In January 2008 Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers.”

He promised that his plan would cause electricity rates to skyrocket.

He wasn’t kidding.

Despite this the United Mine Workers supported Barack Obama in 2008.

Today, United Mine Worker members are going to picket bankrupt Patriot Coal in St. Louis.
KSDK reported:

About 175 West Virginia coal mining families are picketing bankrupt Patriot Coal in St. Louis in the continuing battle to protect health care benefits for retirees and widows.

United Mine Workers of America spokesman Phil Smith says miners from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio are also participating in Tuesday’s protest at the federal building, where a hearing is being held.

Patriot’s bankruptcy affects more than 10,000 retirees and 10,000 dependents in those states.

Patriot calls its pension and health care programs unsustainable legacies.

A judge moved Patriot’s case from New York City to St. Louis in November. An $802 million financing package is allowing Patriot to continue operating while it restructures.

Last week the Obama Administration successfully killed off another 3,900 jobs at a Texas Power Plant.




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  1. Elections often have unintended consequences. This, however, could have been predicted since the President made it clear that he intended to shut down coal fired power generation. Since there is no need for coal, the mines and miners are not needed, and the company ceases to exist. Duh…

  2. Didn’t these unionists see what happened to Hostess?

  3. Union workers are defined as low information voters.

  4. #3 January 29, 2013 at 10:35 am
    Tee Dub commented:
    Union workers are defined as low information voters. —

    I would label them more in the “whats in it for me” voting bloc.

  5. Why would they want to work. Now they can get Obamacare,get their gas and housing payed for with Obama stash money.Food stamps and money to spend on needed things like strip clubs and lottery tickets and don’t forget to get your free Obama phone. WOW what a life.

  6. Protest all they want. Bankrupt means they’re broke. Detroit coming to their neighborhood soon. Shame for those who didn’t support this and saw it coming. That will be ~50% of us soon.

  7. Unions are getting what they paid for from Obama…..unemployment!

  8. They just don’t get it do they? I’m becoming increasingly pessimistic about this country’s chances of survival …

  9. Hey, those Local Union ‘Leaders’ need to keep their 2 comma salaries donchaknow.

    Anyone wanna bet those ‘Leaders’ haven’t spent more than a day in the coal fields since they fought their way to the top?

  10. This sort of reminds me of an old comedy routine I saw long ago in the early seventies. Two hippies dedicated to the “revolution” decide to go out and bomb some high tension electrical lines “for the cause”.
    They manage to plant several bombs and are quite excited to watch the power towers collapse.
    Well, a good days work done, the two make their way home to have a few bong hits and listen to some rock on the stereo. Of course the stereo is dead, and as they sit there in the dark toking their bong the are cursing the “damn pigs who cut off our power”.

  11. Miners sad.
    Here, have a Twinkie.
    No, wait…

  12. About 175 West Virginia coal mining families are picketing bankrupt Patriot Coal in St. Louis in the continuing battle to protect health care benefits for retirees and widows.

    What part of bankrupt do these people not understand?

  13. Patriot was a “weak sister” collection of mines that were divested by Arch Coal around 5 years back. The bottom line was the survivability of this company was dependent on a vibrant coal market. Without that, they would be one of the first to fold. They have no obvious competitive advantage to keep in operation in the present climate. A victim of the war on coal. Lights out!

  14. I love it when the fools that voted for Obama have it come back to them and hit them in their pockets!
    Senseless, stupid, arrogant idiots…..yep, that’s an Obama voter for you!

    Anyone want to change their vote?

  15. Can we say STUPID.

  16. Pa Pa Doc obama will hand them a brand new $20.00 US bill, they will take it and thank him for being so generous.

  17. So, Obama tells these guys that he will put their employer and others like them out of business. They vote for him. Employer goes bankrupt. And they picket the EMPLOYER????? People
    this stupid deserve to be unemloyed.

  18. I’d drive over there and pass out some Twinkies, but… you know.

  19. Duhhhhh….

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