “moderate” Hezballah.

    There were enough idiots in America to elect Herr Obama to the Presidency, surely they’ll find enough to believe there are “moderate” terrorists.

  • P. Aaron

    Any ‘political element’ within the Hezbo’s is just someone from that organization who isn’t pictured on an international terror list yet.

  • save us

    obama and muslim terrorists – perfect together
    who is he suppoting in Lybia?
    apparently al queda

  • hezbollah is part of the islamic war machine. this administration has to tried to cuddle up to every faction of the machine. they must agree with the machines goal world wide islamic domination.

  • Primary Boehner

    Obama IS the enemy folks!

  • Mark

    When is the Retard in Chief going to reach out to moderate nazis? Butt-smooch the Iranians? Already done that? Can this jackass get any more absurd? That is a rhetorical question.

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  • Redwine

    “John Brennan, known for supporting a move toward dialogue with the Lebanese militant group, as saying that while ‘Hezbollah started out as purely a terrorist organization back in the early ’80s,’ it has ‘evolved significantly over time.’”
    Oh, the Hezbonazis have “evolved significantly over time” all right – to the tune of 40,000 rockets and missiles all intended to be launched at Israel’s civilian population. The Barack Hussein regime’s intent to dialog with this dedicated terror organization is irresponsible and extremely dangerous.

    It is also a trap.

    If Hezballah decides to provoke Israel by launching some rockets at Israeli towns and if Israel responds defensively against the Hezbos, who are now the dominant power in the Lebanese government, the UN might (read: probably) decide to invoke its R2P policy (“Responsibility to Protect”: http://tinyurl.com/4jv5f4u) against Israel. This policy is supposed to protect civilian populations under attack, but it doesn’t consider Israeli civilians as worthy of protection against Islamist missile terror attacks. That the Hussein regime defers to the UN and looks on Israel with intense disdain (read: hatred), the excuse used to “protect” Al-Qaeda-aligned “rebels” in Libya might just be a dress rehearsal for the moves they might decide to pull on Israel if it goes after the Hezbos in Lebanon or Hamas in Gaza.

    The situation becomes even more frightening if the “Palestinians” declare themselves a state and it is accepted as such into the UN. This terror state-in-the-making has already declared that it wants to be an apartheid, judenrein (“Jew-free”) entity. The UN might invoke R2P, not against the attacking “Palestinians”, but against Israel, if the IDF acts against the terrorists carrying out genocide. Hussein’s foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power (wife of the notorious “Regulatory Czar”, Cass Sunstein), admitted that she would support a confrontation with the IDF to “protect” the “Palestinians”.
    Incredibly frightening.



  • What the article fails to mention is that here in Northern Ireland Sinn Fein continue to hold the threat of a return to violence over the head of everyone in government- demanding concession after concession and offering none in return. Even their MPs refuse to take their oath of office in Parliament- but they continue to receive their full MPs salary and expenses. When a government watchdog reported not so long ago that the IRA, Sinn Fein’s armed wing, were continuing to train in terrorism, to recruit new members, to spy and to carry out surveillance on police officers, they concluded that this was all right- because Sinn Fein was “committed to peace” and so it was nothing to worry about. As a result we have unrepentant murderers sitting in high office and with no hope of them ever facing justice for their terrorist crimes.

    The same people behind the mortar attack on No. 10 Downing Street during the Gulf War are now invited there for tea. It’s a disgusting display of capitulation to terrorists who murdered hundreds of innocent people over the course of decades and who were then put in positions of power by the very same people they were trying to kill. The message this sends is that terrorism works- kill enough people for long enough, become a big enough torn in the side and the government will give in.

    If the Obama administration goes ahead with this don’t think that other terrorist groups around the world won’t notice.

  • Freddy

    Obama just spent the last couple of years CONDEMNING the brutal dictatorships that previous administrations sought to ‘get along with’. He has, and is, calling for their removal.

    Now Obama is ‘reaching out’ to what is a terrible militant islamic dictatorship, one that has destroyed Lebanaon and murdered hundreds of thousands, with a hand of ‘friendship’?

    I am truely confused.

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  • Rod Serling, the writer, director and producer of the popular weekly show called “The Twilight Zone” would appear on camera as the narrator and would say that we all live in a world of imagination and can easily take a wrong turn and step off into the “Twilight Zone.” Little did we know then that Mr. Serling was describing the future post 9/11 world of political correctness. Thus, if he were alive today his narrative would read something like this:
    Your are in the Twilight Zone. This is the world of fantasy where terrorists are called “militants” and the war against terror is not a war against the fundamentals of Islam, but a war against a small minority of one hundred million fanatics who “hijacked a peaceful religion”. This is the world of bizarre twists and convoluted turns where murderers and thieves are rewarded with the property of their intended victims and the “road map to peace” requires total surrender to homicidal lunatics.
    This is the world beyond reality where atheists pray to themselves in the “Church of Non Belief”. This is the world of imagination in which the officiators of marriages declare, “I now pronounce you husband and husband.” This is the world of denial where threats of genocide are met with open borders and entitlements for all who chose to enter that “unseen” place in the realm of human reflection where right is wrong and left is right. More at http://moshesharon.wordpress.com