Michael Reagan was on with Megyn Kelly to discuss the new tax hikes on the middle class that were passed this weekend by Congress. Michael Reagan said,

And I have to tell you if it was a Republican president in fact in Washington DC who was taking off for Hawaii to finish a vacation, the headline would be, “Republican President, Republican Congress Vote to Raise Your Taxes.” …Call it what it was, a tax and spending bill.

But instead the media has ignored that taxes are going up today on everyone in the middle class.




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  1. I have no intention of paying these new economy crippling taxes. And neither should you. After re-electing the GOP to represent our interests they turned around and decided they we’re Democrats.

    Grand Ole Pussies.

  2. That horse is dead, Jim. You should probably stop beating it.

  3. How true Michael– Plus they would add that producing Americans still aren’t paying their fair share. (But they will define what fair share is.)

  4. You bet yer sweet bippy it would

  5. By now most should understand we have been treated to a old fashion dog and pony show. This Government is corrupt, period. Dark of night behind closed doors, deals and favors on a grand scale with our money, Pork Pork and more Pork! No budget, no tax reform, no attempt to reign in wasteful and excessive spending by congressional pimps and the God Father of congressional thieves. Obama changed his address but never left the center of mob crime Chi Town. We once fought a war for taxation without representation, wake the frag up.
    So much for WTF promise of 5 days for the public to respond to new bills, hell this one does not even get his signature, automated, how appropriate.

  6. Michale is adopted, and is more like a President Reagan than the Left Wing, Atheist Ron could ever be.

  7. oops, Michael*

  8. ++

    It’s Not Over

    excellent run down, listen to the end
    or you’ll miss a pertinent revelation..



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